Bizarre street theater with performers wearing glass helmets containing live fish swimming around their heads

In the western French port of Saint-Malo, surrealist performance artists the Machtiern strolled around this weekend with fishbowls on their heads filled with water and live goldfish. The port was bustling in preparation for the Route du Rhum sailing race and the performers felt that their "absurd, poetic and bewildering image" went well with the nautical theme. Video below. From The Telegraph:

In their "bubbles", the artists pose "fundamental questions about our ability to enter into contact with others when barriers are erected"[…]

"It's a bit like wearing a reverse diving bell," [performer Morgan Manini] said, adding that it took years to perfect to avoid leaks around the neck with each bowl and suit moulded to the individual performer.

"It's not for the claustrophobic and if something goes wrong, the secret is getting it off," he said. "You can end up drinking a lot of water."

(via Weird Universe)