• Here's how you get a killer $200 4K Ninja Dragon Alpha Z drone for just $85

    In the past few years, the drone market has swelled with many competitors vying for top positions, but if you do the proper legwork, you can find some killer deals out there. 

    Perfect finds can brilliantly straddle the line between fully loaded birds jammed with high-end features and a price tag that doesn't tear open your wallet. They aren't always easy to find, but they do exist in nifty crafts like the Ninja Dragon Alpha camera drone.

    Any drone packing a 4K camera should already get a shopper's attention if they're thinking about capturing amazing aerial images and video. Not only does the Alpha Z have a stellar wide-angle 4K lens in the front for detailed pictures, but this drone also packs a 720p camera on the bottom. And with the Ninja Dragon app, flyers can stream images from either camera live right back to their app-connected phone or tablet. 

    While picture quality is always a premium feature, the true test of any drone is how well it flies — and the Alpha Z scores high with pilots there as well. Featuring a six-axis gyroscope and a headless design that makes it easier to orient for developing flyers, this four-rotor body, high-strength, durable frame drone has a four-channel control system to raise, lower, advance, retreat, or even flip with ease. 

    It's got a track flight mode to choose the route you want to fly. It also has a gesture feature to snap images with a wave of your hand for perfect aerial selfies. Plus, the Alpha Z features a one-button return function that immediately brings it back home with a single button press.

    And in addition to the formidable flight and image capture abilities, the Ninja Dragon Alpha Z also scores high with your budget right now. Retailing for $199, this craft was already half off with its current discount, but when you use the code ANNUAL15 as part of the Semi-Annual Sale, you can chop another 15 percent off that price, lowering your total to just $84.99

  • Check out 10 deals on training to make you an IT expert or top-notch ethical hacker

    The trick to shopping for web bargains is always knowing the best time to strike. Case in point: this collection of training bundles. They contain everything needed to be a premier IT guru, and they've dropped in price right in the middle of our Semi-Annual Sale. 

    That means in addition to the deals, you can also slice an extra 60 percent off all these training bundles just by using the code ANNUAL60 when you check out. 

    The Complete Oracle Master Class Bundle – $12 after code ANNUAL60; originally $399

    Oracle remains one of the big names in databases and data storage — and this training can turn users into an Oracle know-it-all. Across 17 courses covering more than 180 hours of training, students learn all about Oracle backup and recovery mechanisms, flashback technologies, cloning, and admin duties to troubleshoot and optimize the performance of any Oracle database.

    The Google Cloud Certifications Practice Tests and Courses Bundle – $12 after code ANNUAL60; originally $639

    Every IT pro needs to know how to build and run cloud-based systems — and there aren't many more popular platforms than Google Cloud. This collection includes 7 courses, 43 hours of video instruction and a whopping 1,000 practice questions to not only train up on all of Google's cloud-based offerings, but also pass certification as a knowledgeable Google Cloud Practitioner.

    The 2021 All-In-One AWS, Cisco and CompTIA Super Certification Bundle – $39.60 after code ANNUAL60; originally $4,378

    If you want to be a tech expert, you're gonna have to know at least a little of everything. Meanwhile, the massive 22-course collection is ready to teach you a whole lot about everything. Across more than 240 hours of content, learners will earn the full 411 on buzz-worthy topics like using Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cisco networking technology, CompTIA certification testing, and a much more.

    The 2021 Complete Microsoft Azure Certification Prep Bundle – $14 after code ANNUAL60; originally $1,194

    There's no cloud platform more on the rise these days than Microsoft Azure, which is why this six-course, 40-plus-hour deep dive into all things Azure could be a career-maker. From basics to more complicated operations like creating your first virtual machine or crafting your own Azure web app, this training guides learners through all the steps needed to get that all-important Microsoft Azure certification.

    The All-In-One 2021 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle – $17.20 after code ANNUAL60; originally $3,284

    If you understand web security and what it takes to defend vulnerable computer networks from unscrupulous hackers, you can basically write your own ticket in today's job market. This uber-package can lead you to that destiny, featuring 18 courses and more than 130 hours of training in how to become an ethical hacker versed in disciplines like Python, BitNinja, Kali Linux, bug hunting, and more.

    The 2021 Complete CompTIA Certification Prep Super Bundle – $27.60 after code ANNUAL60; originally $4,400

    CompTIA is the certification you want if you really want to work as an information technology specialist — and these 17 courses can help you earn an armload of CompTIA certs. From the omnibus A+ training to the more specialized courses like Cloud+, Network+, Security+, and more, this is expert-led training meant to put you on the fast track to the IT job you want.

    The Complete 2021 CyberSecurity Super Bundle – $28 after code ANNUAL60; originally $7,080

    24 courses. More than 410 hours of training. The sheer scope of this all-around security training is staggering. But with this overview in everything from network security, database security, cloud security, and project management security procedures under your belt, the sky is the limit. With all this knowledge, you can master all the latest techniques and tools to command respect in this highly in-demand skill set.

    The 2021 Complete AWS DevOps Engineer Certification Bundle – $16 after code ANNUAL60; originally $2,200

    You already know AWS is the unquestioned world leader in web-based services. What you might not know is what all that power truly means. Over these 11 courses, you'll be introduced to the basics of using AWS, how to scale and operate apps and other systems using on the platform, and exactly what AWS is the cloud behemoth that it's become.

    The 2021 Cisco CCNA and CCNP Certification Training Bundle – $20 after code ANNUAL60; originally $198

    Of course, none of this tech really matters if all that hardware and software can't talk to each other fluently. That's where Cisco and their industry-leading networking solutions come in. This training features a pair of courses and over 54 hours of training to help students land all-important CCNA and CCNP certifications as true Cisco networking experts.

    Infosec4TC Platinum Membership: Cyber Security Training Lifetime Access – $27.60 after code ANNUAL60; originally $999

    What you don't usually realize about tech is how much you don't know or didn't realize you needed to know until the minute you needed to know it. At moments like that, Infosec4TC training is a godsend, including access to more than 90 different courses with certifications in everything from cybersecurity and ethical hacking to Python, CISA, CISM, and CISSP credentials, and more. Choose what you need to know now and learn at your own pace over a lifetime.

  • 10 DIY kits full of fun tech that your kids can build themselves, all at an extra 15% off

    DIY. It's a magical word. Or, more specifically, three words. Do it yourself means something in the tech arena, so this collection of cool projects to assemble from component pieces not only leaves you with something fun at the end, but it bolsters your knowledge and electronics abilities along the way.

    These 10 kits are all guaranteed fun while you actually learn something. And on top of their already healthy discounts, you can apply the Semi-Annual Sale price to all these items as well, knocking another 15 percent off. Just enter the code ANNUAL15 at checkout and you'll get each of these fun sets for a startlingly low price.

    SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit – $39.91 after code ANNUAL15; originally $59

    Good rule of thumb: you'll never go wrong building a robot. This kit can prove it as you assemble Sloth, a fun little robot who you can build, then program to make walk, kick, or even dance. The Arduino board inside Sloth makes him capable of all kinds of fun coding challenges, and users can even build him in a few different configurations to keep the fun going.

    Circuit Scribe DIY Ultra Kit – $58.64 after code ANNUAL15; originally $99

    Here's one of the most interesting ways to explain to kids the mystery of electricity and circuitry ever. Using the kit's special conductive ink pen, users can literally hand-raw circuits to make lights blink, buzzers beep, and motors whirl, all on a simple piece of paper. And once you rope in an Arduino board or Raspberry Pi microcomputer, you can even start coding around the circuits. It's both fun and inventive.

    DIY Autonomous Vehicle Kit for Ages 8 to 13 – $191.24 after code ANNUAL15; originally $249

    Every kid dreams of a car that'll drive itself, so with this kit, they can actually build it for themselves. Young automakers earn the mechanical experience of crafting the vehicle from the ground up. Then using artificial intelligence, they find exactly how much technology impacts how modern transportation really works.

    oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit – $339.99 after code ANNUAL15; originally $449

    Is it a science experiment or a musical instrument? With this Tesla coil, it's actually both. Learners can go through the steps to actually assemble this Tesla coil, then use it to vibrate air molecules, actually changing the frequency of sound waves generated each second to raise and lower pitch for one of the coolest — and weirdest — instruments ever.

    Nibble Educational DIY Game Console for Ages 9+ – $67.96 after code ANNUAL15; originally $79

    The Nibble looks like an average handheld retro gaming console. But there's a lot more happening here than that. It's actually a wicked smart educational tool, engaging kids in the pursuit of electronics and programming knowledge, all while they build the console on their own. Plus, it's got four cool pre-loaded games packed in once you've got it all put together so you can play to your heart's content.

    DIY Building Block STEM Drone – $42.49 after code ANNUAL15; originally $129

    Every kid loves to fly drones, so let 'em build one. Kids ages 6 to 10 use detailed instructions to craft this drone out of building blocks — but they better understand the laws of aerodynamics and weight distribution or they're bound for a very short flight. This drone not only encourages STEM learning and playing outdoors, but it develops a curious eye for the world and everything in it.

    Metal Vehicle DIY Model Kit – $101.96 after code ANNUAL15; originally $119

    This kit is all about model building, but with a decidedly mechanical twist. You get all the pieces to assemble a replica Bentley Speed Six vintage supercar. In addition to the high-quality artificial leather pieces, polished stainless steel construction, and authentic rubber tires, this foot-long model has most of the features of the original, from a car hood and doors that open, to a rear carrying space. But this model also comes with a wind-up feature so you can set it down and let it tear across your tabletop on the road to adventure.

    Spencer DIY Voice Assistant – $84.99 after code ANNUAL15; originally $119

    It's like Alexa, but a kid-friendly version. And yes, they make for themselves too. This DIY voice assistant teaches kids to learn about soldering, microcomputers, electronics, LED grids, sound processing, and even coding. But once they're done, Spencer can give you the weather, tell a joke, sing a song, set an alarm, or even show animations. 

    Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights Kit – $46.74 after code ANNUAL15; originally $64

    Yep, it's the flux capacitor from Back to the Future — but unlike Marty McFly, you'll know how to build it for real. This palm-sized replica comes together using building blocks, but it's also got its own LED light array so you can juice this baby up to 88 mph and really drink in the fun as it blinks and flashes its way through time.

    Geeek Club DIY Robot Construction Kit – $107.06 after code ANNUAL15; originally $129

    You get the component parts to create seven different NanoBot robots, each giving builders an education in structural engineering and electrical design without it feeling like a stuffy classroom tutorial. With 70 different pieces, including light sensors and vibro-motors, you follow the step-by-step instructions to build a robot from the ground up, each capable of intelligently moving toward any light source. If you ever wanted to create your own robotic life, this is a solid start.

  • Get a complete picture of your cat's oral health with a $68 Basepaws test

    Cats…well, they just don't care what you think. Sure, they love you in their own way. But they've got their own agenda. And what you want … is usually pretty far down their priority list, even if it's in their own best interests.

    That often includes items related to their own health, including dental care. For a dog, you can get one of those doggie toothbrushes, but do you see a cat putting up with that for even a second? No. No, you wouldn't.

    That's why you've gotta be sneaky with the felines. Hit 'em with a Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test and you can get an accurate update on everything happening in your cat's mouth — and they won't even try to tear your hand open if you try.

    Of course, you do have to swab the inside of your cat's mouth first. But if you can accomplish that, simply send the sample back to Basepaws and within a few weeks, you get back a detailed screening report for three major cat dental problems: periodontal disease like gingivitis and periodontitis, tooth resorption, and the chronic opponent of most cat parents, bad breath.

    Rather than waiting for those painful or at least annoying dental issues to surface, the Basepaws test analyzes more than 1,000 microbes to find disease signatures before they become visible to the eye. That way, you've got a critical jump on combating any feline tooth issues early.

    Meanwhile, the report not only highlights those dental problems but what your cat's oral health says about their overall health. In addition to personalized recommendations for improvements as well as clinical care suggestions to share with your vet, this report will even identify the top 5 plant and animal DNAs that show up in your cat's mouth. So if you're convinced your cat is chewing on the fern or snacking on tiny critters in your home, this report will narc them out.

    The Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test usually costs $79, but right now, you can use the Semi-Annual Sale code ANNUAL15 when you check out to save 15 percent. That lowers your total cost to only $67.99.

  • Extend your vision for dark movie nights with this $8.50 LED backlight for smart TVs

    You've got a big ole TV. It's 55"…or 65"…or 75". It's glorious. Absolutely glorious. But while its brilliance is obviously sublime, that could blind you to a couple of other facts to consider. Like how staring at a bright TV against an otherwise dark wall at night actually disrupts how our eyes measure light. Rather than taking in everything, our eyes only pinpoint on the bright spot against that dark backdrop. That means your eyes don't properly dilute for the actual amount of light they're taking in.

    This is why bias lighting was born. The Smart TV LED Backlight is a cheap, smart, and effective way to counterbalance potential eye strain while adding a cool new lighting effect to change up the feel of an entire room.

    This backlight isn't actually a light at all — it's really a 9-foot strip of LED lights, all affixed to a secure adhesive tape. Safely secure the strip around the four edges along the back of your TV screen, light 'em up, and the light bouncing off the wall creates a halo effect around the outside edges of your screen, widening your focus and reducing eye strain.

    While the light itself is fun, this light strip is also smart, so when it's synced to the GoSund app on your phone or tablet, you can control the lighting the way you want. You can choose from 16 million possible colors as well as brightness and saturation. There's also a schedule and timer function so you can automatically set the lights to go off and on each night like clockwork all by themselves.

    And the lights aren't only smart — they're sound-activated as well. Set them to the sync mode and the tiny microphone located on the strip will actually sync the light patterns to the sound it hears. So if you want to shift colors or watch the light pulse in unison to the action of your favorite shows and movies, this strip will get it done. Plus, if it's connected to your home Wi-Fi, this backlight is also controllable via voice commands to an Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or other smart speakers.

    This eye-relieving Smart TV LED Backlight won't just save your vision, it's also incredibly inexpensive. Regularly $13, you can add an additional 15 percent price cut to the already included discount just by using the Semi-Annual Sale code ANNUAL15 during checkout. That drops your price down to just $8.49. 

  • From CSS to JavaScript, here are 10 coding bundles that can make you a master programmer

    The web development world is more than a world. It's a whole universe. That's because, for every project you see on the web, there were likely 10 different ways to reach that final product. But which way is the best way? Well, that's the question only a fully trained and knowledgeable web creator can answer with authority.

    You can earn your way into that conversation with the training in any of these 10 intensive coding training bundles, each offering its own insightful background on a major programming discipline. And in addition to each already at discount prices of 80 to 90 percent off, you can save an additional 60 percent during this Semi-Annual Sale by using the code ANNUAL60 when you make your purchase. Happy coding.

    The Complete C# Programming Bundle: Lifetime Access – $11.60 after code ANNUAL60; originally $1,393

    Key in the development of desktop and web apps as well as web services, this 7-course compendium includes everything to become knowledgeable in C# coding. From basic C training and fundamentals, this bundle progresses to ultimately get new C programmers creating fun apps and games to enhance their skill set.

    The Ultimate PHP Training Bundle – $7.60 after code ANNUAL60; originally $97

    If you're going to build for the web, you need to know PHP to help bring function-rich, beautifully customized websites and databases to life. With 90 lectures and over 12.5 hours of content, this beginner-to-advanced bundle will teach you all things PHP, learning database storage, object-oriented development, and more to create seamless, interactive sites on par with any professional.

    The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle – $12.40 after code ANNUAL60; originally $1,492

    JavaScript is one of the web's foundational programming disciplines for a reason, so school up on this critical coding knowledge with a mountain of training across 8 courses and more than 42 hours of content. From terminology and basic operations through an assortment of projects to build your learning, this instruction will show even novice programmers how to wield the power of JavaScript to fashion fantastic web experiences.

    The Shell Developer Master Class Bundle – $8 after code ANNUAL60; originally $399

    If you don't know about shell, it's a vital component in how a user interfaces with an operating system. With these four shell scripting courses, learners will get 16 hours of video training in how to read input and pass arguments, how shell programming procedures work, and the math that makes it all function.

    The C++ Programming Bundle: Beginner to Expert – $6 after code ANNUAL60; originally $600

    C++ is one of the most popular tools in a developer's skillset for handling complex, high-level web functions, particularly for hardcore gaming and app coders. This three-course, 40+ hour collection guides first-timers through all the C++ basics all the way to elite-level operations only language masters usually know.

    The 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle – $14.40 after code ANNUAL60; originally $990

    For anyone eyeing a career in programming, Java is like air. It's essential learning. Across 10 courses, this training explains everything young coders need to know about learning, then using this foundational web development language, from fundamental Java operations like setting up a Java environment and learning how to write a Java program to bigger stuff like arrays, objects, inheritance, collections, and more.

    The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle – $24 after code ANNUAL60; originally $4,056

    This assortment is the motherlode, including 27 different courses with more than 270 hours of training covering all manner of introductory to advanced coding for a newbie to devour. From HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to PHP and MySQL, to C#, Ruby on Rails, and Python, it's all here. And that barely even scratches the surface on the bundle that will take days to explore and months, even years to master.

    The Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle – $24 after code ANNUAL60; originally $3,540

    Python is currently already gaining on C to potentially take the top spot as the world's most used coding language, so this 12-course, 87-hour extravaganza can help get any novice up to speed. From explaining core Python concepts all the way to showcase its key role in data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and some of tech's most intriguing explorations, Python knowledge can be the key to a big new coding career.

    The Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle – $10 after code ANNUAL60; originally $600

    Swift UI is the app development environment that's become the primary proving ground for any new Apple app creation. Over three courses and more than 20 hours of content, app visionaries learn how to conceive, build, troubleshoot, then ultimately sell an app in the Apple App Store that will satisfy users.

    The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle – $8 after code ANNUAL60; originally $1,393

    SQL designs and manages databases — and this collection of 7 courses with over 23 hours of training explains it all. Students will learn about SQL basics, how to design and develop schemes, how to build web apps with PHP, and the steps for solving all the most impactful data problems before they become problems.

  • In defense of the mushroom: here's why all your fungi fears are actually wrong

    Mushrooms may be among the most misunderstood living organisms on planet Earth. That's partially due to their exotic, almost alien-like look. It's also partially due to their age-old connection to mysticism and folklore from centuries past. Yet another reason is much more firmly grounded in today, as some mushrooms can be poisonous, while others have pharmacological and hallucinogenic properties that could freak a lot of people out.

    Unfortunately, all 10,000-plus varieties of mushrooms have never gotten together and hired a public relations pro – there's a lot of misinformation and fear about mushrooms out there.

    So in the interest of rumor control, there are some things you should know about mushrooms. First of all, of those 10,000 different mushroom types, only about 1 to 2 percent are harmful to humans, with only about a dozen that could prove fatal if ingested. 

    As it turns out, that's about the same percentage of mushroom varieties that would fall under the hallucinogenic "magic mushroom" category. There are only about 144 species of mushroom that contain the psychoactive ingredient psilocybin.  Psilocybin is the compound that causes hallucinations, euphoria and other mind-altering side effects.

    The strange lore around those trippy mushrooms may go back over 9,000 years, so it isn't hard to understand why the humble fungi may have garnered some bad press over the centuries. But the other myth about mushrooms worth dispelling is that mushrooms have no real nutritional or medicinal value. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

    Mushrooms: The Benefits

    There's a general sense that "beige food" doesn't really have much to offer nutritionally. However, science disproves that myth, showing mushrooms are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids, and more that can all contribute to an individual's health.

    For the appearance-driven among us, mushrooms can help you look better, thanks to high concentrations of ergothioneine and glutathione. These antioxidants actually safeguard the body from stressors that lead to visible signs of aging, a.k.a., those pesky wrinkles.

    For the smart-conscious, those same antioxidants may also be helping you think better too, with researchers finding ergothioneine and glutathione could be staving off degenerative conditions like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. That conclusion may have been backed up by a study in 2019, which found eating servings of cooked mushrooms each week could be helping to slow or stop any cognitive decline. 

    Finally, there are also a host of ways mushrooms have now been shown to help you feel better as well. Of course, mushrooms are a long-time dietary stand-in for meat, helping those who make the switch cut fat, calories, and cholesterol. Some Vitamin D-infused mushrooms can also be a direct asset in strengthening your bones, too. 

    And mushrooms are also chock-full of B vitamins, covering everything from riboflavin and folate to niacin and pantothenic acid. All of these minerals help the body better conserve and use energy to increase red blood cell production and speed the spread of oxygen through your body.

    With more science weighing in on the positive benefits of mushrooms, the tide of public opinion has started to turn, with millions coming around to the overwhelming health benefits of what are now called adaptogenic mushrooms in recent years.

    WonderDay Mushroom Gummies

    So, outside of carting home buckets of mushrooms from the grocery store each week, how do you get more of these uber-positive fungi into your life and your health?

    WonderDay Mushroom Gummies, which have been called the world's first mushroom multi-supplement make it easy and tasty to get your daily dose of mushrooms. Rather than worrying about all the components of mushroom-based health, these gummies do it through a gathering of 10 functional, adaptogenic mushrooms that help bring balance to your mood, gut health, stress, energy levels: everything you need for homeostasis.

    How does it work? Lion's Mane and Chaga mushrooms help level out mood. Chaga and Reishi help modulate cortisol levels, reducing stress. Cordyceps and Maitake lift ATP production, which boosts energy. Lion's Mane and Cordyceps support memory and cognition. And Turkey Tail and Reishi mushrooms serve up triterpenoids, which improves gut flora and overall immune response.

    Bring 'em all together and they're the Justice League of mushroom heroes, combining with a uniform, pre-measured dose of positive elements for an all-around body and mental health balance users can feel after just a few days of use. In keeping with the natural benefits of these fungi, WonderDay Gummies don't contain gelatin or high fructose corn syrup and are made only with non-GMO ingredients. 

    And in case you're one of those kids (big kids included) who turn up your nose at a mushroom, these gummies are actually chef-crafted to taste exactly like a delicious wild raspberry. 

    For those ready to sleep better, feel better, and combat stress, anxiety, physical pain, and more, you can feel the effects for yourself. Any first-time purchaser of $30 or more can take 15 percent off their total (excluding trials, subscriptions, and bundles) just by entering the code SUMMER15 during checkout.

  • Pawp combines vet telemedicine and emergency vet funds into a new pet insurance alternative

    No one needs to tell you the pace of life is increasing. Whether you're a baby boomer, a Gen Xer, a millennial, or even a Gen Zer, you can feel it. Whether you grew up in the '50s, the '80s, or the 2000s, the world you experienced as a kid was a much slower pace than the one you live in today.

    The stacked schedules, the growing responsibilities, the feeling that you need to maximize every moment of available time in your day–and the feeling that everything you do still isn't enough. It's one thing when those responsibilities are all about you, but when you have children, the equation changes.

    And while many millennials and Gen Zers might not have pulled that trigger just yet, they do often have the next closest substitute to a child: a beloved pet.

    When a dog or cat gets sick, those pet parents face the same dilemma moms and dads have faced for generations. Is this something you can make better at home…or is this something that requires a medical pro? And if you blow up your day to schedule a vet visit, cart in your anxious cat or dog, then wait through exams, blood work, consultations, and more, was it ultimately a productive use of your time? And then, there's always that vet bill too…

    Every pet owner wants to give their furry friend the best life possible. Pawp is an alternative to pet insurance that can help make that happen, even in our busy, amped-up world.

    Pawp is the best alternative to pet insurance

    Pawp is a new entry into the pet protection game–and they play that game by starkly different rules.

    That starts right at the beginning. There's no lengthy, contentious, and expensive on-boarding process. In fact, Pawp can get started providing emergency coverage for up to six pets in your household in minutes for just $19.

    Considering the average cost of accident and illness plan coverage in the US for dogs is about $47.20 per month, with cats costing around $29.54 per month, Pawp is a big savings over traditional insurers.

    No matter a pet's age, breed, location, or medical history, all a pet parent has to do is enter some basic information–and they're covered. No battles over pre-existing conditions, elevated premiums, or any of the other dreaded insurance company routines. With Pawp, you pay your monthly bill and you have an immediate safety net for up to six pets in your home.

    As a member of the Pawp family, an online vet with Pawp can be your first call whenever you have a question about your pet's health, .

    If your pet is acting strangely or seems under the weather, members can get instant help and talk to a vet online just by contacting the Pawp hotline anytime, 24/7/365. Within five minutes, a pet owner can be texting, voice chatting, or video conferencing with a trained veterinary pro who can assess your pet's situation and offer advice on what to do next. Rather than worrying about what's happening or planning that schedule-disrupting vet office visit, a quick talk with a Pawp expert can help you decide what you're dealing with and how to handle it.

    Get $3,000 in emergency pet care funds

    Of course, the convenience of a digital consultation can never match the treatment of a vet's office visit if your pet is sick or injured. So if you decide you do need to take your dog or cat in, Pawp is ready to help there too, with a $3,000 annual emergency fund to help pay for your pet's treatment.

    Unlike pet insurance, there's no copay, deductible, or credit check with your Pawp membership. And you don't ever have to pay those funds back. Just have someone from your vet's office call the Pawp hotline to review your charges, and Pawp will offer up the money, before you leave the office.

    Your pet's health is a priority that you don't take lightly. Give them the best care possible and head to the Pawp website and set up your coverage in minutes. 

  • Need to learn CompTIA, AWS, Cisco, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud? This training can help.

    When you're training in the fine arts of IT disciplines, there are many different masters to serve. You could load up on CompTIA certifications. As the world leader in IT preparedness testing, an armload of their credentials is impressive on any resume.

    However, many of tech's glitterati have their own premium proprietary testing standards to make sure a student is truly an expert with their specific technologies. So for those who want to be seen as an expert in Cisco networking hardware and software or AWS cloud-based systems, you'll need to scoop up those certifications as well.

    All of that wide-ranging certification training is gathered up into coursework like The 2021 CompTIA, AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, and Google Certification Exam Bundle. No matter which direction you want your current IT instruction to follow, this course includes unlimited access to resources for getting certified along any of those career-making tracks.

    This 13-course collection with companion eBooks is constructed by Exams Digest, a quiz-based online training service that specializes in helping students land the world's most in-demand IT certifications. These lectures and eBooks are supplemented with over 8,000 questions and answers that will help get any student ready to strap in and test on these vital certification exams.

    You'll find training in five different CompTIA certification areas, including the introductory CompTIA A+, as well as Network+, Security+, PenTest+, and CySA+ study areas. If the cloud is your passion, you'll find four different Amazon Web Services (AWS) fields to explore, featuring Cloud Practitioner, Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator training.

    But since AWS isn't the only fish in the cloud sea, you'll also have access to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam prep, as well as getting certified in using Google Cloud. And there's also a deep dive on crafting and maintaining well-administered networks of any shape and size using Cisco systems equipment and procedures.

    Learners will also find that this instruction is not only good for all of Exam Digest's current training packages but also allows access to any of their future updates on any or all of these areas.

    Regularly a $450 value, the full range of The 2021 CompTIA, AWS, Cisco, Microsoft, and Google Certification Exam Bundle is now available for over 90 percent off that price, down to just $29.99.

  • Plug in these smart home outlets to make any connected device web-enabled for just $17

    With the proliferation of smart objects, most of us assumed it wouldn't be long before virtually every electrical device has a new, upgraded smart 2.0 version that's web-compatible, voice-controllable, and ready to enjoy as a cohesive part of your 2021 smart home of the future.

    And yeah, that's where we still seem to be heading. But there are definitely going to be some stragglers in this new, everything-in-connected age, not to mention a few old favorites you're going to have a hard time replacing with their smart counterparts.

    Rather than exiling those tried and true classic table lamps, air fresheners, vacuums, and more to the hall closets, garages, and storage lockers of the world, why not just make the wall outlet it's plugged into smart instead?

    With these 15A Smart Home WiFi Outlets, that's exactly what you can do. This FCC-certified, compact little gadget plugs right into a traditional AC wall outlet without even covering its companion plug. All you need is a clean WiFi signal and a smartphone or tablet and you're in business.

    Made from PC V0 class flame retardant material, these outlets are designed to eliminate any fear of lightning surges and spikes scrambling your devices. While the outside is firm, sturdy, and secure, it's what's inside that gets everybody's attention, connecting directly to a smart app on your phone to give you complete control over anything plugged in.

    If it's something like a lamp, you can set a schedule along with a timer so it'll automatically turn on when it gets dark, then turn it off when it's time for bed. Of course, with the app on your phone, that means you can also fire up or turn off any devices in your home from anywhere, even if you aren't at home. And if you don't want to trigger a device from your app, just do it through voice commands when you sync these outlets to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart speakers.

    And did we happen to mention that you get a set of four of these babies? You can literally smarten up outlets all over your house with this 15A Smart Home WiFi Out 4-Pack. They're regularly $26, but after their regular $6 discount, you can also take an extra 15 percent off as part of this ongoing Semi-Annual Sale. Just use the code ANNUAL15 when you make your purchase to drops your price down to only $16.99.

  • Here's a lightsaber that looks, sounds, and fights almost like the real thing for under $125

    If you've ever wanted a lightsaber like a real Jedi, then you've pretty much had two choices. You could buy one of those cheap-o plastic Hasbro toys from Target. Or you could lay out serious green for one of those ultra-precious replicas that cost as much as a house payment. Well, there are three choices. You could also just make one yourself.

    If you aren't down with mass-produced kid junk, or willing to spend the GDP of a small nation for one, or technically capable of building your own deadly weapon, then the Cyber Blade Alpha Grip Light Saber should hit a very specific sweet spot for you.

    Designed for Star Wars fans and those enthused by real-life lightsaber combat, the Cyber Blade is the middle ground between glistening eye candy showpiece and highly usable mock fighting blade. The hilt is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and precision milled using a CNC machine for a lightweight, ergonomic grip. That means it'll slide into your hand perfectly, almost like it was given to you by an old space wizard who basically lies to you about your father and everything he did to set the galaxy on fire … from a certain point of view.

    It also includes a detachable, ultra-durable, battle-ready polycarbonate blade, a saber that's surprisingly capable of withstanding actual hits sustained in faux fights. You probably don't want to engage in any serious dangling-over-a-cloud-city-chasm or grappling-on-the-edge-of-a-volcanic-river battles to the death, but it'll stand up to the rigors of your play fighting better than you might think.

    The Cyber Blade can cycle through 11 different light colors at the push of a button. You can bounce from the blue of a jaunty young hero ready to kiss his sister, to the red of a petulant man-child set on toppling the galaxy because he screwed up with his girl, to the purple of a serious bad-ass who only agree to be a Jedi if he got a really cool colored lightsaber.

    And of course, no lightsaber is worth much of anything without light or the cool whooshy sounds when it cuts through the air. It's got all the sound effects too, like the iconic power-up, the iconic swing through the air, the iconic blade clash, and more. The word for all this is probably … iconic.

    About the price. Unlike the collector's item hilts that run hundreds on their own, the Cyber Blade Alpha Grip Light Saber retails for $199, but it's down to $144.99 with its Boing Boing Store discount. Add on this Semi-Annual Sale 15 percent off when you use the code ANNUAL15 at checkout and suddenly, you're swinging like a true Jedi for $123.24.

  • These 5 CBD oil benefits could make you a believer

    It feels like CBD sprang into the forefront of world consciousness in only the last few years. But once we get past the recency bias, the reality is that cannabis and cannabis-derived products — as well as CBD oil benefits — have been around for centuries. 

    In fact, you can look to Chinese emperor Shen Neng prescribing cannabis tea to treat various illnesses and even maladies like poor memory all the way back in 2737 B.C. Queen Victoria was allegedly prescribed cannabis oil to manage the discomfort of menstrual cramps back in the 18th century. 

    While marijuana wasn't effectively criminalized in the U.S. until the 1930s, restrictions on cannabis-derived products have been in place for so long that the recent push toward loosening marijuana laws makes it feel like CBD-infused items are only now coming into their own.

    Despite all those years in the shadows, the life-affirming effects of CBD and its non-psychoactive properties are now seeping into public consciousness, allowing the full benefits of CBD, CBD oil, and other CBD-rich products to truly stand up and be recognized. And unlike those stories of centuries gone by, these concrete examples of CBD oil's effectiveness are anything but ancient folklore.

    1. It relieves stress and anxiety.

    Just by sheer numbers, CBD use for those suffering from debilitating stress and anxiety could ultimately be its greatest impact on global society. Anxiety disorders and depression affect 40 million American adults each year, the most common mental illness in the U.S. felt by almost 20 percent of its citizens. 

    Studies are still being conducted, but findings on both animals and humans found CBD oil use appears to affect how the brain responds to serotonin, the naturally occurring, neuro-transmitting chemical that helps regulate mood and an overall sense of well-being. The CBD effectively works like an amplifier on those serotonin-infused messages, calming anxiety-inducing communications and modulating their effects.

    2. It improves sleep.

    Since anxiety and depression are one of the leading causes of insomnia and sleeplessness, it stands to reason that CBD oil could also have a positive impact on those suffering from restless nights. Again, scientific study is still in its early stages, but preliminary results show a lot of encouraging signs in the long-term efforts to help everyone enjoy a better night's sleep.

    In a 2019 study, two-thirds of those suffering from poor sleep reported improvements after taking CBD every day for a month. Those studies also showed CBD having a positive impact on the body's production of the stress hormone cortisol, which ramps up among insomnia sufferers through the night, causing a higher rate of nighttime wakeups.

    3. It reduces muscle soreness, inflammation and pain.

    Anxiety and sleep relief are huge pluses for people dealing with those issues, but for everyone else, CBD's use as an overall pain reliever could be just as wide-reaching. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet approved CBD for treating pain, the impact on those who already use it to soothe the burn of muscle soreness has loads of anecdotal evidence to back their claims. 

    Science isn't completely silent on the issue either, with one study finding CBD could help reduce muscle pain experienced by those suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS), while another found it offered relief for those with chronic neuropathic pain. But it could prove just as valuable to workout enthusiasts and weekend warriors. One study found oral CBD, taken immediately after a workout, can have an impact on muscle soreness. 

    Using a CBD oil like oHHo's line of full-spectrum CBD oils can help a body extinguish the fire of soreness, inflammation, and even pain within 15 minutes with effects lasting up to 6 hours. 

    4. It improves your skin.

    Hey, we all want to look our best too — and in addition to its myriad physical and psychological benefits, CBD has also worked wonders helping clean up people's complexions. 

    Whether it's applied right to the skin, squirted under the tongue, or added to a cream or lotion, researchers have concluded that CBD oil can help prevent sebocytes from creating too much sebum, which is a primary cause of acne.

    Meanwhile, other studies are backing up CBD's helpful impact on skincare, including reducing the potential for eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis; as well as CBD's antioxidant abilities, which can reduce skin stress and actually combat the appearance of wrinkles and aging.

    5. It can help with addiction.

    While marijuana spent decades in the shadows as an illicit illegal drug, the irony is that CBD oils and other products appear able to play a role in actually combating drug addiction. While studies are not conclusive, preliminary findings seem to show that CBD use can have an impact on brain chemistry and help soothe the body's cravings for dependent drugs like heroin. 

    While none of those findings are fully substantiated yet, there is also evidence that CBD's role in reducing anxiety and stress can have a similar antidepressant effect on brains battling psychological drug cravings as well. 

    CBD comes in many forms.

    While CBD oil is among the most common easy conveyance systems for regular CBD doses, it's by no means the only game in town. In addition to full lines of CBD oils, manufacturers like oHHo also make a complete line of CBD-infused products, including balms, edibles, and pre-rolls to deliver varying levels of CBD dosages in the user's preferred method.  Boing Boing readers can save 20% using code BOINGBOING20 on their full line of products.

  • This Adobe training collection explores Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, and more

    The trick to the Adobe Creative Cloud isn't what it can do. As the gold standard in digital creation for as long as most of us can remember, there isn't much this app collection can't accomplish in editing video, enhancing photos, creating graphics, fine-tuning audio, and more. 

    No, the trick of Adobe CC is all about what you can do. If an unskilled driver can make all kinds of trouble with the mightiest of vehicles if they don't know what they're doing, it stands to reason that you'll be totally lost in Adobe CC without the right guidance. Get a real handle on these premium tools with the instruction in The 2021 Complete Learn Adobe Training Certification Bundle.

    The package doesn't cover all two dozen apps in the Adobe CC collection, but over 11 courses including more than 64 hours of training, learners will certainly get a leg up in using some of CC's biggest and brightest tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere, as well as a handful of the lesser-known stars in the Adobe constellation.

    As the center of the Adobe CC galaxy, it only makes sense to start with Photoshop training, and users can get the full 411 on everything involving image editing with the Adobe Photoshop CC: Complete Beginner to Advanced Training course. But while Photoshop is the acknowledged king for editing photos, that doesn't mean it's the be-all, end-all when it comes to images. 

    The Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: Photo Editing Course and Adobe Lightroom CC: Photo Editing Course explore the organizational and processing abilities of Lightroom, which can actually make the app just as useful as anything you'll find in Photoshop, especially if you're a photographer.

    Meanwhile, the Complete Adobe Premiere Pro CC Course: Beginner to Advanced 2021 does for video what Photoshop does for images, including full training in how to do professional-grade, multi-track video editing, as well as creating graphics, handling complex video procession, producing special effects, and more. 

    Since effects work can often take some extra-specialized knowledge, there's also a course here in using Adobe After Effects, the digital motion graphics app for tackling more advanced effects work, including animations all the way up to multi-layer visual effects that can look like Hollywood-quality work if you know what you're doing. You'll also find training in Adobe Premiere Rush for cutting high-quality videos right on your smartphone.

    For the audio fans, there's also in-depth instruction in doing intricate audio work with Adobe Audition. Web designers get a full explainer for using Adobe XD, and graphic designers will get plenty out of training with the always popular Adobe Illustrator.

    Normally $200 per course, The 2021 Complete Learn Adobe Training Certification Bundle contains all the top-notch training you need to get started in Adobe CC. It's discounted now to about $5 per course at just $59.99.

  • Sweat out the toxins and pounds at home with this heated sauna blanket

    For those who enjoy the relaxation and health benefits of sweating it out in a sauna, the charges can start adding up. A typical sauna session will usually set you back about $1 per minute. Heck, you can even throw back a Whopper or two while you sweat, although we wouldn't recommend that for detoxing and weight loss purposes. 

    And if you want to break down and just build a sauna in your home, you're looking at at least $1,000 to start. Of course, rather than spending all that money you can get all the effects of a sauna with absolute portability with the MiHigh Heated Sauna Blanket.  

    While it might seem odd, the blanket actually works on the same principle as those walk-in saunas, emitting far-infrared wavelengths to heat you up and detox all the impurities in your body. But if you just want to sweat off some pounds, users can burn anywhere from 300 up to 600 calories for a typical 30 to 60 minutes session.

    On top of that, sauna use has been linked to improvements in your skin, better sleep patterns, and even reduced joint pain. All you've got to do is lay out the MiHigh on a heat-proof surface like a bed, then use the handheld controller to fire it up, boosting temperatures anywhere from 95 up to 165 degrees.

    While you sweat off pounds, the sauna blanket also helps pull the nasty toxins out of your body, helping to remove dead skin cells, oils, dirt, bacteria, and everything else you don't want in your body out through your pores. Since saunas have been shown to also help with high blood pressure and overall heart health, not to mention those who suffer from chronic pain, a sauna blanket like the MiHigh can have big benefits to many in your household.

    The MiHigh Heated Sauna Blanket usually retails for $499, but with the current deal, you can save $74 off the price and bring home your own portable sauna for just $424.99.

  • Get a two-pack of LED smart bulbs with 16 million color options for under $12

    What's your stockpile of available light bulbs like these days? We're guessing it's a little thinner than it used to be. Not too long ago, when incandescent bulbs roamed the Earth like dinosaurs, we'd invariably have a 6-pack, 10-pack, or a freakin' kitchen cabinet chock full of light bulbs whenever one needed to be replaced. 

    But that was in the day before LEDs. And while new LED lights are unquestionably a step forward in power usage, longevity, and versatility, they definitely aren't cheaper than old bulbs. And heck, we told you LEDs were on the way almost a decade ago.

    Well, this deal on GoSund 75W LED Smart RGB Color Changing Light Bulbs is a (…wait for it…) smart way to get a few of these LEDs ready to go and bolster your ready backups when you need 'em. Or maybe you just want to be proactive and change out all the bulbs in your house now. Trust us, we won't judge.

    Unlike those old bulbs that came in white or soft white color options, these bulbs can do 'em all, able to let you dial up 75 watts in 16 million different colors through the accompanying GoSund app to set just the mood you want in your space. Cast a soothing blue or green glow to chill you out or even flip it into one of its eight scene modes when it changes from red to green to give your Christmas party a whole new vibe this year.

    Once it's paired to your smartphone or tablet, this bulb can do more than change colors. You can turn it off or on via the app, no matter where you are, or even put it on a timer function so it lights, dims, or changes color at the exact time you decide. And if you do happen to be home, it's controllable via your favorite smart speaker as well, so just say the word to your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or other speakers, and set your light your way with your voice. And yes, it's also dimmable, able to serve up any brightness between 1 and 100 percent, all while only consuming 20 percent of the energy of those old bulbs.

    Regularly $18 for a 2-pack, the GoSund 75W LED Smart RGB Color Changing Light Bulbs are not only discounted to $13.99, but you can also save an extra 15 percent by using the code ANNUAL15 during checkout as part of this Semi-Annual Sale. That cuts your final total down to just $11.89.

  • Enjoy over 9,000 stock photos for all your web uses with lifetime access to picjumbo for $39

    There are rules to the internet. Unfortunately, many people don't really understand those rules until they transgress against them — wherein they pay the price.

    So if you're putting together a flyer or a blog post, you'll likely need an image to go with it. Assuming you didn't take a photo yourself, that means you now need to come up with a pic that works for your topic. So you just do a Google search, find an image you like, copy it, and you're done, right? 

    Sure, if you don't mind being on the wrong end of a copyright infringement lawsuit if the original creator of that image catches you. And no, these lawsuits are no joke. Instead of blatant illegality, Picjumbo offers members a huge stockpile of images for use in all of their personal and commercial projects.

    Picjumbo couldn't make it easier to find the image you need. Membership gives users access to the entire archive of images, a massive collection of more than 9,000 high-resolution stock photos. Those pics run the gamut, coming in over 100 different collections from every category. Whether it's travel, food, business, and technology or architecture, sports, nature, and fashion, users can always find one that fits their needs like a glove. 

    And just to gild the lily a bit, Picjumbo members also get a bundle of more than 50 new stock photos sent to their inbox each month. Plus, you'll also have access to the extensive photo library available in the free version of Picjumbo, a collection of nearly 3,000 more images. Members also receive three premium fonts as a bonus. Everything is easily downloadable with a single click in simple zip files. The entire process couldn't be easier. 

    Whether you need website images, something for a newsletter, commercial advertising use, or even a PowerPoint presentation, this stash of Picjumbo images should keep you fully covered. A lifetime subscription to Picjumbo usually costs $599, but with this deal, it's available now for just $39

  • Fight nasty card skimmers with this super-slim, ultra-compact Zenlet wallet

    It feels like not many of us use cash anymore, but that hasn't eliminated the need for that staple of American manhood — the wallet — anytime soon. Of course, the idea of what a wallet is has certainly been changing in recent years. Where leather billfolds used to be stacked thick with cash, cards, photos, and receipts, most modern users have taken a more minimal aesthetic, choosing a slim, lightweight form over bring-it-all-with-you function.

    And if it can also protect you from cybercriminals, that's a pretty big plus as well. The Zenlet Wallet with RFID Blocking Card is the perfect encapsulation of a modern wallet, ultra-thin, always ready to serve, and offering ample security against some of the most insidious of cyber-plots.

    The wallet actually looks a bit like a smartphone case. Made from stainless steel with an enclosed design that protects items behind its waterproof, scratch-proof facing, the whole thing is less than half an inch thick. At that size, it's easy to slip into a pocket for easy transport.

    Of course, when you do need it, the Zenlet has a simple single-hand slide action opening that immediately gives you easy access to up to 7 different cards. It's a super clutter-free look that will definitely make you wonder why you used that ratty old overstuffed wallet for so long.

    There's also room here for the RFID blocking card, offering both security and convenience if any RFID skimmers come around. They're able to remotely scan your card in a conventional wallet, giving them access to your vital security information. But this RFID blocking card stops that cold, shielding your cards from any intrusion attempts.

    Whether you need that kind of card-skimming protection or just want a tighter, more secure wallet to fill out your pocket, the Zenlet fits the bill. It retails $81, but right now, you can pick one up and save almost 20 percent off, dropping the price to $65.95.

  • Power your devices in a crisis with up to $249 off these EcoFlow Power Stations

    If mobile devices had been around when the Boy Scouts were organized over 110 years ago, it feels likely that telling scouts to have a stable supply of standby power around in case of emergency would have been high on the essentials list.

    The Boy Scouts are all about being prepared — and that's pretty much the motto of portable power stations and other fast sources of power in the event of an outage or disaster.

    Having a reliable, fully charged and ready power station in your home could be an absolute lifesaver in a major storm or if a power grid goes dark for a while. EcoFlow has a handful of their best power stations and other accessories on sale now, at savings of up to $249 off. Be prepared, indeed.

    EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel – $289.99; originally $399

    Even with a power station or other battery source, available power will run out eventually. Of course, that won't matter with your own solar panel for gathering up the sun's rays and turning them into usable power. This 110W panel is made of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, which capture and convert up to 22 percent of solar rays into energy, a much higher rate than other panels. The panels fold up neatly into a briefcase for easy transport and you can even chain several of these panels together to collect even more power faster.

    EcoFlow River Portable Power Station – $339.99; originally $349

    The River portable power station can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. Designed for easy transport at just 11 lbs., the River also features X-Boost Technology, an advanced built-in algorithm that enables about 80 percent of heavy-duty kitchen appliances and tools up to 1800W to operate straight off the River. And if you've depleted the battery store, it's also got EcoFlow's patented X-Stream technology, a smart inverter that makes for lightning-fast rechargeability. It only takes the River less than 1 hour to charge from dead up to about 80 percent, and it's at a full-replenished 100 percent in as fast as 1.6 hours. 

    EcoFlow River Pro Portable Power Station – $629.99; originally $649

    The River Pro is an absolute beast, sporting about 2.5 times the charging capability of the original River. Of course, it's also got the same X-Boost and X-Stream advancements to start juicing up to 10 devices at once with its ample reservoir. With an already beefy 720Wh of power, you can also add a River Pro extra battery to double its capacity to a full 1440Wh. If you're traveling and spending lots of time outdoors, you'll appreciate that level of power to keep everything around camp running smoothly.

    EcoFlow Delta Power Station – $1,149; originally $1,399

    With 1260Wh of available power, the Delta is the kingpin of the EcoFlow line. It's also got more charging output options than virtually any other battery, including 6 AC outlets, 6 USB ports and even a standard DC port to power almost anything fast and without concern. That's 13 hookups you can run off the Delta, all at once. The Delta can recharge at about 10 times the speed of most portable power stations, and if it needs power itself, you can attach it to your car battery and resupply the Delta in about 10 hours. 

  • Are you a hot sleeper? Stay frosty this summer with a chilled water sleep cooling system.

    Trying to sleep during the height of the summer heat isn't always easy. If you live in a warm climate and if you have upstairs bedrooms, you know the heat rises — and while the air conditioning keeps things feeling comfortable downstairs, that isn't always the case upstairs. Once you throw some sheets and blankets on the bed, trying to sleep through the heat can get downright uncomfortable, especially if you're a hot sleeper already anyway.

    Night sweats are no fun, for you or anyone you share a bed with. With the 2021 Mattress Cooler Classic Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System, you can regulate your body temperature better, cooling down your bed so you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and generally just enjoy a more relaxing slumber.

    The pad itself is just over 5 feet by about 2 feet, a PVC vinyl mattress pad that allows chilled water to circulate through the pad during the night. The gallon of cold soothing water courses through the pad, lowering the temperature under your sheets between 7 and 12 degrees below room temperature.

    The water actually absorbs all your body heat, then returns it to the cooler to be recirculated. That's important because the cooling actually encourages your body's natural healing processes, providing relief to anyone suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, menopause, back and body pains, muscle fatigue, and other sleep ailments. 

    The pad itself only produces a low volume hum when it's working, which actually also helps lull many to sleep. Meanwhile, it uses precious little energy, only costing about a penny a night to unleash all its cooling magic. The system works with any mattress of any size. You can even stretch the pad across if both of you require some assistance dropping the temperature when you sleep. It'll even work if your bed is, well, pretty tacky.

    Regularly $199, you can save $40 right now off the price of the 2021 Mattress Cooler Classic Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System and get one for only $159.95.

    Prices subject to change

  • The KingCamp Pop-Up Roof Tent will turn your SUV into a glorious camping base camp

    No one wants to sleep on soggy, unstable, or unsafe ground when they go camping. If you've got an SUV, you're probably halfway tempted to just sleep in the vehicle sometimes, even though that kind of defeats the whole outdoor experience. However, you can still use your SUV to your advantage and craft yourself a safe, stable, comfortable outdoor adventure. The KingCamp SUV Pop-Up Roof Tent is a perfect middle ground between roughing it and still enjoying the comfort and safety every camper needs. And it's a whole lot better than a personal tent.

    That's because this tent literally lives on the roof of your SUV. You need to have a roof rack or a truck bed rack, and you need to make sure it's equipped to handle the weight of the tent and its occupants. But if your vehicle checks out, this pop-up is a handy solution to drink in the outdoors in absolute comfort.

    It only takes about 10 minutes to lock the tent in pass on your roof, then just a matter of seconds for the hydraulics to automatically and effortlessly raise the tent to full size, a spacious 7 feet across and big enough to fit two adults.

    Your roof overhead is a hardshell ABS material crafted for sun protection, waterproofing, and anti-oxidation to protect you from the elements. And your floor below is a 2" thick high-density comfortable 40D queen size foam mattress. The tent is rounded out with fabric siding, which is waterproof, resistant to storms and rain, and features two mesh windows and a pair of doors for full ventilation.

    There's even a telescopic aluminum alloy ladder included assuring stable access for scampering in and out of the tent. With this tent, users can pull off virtually anywhere, pop the tent, and crash out for a comfortable sleep — or pick somewhere glorious and enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of an elevated cabin of relaxation.

    For the SUV or pickup owner, the KingCamp SUV Pop-Up Roof Tent answers all of our outdoor camping questions — and right now, it's available for just $2,909.99.

    Prices subject to change