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Massive fist fight breaks out between families over photo-op at Disney World (video)

Disney World's Magic Kingdom was not the happiest place on earth when a fight broke out between two families inside the park yesterday. The trouble began around 2:30pm, according to, when both groups wanted to take family photos near the park's 50th anniversary sign at the same time. Rather than solve the matter with a quick round of "rock, paper, scissors," however, a member of one family decided to punch someone from the other family in the face — which led to an eight-person brawl, not including a couple of young tykes who watched from the sidelines. The family feud only ended when officers ran over and broke it up. Two of the sluggers who instigated the fight were thrown out of the park, and it's still not clear whether anyone ever got that photo-op in front of the celebratory sign. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

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