RZA sampled these classic flicks for the Wu-Tang Clan's discography

On the surface, one would assume that rap has gravitated away from its reliance on sampling. Modern rap songs don't possess as many obvious samples as their predecessors. However, just because the samples aren't as overt as they used to be during the genre's infancy doesn't mean that rap is now devoid of the technique. If anything, samples are more common than ever, but they're infinitely more obscure. Instead of borrowing loops from classic songs, rap records of modernity usually snag a bizarre sound from a movie or even car alarms to create a hit track.

The process of procuring random sounds for rap songs isn't new. One could even argue that the prolific Bobby Digital, commonly known as the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, popularized the use of obscure sound bytes for songs with his iconic samples from old-school kung fu films. You can check out the origin of some of his most memorable samples in the video linked above.