Video captures F-16 crashing into California warehouse

After suffering hydraulic problems, an F-16 fighter jet crashed into a California warehouse Thursday. The pilot ejected safely and no-one on the ground was seriously harmed; a nearby driver captured the collision on video and a warehouse worker filmed the wreckage.

"That's a military airplane, in our building!" says a man on the warehouse video (embedded below, NSFW language), uploaded by Ejler Bettenhausen and credited to Jeff Schoffstall.

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Rackmount your lone Raspberry Pi

UPi is a full-size rack mount for the Raspberry Pi. Though it can apparently accomodate three Pis, it is clearly best if you just put one in, just as depicted in the product photograph. Then, I further reccommend, do not put it in a rack. Just have a single rackmounted Raspberry Pi lying on your desk, the ultimate personal computer.

On Twitter, Foone (patreon) collected this and other increasingly exotic mounting/clustering solutions for the Pi. Read the rest

Woman lopes on all fours

Behold "Karen of the Boreal Valley," whose adventures are made perfect by epic music played so loud it clips like a VHS sword-and-sandals movie at maximum volume on the cheapest television set of 1982. Read the rest

After new formula, low-carb bread is also a durable and effective sponge

UPDATE: I missed that this video is 7 years old! On the internet, everything new is old again. Julian Bakery low-carb "bread" should not be judged on the basis of this clip.

A company called Julian Bakery makes a low-carb "bread", but they improved the formula. This fan of the original is not a fan of eating the new version, but reports that individual slices turn out to be strikingly useful as utility sponges.

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Tesla car captures the gentlemen vandalizing it

Tesla cars have a "sentry mode" feature that amounts to dashcams pointed hither and yon: useful for video-recording accidents, road ragers, and vandals.

Entire right side of car keyed and dented. Merica

The vandals' self-satisfied grinning really makes it. According to Reddit's crack team of investigators, it was at this location in old Town Sacramento and they were driving a Silver or Grey Dodge Ram pickup. Read the rest

AI-generated pokemon that should not be

Michael Friesen generated these abominable pokemon sprites. Be sure to see a similar set hand-drawn by iguanamouth. [via Janelle Shane]

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Game of Thrones castmembers laughing, smirking or gritting their teeth when asked if they like the final season

"Best season ever!"

I understand that the "looking up and to the right" marker for deception is a myth, but I also suspect that Peter Dinklage knows this.

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British conservative DESTROYS Ben Shapiro

Conservative thinkeur Ben Shapiro was interviewed by BBC host and UK conservative luminary Andrew Neil. It didn't go well for Ben at all. Facing straightforward questions about his beliefs, he had a tantrum, accusing Neil—chairman of The Spectator!—of being a leftist and finally storming off.

From The Spectator itself:

Ben Shapiro is the famous, fast-talking pundit who regularly ‘owns’ aggressive campus students with his quick wit and rapid repartee. Alas, Shapiro isn’t so ‘crazy smart’ when he comes up against difficult questions from a real interviewer. Yesterday he just couldn’t cope with an interrogation from the BBC’s Andrew Neil. He decided that Neil must be a typical BBC leftist and had an epic tantrum.

As soon as you take right-wingers out of the U.S. cable news environment or their creationist-style YouTube "debates", they fall completely to pieces under even the most impartial and disinterested questioning. With due respect to Andrew Neil, it's amazing how deferential mainstream U.S. media are to conservatives—and as a result inconceivable to an American conservative that a foreign counterpart might issue them challenging questions. So it's no surprise that Neil would humiliate Shapiro, or that Shapiro would do all the work himself given the barest length of rope.

Here's the full 16 minutes:

Neil is absolutely no friend of the left: an HIV/AIDS denialist, climate-change critic and 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Read the rest

What to do about Japanese knotweed?

The end of my yard is anually infiltrated by Japanese knotweed, encroaching from the overrun lot behind it, and anually beaten back with machete and glyphosphate (dutifully applied into the root). I know that it's futile, and so does anyone else confronted with the invasive menace.

England and Wales are the most dramatic examples of knotweed’s spread in the West, but knotweed endures across the channel, too—as the most expensive invasive plant crisis on the continent, according to a 2009 study. And in recent decades, Japanese knotweed has colonized the Northeastern United States, the spine of the Appalachians, the Great Lakes states, and the Pacific Northwest. Infestation is “rapid and devastating,” one researcher wrote. “The plants are characterized by a strong will to live,” wrote another. In New Hampshire, a knotweed researcher told me he had found knotweed systems—almost certainly just one plant, connected underground—as large as 32,000 square feet, more than half the size of a football field.

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Styrofoam mug visible in Game of Thrones

From last night's episode of Game of Thrones, as posted to Twitter.

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Folding phones are an unfolding disaster

Damon Beres notes that the situation with folding displays is quickly going to hell.

Enter Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, a kind of metal and glass taco that could define a new category of personal device — provided the company can get the thing to work. Several tech writers accidentally broke the gadget’s foldable display shortly after receiving review units, which led Samsung to delay the Galaxy Fold’s launch indefinitely. On Monday, the company said it would provide an update in the “next few weeks.” (Samsung’s official preorder link for the Galaxy Fold now leads to a 404 page.)

But even if Samsung eventually says it has worked out the kinks, you shouldn’t buy one. Not yet, anyway. There are the obvious problems that go beyond the breakable display. The Galaxy Fold is gut-blastingly expensive at $1,980, and review units contained design flaws that were revealed in a teardown by iFixit. (Facing pressure from Samsung, iFixit later removed its examination “out of respect” to the partner that leaked the phone.)

Unrepairable at any cost short of buying a new one, too. Read the rest

Filmmaker promises to change live-action Sonic the Hedgehog's widely-disliked design

Reacting to a storm of derision on the internet following the release of Sonic the Hedgehog's first trailer, the filmmakers have promised to redesign the CGI title character before it hits theaters. A lot of work for the animators, and little time to complete it. Read the rest

Verizon "trying to sell Tumblr"

Yahoo bought Tumblr in 2013 for $1.1bn, then Verizon acquired Yahoo. Now Verizon, after purging Tumblr of adult material and watching its traffic plunge as a result, is trying to sell whatever's left.

The process is still on-going, and it's unclear whether it will result in a sale or what price Verizon is hoping to get for the web site, according to the report which cites anonymous sources.

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Review: Graco TrueCoat 360 airless paint sprayer

Jobs done, quickly and messily

Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer

They've obviously refined the design since the suprisingly bad model sheet leaked. Now it is perfectly bad, launched on an orbital trajectory from the uncanny valley's curve. But perhaps that's the type of bad you've been looking for in a live-action Sonic the Hedgehog, fuzzy and naked in his Nikes.

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Fortnite champions don't even like the game anymore

Having won the Fortnite nationals, co-champion Jack Stuttard is asked what's next: another season? More tournaments? The online circuit?

Honestly, we don't like the game that much any more. Not gonna lie. We'll see what happens.

The host smiles and turns to co-champion Ibrahim Diaz and literally requests "a better answer here."

Well, we've decided we don't want to play competitive Fortnite, so we're going to move onto different games, do different stuff.

Imagine being at the point where competition and compulsion has taken you to the point where you could have fun for a living, but instead, with cameras and lights on you, you decline and criticize the creators over game balance issues. Quite the movie moment! Read the rest

Uber apologizes for tweeting racial slur

There's a certain elegance to the troll here. Knowing that Twitter doesn't moderate racist terms of abuse, and realizing that Uber's Twitter support account is a dumbly overfamiliar auto-response bot, it was easy for someone to make it say anything they wanted it to. And what they wanted it to say was that. (Most cunning of all, once Uber Support had tweeted, the troll changed their name back to something innocuous, removing the obvious echo.)

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