Diver attempting to swim in ash-covered lake

It's like something from an expedition to an alien world: "scuba diver attempts to swim in Argentina's Nahuel Huapi Lake, which has been recently covered in ash after the eruption of the Puyehue Volcano in nearby Chile."

The eruption was in 2011. Here's higher-quality video (with loudly clipping wind noise) of the undulating blanket of ash atop the waves:

Here's a clip of ash and pumice washing ashore:

Here's what Nahuel Huapi normally looks like:

Here's a lake covered in dogs:

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People keep walking into the glass walls at the new Apple campus

Apple employees are hurting themselves walking into the glass walls and doors of the new Apple campus, reports Bloomberg. Apple keeps removing the post-it notes they put up so they know where they are.

Surrounding the Cupertino, California-based building are 45-foot tall curved panels of safety glass. Inside are work spaces, dubbed “pods,” also made with a lot of glass. Apple staff are often glued to the iPhones they helped popularize. That’s resulted in repeated cases of distracted employees walking into the panes, according to people familiar with the incidents. Some staff started to stick Post-It notes on the glass doors to mark their presence. However, the notes were removed because they detracted from the building’s design, the people said. They asked not to be identified discussing anything related to Apple. Another person familiar with the situation said there are other markings to identify the glass.

I bet the campus overheats if you leave a magazine on top Read the rest

Break-in goes awry

In this security-camera video, an attempted break-in somewhere in China goes very wrong almost from the outset. [via] Read the rest

No charges for speeding cop who plowed into elderly couple's car

Christopher Ferguson, an off-duty cop in Algood, Tenn., going 20 miles over the speed limit, will not be inconvenienced after ramming into James and Rena Cryer's SUV with such force James was thrown into the road. Amazingly, the elderly couple survived—and District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway found them at fault.

“Both of them did things they shouldn’t have done, and both of them violated the law,” said Dunaway, who represents the 13th judicial district. “They violated the rules of the road.”

Cryer failed to yield, according to the THP. The investigative report, obtained by the News 4 I-Team, also found Ferguson was speeding.

Documents state at one point, Ferguson was traveling up to 26 miles over the speed limit.

“If the officer had been driving the posted speed limit…the collision would have been avoided,” an investigator wrote.

“Even with this knowledge, you still felt comfortable not prosecuting?” asked reporter Alanna Autler.

“Even with that knowledge, yes,” Dunaway replied.

Lucky not to be charged with vandalizing police property! Ferguson, as I'm sure you've already guessed, reportedly has a history of similar mistakes. Read the rest

Logan Paul says he posted video of him in a silly hat near a corpse to draw attention to the harsh reality of suicide

YouTuber Logan Paul filmed himself in a fluffy barnstormer hat looking for suicide victims in a Japanese forest and finding one to show to his 16 million viewers. He also pranced around the country making dumb and offensive jokes.

The outrage was such that YouTube booted him from the site's celebrity-tier ad platform, forcing him to issue a soft-focus apology and self-care PSA in which he is seen to have learned and paid for his lesson about why you don't pose in silly hats with suicide victims.

But the apology tour is showing cracks, with new excuses shining through: “the idea was to shock and show the harsh realities of suicide and get people talking about something that I don’t think people are talking about much.”

Logan Paul is continuing his apology tour following the widely criticized video of a dead body he posted on YouTube at the end of 2016. In an interview with Good Morning America today, the 22-year-old vlogger says that he posted Aokigahara forest video with a specific goal: “The idea was to shock and show the harsh realities of suicide and get people talking about something that I don’t think people are talking about much.”

Paul’s video, which he removed from YouTube after swift backlash, featured the vlogger heading into the forest with friends to do another “fun vlog,” he says. They planned to camp for the night and “make an entertaining piece of content in a forest.” Shortly after they entered the forest, he says, roughly 100 feet away from the parking lot, the group encountered the body of a man who appeared to have recently hung himself.

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Donald Trump sadly mistaken about delivering the most-watched State of the Union in history

On Twitter this fine February morning, the President of the United States claimed that his State of the Union speech, watched by 46 million people, was seen by "the highest number in history."

Though this is a fine haul, outstripping the yawners of Obama's late presidency, it's far from the winner. In fact, it wasn't even as popular as the "unofficial" one he gave last year, which clocked in at 48m viewers. (Incoming presidents give a speech to Congress instead of delivering a State of the Union address)

Two of Obama's earlier SoTU addresses won more viewers (48m in 2010 and 53m in 2009), too. Bush Jr. got 63m for his one after the Iraq War. Clinton got 53m in 1998 and 67m in 1993. But it's likely that an earlier president holds the record, from the era when nothing else was on.

There's something so weird about it. Why would Trump say it, knowing it will immediately be checked? Lying to an audience of true believers who won't care seems too simple an answer: perhaps he's being lied to and is just too disoriented and narcissistic to notice what results.

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Be sure not to hold your sawed-off shotgun at the end of the barrel

It's just like using a camera! But instead of your finger turning the shot into a dark blot, your shot turns your finger into a dark blot. [via] Read the rest

Tide pods are just the beginning! Behold the world of Forbidden Snacks

r/forbiddensnacks is my new favorite subreddit. It features consumer products that look just like candy or other delicious treats, but are in fact inedible or outright poisonous items such as pebbles, toilet cleaner or rat poison (pictured, by u/snarfgarfunkel) Read the rest

Sean Hannity briefly vanishes from Twitter after on-air humiliation

After suggesting the New York Times cooked up its story about President Trump trying and failing to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Fox News anchor Sean Hannity was forced into a humiliating on-air backpedal. But then something magical happened: Hannity vanished from Twitter. Usually a vigorous, if barely-literate presence on the social media platform, Hannity's account no longer existed, and was therefore unable to receive the ridicule being heaped upon it. It was gone only for an hour, though, back up at midnight with the bizarre tweet: "Form Submission 1649 | #Hannity"

Hypothesis: Fox News (or Hannity himself) has merely created a custom Twitter app or interface and it's a bag of crap.

(Or, as one Trump supporter writes: "Make no mistake, Sean Hannity’s Twitter is down because he is extremely close to blowing up the whole deep state") Read the rest

Swimming pool in skyscraper was bad idea


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Order a pizza with random toppings

Roulette.pizza allows you to order a random pizza, "because maybe you were unfair to pineapple."
Tell us how many pizzas you want and where to send them. After that, your pizza fate is in our hands. All orders are fulfilled through Dominos. How your pizza is crafted is completely random, thus the whole roulette thing. We then calculate your order total and include tax, tip, and delivery. ENJOY? Maybe you will, maybe you won't.

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Do not park your car close to the train tracks

A truck driver in Vietnam parked his vehicle too close to the train tracks. The person who shot the video made this remark on YouTube: "When walking my dog on the street, I saw a train coming up to the truck parked by the trail. However, the truck driver sitting on the pavement opposite to the trail didn't do anything when hearing the horn from the train. As a result, the truck was destroyed by the train."

Good thing he wasn't in it! Read the rest

Makers of bizarrely long-legged teddy bear respond

The Joyfay Giant Teddy ($109, Amazon) is described as "6½feet" and appears in pictures as an adorably chubby furry friend for young and old alike: "offers more huggability than your average bear!" declares the product description.

But upon receipt, buyers report, the toy is not quite what they expected. It is, as promised, "6½ feet". As spotted by Twitter user cooltonedcutie, it's mostly limbs.

"I was expecting a the bear to be huge because it's 6.5 ft right?" writes "Amazon Customer". "No, all of its height is from its legs and the legs are longer than its upper body."

But others say the freakish furry is just adorable — a position its creators at Joyfay are quick to concur with.

"We first began selling giant teddy bears because we noticed a large spike in demand around Valentine’s Day for these items on Google Trends," writes Nikola Matic, who cofounded the company while completing a PhD program at Case Western Reserve University. "At this time, this was a present almost exclusively given to girlfriends and wives. It was often given from boyfriends or husbands that traveled frequently or were deployed overseas as a sort of surrogate boyfriend. As such, the proportions of the teddy bear were closer to an adult humans than to tiny teddy bears."

Adds Matic:

In the years since, a demand has grown for these giant teddy bears as a gift for children, for birthdays, and even at Christmas. With that change in demand, there was a desire for the bears to have the proportions of a smaller teddy bear.

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Why cutting into a gas cylinder is a bad idea

The fellow is just doing his job, which for some reason entails cutting open a cylinder filled with flammable gas. The gas ignites, and things go south from there.

Kicking a gas cylinder
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Trump's base will always love him, and do not care what he promised

Politico sent Michael Kruse to a run-down pit town in Pennsylvania to see if Trump voters there are happy with his presidency so far. They're still with him, they don't care about his promises, and don't care that he's constantly golfing and tweeting. They just like the way he talks about the people they hate, and "boy oh boy do they hate kneeling NFL players." Read the rest

Toilets that you have to use an app to get into

Silicon Valley has reinvented the pay toilet. But this time, you have to use an app to get in, yielding metadata (foeterdata?) to the powers that be. Yield the who, what, when and where of your bowel movements with Good2Go, the shittiest valley startup yet. Their turd-key solution is free now, but you'll have to spend a penny later.

As photographed above by Christopher Kennedy (website), a developer from San Francisco: "Welcome to app hell. You need an app or a printed QR code to use the bathroom here. The app is “free for a limited time” so after that, I imagine they plan to disrupt pay toilets. Silicon Valley is a parody unto itself. You cannot democratize access to utilities by making a gated community of smartphone and subscriber users."

Find and securely access modern restrooms – all through your smartphone ...

Q: Do I have to pay for Good2Go if I’ve made a purchase at the café? A: No. Café patrons can ask the barista for a QR code or download the app for free. Q: How much does it cost to use the app? A: All subscriptions to Good2Go are free for a limited time! Q: Is Good2Go only available in San Francisco? A: San Francisco is now live and we will be launching in other major cities soon. Want Good2Go in your city?

The only civilized thing to do, if you encounter one of these, is to play Louis Armstrong's We Have All The Time In The World at maximum volume while taking a dump on the floor in front of it. Read the rest

$375 M65 "Anarchy" jacket lets rich kids join the revolution

Want to join the revolution, but find the idea of customizing used or surplus clothing beneath your social station? Barneys of New York has just the jacket for you: a classic M65 with anarchist symbols and some shopworn slogans already drawn on it. And it's a deal at 375 of your filthy capitalist dollars!

Alpha Industries' M-65 field jacket is constructed of olive cotton-blend canvas. This military-inspired piece is detailed with assorted handwritten graffiti, a checked pattern pocket, and anarchy symbols at the front and back.

(Try $25 for the jacket, steal the sharpie, and update your lines!)

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