Marvel's Avengers game to shut down support after a rough two years

It would be fair to say that Square Enix has had its fair share of missteps lately, and among them is the disastrous Marvel's Avengers —a licensed live-service game that feels like the worst parts of any given Marvel movie with the serial numbers filed off. With its bullet-sponge enemies and 'RPG mechanics' (read: endless grind for better gear), it'd be a chore to play even if it wasn't also a storefront for predatory microtransactions.

Its development history was fraught with bad press and controversy, and now the publishers have had enough: the game will be ceasing further support and development effective immediately, and would be removed from sale altogether this September.

Ultimately, Marvel's Avengers proved to be yet another case of a misguided studio trying to get a live-service cash cow for themselves, and only discovering new and innovative ways to alienate their consumer base in the process. I'm sure it's far from the last, though, for as long as Destiny keeps printing money devs will keep aping it.