‘I’m the Orlando Easter Bunny, Google it' — Florida man arrested after hit-and-run

‘I’m the Orlando Easter Bunny, Google it’

Watch this guy calmly eat his kebabs while a raucous fight erupts around him

An explosive fight erupted at a UK Turkish cafe called Ken's Kebabs, with kicks and objects being thrown around. But that didn't stop this 52-year-old man from eating his meal while calmly taking in the scenery. Must be some damn good kebabs. Read the rest

Easter Bunny beats up Florida man

Police were forced to restrain the Easter Bunny this weekend after he landed a series of blows on a man during a street brawl in Orlando, Fla.

[The Easter Bunny] said he was out bar hopping with friends when he saw a man and woman fighting. He said he jumped in and tried to pull the man off the woman.

Lindsey Edwards, who provided WESH 2 News with cellphone video of the fight, said that just before the bunny jumped in he saw the man spit on the woman he was fighting with.

Police arrived seconds later and dispersed the crowd. No arrests were made.

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Cornhole score leads to cornpone scrap

A game of cornhole at the Douglas County Fair in Georgia led to a dispute between players, reports WSB-TV in Atlanta--a dispute that escalated into a fists-flying brawl at the Foxhall Resort.

Alex Cannon was standing so close, he nearly had to duck while filming the chaos.

Cannon told Channel 2 Action News he is always up for a game of cornhole. He just never knew it could be a 'contact sport.'

After the dispute over the score, Cannon said someone threw a beer then someone else threw a punch. He told us the lesson he learned is: "Alcohol and beanbags do not mix."

The police were not called and no-one arrested, according to reports. [via @popehat] Read the rest

Hell cruise: 20 people ordered to leave ship after brawl

The best part is the staff and security joining in, kicking people on the ground and trying to confiscate bystanders' cameras.

A family member identified only as Zac said the drama was sparked by a misunderstanding over a thong.

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