Donald Glover got his rap alter-ego name from a Wu-Tang name generator

Today I learned that Donald Glover got his rapper name Childish Gambino from this online Wu-Tang Clan name generator. It's not new news (though the info was new to me, and perhaps to you as well), as he mentions it in this 2016 Hollywood Reporter roundtable discussion. He says, "If I had known it was going to be something for real, I wouldn't have used it."

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Mumm-Ra joins Wu Tang Clan

Good to see Mumm-Ra still getting work from the Ancient Spirits of Evil, though I'd have preferred it if Gordon Ramsay were on the altar being seranaded with Shimmy Shimmy Ya. I know that it's a tough mashup, but Earl Hammond's voice is so amazing as to be incapable of failure, and Swedemason is a master of the medium. Here's Trump joining Talking Heads:

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Best FOIA ever: Asking FBI to get that coveted Wu-Tang Clan LP from Martin Shkreli

Andrew Wiseman wins the day with this hilarious Freedom of Information Act Request. Read the rest

When hip hop, science, and education collide

This is a sentence I never expected to read and it makes me insanely excited: "GZA had just finished an extraordinary round of meetings with physicists at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, culling ideas for a coming solo album about the cosmos." Oh. Hell. Yes. Meanwhile, GZA is also working with a Columbia professor on an educational program that uses rhyme-writing and some of the cultural trappings of freestyle rap to teach science in New York City public schools. Oh, and it turns out that GZA is pronounced "Jiz-ah", and is derived from "genius". Read the rest