This $15 Gillette Body Razor and the included nine refill blade cartridges are a summer steal made of steel!

TL;DR: Clean, sleek shaving! This Gillette Body Razor comes with nine refill blade cartridges, an anti-slip handle, and Powerglide® blades for just $14.99 (reg. $24).

You're hairy, we're hairy, and the world is all just a little bit fluffier than we'd like to be as summer approaches. Though a weed whacker isn't totally necessary, an efficient razor is necessary, especially one that has more than a single, measly blade.

If you need a smooth operator in the form of a razor, this Gillette Body Razor and the included nine refill blade cartridges are available for only $14.99 (reg. $24). You can invest in a more reliable razor option, and grab just enough replacements for months, or even a year.

Throw away your old razor from yesteryear (we know you've been putting off replacing yours!) and slip into something a little more comfortable right here. With an anti-slip handle and a forward pivoting head, you have full control of where you shave and how you do it, whether you're taming your unruly facial hair or keeping your neck beard at bay!

This Gillette razor comes with nine extra replacement Powerglide® floating blades, so you're never without a reliable replacement. The Powerglide® floating blades make shaving through tough hair a more seamless process, ensuring you don't need to put in too much work to look clean-shaven.

The included replacement cartridges could last users up to a year, and each cartridge is designed to enhance your shaving experience, offering three lubricating strips per razor blade to deliver a clean and smooth shaving experience, even while tackling uneven terrain!

If you need an easy way to clean up your unruly winter beard or stubble, get this Gillette Body Razor with 9 refill cartridges for just $14.99.

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