Send a Message to Space

This website allows users to send a message to space via a parabolic radio transmitter. When you send the message, it will fly through space at the speed of light for eternity. There's also the chance that aliens could come across your message one day, which would be pretty cool. You can send a message for a loved one's birthday, to someone you miss, or just for fun.

Here's how it works:

"When you submit an order, it enters our queue. Using our own, custom-built software, we encode your message into a radio signal and transmit that radio signal into space using something called a parabolic radio transmitter. Each message takes about thirty seconds to send to space.

Radio signals are actually light signals meaning they travel at the speed of light. There's no limit to how far your message will travel. It will literally move through space at the speed of light forever!
You'll get a digital certificate to confirm your message has been sent to space and we even plant a tree here on planet Earth as part of your order."