• Here are the top 15 most Southern words used in Airbnb listings

    Andrew Van Dam at The Washington Post recently conducted research using Airbnb listings as his primary data. He analyzed how the listings described the properties on offer, with the ultimate goals of (1) determining how to draw boundaries around what's considered "the South," and (2) understanding what "words and ideas" make "Southern culture unique." I'm particularly interested in this research because I was born in Georgia, spent almost my entire childhood in Louisiana, went to college in Mississippi, and then went back to Georgia for graduate school. I feel like I know something about "the South."

    Van Dam first searched the listings to see if they mentioned "markers of Southern culture such as 'Southern charm,' 'Southern belle,' or 'Southern hospitality.'" Using this data, not surprisingly, Van Dam's research revealed that "the most Southern states in the Union" are Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Louisiana. The next most Southern are Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Virginia. And finally, the states that still count as "the South" but are less Southern than the ones already listed are Florida, West Virginia, Texas, and the District of Columbia.

    Next, he sought to understand "the most Southern things" that the listings mentioned. He explains that to meet the criteria for inclusion, something had to have been mentioned in at least 200 listings. What did he find?

    The result shows a South still defined by the legacy of slavery. The two most Southern words in our entire database are "antebellum" and "plantation," words deeply tied to the Confederacy and a romanticized vision of an era defined by the mass enslavement of Black people. ("Confederate" also ranks among the top 15 most Southern words.)

    Here are the top 15 most Southern words used in the Airbnb listings: antebellum, plantations, alligators, dolphins, hurricanes, armadillos, stilts, Baptists, redfish, y'all, Elvis, Confederate, shrimp, gameday, and Appalachian.

    I'm surprised that crawfish, boudin, and gumbo didn't make the list, but maybe that's just my Louisiana bias showing!

  • Take a trip to "The White Squirrel Capital of the World"

    Look at these cute white squirrels that live in Brevard, North Carolina, a town that has received the moniker "The White Squirrel Capital of the World," by the good folks at the website "Only in your state." What's the deal with these adorable creatures that can be spotted all over town, and that are so beloved that the town has created a squirrel sanctuary and also hosts a yearly festival in their honor? They aren't albino squirrels, but, rather, a type of eastern grey squirrel. Pete Key Properties explains:

    The white squirrels of Brevard are actually eastern grey squirrels with a mutation in their genes that makes their coats white. They have dark eyes and some grey streaks in their white fur, giving them a notable distinction. The squirrels lack the red-eye coloration as well as the straight white pigmentation in the skin and fur of albino creatures.

    If you want to spot a white squirrel or two with your own eyes, what better time to visit than for the White Squirrel Festival, which happens every May/June. It features music, food, art, vendors of all kinds, and a beer garden featuring locally crafted beers and wine. Brevard is already very well known for its music scene—particularly folk, bluegrass, jazz, and mountain music—and is a delightful and beautiful place to visit, right outside of Asheville. The white squirrels are just one more reason to go!

  • Check out this Winnie the Pooh-themed corn maze

    Check out the spectacularly impressive corn mazes that Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant, Maine have been creating every year since 2001. They state on their website that "Treworgy's Award-winning corn maze is the longest continually running corn maze in Maine."

    They further explain:

    Since 2001, we have been delighting our visitors with this fall tradition, always in a new, surprising design. From the one that started it all, the giant piece of popcorn in 2001, to today each year's design seems to out-do the last. Check out pictures of past mazes in the cafe, or at the bottom of this page.

    And to make the experience even more fun, we include a special map with riddles to figure out as you visit "stations" inside the maze. When you complete the puzzle and bring your ticket to the cafe, you'll receive a free kiddie vanilla, chocolate, or twist soft-serve ice cream cone!

    All of the designs since they've started look awesome, and the 2022 maze—featuring a Winnie the Pooh theme—is equally detailed and fantastic. If I didn't suffer from the debilitating fear of getting lost in a corn maze, I might fly out to Maine and experience it!

  • I am addicted to this Chinchilla's Instagram feed

    Meet Phil E. Chinchilla. His Instagram page describes him as: "a floof from Pennsylvania who loves his mommies." He's adorable, all fluffy and big-eared and tiny-hand-and-footed. He's so chill, and I love how at the beginning of lots of his videos his mom rubs his belly and "fluffs" him up (like you would do with a pillow, sort of) to make him look his best.

    His page is a fun peek into what chinchillas are like, which is something I have no firsthand knowledge of.

    Enjoy Phil doing all the things he does best. Here's Phil modeling a variety of cowboy hats. Here's Phil modeling a pumpkin costume. Here's Phil dancing while wearing a top hat. Here's Phil wearing a fake eyelash like a mohawk. Here's Phil taking a dust bath. And here's Phil with an inspirational message.

  • CDC stops reporting COVID-19 cases on cruise ships

    On July 18, 2022, the CDC ended its COVID-19 monitoring program for cruise ships leaving from and sailing to the United States. As part of that program, the CDC had shared COVID-19 outbreak numbers and trends with the public, but the agency will no longer do so.

    The Washington Post explains

    A notice posted on the CDC website for cruise travel said the program ended Monday. A sortable color-coded chart and spreadsheet that detailed the level of spread on ships is no longer viewable on the webpage, the agency confirmed.

    "CDC has determined that the cruise industry has access to the necessary tools (e.g., cruise-specific recommendations and guidance, vaccinations, testing instruments, treatment modalities, and non-pharmaceutical interventions) to prevent and mitigate COVID-19 on board," CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said in an email.

    This follows a decision made earlier in the year by the CDC to stop requiring pre-boarding COVID testing. The Washington Post also explains:

    In January, the public health agency turned the mandatory rules that cruise lines had to follow during much of the pandemic into recommendations for a program in which they could opt in. Those rules included testing and vaccination requirements for passengers and crew.

    Now, the cruise industry will be responsible for implementing whatever strategies it wants regarding mitigating and reporting COVID-19 cases. Cruise companies are already taking advantage of these relaxed rules, and some are doing away with testing requirements altogether, as Omicron variant BA.5 continues to spread.

    According to Reason.com

    In another sign that the cruise industry is transitioning to a post-COVID operating model, Royal Caribbean Group and Carnival Cruise Line, the industry's two largest cruise lines, announced last week they will loosen testing requirements for vaccinated passengers.

    Beginning August 4, vaccinated passengers on Carnival company sailings that last less than six days will no longer be required to provide a negative PCR or antigen test result before boarding vessels. A similar policy will take effect on Royal Caribbean company sailings on August 8.

    So how will the public now find out if there are outbreaks on the cruises they want to take? Well, Jim Walker of Cruise Law News explains:

    Without the publicly available coronavirus data, the CDC's page for cruise travel says customers allegedly "have the option of contacting their cruise line directly regarding outbreaks occurring on board their ship."

    How likely is it that cruise lines will be completely transparent and forthcoming with that information? Jim Walker thinks it's not very likely, and is alarmed by this new move by the CDC:

    The sudden ending of the disease reporting comes exactly at a time when the CDC was reporting that 100% of cruise ships sailing from U.S. ports had at least .03% of COVID-19 aboard. In other words, the CDC designated 100% of all cruise ships to be "orange" [the highest level] under the CDC's color coded COVID-19 dashboard. Absolutely no cruise ships had been deemed by the CDC to be "green" (free of COVID-19) when the agency announced that it was ending its reporting of COVID-19 cases on cruise ships.

    The unexpected and abrupt ending of the color tracking system by the CDC comes at a time when the COVID BA.5 variant is continuing to surge. The CDC's imprudent decision leaves the public reliant on cruise lines to voluntarily publish COVID-19 results. But the cruise industry has consistently demonstrated a lack of transparency when it comes to releasing disease statistics or other unpleasant news. The result, predictably enough, is cruise lines have largely been able to keep outbreaks of COVID-19 which occur on their ships secret.

    This has become clear when the Carnival-owned Holland America Line's Zaandam recently had over 20% of its guests test positive for COVID-19.

    The Zaandam isn't the only ship with current or recent COVID-19 outbreaks. According to Andy Bloch's cruise ship COVID-19 outbreak tracker, significant outbreaks recently occurred on the Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas, Celebrity Cruises' Summit, Viking's Orion. and Virgin Voyages' Scarlet Lady. Most recently, Royal Caribbean's ship Jewel of the Seas, which left Amsterdam on July 26 and is scheduled to return on August 7, has had an outbreak of at least 64 COVID cases among guests and another 4 among crew members. Jim Walker reports the disturbing and unhelpful response by the cruise ship's Infection Control Officer, who informed the crew: 

    "Unfortunately our guest numbers continue to soar. Best way to help with the spread is to try to use that entire bottle of Oxivir in one day when sanitizing your areas and to encourage guest to use the hand sanitizers around the ship. [Jim Walker's note: A bottle of sanitizer is useless when this virus is transmitted through the air]. Front of house personal, please be vocal in a pleasant and happy manner."

    Andy Bloch has been monitoring cruise ship COVID outbreaks—using data reported to the CDC by cruise ships and data reported by the CDC to the public—and has been posting them to his free publicly available website. He reported recently that the CDC has removed their cruise ship tracker completely and stopped updating it on August 1, 2022. You can follow his page to see whatever information he is able to report, and also follow Jim Walker's website, "Cruise Law News," which promises to provide "Everything Cruise Lines Don't Want You to Know." I'm glad there are folks out there trying to provide the public with data to help keep them safe! 

  • Enjoy this bizarre video from CPAC of a man pretending to be a weeping J6 rioter in prison

    Check out this insane booth at CPAC, where a man sits in a 'jail cell' weeping, and where visitors/viewers don earphones and listen to "harrowing testimony from people arrested for participating in the January 6 insurrection. So now they're using emotionally graphic 'performance art' to garner sympathy?

    Unbelievable (and yet not)! Laura Jedeed tweeted a video of the booth, along with this explanation:

    Hello I would like to share with you the most astonishing thing I have ever seen. At this CPAC booth you receive a silent disco headset that plays harrowing testimony from people arrested for participating in J6 Instead of dancing, you stand around and watch this guy cry.

    She followed up with this tweet and more pictures of the booth:

    What I need you to understand is that I stood here for about half an hour yesterday and this guy NEVER broke character He wept sitting on the bench He wept sitting on the floor He tallied days on a chalkboard set up for the purpose.

  • Buy a Balenciaga sack modeled after a plastic garbage bag for $1790

    Balenciaga's back at it, with another ridiculously overpriced item. This time it's an accessory that looks just like a trash bag. Yes, a bag for trash. Yes, one of those trash bags you put in a trash can, under the sink, and then put trash in. For only $1790, you can carry a bag that make you look like you're on your way to the dumpster. Cool! According to the New York Post:

    The luxury fashion house's shiny drawstring bag — which is made out of calfskin leather, emblazoned with a subtle logo and comes in the basic Hefty bag black along with the solid Glad-esque white as well as yellow and blue — is making its way to stores after debuting in the Fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection in Paris last March.

    There's really no doubt, by now, that Balenciaga is just trolling us, right? Nobody actually buys this stuff, right? And if folks are buying this stuff, please just lie to me and tell me they aren't. I can't handle it.

  • Archie Roach, musician and activist (1956-2022)

    Archie Roach has died, and the world has lost an amazing musician and activist. According to the Guardian:

    The Indigenous Australian songwriter and activist Archie Roach has been praised as a "courageous" and "powerful" truth-teller, as leading figures in politics and the arts mourn his passing.

    Roach died aged 66, after a long illness, surrounded by his family and loved ones at Warrnambool Base Hospital.

    "We are heartbroken to announce the passing of Gunditjmara (Kirrae Whurrong/Djab Wurrung), Bundjalung Senior Elder, songman and storyteller Archie Roach," his family announced late on Saturday.

    Roach had a long rich life of music and activism, although he's probably best known for his song "Took the Children Away," which tells the story of "The Stolen Generations," an experience he also lived through—he was forcibly removed from his family when he was two, and placed in an orphanage. According to Common Ground:

    The Stolen Generations refers to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were removed from their families between 1910 and 1970. This was done by Australian federal and state government agencies and church missions, through a policy of assimilation.

    Under this policy, the forcible removal of First Nations children was made legal. Assimilation was based on a belief of white superiority and black inferiority, and presumed that "full-blood" Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples would naturally die out. It proposed that children with Aboriginal and white parentage, who were termed "half-caste" (now considered an extremely derogatory term), should be assimilated into white society. It was believed these children would be more easily assimilated due to their lighter skin.

    Children were separated from their families and forced to adopt a white culture. They were forbidden to speak their traditional languages or refer to themselves by the names that they were given by their parents. Most children were placed in institutions where neglect and abuse was common. Some children were adopted by white families throughout the country, and many of these children were used for domestic work. The impact was felt both by the families who had their children taken away, and by the children themselves.

    If you don't know his work, I'd highly recommend checking it out. To learn more about him you can also watch the documentary about him and his wife Ruby Hunter (who died in 2010). The film is called "Wash My Soul in the Rivers Flow," and is described as "A story in song about a woman, a man and a river. A story of loss, love and the healing power of music."

    I was introduced to Archie Roach through Briggs, an Indigenous Australian musician who NME describes as, "rapper, label boss, comedy writer, actor, author, cultural commentator and Australian hip-hop gamechanger." In 2015 Briggs released a song, featuring Gurrumul and Dewayne Everettsmith, called "The Children Came Back," which is a kind of sequel to Roach's "Took the Children Away." The YouTube page for the song describes it this way:

    The Children Came Back advances the story and pays homage to Took The Children Away. Archie Roach released the song 25 years ago from the seminal album Charcoal Lane and it's with his blessings, this new sequel of a song is released to champion Black excellence and remind us of the amazing things achieved since. Jimmy Little, Adam Goodes, Lionel Rose, Patty Mills are just some of the greats referenced within this almighty shout-out by Briggs. "I love Briggs' song. It's about our Indigenous heroes. Using a part of my song, where it says 'the children came back' is really what the song is about. I feel proud to be a part of what Briggs hopes to achieve and I really love that he used young children to play the heroes because they are our future heroes." –Archie Roach

    The compelling clip features Briggs with Archie Roach, Paul Kelly and the very brave 3-year-old Samara Muir who recently made prime time mainstream TV with news of her distressing experience of racism by kids her own age. Just like its predecessor Bad Apples from the highly acclaimed sophomore release Sheplife (Golden Era Records) this clip has the power to reach into the hearts of a conscious Australia, and from there to take root and grow into the wider psyche. Thanks to Reconciliation Australia the film clip for The Children Came Back is released on July 3rd to coincide with NAIDOC Week and is a collaboration between Golden Era artist Briggs & Skinnyfish Music artists. 

    And here's a live version for Australian radio station triple j's special NAIDOC week of Like A Version that's just spectacular, and a great tribute to Archie Roach. Rest in Peace.

  • Lauren Boebert calls for laws to enforce "biblical citizenship training" in our schools

    Watch Christofascist Lauren Boebert on the show "FlashPoint" say that she wants to require "Constitution Alive!" and biblical citizenship training in schools. She says, specifically: 

    "Maybe we need to have some sort of legislation that requires Constitution Alive! and biblical citizenship training in our schools, and that's how we get things turned around."

    What is the show FlashPoint? According to its website:

    Watch FlashPoint to discover how prophecy and current events are aligning to usher in the greatest awakening the world has ever known. Host Gene Bailey, along with regular contributors Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman and Lance Wallnau, are joined by special guests that include prominent prophetic voices in the Church today, as well as political, governmental, business and church leaders. FlashPoint focuses on pertinent issues currently facing America and delivers news and commentary under the anointing—encouraging evidence and hope that God is indeed working to bring about His plans and purposes during these turbulent times.

    What is "Constitution Alive!" training? It's part of the "Patriot Academy" (the group that Kirk Cameron also works with), and their website describes Constitution Alive! like this:

    It is vital that every American knows their rights and understands how to defend those rights for themselves, their family, and the entire country.

    That is why the Constitution Alive! Full Course exists – to give you a comprehensive understanding of every part of our nation's governing document in an easy-to-understand, fun, and entertaining manner!

    This full course goes deep, article-by-article through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You will learn about executive orders, recess appointments, the Electoral College, the powers of Congress and the President, freedom of religion, and much more.

    Follow along with America's Constitution expert Rick Green and renowned historian David Barton as they give you an incredible deep dive into the document that is the cornerstone of our American liberty!

    This isn't some kind of neutral look at history, though. The Patriot Academy website also provides this very clear description of its worldview and mission:

    Inspire Patriotism  
    Equip Citizens  
    Educate A Nation

    You have a role to play in Restoring America's Biblical & Constitutional  Foundations of Freedom!

    Have no doubt, Boebert is calling for 'education' that is grounded in the desire to cement the United States as a Christian nation. This is pure Christian Nationalism. 

  • Your childhood, ruined

    I just can't get enough of the parody/satire site, "Your Childhood Ruined," where they take old or classic children's books and provide new titles to make them extra hilarious. I think my favorite is this one, by "Madman." It's a "YCR Classic" and part of a series called "Nancy Drew Ruined Mysteries." This one is called "The Mystery of What She Gonna Do with All That Junk Inside Her Trunk." LOL. Check out more at Your Childhood Ruined's Facebook page.

  • Rabbit show jumping is a thing, and it's spectacular

    Until today, I never knew rabbit show jumping was a thing. But it definitely is, and in fact, seems to be pretty popular in some rabbit circles. What is rabbit show jumping? According to the UK's RSPCA:

    Rabbit agility, or 'show jumping,' is where rabbits are trained to jump hurdles and to go up and down ramps and through tunnels, being led around courses by their owner or trainers, wearing a harness and lead. Show-jumping can be good exercise and mental stimulation for rabbits, and can even strengthen your bond with your pet through positive, reward-based training. 

    The RSPCA warns, however, that not all rabbits are "suited to show-jumping." They explain:

    Many rabbits lack the temperament, build or athletic ability to participate, and unfit rabbits could injure themselves jumping. Juvenile rabbits can't participate until their bones and joints are developed and strong. Always speak with your vet before starting any agility training to ensure that your rabbit is physically fit, a suitable age and whether they would benefit from the activity.

    Some rabbits are clearly really into it, though, like the adorable rabbits featured in these videos: Here are some amateurs, and the ones in this video definitely seem more like pros. I never knew rabbits could jump so high. Amazing! Enjoy!

  • Why is 1970s character "Little Miss" having a moment?

    Little Miss is having a moment. Surely you've seen the new "Little Miss" memes floating all over the internet, and showing up on your news feeds. Have you wondered what's going on? Why are Little Miss illustrations, which have been around since 1971, currently trending? Chance Townsend of Mashable explains

    Yes, that's right, the colorful and boldly drawn cartoon drawings from the children's book series by British author and illustrator Roger Hargreaves have become an unimaginable source of emotional catharsis for people across the internet, as users share their most personal insecurities and red flags. Similar to the American Girl doll memes from last month, the "Little Miss" memes are fill-in-the-blank style memes with a highly specific but sometimes incredibly relatable description. With examples like "Little Miss Wants Her Ex Back" and "Mr. Letterboxd," this decades-old, kid-friendly media property has taken on a new form, and is once again connecting with Gen Z, one of the audiences it helped raise.

    Where did this new trend start? Again, Chance Townsend of Mashable explains:

    Multiple outlets in the past few weeks have credited Instagram meme creator @juulpuppyas the originator of the Little Miss meme, with their first image being posted April 19, 2022. However, Twitter user @dreamgirltat posted their Little Miss meme on April 17, 2022, which gained over 36,000 likes. And while the virality of the trend can be credited to @juulpuppy, who's first dump of memes generated over 52,000 likes on Instagram, we can trace similarly formatted Little Miss/Mr. Men to at least 2014. Here you can see Millennial-style Mr. Men and Little Miss parodies by illustrator and former Mashable writer Max Knoblauch.

    So, do you have a favorite new "Little Miss" meme? There are so many good ones right now. I think my favorite—and sadly, most relatable—one is "Little Miss Needs Constant Reassurance." If you can't find one that expresses your deepest insecurity, you can go make your own here.

  • What does monkeypox look like, and what to do if you think you have it

    Monkeypox continues to spread across the globe and across the United States. Current estimates from the CDC (which are likely undercounted) show almost 5200 cases in the United States, and that number continues to rise.

    Because of the rise in cases, Governor Kathy Hochul has declared the state of New York a "disaster emergency," and over the weekend, the New York City Health Department declared monkeypox a Public Health Emergency.

    While public health experts continue to try to educate the public about monkeypox, there is still a lot of confusion. You just have to check out any monkeypox forum on reddit (if you're interested in reading stories about people's experiences, go to r/monkeypoxpositive) or search Twitter or TikTok for monkeypox content, and you'll see dozens of stories about doctors not recognizing monkeypox or telling patients there's no way they could have it, or stories of people not being able to access testing or vaccines.

    Obviously, Boing Boing isn't a public health site, but I sometimes try to share helpful information. In that spirit, here's a new piece published by Insider that explains and illustrates what monkeypox looks like compared with other conditions that can cause skin rashes. And here's a helpful document that provides information on what to do if you think you have monkeypox. It includes suggestions for managing pain and symptoms, crowdsourced by folks who have experienced monkeypox. It also provides links to other resources to help with accessing medication, vaccines, and more. 

  • Too bad there's not a Tinder for shoebill birds, because this beauty wants a boyfriend

    A 14-year-old female shoebill named Abou is currently at the Exmoor Zoo in Devon, England waiting for a male to be born through an international breeding program. The program was created in order to boost the number of shoebills in the world, as there are currently only 3,000 to 5,000 left in the wild. Once a suitable match is born, he and Abou will be introduced in the hopes that they will produce offspring. Simona Kitanovska writing for Newsweek explains:

    An extremely rare "dinosaur" bird, the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom, is patiently waiting for a lifelong mate to help save her entire species.

    Abou the female shoebill (Balaeniceps rex) recently arrived at Exmoor Zoo in Devon, England, as part of an international breeding program to save her species.

    The unique-looking bird is just one of 11 shoebills in the world currently in captivity – and now the only one in the U.K.

    While she's waiting to save her species (but no pressure, right?!) go watch this video about these impossibly odd creatures, where you can learn all about their weird looks and the very bizarre machine-gun sounds they make.

  • Chihuahua loves riding on his pig pal's back

    Aw, there's nothing I love more than interspecies animal friendships! Check out this adorable Chihuahua and pig pair, who live outside of Phoenix, Arizona at Better Piggies Rescue, a rescue pig sanctuary. They're named Timon (the Chihuahua) and Pumbaa (the pig), after the famous pair from Disney's 1994 hit movie The Lion King. It's so cute how Timon jumps on the back of Pumbaa to hitch a ride! Watch ABC15's coverage of the pair and of the rescue where they're now living their best lives.

  • Arizona MAGA weirdo Qari Lake in drag, again

    MAGA-loving, Trump-backed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake recently got into a big Twitter fight with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. I'd go look and report back to you, but, alas, Fake Lake blocked me on Twitter weeks ago. Lucky for me, Twitter user Nick Martin's on it, and just tweeted this, "I see the campaign for Kari Lake got in a big Twitter fight today with glam rocker @deesnider. So I guess now is a good time to share these photos of Lake from 2019 when she dressed in drag for Halloween as another glam rocker, Alice Cooper."

    Remember, Kari Lake has repeatedly demonized drag queens and drag shows, and has been in a feud with local Phoenix drag star Barbra Seville for the last few months. Seems Kari just can't stop dressing in drag herself, though. Hypocritical much?

  • This one-stop-shop in LA sells natural wine, ice cream, and sex toys

    Here's a shop you should visit if you're ever in Silver Lake or Eagle Rock (Los Angeles). They also have an online presence, so you actually can 'visit' from anywhere. It's called Vinovore, and it's a wine shop where all of the wines are (1) natural or made with "minimal intervention," and (2) made by women winemakers and produced at women-owned wineries.

    They have a terrific and well-curated selection of wines, and the folks working in the shop provide all the info you could want if you're not sure what you're looking for or looking at. While you're there you can also pick up flowers, greeting cards, chocolate, ice cream, books, candles, and sex toys. It really is a one-stop-shop for everything you need!

    We were there over the weekend, looking for a nice sparkling rose. The nice folks working there recommended this one, Faccia Di Vino Dry Rosé Lambrusco Natural, from Emilia Romagna, Italy, and made by woman winemaker Coly Den Haan. The Vinovore website describes it like this: "All natural. Super dry tingles. Salted yellow raspberries. Wild herbs.  Peach Dreams. Drink it or pour all over your face!" It was way too delicious to waste pouring it all over my face, but I appreciate the sentiment. Go support this awesome business forwarding women winemakers!

  • Watching these horse-hoof-trimming videos is surprisingly relaxing

    Meet Brett Maupin. He's a farrier-turned-social-media star whose videos on TikTok have gone viral. What's a farrier? According to the Farrier's Registration Council:

    A farrier is a skilled craftsperson with a sound knowledge of both theory and practice of the craft, capable of shoeing all types of equine feet, whether normal or defective, of making shoes to suit all types of work and working conditions, and of devising corrective measures to compensate for faulty limb action. Farriery is hard physical work and is practiced on animals, some of which may be fractious. Shoes may be made from metal and from other modern materials such as plastics and resins.

    Here's Brett explaining how to become a farrier. And here's a video of Brett cleaning a horse hoof—he removes the old shoe, then trims the hoof (it's kind of like trimming a huge nail), shaves down the hoof, clears out the inside, and sands the whole thing down. Watching his hoof trimming videos is surprisingly relaxing. Enjoy this peek into the world of farriery!