Just look at these decorated ruckus-causing lunchtime bananas

Just look at them. (Thanks, Marion!) Read the rest

Police sad over spilled donuts get sweet surprise ending

“The final resting spot of the once glorious glazed donuts.” Read the rest

Pairing guide: 'Pop-tarts and Fine Whiskeys'

You never knew you needed it. Now you have it.

Pop-tarts and Fine Whiskeys, a Pairing Guide,” by IMGURian @acetech09. Yes, it includes rums and sake and other liquors.

Pop-tart: Cookies & Creme Spirit*: Zacapa XO, Guatemala Rum

The creamy, chocolately, and surprisingly tasty richness of this pasty is quite satisfying. Zacapa XO is an equally decadent rum that is aged in an array of wine casks. This slightly tannic fruitiness that is imbued in the spirit compliments perfectly with the pastry.

Enjoy the whole gallery.

Pop-tarts and Fine Whiskeys, a Pairing Guide

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Sunset magazine suggests dosing your family with cannabis gravy at Thanksgiving

Talk about being irresponsible, Sunset posted an article that suggests serving a "THC-laced turkey gravy" as a way to avoid, or smooth over, uncomfortable conversations with your family at the Thanksgiving table. Read the rest

Chick-fil-A slightly less homophobic now

The popular fried chicken sandwich fast food chain Chick-fil-A has long been targeted by pro-human-rights groups for aligning with hate and homophobia. Read the rest

Vegans sue Burger King over meat contamination of Impossible Burger Whopper

Some vegans have filed a lawsuit against Burger King because they cook the Impossible Burger Whoppers on the same grill as their meat burgers. According to the suit, the Impossible Whopper is not a vegan option and the restaurant doesn't disclose the meat contamination on their menu. Of course, vegans and vegetarians have been quite vocal about this issue since the Impossible Whopper's introduction.

According to TMZ, plaintiff Philip Williams "not only wants damages ... he wants the judge to order Burger King to stop cooking Impossible Burgers and the OG burgers on the same grill. Read the rest

Quevos are the best keto chips I've found

I've lost weight with keto—the only thing that's worked for me—but face two ongoing problems. First, I get bored of eating fat and leaves. Second, keto clones of normal snacks tend to be weird, mealy or downright unpleasant to taste. Quevos [Amazon link] are the first keto chips I can just sit and eat and eat and eat until I realize I've gone though three packets. My toddler steals them, too, so it's not just the carb-starved incentives of a keto dieter making me like them.

They're made from egg whites, and come in two flavors: Sour Cream and Onion and Quevos Rancheros. There's 120 or 140 calories a bag and 2 or 3 net carbs (full nutritional info is at the website). There are other non-keto flavors (salt and pepper, sweet barbecue and cheddar) with 10 or 11 carbs a bag.

They work, I think, because they're honest to what they are, which is baked egg chips, and aren't trying too hard to taste like potato chips. They flavors are unusual as well, suggesting a lot of experimentation. What is "Rancheros" flavor, exactly? The taste of tests.

They're not perfect. The mouthfeel is dry and dusty, and you're getting a full load of sodium. The Quevos are small, probably because they're brittle and would arrive in fragments were they any larger. The latter point is a reviewer in search of a quibble, perhaps, so I'd like to stress that these are the first keto snacks I've tried that didn't taste like "keto snacks" and a must-try for people managing carbs. Read the rest

Great British Baking Show 2019 winner claims misleading editing on show

(Stop reading now to avoid spoilers) Read the rest

Workers sue McDonald's over McSexual Harassment

On Tuesday, McDonald’s Corporation was sued by a group of workers in the state of Michigan who say the global fast-food chain allows pervasive sexual harassment to run rampant at its restaurant locations. Read the rest

Overturned mango truck makes mess of Maryland morning commute

Mangoes spilling from an overturned tractor trailer caused a messy morning commute on Maryland beltway. Read the rest

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches accepted as payment for parking citations

If you have any unpaid parking fines at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus, and you have a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly, you can now reduce or cover the cost of your tickets by making a PB&J sandwich. Read the rest

OMG! Red Meat Rice Krispies Treats

Rice Krispies Meats is more like it. Read the rest

Fun with charcuterie

Want to send an obliquely grim message with prosciutto?

Here's a fun idea of how to bring some surprise flair to your next office pot-luck.

“Office Potluck is today. I signed up to bring the meat and cheese platter,” says IMGURian @Eatthedead.

“Prosciutto, mozzarella, fresh bread, pepperoni, salami, melon...all the good stuff.”

“Weird thing is...nobody's touched it. Huh. Just means more for me!”

Made a charcuterie board for the office potluck today

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Challenge: Eat 'biggest burger' in Bangkok, a 10,000-calorie monstrosity

Would you eat this gigantic burger? Read the rest

This video shows that "natural" produce is anything but natural

"Most of the foods found in the grocery store at one point were much smaller, bitter, sour or unpalatable," says the host of the Earth Titan YouTube channel. In this video he compares supermarket produce with the wild ancestors they were cultivated from.

Image: YouTube Read the rest

Why restaurant burritos are better

In this video, Internet Shaquille explains why even downmarket restaurant burritos beat your homemade ones. In brief:

• Supermarket-brand tortillas are too small and thick.

• You fail to warm your tortilla first, or you overcook it.

• Your fold is wrong or insufficiently tight.

• You fail to sear the seam to seal it shut.

• You fail to wrap the finished burrito in thin foil. Read the rest

Tribbles breakfast cereal is an endless box of hairy balls

The Star Trek Short Takes episode "The Trouble With Edward" focuses on H. Jon Benjamin as the mad scientist who sets Tribbles on the path to becoming an official enemy of the Klingon Empire

He talked to SyFy about the part:

"We didn’t do a ton of backstory before shooting it," Benjamin explains. "But I talked to the writer [Graham Wanger] and there was a conversation about how he got there. Was it like nepotism? Is he like barely a scientist? Or is he just of dubious ethics? Or an outsider and nobody liked him? I think we landed on the latter. Like, I think he might have some basis in real science and maybe some real credentials. But, he’s a bit of a lunatic."

In one scene, right before Larkin injects the tribbles with whatever genetic cocktail he's cooked up to modify them, he seems to be briefly sporting an ominous black vest and one of the all-black Starfleet badges usually worn by members of the clandestine organization Section 31. In essence, for one moment, it's like Larkin raided the closet of Captain Leland from Star Trek: Discovery. Later in Trek canon, the tribbles end up being a huge problem for the Klingons. (In DS9, Worf said tribbles were declared an enemy of the Empire at some point.) So, did someone in Section 31 plant Larkin with the hopes that he would act crazy and create new alien pest species?

Benjamin isn't ruling it out. If someone were pulling Larkin's strings, it would certainly explain how he got on the ship.

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