Cheeseburger removed from Happy Meal menu

McDonald's is to cut a certain high-calorie item of junk food from the Happy Menu marketed to kids: cheeseburgers.

“We hope these actions will bring more choices to consumers and uniquely benefit millions of families, which are important steps as we build a better McDonald’s,” Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook said in the statement. After child obesity rates in the U.S. almost tripled since the 1970s, McDonald’s is seeking healthier ingredients while trying to boost its image with more environmentally friendly packaging.

For those who appreciate the inherent absurdity of trying to make McDonald's a place of health and youthful wellbeing, a classic Onion story is always worth revisiting: McDonald's Drops 'Hammurderer' Character From Advertising. Read the rest

Unappetizing vintage food photos

I find food photos on Instagram to be boring, but not Tom Kelley's vintage food shots from the Getty Images archive. These photographs provoke a gut-wrenching emotional response in me. #nofilterneeded

"10 Vintage Food Photos That Will Make You Squirm" (Thanks, Ben Cosgrove!)

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Hiding meth in a burrito is no way to treat a burrito

It's hard to find decent Mexican food in Canada. We're lousy with Taco Bells and, out west at least, we've got Taco Time. But these are just chains offering a cartoon version of the real deal. The first time I went for burritos with friends in San Fransisco's Mission District, I damn near cried.

The food was so good, I regret having not hired a poet to capture the emotion surrounding my meal. I've spent the past three months in Texas' Rio Grande Valley. Same deal: the Mexican cuisine here is phenomenal. Hell the gas station down the street from me serves up fresh carnitas. It tastes like heaven. Back home in Alberta, gas station food tastes like death. I love Mexican cuisine! The thought of returning to Canada, with its sub-par joke tacos, fills me with ennui.

So, when I read how cops in Los Angeles discovered that criminals were moving crystal meth through the city disguised as burritos, I took it kind of hard.

According to The LA Times, two LA patrol officers were conducting a routine traffic stop when they discovered the occupants of the vehicle they'd pulled over were packing 14 beefy-looking, tinfoil wrapped burritos. The burritos turned out to be jammed full of around 25 pounds of methamphetamine. Obviously, arrests were made, but the thing that bothers me is this: while they got the drugs and a handgun off the street, no body even mentioned the fact that they'd desecrated those burritos. I just don't get it: in a world so bereft of decent Mexican food, doesn't anyone care about the damn burritos? Read the rest

Watch how to make Breaking Bad meth candy and dipping sticks

In an alliterative homage to Breaking Bad, Binging with Babish shows viewers how to make the dipping sticks that Walter never got, as well as some dangerously delicious candy meth. Read the rest

This restaurant in Spain hasn't closed its doors since 1725

Botin Restaurant in Madrid has been in operation for 293 years, a world record. The owners claim the oven hasn't once gone out. The house specialty is roast suckling pig, which is 25 euros.

Ever since the doors opened in 1725, the oven has been sizzling continuously, never to be extinguished. According to deputy manager Luis Javier Sànchez Alvarez, the oven is the crown jewel of the restaurant and the fundamental element of their most popular dish, the roast suckling pig. The recipes used today have been passed down from generation to generation, keeping the legacy of these traditional dishes alive. With the honor of being the oldest restaurant in the world, Alvarez hopes to keep the doors open for centuries to come.

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Watch: Goat and coyote play. Goat thinks coyote is its friend

Look at this coyote. Food is right in front of him. It follows him around, like a sack lunch on legs. "Oh, they're great friends," you say as you watch the video, smiling.  A click and the link has been copied to your clipboard. Up it goes on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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Restaurant preferences mapped

Simon Rogers, a data journalist and data editor at Google, created a series of maps showing the regional popularity of certain kinds of restaurant. Read the rest

Mural is subtle reminder of Mexican restaurant's former national cuisine

It's El Sol in Harrisonburg, Va., according to Bombaskos on Reddit. [via] Read the rest

Foraging on a beach in Wales

Craig Evans, accompanied by his dog Llew and his son Dafydd, mosey around a beach in Pembrokeshire, Wales, picking up everything worth eating and finally enjoying a delicious December meal.

calm dry weather and a very good low tide low tide.We caught and cooked Edible crabs,Velvet Swimming crabs,3 Bearded Rocklings,Winkles and Whelks on a wooden "Solva" stove.
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Tide pods are just the beginning! Behold the world of Forbidden Snacks

r/forbiddensnacks is my new favorite subreddit. It features consumer products that look just like candy or other delicious treats, but are in fact inedible or outright poisonous items such as pebbles, toilet cleaner or rat poison (pictured, by u/snarfgarfunkel) Read the rest

EU standardizes edible insect rules

Alternative protein advocates in Europe have been stymied by the hodgepodge of national rules regarding insect consumption, but now the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will approve applications for edible bugs that will then be legal to serve to Europeans throughout the EU. Read the rest

Peeping inside Paris's new nudist restaurant

O’Naturel is a nudist restaurant in Paris. The New Yorker's Henry Alford had a bite and an eyeful:

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The best Indian food in Los Angeles is served in a gas station

The Bombay Frankie Company makes Indian "burritos" in a gas station in Los Angeles. People are going out of their way to get them.

The best things come from the most unexpected places. At least, that’s the case with the Bombay Frankie Company. They’re serving up some of the best Indian food in Los Angeles—all out of a gas station. Brother and sister Hiram and Priyanka grew up in California eating classic Indian cuisine. Now, they’ve launched the newest Indian food concept in California with their take on Mumbai’s street food classic, the frankie. Get ready to fill up your belly and your tank.

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Watch a Japanese egg poacher that cooks yolks into stars and other shapes

This delightfully impractical gadget looks complicated, but can a price be put on the value of serving eggs with star-shaped yolks? Read the rest

Make a Lego cookie-icing robot/plotter

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks (previously documents his latest creation: a poltter that squeezes precise patters of icing onto cookies, built out of Lego Mindstorms, and includes full, downloadable instructions. Read the rest

Order a pizza with random toppings allows you to order a random pizza, "because maybe you were unfair to pineapple."
Tell us how many pizzas you want and where to send them. After that, your pizza fate is in our hands. All orders are fulfilled through Dominos. How your pizza is crafted is completely random, thus the whole roulette thing. We then calculate your order total and include tax, tip, and delivery. ENJOY? Maybe you will, maybe you won't.

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A stovetop pizza oven that hits 600F in 10 minutes

The $77 Pizzacraft PC0601 Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven is a clever design: it's a stovetop oven that has a large thermal mass (thanks to a cordierite pizza stone) and other good thermal properties, allowing it to hit 600F in 10 minutes of pre-heating on your gas burner; it gets top marks in Wired's pizza gadget guide, too. Read the rest

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