Pilot lands plane on helipad on roof of 56-story building (video)

image: Red Bull/YouTube screengrab

Pilot Luke Czepiela stuck the landing on a helipad atop Dubai's 56-story Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel. Video below. The airplane is a Piper Super Cub, a two-seater first introduced in 1949 and known for its ability to land and take off in very short distances. Still:

"To make the feat possible he and a team of CubCrafters engineers along with renowned American aviation engineer and aircraft builder Mike Patey made a number of modifications to the aircraft, reducing the total weight to only 425 kilograms, moving the main fuel tank to the rear of the plane to allow for more aggressive braking and adding nitrous to enhance power for Czepiela's secondary challenge – taking off from the helipad."