How to write a Cure song

The other night during band practice, my fellow musicians and I were talking about The Cure. All four of us — in our late 30s and early 40s — realized that we all had similar first exposures to the work of Robert Smith. We had a passing familiarity with his iconography from his mecha cameo on an early episode of South Park, but otherwise were only aware of his songs through one of two cover versions of "Just Like Heaven." There was Goldfinger's blistering pop-punk rendition, which skips over the luscious, overly-long (yet somehow still perfect?) instrumental intro and leads off with John Feldmann yelping "SHOW ME SHOW ME SHOW ME" before the rest of the band kicks in. Then there was the psychedelic grunge of the Dinosaur Jr. version of the song, which offers its own take on the multilayered sonic structures that made the Cure so iconic, before going full chugga-chugga in the chorus.

The next day, I opened up YouTube, and the Great Algorithms offered me the fun little video you see above, which is delightfully perfect in every way.