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Auralnauts shares Obi-Wan Kenobi's 1984 TV intro

Auralnauts often does a better job at making Star Wars fun than Disney. This inspired themesong and intro for a 1984 version of Obi-Wan has the beat, synth, and vocals dead on for shows of the era. The proximity to the A-Team, Simon and Simon or Magnum PI is palpable.

Seems Aurualnauts had to break their adherence to "timeline" in Star Wars production to place Obi in the 80s. A cool 60s intro would also have been great, but not at all in keeping with the show's story.

In our Ahsoka retro TV intro, we asked what shows you'd like to see us do next, and the clear winner was Obi-Wan. Normally with these videos, we try to figure out what year they would have been released if they came out in chronological order. Obi Wan would have come out around 1967, but we simply weren't interested in making 60s music. It would have been funny, sure, but it wouldn't have rocked. And we sort of feel like Obi Wan has a need to rock. So that's what we did. We apologize in advance for all the motivation you're about to feel. CREDITS: Obi-Wan is property of Disney. Be the One (Obi-Wan) written & produced by Auralnauts Featuring guitar and back up vocals by Scott Beetley


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