Stop typing and "The Most Dangerous Writing App" wipes everything

The Most Dangerous Writing App is a simple, attractive text editor on the web. But there's a twist to Manuel Ebert's design: if you stop typing before 5 minutes is up, your work starts to fade, and if you don't start again immediately, it disappears completely.

It's not absolute—you can copy your work out of the box, and it's not bugging you with a spellchecker to stop you going klsdafjgh alskdfjhasd kjfh to get through moments of block. But you are gonna be typing all the same, and that's the point.

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Dead man unavailable for comment

Journalism is a tough job, especially when they won't pick up the phone! Read the rest

Babies turn into hairy "werewolves" after mislabeled Rogaine sold as antacid

A pharmaceutical lab in Spain mislabeled minoxidil (a hair-loss drug sold in the U.S. as Rogaine) as omeprazole (an antacid marketed as Prilosec). Excess hair growth resulted after babies were prescribed the latter and consumed the former, reports the New York Times.

The children who took the mislabeled medicine, some of them babies, began growing hair all over their bodies, a rare condition known as hypertrichosis, Spain’s health minister said on Wednesday. ...

Ms. Carcedo, the health minister, told reporters that no pharmacy in Spain still had the mislabeled omeprazole.

“We have immobilized all the batches,” she said.

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@Jack Hacked

The incompetence horrowshow is on Twitter right now! It's lasted a few minutes; to my shame was I there to see it and wonder how long it would last, and it has not ceased yet.

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Dior launches racist Native American-themed ad campaign for "The New Sauvage"

You can explain it to them. They can sense the damage, and they can perceive that they have made a mistake. They can pretend to be contrite, and maybe for a brief moment they can even understand what it is they have done wrong. But as soon as the voices of complaint fade away and the crisis subsides, they'll go right back to doing it again, because the truth is they don't care and they are completely indifferent to everything about you that they cannot take and sell.

UPDATE: Here's the amazing full-length version; Johnny Depp is involved.

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Wonkette posts bizarre cease-and-desist letter it received from "Diamond and Silk"

Diamond and Silk are a social media duo famous for supporting Trump and claiming, without evidence, that Facebook "censored" them. Wonkette is a news, politics and culture website. Bianca DeLaRosa writes for it, and recently offered the opinion that Diamond and Silk were notable as "Black White Nationalists" due to their support of Trump's policies and their own ethnicity. Diamond and Silk threatened to sue Wonkette, it claims, over this opinion piece, and the cease-and-decist letter is amazing.

The consensus among lawyers on the internet is that the "Diamond and Silk Legal Team" is probably not, technically, a lawyer. I'm having trouble with the idea that the letter's even real. It's so strewn with spelling mistakes and mangled legal terminology that it reads like a joke about a stupid person pretending to be a lawyer—an exemplar of Poe's Law, the maxim that it is impossible to distinguish parody from authenticity on the Internet.

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If we ate bread the way we drank beer

I'm actually a big fan of Bread Pong. Razmig writes: "When it comes to calories, 1 beer = 2 slices of bread...but you never have your friends over for a loaf? Or do you? It's a bread party! 🍞🍺 🥖🍻" Read the rest

How flight crew exhaustion almost led to America's worst airline disaster

Air Canada flight 759's captain and co-pilot had been awake all day and were coming into San Francisco in the early hours of the morning, at the lowest point of their circadian cycle. A runway was closed for resurfacing, but they forgot or missed the note, and as a result almost landed on a taxiway full of planes getting ready to take off. It could well have been the worst airline disaster in American history. [via MeFi]

At that point he noticed that the position of Air Canada flight 759 looked “very strange.” Flight 759 overflew United Airlines flight 1 at an altitude of 100 feet and kept descending, headed straight for the Philippine Airlines A340. But with its landing lights on, the huge A340 was almost impossible to miss from such a close vantage point. At an altitude of 84 feet, both pilots on flight 759 called for a go-around simultaneously, and the captain advanced the throttles to abandon the approach. While the engines spooled up, the A320 dropped to a low point of about 65 feet, coming a hair’s breadth from clipping the 55-foot-tall vertical stabilizer of Philippine Airlines flight 115.

10 feet from contact, but it would have been followed by a far worst collision with the next jet on the taxiway, with a similar result--and death toll--to the Tenerife disaster. Read the rest

Calilfornia high school water polo team filmed singing Nazi songs

The Daily Beast reports that a water polo team from a California high school sang Nazi songs during an awards ceremony. Read the rest

Shirt at conservative website suspiciously similar to indie artist's design, but with a D on it

Truck Torrence is an indie artist, creator of the kawaii Dumpster Fire, a classic internet meme image offered as limited-edition pins and toys. Daily Wire is a website founded by right-wing provocateur Ben Shapiro, at whose Amazon store may be found a crude copy of Torrence's design.

Here's Torrence's original animation:

And here's a close-up of the Daily Wire clone:

There is one "original" element: it added a "D" to make it about the Democratic Party.

Bad merch happens. It often happens because a media site didn't (and perhaps can't be expected to) look into every item offered on co-branded online stores hosted by third parties such as Amazon.

Daily Wire, however, appears to have played a role in designing and promoting the plagiarized shirt, so it would be nice if it explained how it came to be in that position.

Conservative media is more vulnerable to sourcing failures because of the movement's growing dependence on memes, grifters and liars for content; see also the "x days since we published a hoax" flipchart at the Quillette offices. Read the rest

Enjoy the trailer for the new Doom movie

Behold Doom: Annihilation, or "Annthilation" as it appears in the glowy font on the poster. Read the rest

Man in bulletproof vest and carrying "tactical" rifle arrested in WalMart

A man was arrested at a Missouri WalMart wearing body armor and carrying "tactical weapons" -- legal carry in the state. They're holding him while they figure out what to charge him with, if anything.

Officers responded to a call of an active shooter at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Springfield, Police Lt. Mike Lucas said. But no shots were fired and no one was injured, police said. The man was pushing a cart and recording himself walking through the store with a cell phone when the manager pulled the fire alarm to notify customers to escape, according to CNN affiliate KYTV.

"His intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in the business," Lucas said. "In fact, he's lucky to be alive still to be honest."

The facts are still to emerge, not least details of his actions while heavily armed in public. But the implication from the early reporting suggests that he's a provocateur, not a terrorist, that the "active shooter" report was false, and that it'll be tough making serious charges stick.

In any case, his behavior and the authorities' reaction to shows the sand is shifting under open-carry, at least the long-barrelled sort intended to intimidate people and provoke a reaction. A hostile police response is now incoming, even for the whites (though note that this guy was detained by an off-duty firefighter, pulling their own gun in public).

Consider this tweet, doing the rounds the last couple of days:

The answer is "leave, 'cause if someone calls the sheriff that saloon's gonna be full of holes." Read the rest

Watch a locomotive tear down Vietnam's terrifying "train street"

Hanoi has a train track running down a thin alleyway, immediately adjacent to homes, pubs, cafes and, well, all the tourists there to see if Train Street is for real. Alexatron: "Whilst most people would argue that a train passing through their neighborhood is a crazy dangerous thing, the local Vietnamese people have turned it into a must see tourist hot spot. Trust the Vietnamese to turn a curse into a blessing and a profit.

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Wasp nest fills car

Used car for sale! Only 10,000 careful owners: "You need to call yourself an exterminator, dude."

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SimpliSafe bypassed with $2 gadget

The Lock Picking Lawyer is one of my favorite YouTubers, and he's spreading his wings beyond the usual fare of dreadful padlocks and crap safes. Here he shows how to use a $2 generic remote control to "blind" SimpliSafe, a security gadget that's getting rave reviews from product testers.

This however is a little 433 megahertz remote you can get them on Amazon or Ebay for about $2, and even though it's not very powerful, it's powerful enough. Let's demonstrate using this entry sensor. I'm going to arm the system, and you can see if I were to open whatever this was attached to—let's say the frontdoor—the keypad starts starts beeping telling me to enter the pin or the alarm will be triggered. Okay let's try that one more time. But before I open the front door, I'm going to press and hold the button on this remote.

As you can see, I opened and closed the front door and SimpliSafe had no idea

Here's a $2 one, shipping included, on eBay. Amazon matches the price. If we can't review the security of security devices, we shouldn't be reviewing them at all, should we? Read the rest

FOOTAGE: From out of nowhere, a truck flies in

This footage of a garage on a busy road reminded me that a) life is fleeting and b) it's high time to get those dashcams installed.

young kid in a truck hauling a trailer got distracted and went off the road and plowed into my friends truck. This is in spicewood TX.

The vintage car under the tarp was reportedly unharmed.

BONUS VIDEO: Here's a truck driver receiving "instant karma" after trying to slipstream through a toll booth behind another truck. The beam comes down and hits his cab, and his tires blow up. They get spiked, perhaps, or maybe the beam coming down made the driver veer too close to the barriers. Either way, that truck ain't goin' far.

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U.S. warned Tesla to stop giving "misleading statements" about the Model 3's safety

In an October 7, 2018 blog post, Tesla claimed that the Model 3 achieves the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle ever tested by NHTSA. Alas, no.

NHTSA Chief Counsel Jonathan Morrison sent Tesla CEO Elon Musk a cease-and-desist letter in October last year to say it had become aware of “misleading statements” made by the company about the vehicle’s safety rating.

The agency’s main contention was with Tesla’s claim in a blog post that month that NHTSA tests showed the Model 3 has “the lowest probability of injury of all cars the safety agency has ever tested.”

Tldr, the agency insists that its crash ratings in the warehouse, the stars, aren't injury probabilities on the road. Here's the cease-and-decist sent to Tesla, exposed with a FOIA request.

It includes a response from Al Prescott, Tesla's deputy chief counsel, telling the NHTSA it doesn't understand its own safety tests and claiming that it is "taking sides" among auto manufacturers.

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