Texas sheriff opens an investigation into DeSantis' kidnapping of migrants, believes there is "some criminal activity here"

A sheriff in Texas has opened an investigation into Florida Gov. DeSantis' shipping of migrants legally seeking asylum around the nation. While the states that Desantis and Texas Gov. Abbott have sent migrants to have welcomed them, the pretenses and promises made by their teams to the migrants seem to amount to kidnapping.

Orlando Sentinel:

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar investigators have some leads on suspects he would not name who "lured" the refugees to the two planes on Wednesday "under false pretenses."

"I believe they were preyed upon," he said, adding that he was working with private attorneys for the migrants, as well as advocacy groups, on the probe. "I believe there is some criminal activity here. But we're going to keep an open mind."

He said the migrants were in the U.S. legally and they were "hoodwinked" with promises of jobs and other benefits to make the flight to Massachusetts.