Jewish deli documetary charts their decline

The deli-ghtful 2015 documentary "Deli Man" presents the past, present, and future of the Jewish delicatessen in the US. The history of the purveyors of corned beef, pastrami, and pickles is celebrated and it's a "halavah" tale. Sadly, where there were once thousands of corner delis, there are now only a few.

And many of the fabulous delis featured in this six-year-old film are now also gone. Olav ha-sholom!

I miss the old Carnegie and Stage Deli in Manhattan. The deli I worked in during high school still exists but it's just not the same as I remember. I'm grateful that I can still get a Dr Brown's Cel-Ray soda and a good corned beef on rye at Dingfelder's in Seattle. Support your local deli!