Popcorn snack includes free snake

At the Shoppers Value market in Kenbridge, Virginia, Kimberly Slaughter was hankering for some popcorn. But when she picked up a bag off a shelf, she saw what she thought were mouse feces on the bag. "So I put it on the bottom shelf because there was already mouse poop covering the bottom shelves," she told WTVR. Undeterred, she grabbed another bag. This one had a small hole in it so she decided to inform the store. But at that moment, a snake popped out of the popcorn bag.

"I was like, oh, well, hi!" she told local news.

From WTVR (video below):

According to Slaughter, an employee removed the snake from the store, and she said — based on the photos — friends have told her it was a rat snake.

"We have no idea where it came from," [store manager Brian] Stanley told CBS 6 reporter Caroline Coleburn over the phone. "We are investigating trying to find out where it came from, but we have no other indication that there could be any others."