• From Sennheiser to Sony, here are 15 of the best Black Friday headphone deals happening right now

    When you're working from home, there are two fantastic reasons for picking up a quality pair of over-ear headphones. First, they can help you focus in on your work, like listening or communicating intently during a video conference. Second, they can be a great barrier against the rest of the world, blocking out the pets, kids, and other distractions that can come with a home office. And hey, it's always nice to just be able to immerse yourself into music, too.

    No matter why you're considering them, a pair of solid headphones are always a must. Right now, you can pick up many of these 15 different headphone models at a limited-time Black Friday discount. When you enter the promo code BFSAVE20 during your purchase, you can knock another 20% off your final price.

    Quality audio on a budget

    TRNDlabs Ventura Wireless Headphones – $27.99 after promo code; originally $99

    The Ventura headphones are wireless convenience at its best–yet, backed with the technology to make anything sound positively epic. With 40mm drivers and a Bluetooth range of up to 10 meters, these offer premium audio anywhere you go. And, the leather black-on-black design makes you look pretty darn cool at the same time.

    Treblab Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $59.98 after promo code; originally $259

    An Amazon's Choice spotlight product, the Z2's feature twice the sound, twice the battery life, and twice the convenience of similar headphones. TREBLAB's Sound2.0 tech crystalizes your listening experience with active noise-cancellation for brilliant sound quality, powered by over 35 hours of uninterrupted battery life. 

    TaoTronics Hybrid Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $71.99 after promo code; originally $107

    These headphones can be plugged in, or used wirelessly, depending on your mood. But, either way, the SoundSurge 55s give an immersive top-flight audio experience. And, with the Sony digital noise-cancellation chip inside, you can screen out distracting ambient noise without blocking out all the sounds of the world happening around you. 

    Drive ANC1000 Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones – $75.99 after promo code; originally $129

    With a pair of powerful 40mm neodymium drivers keeping the beat, this is a serious audio presentation. But, along with the killer sound, these ANC1000s pack in plenty of handy features as well, like built-in controls right in the ear cup for swiftly navigating your music, or making and receiving calls.

    EVEN H4 Wireless Headphones with EarPrint Technology – $79.99 after promo code; originally $99

    Backed by strong reviews from outlets like The Verge, AskMen, TIME, Techaeris, Engadget, and Wired, the H4s are definitely worth a look. Part of what's getting so much of the attention is the patented EarPrint technology, which maps, then adapts music to your unique hearing profile so you can enjoy healthy listening with less ear fatigue.


    Mu6 Space 1: Smart Active Noise Cancellation Headphones – $96.78 after promo code; originally $149

    Mu6 Space 2: Smart Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – $131.99 after promo code; originally $199

    New companies step up to challenge to be at the level of the big audio powerhouses, yet, few have attracted the solid reviews of Mu6. Funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns, they've only been around for two years, yet are generating notices that compare their headphones favorably to the likes of the Sonys and Boses of the world.

    Their first offering, the Mu6 Space 1, launched with a healthy serving of pure, clear sound powered by Qaulcomm's Apt-X LL codec and CSR Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Then, they improved things with the Mu6 Space 2, which featured even better noise-cancellation, heavily upscaled decibel levels, and this time, they're fully foldable.


    Sony XB450AP/B Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones (Open Box, New) – $30.85; originally $82

    Sony MDRRF912RK Over-Ear Wireless Headphones (Open Box, Like New) – $66.90; originally $226

    Sony XB650BT Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Open Box, New) – $62.95; originally $133

    Sony ZX220BT Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones (Open Box, Like New) – $95; originally $97

    When it comes to audio, there aren't many bigger dogs on the block than Sony. Whether you are ready to go wired with the twin 1.18-inch drivers and Bass Booster of the XB450s, or jam wirelessly with the one-touch Near Field Communication (NFC) connectivity of the XB650s or the ZX220s, it's the Sony quality shoppers expect through and through.

    And, since these models are all open-box-new, or like-new products, you'll enjoy headphones that work just as well as any you'll find off the store shelves, but at a healthy savings off their original in-store prices.

    Only the best

    JBL T600BTNC Noise Cancelling On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – $103.99 after promo code; originally $219

    JBL has been a big name in audio tech for 70 years now, which instantly warrants these active noise-cancelling wireless headphones some consideration. Pumping out deep, powerful bass from their 32mm JBL drivers, they bring the sound your ears love. Plus, they fold flat, are made from lightweight materials, and are durable enough to give you years of on-the-go service.

    Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – $127.99 after promo code; originally $199

    This Amazon's Choice selectee features rich, immersive, award-winning sound that showcases the clarity, breadth, and balance of your music. They've also got an Apple W1 chip inside for up to 40 hours of playback time, and cushioned ear cups for those all-night listening sessions.

    Shure AONIC 50 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $319.20 after promo code; originally $499

    With a century of professional-grade audio manufacturing behind them, the AONIC are being called "phenomenal" and "a cause for celebration." You'll likely agree after some time with AONIC 50, which lets you choose between the adjustable noise-cancellation mode to eliminate distractions, and the environmental mode so you can still hear the outside world while you listen.

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM 3 Wireless ANC Headphones – $399

    Headphones don't get much better than the name Sennheiser. The latest addition to Sennheiser's elite premium headphone range, the Momentum 3 reproduces the full balanced depth and precision of studio-quality audio. While the advanced Active Noise Cancellation offers three modes tailored to different environments, you can also make sure they never get lost, with the built-in location-tracking smart TILE technology.

    Prices subject to change.

  • These top DNA kits are now on sale for Black Friday prices for an extra 20% off

    If you haven't already done a DNA test to find out about all the hidden nooks and crannies inside you (or your dog) that make you you, then you've certainly at least considered it.

    With just some spit in a tube, each of us can unlock all kinds of hidden information stashed away inside our building block matter, information that can stretch back centuries. It can also find markers for anomalies or health conditions that you should probably know going forward. 

    And yes, even Black Friday isn't immune to the pull of history. Right now, you can save an extra 20% on some of the top DNA testing services around. All you have to do is use the promo code BFSAVE20 at checkout to get the deal, at one of the lowest prices of the year.

    Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit and Health Plan Voucher – $63.99 after promo code; originally $99

    Vitagene DNA Ancestry Premium Test Kit and Health Plan Voucher – $71.99 after promo code; originally $139

    If you want to know how to stay healthy based on your DNA, lifestyle, and goals, a Vitagene standard plan can analyze your simple cheek swab and give you an actionable health plan. In addition to all your global ancestry details, this report will also let you know how your genes are impacting how you eat and which supplements or workouts will do you the most good.

    Meanwhile, the Vitagene premium plan includes all of that, as well as a full report on your skin, detailing your genetic risk for common skin conditions, including acne, eczema, dry skin, tanning, freckles, and even skin cancer.

    HealthCodes DNA Testing Kits – $31.99 after promo code; originally $49

    HealthCodes DNA has spent three years developing their own unique line of genetic tests for health, diet, and exercise. Submit your saliva sample, and within 2 to 3 weeks, you'll get results for five premium DNA health tests with recommendations, access to personalized diet and fitness planning technology, and lifetime consultations.

    Living DNA Full Ancestry DNA Kit – $60.79 after promo code; originally $99

    Living DNA Well-Being and Ancestry Kit – $119.20 after promo code; originally $179

    Created in collaboration between more than 100 scientists, researchers and genetic experts, Living DNA says they have the "most advanced DNA test" around. And, with their ancestry reports, they promise the most precise percentage ancestry breakdown available, including sub-regional ancestry, detailed reports on maternal and paternal haplogroups, and your full lineage stretching back up to 80,000 years.

    With the extended reporting in the Well-Being kit, users also get actionable insights based on your DNA to help you monitor your lifestyle. You'll discover genetic reasons for how your body metabolizes vitamins and minerals so you'll know which nutrients you need most. 

    DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test – $47.99 after promo code; originally $79

    DNA My Dog NextGen: Canine Breed Identification PLUS Genetic Age Test – $55.99 after promo code; originally $99

    DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test Plus Full Genetic Screening – $143.19 after promo code; originally $225

    If it's important for you to know your genetic makeup, it's no less critical to know where your dog really comes from, as well. Not only does DNA My Dog break down your dog's exact breed, genetic composition, and personality traits, but that simple swab can unlock all kinds of details you need to help your pet live a long and happy life. 

    In addition to that genetic detail, you can also get genetic age test results as well. Different from your dog's actual chronological age, this information explains what your animal's genetics predict about their lifespan from the genetic level. Finally, there's also the full genetic screening option, which also tests your dog for over 100 of the most common breed diseases with 99.97% accuracy.

    Embark Dog DNA Test Kit – $139.99 after promo code; originally $199

    A Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine research partner, Embark, gives you an all-inclusive report on your dog's genetic background, covering its breed, ancestry, and even relatives. The world's only canine relative finder, they use 200,000 different genetic markers to assemble a full picture of your dog's life, all from what's in the genes.

  • Get the voice-activated Google Home Mini for your home on sale for just $19.99

    If you'd told people 20 years ago that they would soon be able to buy a device that could control their home electronics, appliances, security, and even play their favorite songs or read them headlines, all through the power of their voice, they'd have been eager to get their hands on it.

    But while everybody in the year 2000 would want one, most buyers would instinctively arch a skeptical eyebrow and ask how much of their net worth they'd have to cough up for this gadget. And, even with 2021 creeping up on us now, it's still actually kinda hard to believe you can buy something like that now for under $20.

    The Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that has truly revolutionized how things in your house operate.

    Powered by Google Assistant, this power-packed little Mini essentially puts all the abilities of the Google network of apps and services just an utterance away. If you want to enjoy music, podcasts, or audiobooks, just shout out a "Hey Google", and you can stream it right to the device. Or, use it to actually control devices like your TV, turning it off and on, adjusting volume, playing YouTube videos, and more.

    Of course, the TV is only one of the smart objects around your house that can be fully controlled with voice commands through the Mini. Everything from smart light bulbs, to smart appliances, to smart security cameras, to smart thermostats can be adjusted and customized to fit your needs using the Mini.

    Beyond home functionality, its intimate connection to the entire Google ecosystem means it can do most everything you usually turn to Google to do for you. You can ask it questions like you were conducting a Google search, and it'll serve up the answers. It's also tied in to Google Calendar, so it can help you schedule appointments, or keep on top of important details like flight information. 

    Or, you can just use it to help get you through your day, like finding recipes, setting reminders, making phone calls, doing calculations, and completing literally hundreds of other helpful tasks to help you keep your life on track.

    Right now, the Google Home Mini is Black Friday-friendly, priced at under $20–$19.99, to be exact. Get it in either the light-colored chalk model or the darker charcoal version to fit into your particular room decor. If you're one of the few that resisted getting a home assistant before, this price should be enough to get you to hop on the bandwagon.

  • 27 Black Friday deals on DIY kits and projects that are on sale for an extra 20% off

    We've all got some young minds on our holiday shopping list. Heck, buying for kids is a whole lot more fun than buying for adults anyway.

    Considering the wealth of gift possibilities out there, challenge yourself to only give your favorite youngsters gifts that will challenge their intellect and ingenuity. Not to mention, most of these DIY electronics, robotics, puzzles, and other so-nerdy-they're-really-cool gifts are perfectly acceptable to give to grownup kids too. It's never too late to learn something.

    And, right now, this entire batch of more than 25 cool kits and projects are all also at Black Friday prices with an extra 20% off your total purchase. Just use the promo code BFSAVE20 at checkout.


    DIY Robotic Art Kit for Ages 6 to 9 – $23.98 after promo code; originally $69

    If you've got a budding Picasso who also wonders a lot about how BB8 works, this kit merges the line between tech and art. Here, kids explore different projects at the intersections between science, robotics, and free expression like a mini confetti cannon, a spin art machine. and more.

    DIY Coding Kit for Ages 8 to 12 – $43.98 after promo code; originally $99

    Programming is a skill every kid needs to know today. That's what makes this kit the perfect introduction to the art of coding as kids learn the basic fundamentals of how computer code works by building a handful of sample projects.

    DIY Robot Curiosity Kit for Ages 8 to 10 – $55.98 after promo code; originally $119

    What kid doesn't want to build their own robot? With this invention kit, they can start unlocking the basics of robotics, including an accompanying app to offer extra guidance in these formative projects.

    SunFounder Nano DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit – $37.56 after promo code; originally $59

    Here, kids are introduced to the Sloth. It may not sound like much, but with the components and training in this kit, young creators can build and learn to program this devilishly cool little robot that actually walks, dances, kicks, and avoids obstacles.

    SunFounder Robotic Arm Edge Kit for Arduino – $43.99 after promo code; originally $69

    This one isn't a full robot, but builders can create a fully robotic arm that can be programmed to carry out a host of neat functions. With the open-source MCU Arduino UNO and a servo expansion board, kids can control the four axes of the arm, make them move, and then learn intricate movements to perform.

    DIY Bionic Robot Lizard – $43.96 after promo code; originally $65

    A robot is fun, sure…but how about letting a kid build a robot gecko? With all the parts and know-how included, this remote-controlled robotic lizard walks and moves just like a real creature. 

    Magic Voodoo Bots PCB Construction Set – $47.96 after promo code; originally $99

    With this kit, creators have everything needed to build seven different robots with lights and moving parts. Starting off with Kickstarter and Indiegogo fundraisers, this package includes 180 components as well as the step-by-step guidelines for crafting your mini robot army.


    DIY Drone Builder Kit – $23.98 after promo code; originally $99

    A robot is one thing, but with this kit, users get all the pieces to actually build a flying drone. But, can a craft with cardboard arms, run by conductive silver ink, connecting the drone's hub and motors actually work? In conjunction with an integrated flight app that's included, there's only one way to find out.

    Circuit Scribe: DIY Circuit Kits – $26.39 after promo code; originally $58

    Basic electronics are the start for many budding scientific minds, and this kit offers the building blocks for deeper exploration. Young engineers get a grasp on basic electrical properties and create stuff like blinking lights, beeping buzzers, and whirling motors, all by mapping out circuits on regular paper over a steel plate.

    Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit 2.0 – $55.99 after promo code; originally $69

    If you're going to build automations, they may as well serve a purpose…like making sure four plants get watered, for instance. Complete with a pump, soil moisture sensors, water switch, and more components, this kit lets users perfectly water plants, as well as monitor moisture levels, so they stay hydrated and healthy.

    Crowtail STEAM Educational Basic Starter Kit (with Microbit Board and Tutorial) – $52.79 after promo code; originally $74

    In the box, you get 12 common components like sensors, buzzers, magnetic switches, and more. With the included instructions, creators will use real programming like Python to bring those components to life in 17 innovative step-by-step projects.

    Crowtail NodeMCU Internet of Things Kit – $71.99 after promo code; originally $89

    The innovation continues here with 19 new projects, including 30 different models for creating a laser pointer, a rainbow light, moisture sensors, and more. DIY electronics don't feel quite so mystifying after following the tasks in this beginner-friendly collection.


    DIY 3D Wood Craft Jigsaw Puzzle Kit – $12.76 after promo code; originally $24

    With all these robotics and electronics around, is a tech-forward kid going to care about a 3D wooden puzzle? When it's as intricate as this one, they will be. Putting together this puzzle requires understanding mechanics, logic, and concentration to complete. No glue, no nails…and no quitters.

    Robotime 3D Wooden DIY Puzzle Toy – $27.99 after promo code; originally $40

    It's a dinosaur made of wood – and it'll take some creativity, imagination, and critical thought to get it put together correctly. This 3D wooden puzzle is designed to develop and improve a kid's practical ability, enhance their patience, and stimulate creative thinking.

    Silver Bullet Metal DIY Model Kit – $43.96 after promo code; originally $54

    Crafted from 90 pieces, this replica of a classic Silver Bullet sports car is the ultimate in retro cool. Builders will assemble an actual vehicle, crafting the wind-up mechanism that makes the model's engine gears turn and actually go. 


    Crowtail Starter Kit For Micro:bit 2.0 – $71.99 after promo code; originally $89

    Circuits and tiny robots are fun, but if you want to actually create a pocket-sized computer, this kit is for you. The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that can be used to create everything from robots to musical instruments, with minimal coding know-how. This starter kit explores projects like controlling an LED, obstacle detection, automatic watering, and more.

    Elecrow Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit – $87.19 after promo code; originally $108

    Meanwhile, the Raspberry Pi is one of the most powerful single-board computers on the market, so this guide takes users through everything the mini marvel can do. This kit includes a Pi 3B+, an LCD touchscreen, WiFi adapter, and other components to create some amazing new projects.

    7" Capacitive Touch Screen with 2MP Camera for Raspberry Pi 2/3B/3B+ – $55.99 after promo code; originally $79

    Rather than a bundle, you can also get this deal on a 7-inch portable HDMI LCD monitor that works with virtually all systems, including the latest Raspberry Pi 3B+, BB Black, Banana Pi, and other mainstream mini PCs. It's even got capacitive touch control that makes a Pi into something closer to an iPad.

    CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit – $176.79 after promo code; originally $239

    If you really want to go all-in on the Pi, this Kickstarter-created full-service Pi collection can get any user up and rolling in a million new directions. The set includes a motor, buttons, a camera, and more for taking Raspberry Pi projects to a whole new level.

    SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi 4 – $83.96 after promo code; originally $115

    There's no better way to cement Raspberry Pi, robotics, and programming training than building a smart car. This open-source robot learning kit lets even young builders create a camera-equipped car in 4 to 5 hours, then control it via PC, mobile phone, or tablet. Users can practically feel their skills growing as a project like this comes together.

    Make your own

    Nibble: Educational DIY Game Console – $63.96 after promo code; originally $79

    This package includes everything needed–tools and all–to create a handheld retro gaming console that works like gangbusters. Once it's assembled (even including some basic soldering), you can play any of the four retro games that come preloaded, or jump in and start following instructions to start coding new games of your own creation.

    Ringo DIY Mobile Phone Kit and Tools – $143.96 after promo code; originally $194

    Any kid wants their own phone. And, with this collection, they'll have all the pieces for constructing a mobile phone that can actually support calls and texts, playing games, and more. It even works on virtually any of the popular mobile networks worldwide.

    Big ticket gifts

    Mand Labs Electronic Series DIY Kit – $115.96 after promo code; originally $149

    The KIT-1 assortment includes over 50 projects to be assembled from over 130 different components. Armed with all these circuits, sensors, LEDs, and more, each lesson shows users how to build cool stuff from an automatic night lamp, to an IR security alarm, to a DC motor.

    SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle – $155.99 after promo code; originally $320

    3D printing is coming into its own – and new users couldn't find a better introduction to the process. With the SparkMaker printer and a three resin starter kit, all it takes is a pre-loaded design on an SD card and one touch of the print button for creations to spring to life.

    Autonomous Vehicle Kit – $159.98 after promo code; originally $249

    This STEM project doesn't just instruct users how to build a mini truck. It's actually a self-driving truck. Young builders are tasked with the big project of puzzling out how to program their new creation to make the truck's robot brain understand how to drive itself.

    oneTeslaTS DIY Musical Coil Kit – $319.99 after promo code; originally $449

    Now for something completely different…this project lets you build an uber-strange, yet ultra-compelling Tesla coil. It arcs electricity at the same time that it lets users make other-worldly music. If you want to win the holidays for the most absolutely unexpected gift ever, this is a prime contender.

    And finally…

    BONDIC Starter Kit + Extra Refill – $11.99 after promo code; originally $24

    Bondic might be the DIY answer for fixing…well, practically anything! Shape the liquid plastic to repair, or even replace, any broken or missing pieces, swipe the UV light over it, and it instantly hardens into place. It's like duct tape for the 21st century.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Here are the 20 best selling e-learning bundles around for $20 or less for Black Friday

    Chances are, there's a new skill you want to possess. A task you want to complete. A career plateau you'd like to reach. It's not often that Black Friday is anything other than a national celebration of rampant consumerism. But, right now is when Black Friday starts working for you.

    That's because we pulled together the 20 best-selling bundles of course training we've got. All the biggies are represented here, from coding and app design to IT, cloud computing, and digital marketing. There's even training here on how to DJ. All these instructional superstars are assembled for Black Friday – and now, they're each an additional 70% off.

    When you enter the code BFSAVE70 during your purchase, you'll drop the price on each of these down to $20. In many cases, even under $10. Now is the time to strike. Load up, save 'em, but get 'em now. This chance won't come again until…well, maybe next Black Friday.

    Be a web creator

    The 2020 Learn to Code Full Stack Developer Certification Bundle – $11.70 after promo code; originally $1,650

    Even if you're just learning to program, this nine-course, 50+ hour package can be your ticket to a six-figure position as a full stack developer. Taught by top-rated instructors like Rob Percival and John Elder, this training digs into starter coding disciplines like PHP, HTML, and databases.

    The 2020 Java Bootcamp Bundle – $10.80 after promo code; originally $990

    An immersive beginner-friendly exploration of all things Java, this collection features 10 courses covering everything from basic syntax and commands to creating actual Java programs in the world's most used computer coding language.

    The Certified Cisco Power User Bundle – $12 after promo code; originally $995

    Companies have to have a knowledgeable, experienced network admin overseeing all their tech – and this collection includes five courses that cover all the ins and outs of Cisco hardware and software. The training is all focused on teaching users to pass the world networking giant's most critical certification exams.

    The iOS 14 and SwiftUI Bootcamp Bundle – $7.50 after promo code; originally $600

    App builders all want their work available on the iPhone – and SwiftUI is Apple's coding pathway for making that happen. This three-course package includes almost 44 hours of instruction in the most up-to-date methods and tools for building Apple-sanctioned apps and widgets that will succeed in the Apple App Store and attract downloads.

    The Android Jetpack and App Development Certification Bundle – $8.70 after promo code; originally $1,000

    But, SwiftUI isn't the only way to build an app. This 5-course, 41-hour training bundle explores other primary app-building tools as users craft their own Twitter and Tinder clone, using resources like Java, Kotlin, and Jetpack.

    The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle – $6.30 after promo code; originally $1,200

    Data analysis is one of the hottest business and hiring trends in decades – but that all starts with understanding how to collect, store, and organize that data in databases. Over these six courses, students learn all about that critical skill-set through tools and platforms like SQL Lite, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rest API, and Oracle SQL.

    The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle – $10.50 after promo code; originally $799

    Where data analysis begins, artificial intelligence and the mechanics of computer science and machine learning continue. These four courses include over 90 hours of training to explain how understanding Python and critical tools like TensorFlow are helping machines learn to think for themselves.

    IT counts

    The Complete 2020 CompTIA Certification Training Bundle – $20.70 after promo code; originally $3,486

    In IT, little matters more than earning the pinnacle of a web pro's learning, a CompTIA certification. This bundle of 14 courses unleashes more than 300 hours of coursework that can get users ready to ace CompTIA exams and scoop up armloads of their highly prized credentials in fields like networking, security, cloud systems, and more.

    The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp – $10.50 after promo code; originally $1,200

    Speaking of the cloud, top admins have to understand how to build, manage, grow, and protect a company's entire digital network based in the cloud. Over six courses and 32 hours of training, students explore all the features for doing just that, as provided by the world's largest cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    The Ultimate 2020 White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle – $11.97 after promo code; originally $1,345

    Knowing how to find, fix, and defend network vulnerabilities while identifying and neutralizing malicious hackers trying to exploit those weaknesses is the key to a six-figure job as a white-hat hacker. These 10 courses with nearly 100 hours of instruction go deep on cybersecurity, penetration testing, malware, and how to protect against all manner of digital threats.

    Yay, science!

    The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle – $8.70 after promo code; originally $1,195

    With this package of nine courses featuring more than 60 hours of instructions, you'll earn a solid foundation in math topics that can set someone up for a high-paying engineering job. Algebra, applied calculus, and even data science may not seem quite so scary after this training.

    The Electrical and Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle – $18 after promo code; originally $1,287

    Electrical engineering is an evergreen career path – and, with the 13 courses collected in this bundle, you'll have the background to get into this lucrative job sector. From basic circuitry to designing electrical systems to even understanding how a substation works, this package has everything you need to get started.

    The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle – $15 after promo code; originally $2,391

    This Raspberry Pi microcomputer can serve as the electronic brain for hosts of amazing electronics and robotics projects. This 15-course collection outlines several, featuring nearly 40 hours of training that includes specific Pi and robotics projects users can tackle, like building their own smart dustbin, a security camera, a GPS tracking system, and more.

    App mastery

    The Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Certification Bundle – $10.20 after promo code; originally $1,600

    When it comes to photography and image editing, there's nothing like Adobe Photoshop. This collection of eight courses covers basic through expert-level training in how to get the most from Adobe's premiere photo manipulation tool, including layers, color, retouching, and challenges for shooting everything from landscapes to lingerie.

    The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle Ft. Alan Jarvis and Chris Dutton – $12 after promo code; originally $1,732

    Guided by certified Excel experts, this 10-course bundle gets inside this still vital data management app. Even novice users will get comfortable with everything from basic commands to complex operations like data plotting, auto calculation, macros, visualizations, and more.

    More killer skills

    The Ultimate Google Ads and SEO Certification Bundle – $15 after promo code; originally $1,791

    Digital marketing is the key to business success in 2020 and beyond – and that means understanding how to reach customers in the virtual space. With nine courses covering nearly 30 hours, digital entrepreneurs get the complete download on everything from how to land at the top of search rankings, to how to ensure the best reach for Google ad campaigns.

    The Official Unity Game Development Bundle – $7.50 after promo code; originally $800

    With over four courses and more than 40 hours of training, you can build awesome video games. From learning C# programming, to understanding Unity's ultra-powerful Unreal game engine, to building games with the scope, and grandeur of a Hollywood production, the training is all right here.

    The Premium DJing and Music Production Bootcamp ft. Ableton and Logic Pro X – $15 after promo code; originally $1,791

    This collection includes nine courses covering almost 56 hours, breaking down three of the most popular Digital Audio Workstation packages around, including the powerhouse Mac-based Pro Logic X and its esteemed competitor, Ableton Live 10. With this know-how, you'll have insight into the songwriting, recording, production, and distribution of creating your own music your way.

    The Complete 2020 Learn to Design Certification Bundle – $11.70 after promo code; originally $2,000

    With this package of 10 immersive courses, a designer will have a full command of all the most popular software and graphic approaches to make any project come to life. That includes key Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more, as well as foundational programming skills in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

    The Speed Reading Mastery Bundle – $6.30 after promo code; originally $1,200

    Over these six courses, you'll learn how to retrain your brain, hike up your reading speed, and actually retain more of what you read. With the aid of these steps, plus some incredibly helpful memory training, you could run through 300 different books in 2021 – and remember it all.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Save 75% on this Google Assistant-enabled smartwatch ahead of Black Friday

    Early adopters of wearables like smartwatches bought them because they were just a cool and new thing. After that opening wave, more traditional buyers joined in, many driven by the device's novel fitness and health-monitoring capabilities. 

    But, in 2020, keeping tabs on your health through your smartwatch isn't just a novel idea anymore. For many, it's downright essential. In the wake of COVID-19, a Samsung executive said worldwide wearables sales have spiked by 30 percent this year, fueled by their health-monitoring functions. 

    The TicWatch Sport Smartwatch, created by Mobvoi, is centered around Google's Wear OS, allowing the watch to sync seamlessly with the entire network of Google's wearable fitness and informational services and apps. 

    Working hand-in-hand with the Google Fit app, the most critical feature in this wearable is its heart-rate monitor, registering the wearer's heart rate in real time with a built-in PPG sensor. Along with that vital data, the watch also handles all the activity tracking we've come to expect from a wrist device like this, including a distance tracker and a step counter for measuring walks. It's all based around an integrated GPS antenna, which improves the tracking accuracy.

    While users will enjoy the vitality of the health features, the TicWatch still packs in all the rest of the smartwatch hallmarks that daily users demand. When synced through your phone, Android users can make and receive calls, reply to messages, get news notifications, and even stream music through the device.

    This award-winning design sports an active bezel display and a breathable watch band that comes in handy during workouts. And, just in case those workouts are happening in less than perfect conditions, the watch is also IP67 water-resistant.

    In addition to the TicWatch Sport's already discounted price, you can also take an additional 20% off your total by entering the promo code BFSAVE20 during checkout, as well as for other products site-wide for a limited time. That drops your total for this watch down to only $63.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Step up your video-call game with these five HD webcams on sale for up to 90% off

    With so many of us sticking around the house and working from home, webcams have taken on an elevated importance. And, when we're all trying to look our best on Zoom video conferences and Skype sessions with family and friends, the capabilities of those tiny cams start to matter.

    While many computers have built-in webcams to facilitate video chat, you'll quickly find that most are bare-bones, in terms of features and quality. Since 2021 is going to demand more than bare-bones, take a look at five stellar HD webcam options that get it right, all now on sale at early Black Friday prices. 

    On top of their already-hefty discounts, you can also save an extra 20% off your total, on these products as well as others site-wide, when you use the promo code BFSAVE20 when you complete your purchase.

    TEZL 1080P HD Webcam with Privacy Cover – $23.99; originally $99

    With security being essential these days, why should you have to put a piece of masking tape over your high-tech camera lens to ensure some privacy? TEZL thinks you shouldn't have to, which is why they equipped their camera with a handy privacy cover. Of course, this camera doesn't skimp on the meat and potatoes either, packing a 1" x 2.7" 2MP image sensor and 3.6M lens for sterling clear images in sharp 1080p HD resolution. It has a fabulous picture, even in dim or poorly lit settings, and the built-in mic even has automatic noise reduction to cut out all that background sound that disrupts your session.

    1080p USB Webcam – $31.99; originally $54

    If you're constantly hopping from Skype, Twitch, Zoom, Teams, and every other video conferencing platform, this camera can slide into any of those environments like a glove. 

    Along with 1080p widescreen resolution, this USB-connected webcam also shoots at 30 frames per second, an improvement from the standard 24, that offers images that are more crisp and colorful, and with improved contrast over competitors. Part of that also comes from the built-in image optimization function that automatically adjusts saturation, contrast, white balance, and exposure to make your shot perfect.

    iPM W9 1080p Full HD Webcam – $26.36; originally $49

    This high-definition cam from iPM is strictly plug-and-play, with no drivers needed to immediately get a great image. In addition to its 30FPS frame rate, the W9 also comes with a multifunctional base that allows you to fix it securely to your computer monitor, with the screw hold in the bottom so you can even set it up on its own tripod. It also has a built-in noise reduction microphone, which automatically eliminates background noise and clearly captures sound within 15 to 20 feet.

    iPM W10 1080p Full HD Plug and Play Webcam – $33.59; originally $59

    Unlike most cameras, the W10 isn't stuck in just one position. It's got full 360-degree rotation abilities, so you can point it up and down, side to side, and all the way around with no trouble. The high-definition lens brings true-color images to their full radiance at a frame rate of up to 30FPS for smoother, cleaner photos. The driver-free, plug-and-play design supports all the most popular computer operating systems, and it integrates easily with all the biggest streaming and conferencing services.

    iPM W11 1080p Super-HD Plug and Play Webcam – $46.39; originally $79

    In case you're worried that someone might be hijacking your video stream, the W11 comes with a convenient LED lighting system that lets you know, at a glance, if your stream is up and running or not. Those indicators will keep you in the loop so you're never broadcasting without your intent. This unit also has all the included features and abilities of its fellow iPM cams, including 1080p resolution, a noise reduction mic to squelch background sound, an easily mountable base, and a 110-degree viewing angle that allows you to get more objects in the frame at once.

    Prices are subject to change.

  • These DIY drones combine STEM training with serious fun at Black Friday prices

    For the past few years, we've all seen it. Drones are a hot item. The allure of launching one of these crafts into the air and running it through its aerial paces is visceral. And, they're a whole lot of fun.

    But figuring out what type of drone is right for each type of potential pilot does require a little bit of thought. If you're turning controls over to a novice, it needs to be a craft with simplified operations–and it better be sturdy enough to survive a few mistakes. 

    If your new flyer is a child, do you only consider the fun a drone can offer, or do you lean into the teaching moment of it all as well? Should you offer up a gift that's as much about science, engineering, and aerodynamics as it is about actual flying?

    The team behind Force Flyers are clearly in the informative camp. But, they haven't forgotten that the play of flying can't get lost in the experience. That's why the company based in Columbus, Ohio has created a whole line of Building Block Drones–tiny crafts that mesh the worlds of STEM training and real aerial fun together.

    Each of these kits is like a cross between a Lego set and science class. At their core, these toys are fundamentally still flying machines, each with its own six axis gyro and auto flight stabilization. But, since these flying machines are assembled with blocks in a host of different configurations, builders are going to have to be willing to learn a thing or two about aerodynamics, weight distribution, and the sciences that govern flight if they want to get it up in the air.

    Whether indoors or out, each flies with its own digital proportional control for true precision flying with a maximum range of nearly 250 feet. They're also able little stunt crafts as well, capable of pulling off maneuvers like 360-degree flips with no problem. Just charge one up with its easy USB port, and pilots can enjoy their flying time. That's assuming they put the drone together correctly, of course.

    The flagship of the line is the Heli, which is a very traditional quadcopter design. 

    Then there's also the Fly and Drive collection, featuring four vehicles, which can be configured as both a drone and also a ground vehicle to maximize their playability. They each come with their own unique color schemes, accessories, and tiny figures, from the space flyer and auto racer models, to drones built for police officers, firefighters, and even the military.

    Finally, there's also a Space Fighters collection, including another four crafts that look like they may have been inspired by a certain popular film series. Whether you like the look of the Star Destroyer or the Snow Speeder, the Sidewinder or the Command Shuttle, each is ready to hit the skies and defend the galaxy…or at least, your living room.

    Each Building Block Drone retails for $40, but when you use the promo code BFSAVE20 at checkout, you can get access to early Black Friday prices for only $27.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This CBD-infused coffee is the perfect blend of Arabica goodness and cannabinoids

    The walls are coming down. Not long ago, CBD was inextricably tied to its cannabis roots, prompting unsubstantiated alarm that any CBD-infused product was basically like doing hard drugs.

    Thankfully, the world is growing up from that viewpoint–and quickly. The New York State Department of Health recently relaxed restrictions on CBD products, particularly food and drinks with CBD additives. Meanwhile, the European Union Court of Justice ruled that CBD isn't a narcotic, and that CBD products are free to cross national borders like any other product.

    While coffee drinkers already rely on their morning cup to kick their day into gear, new CBD-infused blends like Bean and Bud Balance Coffee can do more than jumpstart the day–it can actually set it off in the right direction.

    Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, this brew presents an invigorating blend of the highest quality coffee beans from one of the most coffee-rich regions of the world. These coffee beans grow on the El Diamante Farm in Guatemala, a single-origin spot that cultivates the unique methods for infusing this coffee with industrial CBD, but never losing the grain's genuine properties.

    In addition to the rich coffee blend that includes highlights of pear, brown sugar, and even a floral hint, users don't get any artificial flavors or additives. But, they do get a 160mg total potency dose of THC-free CBD for all the natural health and body wellness issues that the cannabis extract can offer. 

    First, the naturally calming effects of CBD help counteract the effects of coffee caffeine, so even after your third cup of the day, you never feel wired or jolted full of energy. And, while the full effects of CBD are still under scientific review, many users say it's anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties–not to mention its effects on treating disorders like depression or anxiety–are profound.

    Regularly priced at $24, this offer cuts the price of an 8 oz. supply of Bean and Bud Balance Coffee down to just $20.95.

    Prices subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • The TreePod hanging cabana is where the outdoors crosses with modern art

    Look, anybody can buy a set of lawn chairs. Being functional is one thing, but if you really want to turn your home or backyard into a true oasis away from the world, then you need to think beyond functionality.

    Starting with a cabana inspired by the New York Museum of Modern Art is definitely a step toward the iconic outdoor setting you're trying to build. The TreePod Outdoor Cabana is just that type of eye-catching accessory that can not only elevate any back porch ambiance, but even give your outdoor travel excursions a touch of unique flair.

    More than 1,300 backers on Kickstarter contributed over $300,000 to bring this next level hammock to reality, providing cool, yet portable comfort virtually anywhere. 

    This silver mesh cabana looks so sleek and modern because it is! Inspired by the Magis Spun Chair featured in the New York MoMA, it offers an open 360-degree view, the comfort of a luxurious bungalow, along with the calming floating experience of sitting in a hammock.

    All you have to do is find the perfect hanging point, set up the frame, and secure the hanging rope, and the entire dangling lounger comes together in a matter of minutes.

    Each pod is built to last using UV-treated and water-resistant materials. The mesh walls keep airflow circulating, while also providing enough strength to hold up to 500lbs, so you don't have to just enjoy maximum relaxation on your own. But, if you want to hog it all for yourself…well, that's understandable.

    Plus, TreePod's partnership with Trees for the Future ensures a new tree will be planted thanks to your TreePod purchase. 

    The TreePod Outdoor Cabana comes in three different sizes, with diameters of 4, 5, and 6 feet, and in several different colors to match your particular aesthetic. Retailing for $250, a 4-foot TreePod is now on sale for over 15% off, cutting your price down to only $209.99

    Prices subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • This highly-rated massage therapy gun just went on sale for 65% off ahead of Black Friday

    Massage guns and their vibration therapy techniques have been surging in popularity the past few years. They hyper-target specific muscle groups in need of relaxation, while becoming staples on training tables. 

    Exalted by tons of professional athletes, percussion massagers like the Actigun 2.0 are designed to provide a powerful deep tissue massage that can relieve pain and soreness in a matter of minutes.

    While rapid vibration is the hallmark of most handheld massagers, the Actigun 2.0 doesn't just get by on its percussive power. This unit features an AI smart chip that allows the Actigun to intelligently gauge the reaction of your muscles to the treatment. Based on its digital intel, the gun can automatically lower or heighten the strength of the vibrations to match what those muscles need to recover faster.

    The Actigun 2.0 has a lot of room to change the nature of the massage as well, including 20 different adjustable speed settings. Ranging from 1,800 up to 4,200 percussions per minute, users can find just the right setting needed to break up soreness and pain. It also comes with four different massaging heads, targeted for different muscle groups, from the neck and spine, to the arms and thighs, to one designed just for joint injuries.

    It's also designed for simplicity, with a shock-resistant ergonomic handle that minimizes external vibration, along with a durable anti-slip grip for added comfort and usability. The whole thing only weighs about 1.5 lbs., so it's also easy to take with you virtually everywhere, with a battery ready to deliver up to four hours of continuous massaging magic.

    Shoppers looking for the Actigun 2.0 Percussion Massager are also in luck, thanks to early Black Friday pricing. For a limited time, this unit, along with its carrying case, are on sale at 65% off the regular price, down to only $104.97.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Get MacBooks, iMacs, AirPods Pro, and other killer Apple products at Black Friday prices

    Apple isn't often associated with super Black Friday deals. The company has long adopted a no-discount pricing strategy, maintaining their products at the same price all the time. But, while the Cupertino clan has historically been sales-averse, it doesn't mean you can't ever find discounts on even their most popular products.

    One loophole to that strategy is with refurbished Apple merchandise. Older Apple computers, tablets, and more are routinely cleaned, restored to factory specs, and sold as refurbished. In fact, you can now get loads of premium Apple devices and accessories now at Black Friday style prices.


    If you're an Apple shopper looking for a desktop-style computer that's ready to go with all the needed equipment right out of the box, then the iMac is your jam. As the company's flagship desktop, it comes with striking processing power from its Intel Core i5 chip, a sufficiently beefy 8GB of memory for heavy multitasking, and a positively cavernous 1TB of hard drive space. Whether you go with the 21.5-inch display or go for the larger 27-inch Thunderbolt display, each is certified to work as well or better than when it was new–and at hundreds of dollars off its regular retail price.

    Mac Minis

    If you want to go Mac, but already have your own monitor (or even have plans to use it with your big screen TV), the Mac Mini has a lot of benefits. The Mini features all the innovation and utility Apple is known for, but in an incredibly compact frame you can play virtually anywhere near a display. Ready to handle all your basic computing tasks at a more affordable price, this refurbished Mac Mini delivers outstanding performance. Grab yourself a monitor, a keyboard and mouse–and you're all set.

    MacBook Airs

    If you're over the whole desktop thing and only want a computer you can cart around with you practically anywhere, then you should give the MacBook Air laptop a second look. Weighing in at around 3 pounds, there's a reason they're called "Air", even though they sport Intel processors and enough might to blast through work, school, travel, and leisure projects with distinction. You can score all of the features of a premier laptop from these various ultra-slim refurbished MacBook Air models for only a fraction of what you'd pay buying it new.

    MacBook Pros

    If the MacBook Airs are built to be light, breezy, and portable, then MacBook Pro owners are willing to trade a little extra heft for a little more raw computing power. Still, the Pro remains thinner and lighter than most other notebooks, housing a speedy Core i5 processor, ample storage, and 4GB RAM. Users also get fast Wi-Fi connectivity for on-the-go browsing, as well as up to 7 hours of use time.

    Mice and keyboards

    With a genuine Apple computer, you better have genuine Apple components to round out the picture. And nothing completes the image better than an Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Apple Magic Keyboard. The Magic Mouse 2 syncs automatically, tracks perfectly, and glides with less resistance than other mice. And, with its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it lasts for weeks and weeks without needing a recharge.

    Meanwhile, the extended layout and numeric keypad, complete document navigation controls, and full-size arrow keys of the Bluetooth-compatible Magic Keyboard will streamline all your work and play. You'll also likely appreciate the stable scissor mechanism beneath each key, the optimized key travel, the low profile, and the rechargeable battery that's also built to last about 30 days before another charge. 

    AirPods and EarPods

    Tom's Guide calls 'em "the ultimate wireless earbuds." And, the latest edition of Apple's signature earbuds, the AirPods Pro, don't miss a step. Ultra-compact, lightweight, sweatproof, and comfortable enough to wear for hours, they bring a custom-built high-excursion, low-distortion driver that delivers powerful bass, active noise cancellation, and even a transparency mode that lets users hear what's happening around them. Along with touch-sensitive stem controls, these buds also sport a listening time of up to 30 hours with the charging case.

    While the AirPods Pro have swiped their crown, that's no reason to fully dismiss Apple's previous audio king, the EarPods. The speakers inside the EarPods have been engineered to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means high-quality audio no matter what you're listening to. From old school connectivity with a 3.5mm plug-in variety, to updated versions with Lightning connections for the latest iPhones and iPads, EarPods don't disappoint.

    Charging cables

    Apple cables are like Pringles– you can't have just one. Whether you want to use these 2-meter USB 2.0 cables to hook your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a device's USB port for syncing, or to an Apple USB Power Adapter for charging from a wall outlet, the six-foot stretch of these connectors will likely come in handy. And while you can buy just one, you'll save exponentially by buying in bulk, with either a 3-pack or a 10-pack to make sure you're always in reach of quick charging capabilities.

    Since the Apple Watch has always marched to the beat of its own drummer, charging-wise, you can also pick up a 6-footer for powering up that wearable as well. It's equipped with MagSafe technology, a sealed system that delivers inductive charging to the watch with no possibility of exposed contact. That means it properly aligns itself every time for a charging connection.

    Charging accessories

    If you want to get power to your iPhone, iPad or other Apple device from a wall outlet, you need one of these power adapters. Featuring an ultra-compact design, this cube will funnel fast, efficient charging to any Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPod model…if you've also got an Apple charging cable too, of course. If you don't, you can also pick up the adapter and cable together. And, pro tip–right now, it's cheaper to buy the set than to just score the adapter on its own.

    Finally, if you'd like to keep your iPhone nearby, on a desk or nightstand while it charges, these Apple Lightning docks are a perfect fit. Depending on your model of iPhone, you can even get a dock to match your device–because there's no excuse for poor color coordination, even in charging.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Black Friday is dropping by early this year for huge savings on 30 great items

    For the Black Friday lovers out there, we understand this year is going to be hard for you. All the old rules about scouting doorbuster deals, camping out, and planning your post-Thanksgiving shopping tactics are no more this year. 

    But don't worry – just because there's no physical doorbusting going on this year doesn't mean you can't be digitally doorbusting with the same gusto. In fact, you could start ripping those metaphorical doors off their cyber hinges right now thanks to armloads of Black Friday pricing that's already gone into effect on hundreds of items.

    To help get you started, here are 30 great gift options that are already being discounted heavily for all those anxious holiday buyers.

    Enjoy the great outdoors

    TRNDlabs Spectre Drone – $49.97; originally $149

    Here's the gift that will be the first one eagerly plucked out of its box during gift unwrapping. The Spectre's four high-speed propellers, guided by 6-axis gyro sensitivity, make it the most power-packed drone TRNDlabs has ever developed. New pilots can zip through the air and even pull off crazy aerobatic maneuvers with brilliant control and stability. Plus, the on-board HD camera can record the entire adventure.

    Jetson Eris Electric Scooter – $369.97; originally $499

    If you don't need to drive, this scooter is the perfect alternative. The peppy 250-watt motor can carry you as many as 12 miles at up to 14 mph, even on hills and inclines. The entire vehicle folds up for storage or transport, and there's even a detachable phone holder so you can check maps or jam out to music as you zip along.

    Car Dash Cam with Wi-Fi and App – $30.97; originally $119

    This cam captures crisp, clear 1080p HD-quality video in brightest day or darkest night lighting conditions. Meanwhile, the built-in G-sensor features motion detection technology that activates whenever the car accelerates or decelerates quickly, and makes sure the video gets saved correctly. It's even small enough to mount unobtrusively on your windshield so everything gets captured just as it happens.

    Carsule Pop-Up Cabin for Your Car – $237.97; originally $379

    Just attach this to the back of any vehicle with an upward raising tailgate, and you've effectively connected a nearly full-sized room to the back of your car or truck. At over six feet high, and with room for the whole family, this smart, Kickstarter-funded creation with UV protective coating, waterproof flooring, and easy pop-up assembly is great for camping or just sitting outside and admiring the great outdoors from virtually any location.

    High Definition Monocular Telescope – $34.97; originally $54

    Binoculars are so big and bulky to carry around, but this monocular telescope offers the same intense magnification so you can see it all, in a lightweight, compact package. With grand 50×60 magnification, it delivers 50×60 magnification, fully coated optics, and BAK4 prisms for precise viewing at sporting events, concerts, or even admiring the world around you.

    Big kid toys

    PhiGolf: Mobile and Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick – $190; originally $249 

    Since staying at home has become the new norm, this state-of-the-art golf simulator is the next best thing. With the WGT Golf app streaming to your TV, your actual golf swing dictates gameplay, sensing your motions, and digitally replicating your shot just like you hit it off a real tee. Portable, and easy-to-set-up on the go, you can save $59 off the regular price by using the coupon code GOLF10 at checkout.

    PIQO Powerful 1080p Mini Projector – $214.97; originally $799

    This 1080p HD resolution protector can turn any wall into a big screen. Connect it to your favorite devices via WiFi or Bluetooth and the 200 lumen bulb beams your HD-quality movies, television, web videos, or even video games onto surfaces up to a massive 20 feet across. It's also got built-in speakers and battery life for up to 5 hours of viewing.

    Prima 1080p HD Pocket Projector – $299.97; originally $799

    At four times the brightness of other portable projectors, from a frame less than 6 inches high, you can watch your favorite media projected at over 16 feet across on any surface. And, with its Android-powered, 64-bit quad-core processor, you can access the Google Play Store, download apps, and stream directly from Prima. 

    Get to work

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1" 16GB (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only) – $110.97; originally $220

    Got a youngster screaming for a tablet? Buy certified refurbished to get a model that runs like new, but won't ultimately cost you a retail price if they accidentally break it or drop it in the pool. This Galaxy Tab fits the bill beautifully, with a 10.1-inch display, WiFi connectivity, and 16GB of storage to help tackle any project. Plus, the 6,800mAh battery keeps running for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

    TourBox: The Ultimate Controller for Creators – $129.97; originally $169

    The TourBox was made for video, graphics, and photo editors who need pinpoint control and the option to sprint through slow, repetitive tasks easily. With 11 different buttons and three dials, each can be programmed for the specific operations you need, whether you're working with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, or another digital creation app. 

    Mobile Pixels Duex Pro Portable Dual Monitor – $179.99; originally $249

    If you want to replicate that perfect dual monitor setup you had back in your work office, at home or on the road, the Duex has you covered. Just attach this retractable 1080p monitor to the back of your laptop screen and you've got a completely portable second screen with 270-degree rotation to help boost your productivity and allow for efficient multitasking. Make sure to use the coupon code SAVEDUEXPRO at checkout to get the Duex for $69 off.

    Your home is your castle

    Hombli Smart Indoor Camera – $34.97; originally $99

    This camera makes it easy to help keep your home, family, and belongings protected and safe 24/7/365. With brilliant 1080p HD quality video recordings, as well as night-vision capabilities and 2-way audio features, this cam does it all. Plus, the Hombli Smart Life app lets you see and access everything from the camera via your phone from anywhere, anytime.

    XC Security Camera – $39.97; originally $59

    This 2019 Red Dot award winner has all the cool camera features you need, plus a few extras that are really nice to have, too. On top of high-quality 1080p resolution video, a wide-angle lens, and a complete 360-degree panning radius, you can also see everything clearly, even in dim to no light, with the unit's premium night-vision abilities. Compatible with Alexa to field voice commands, it'll also send you alerts to your smartphone if the camera detects any abnormal motion or sound.

    Cybovac E30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – $189.97; originally $249

    Nobody enjoys vacuuming…which is why this unit takes that chore right off your hands. The Cybovac E30 robot vacuum uses three cleaning modes and high-precision infrared sensors to leave all of your floors immaculate. With Gyroptic smart navigation, the E30 cleans your home in an accurate zig-zag route with a 30% increased cleaning efficiency.

    Jashen V18 350W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – $169.97; originally $350

    This ultra-portable vacuum from Jashen is supercharged to suction even hard-to-reach areas of dirt and stains in your carpet with ruthless efficiency. This unit also comes with the uber-useful smart dirt sensor that actually gauges how dirty the floor is, and balances exactly how much power to use without overexerting and wasting unnecessary energy.

    What your kitchen deserves

    Ronco 20-Piece Knife Set with Hardwood Block – $54.97; originally $74.99

    No kitchen can function without a quality set of knives, so this collection takes care of all of your food prep cutting needs in one swift stroke. A chef knife, paring knives, bread and cheese slicers, and a full set of six steak knives, each high-carbon stainless steel blade maintains an ultra-sharp edge any culinary creator requires. And, they all fit perfectly into the wood knife block for a beautiful aesthetic in your kitchen.

    Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable 6 QT Pressure Cooker – $79.97; originally $99

    With 15 instant touch microprocessor cooking programs, it's easy to see why Oprah Winfrey picked this as one of her Favorite Things in 2019. This all-around cooker does it all; from slow and pressure cooking, to sautéing and steaming. Cakes, rice, eggs, and even yogurt are practically the push of a button away–faster than other cookers.

    Yedi 6.8Qt Evolution Air Fryer – $109.97; originally $129

    The Evolution could lead to a whole new healthy way of cooking in your kitchen. While its 360-degree stainless steel, ultra-compact design should fit in seamlessly, the real brilliance comes with the 8 preset programs, the extra-large quart-sized cooking capacity, and the way air frying can cut the calories in chicken, fries and everything else you fry by up to 80%.

    Gourmia GCM7800 Brewdini 5-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $110.97; originally $149

    Even though cold brew coffee usually takes up to 24 hours to do it right, speed is absolutely no problem for the Brewdini. With its innovative vacuum technology, this maker whips up a cold brew extremely fast. In fact, you'll have a smooth, creamy, frothy cup in your hands in as little as 120 seconds. 

    Townew: The World's First Self-Sealing and Changing Trash Can – $94.97; originally $119

    Until we get a kitchen vaporizer that disintegrates waste completely, the Townew is the next best thing. Just fill up this 15-liter can with trash, push the button, and this can's thermoplastic sealing technology will seal up the bag for no drips, overflow, or smell. Then, when you take it out, the Townew actually replaces it with a new bag, all by itself.

    Around the house tech

    ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch – $34.97; originally $199

    Put your life and all your activities right on your wrist at all times. With 16 main functions like activity tracking, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, messaging and call notifications, alarms, and more, the ChronoWatch tracks and updates your entire world. Used with the Da Fit app on your phone, it's a brilliant fitness aid, allowing you to count steps, calories burned, your mileage, and your heart rate.

    Nix Mini Color Sensor V2 – $83.95; originally $99

    A designer's best friend, this ping-pong ball-sized lifesaver can quickly scan the color on any wall, clothing, furniture, or other object, consult the connected app, and match it to more than 100,000 paint colors or sRGB HEX, CMYK, or LAB colors. It's in perfect sync with leading paint brands like Benjamin Moore, Dulux, or Sherwin Williams to identify just what you're looking for when you walk into the paint store.

    Newyes Smart Pen Set: The Coolest Paperless and Digitized Set – $114.97; originally $180

    With the included ink cartridge, the Newyes can be used like any pen. But, use it with the special microdot patterned paper and this pen becomes a brainy little smart pen, capable of tracking all your writing, drawings, and more, then transferring all that information to a digital file for safe-keeping. 

    Actigun Percussion Massager – $64.97; originally $199

    Actigun 2.0 Percussion Massager – $127.95; originally $299

    Percussion massagers are all the rage among athletes and workout enthusiasts–and both versions of the Actigun can work wonders on tired, aching muscles. Both models incorporate Actigun's own AI smart chip, which intelligently gauges the state of your muscles, then issues just the right amount of percussive power to help soothe the region. The Actigun has six different massaging speeds, while the Actigun 2.0 ratchets that up to a full 20 different speeds, capable of providing relief in nearly any situation.

    Enhanced Listening

    Altec Lansing ALT-500 Turntable – $64.97; originally $150

    If you're all aboard the retro vinyl train, this turntable from Altec Lansing is truly the best of both worlds. The turntable and built-in stereo speakers can serve up LPs and 45s like back in the old days. Or, just connect the unit via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet, and let it play your music, 2020 style. If you want to up the power, it can also connect to a standalone Bluetooth speaker for additional umph.

    RokBlok: The World's Smallest Wireless Record Player V1.5 – $84.97; originally $99

    Know someone with a ton of old albums? Only 4 inches long, just set the RokBlok on the record, and watch the block turn around the vinyl, reading the grooves and playing the music through its built-in speaker. Or, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker and you've got a brilliant record player–without the turntable. It's so cool, you're gonna want one for yourself, too!

    EarFun Air True Wireless BT 5 Earbuds – $42.97; originally $99

    Powered by custom-built composite cellulose drivers for superior sound, and enhanced 4-microphone call technology, these earbuds, winners of both 2020 CES Innovation and iF Design awards, sound amazing. They also cancel noise from the world around you, featuring easy, intuitive touch controls, are fully water and sweat-resistant, and can run for up to 35 hours with the accompanying charging case. Plus, they're waterproof!

    Treblab X5 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – $49.97; originally $99

    Connectivity is no problem for the X5s, which pair instantly with any Apple or Android device via updated Bluetooth 5.0. Offering clear, crisp stereo-quality sound, thanks to its advanced 8.2mm drivers, as well as noise reduction and voice assistant capabilities, these earbuds are just as suited for getting you through workouts and your daily commute as they are sinking into your favorite chair in pure bliss.

    Treblab Z2 Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones – $74.97; originally $259

    The Z2's got their name for offering twice the sound quality, twice the battery life, and twice the convenience of its rivals, so these headphones, packed with Bluetooth 5.0, T-Quiet active noise cancellation, and advanced Sound2.0 technology bring a lot to the table. Plus, it isn't often you can find almost $200 in savings on elite headphones chosen as a premium Amazon Choice offering.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Save an extra 40% on this software that will help troubleshoot your WiFi issues

    The Dead Zone isn't just a great Stephen King novel. It's also that unfortunate area in your house where WiFi signals go to die. Dead zones may be caused by actual physical barriers in your home, like a wall or a refrigerator. It could be that the distance between your router and that particular spot is just too far. If you're in a dense urban living space, other routers and devices owned by your neighbors could be wreaking havoc, as well.

    No matter what causes the problem, you have only one concern: how to solve it. Dropped phone calls, poor loading speeds, and unwatchable streaming glitches can bring frustration to a whole new level of unbearable.

    WiFi isn't just a luxury anymore. It's a necessity. And, with a lifetime of NetSpot Home WiFi Analyzer service, you can be sure you and your home don't fall prey to those horrifying dead zones.

    NetSpot has been one of the leaders in diagnosing WiFi problems for the past decade, causing iMore to declare that "you won't find a better app for figuring out why your WiFi isn't working the way you need it to."

    Using the Mac-based app, users can create a hyper-detailed analysis of their entire environment. Whether it's a home, an office, or both, NetSpot's mapping feature conducts a thorough network site survey of the entire floorplan to determine where WiFi is booming, or where it's facing trouble.

    NetSpot's full "heat map" visualization report charts signal strength of literally every signal within range. In addition to the WiFi nodes, NetSpot also finds all that environmental "noise" that could be causing problems with WiFi strength, including microwaves, cordless phones, and even interference from competing WiFi networks. It identifies ways around dead zones and tells users exactly where to put WiFi range extenders to boost their signal strength, and whether radio channels are assigned properly.

    In addition to a home with maximum WiFi efficiency, this app access also includes lifetime updates, so you'll always have the latest tools for combatting any connectivity issues. 

    NetSpot Home WiFi Analyzer is usually priced at $68, but when you add the early access to Black Friday 40% savings on top of the already discounted price, you can secure this vital service for only $23.99. Just make sure to enter the promo code BFSAVE40 at checkout.

    Prices subject to change.

    Do you have your stay-at-home essentials? Here are some you may have missed.

  • This handy adapter ties your Nintendo Switch, smartphone, and Bluetooth headphones' audio together

    A kid in tech-savvy 2020 has a lot of plates to keep spinning. That avalanche of technology often requires making some difficult choices, like this one: what happens when you want to listen to music streaming from your phone and play a game on your Nintendo Switch? Since you're obviously going to be wearing headphones, and they can only sync to one source, which one do you choose?

    Tough call. Thankfully, the HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro for Nintendo Switch is now a part of the mix, allowing those conflicted users to just go with both instead.

    The HomeSpot plugs right into your Switch and offers an unprecedented level of audio control. In fact, it's the world's first Bluetooth adapter for the Switch that can connect to both Bluetooth headphones and a smartphone at the same time.

    And, it doesn't just connect both audio streams. It actually uses a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset along with an advanced DSP algorithm to let users mix both feeds. The blue button on the left controls the headphones, including microphone features and pairing, while the red button on the right controls playing and pausing music on the smartphone, as well as making and receiving calls.

    Separate volume level and mixing proportion controls offer supreme decision-making over your audio, letting users set just the balance they like.

    Yes, the HomeSpot is all about communication, offering voice chat support on the Switch that is usually spotty at best. While many games don't have a chat feature, and the Switch itself doesn't have a mic, the HomeSpot works to allow for voice chatting through the Nintendo Switch Online app.

    Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, the HomeSpot is an easy way to integrate the Switch with all your other tech devices, while perfectly balancing your optimal audio bubble.

    The HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro for Nintendo Switch retails for $49, but with the current offer, you can trick out your Switch now for just $42.99.

    Prices subject to change.

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  • These 5 highly-rated password managers are on sale for an extra 40% off ahead of Black Friday

    How many years has everyone been screaming about password security? Yet, even with all of the warnings, NordPass recently dropped the list of the most common passwords of 2020. And they're the same embarrassing assortment we see every year. The top 5 were: 123456, 123456789, picture1, 12345678, and the perennial favorite–password…sigh.

    You're obviously not one of these people. We assume you can't be. 

    However, password security really isn't a joke. So, if you have any questions about your online protection, do something about it. Right now, you can check out sale prices on five of the best password managers around and apps that can clean up your entire password game, while making sure you never fall prey to online crooks. And, not only are these five elite password managers on sale, you can even take an extra early Black Friday 40% off by using the promo code BFSAVE40 at checkout.

    Sticky Password Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $23.99 after coupon; originally $149

    With Sticky, you'll never need to struggle to remember a long or complicated password again. 

    This award-winning password management and form-filler solution protects your online identity with strong encrypted passwords on each and every one of your accounts, all managed by a single master password known only to you. It even has new biometric authentication features, making this PCMag Editors' Choice pick more secure than ever.

    Password Boss Premium: Lifetime Subscription (Unlimited Devices) – $20.99 after coupon; originally $499

    Once you set your master password, Password Boss goes to work, creating iron-clad passwords composed of randomized character strings for maximum security and ultimate peace of mind. This premium version of the popular free app also comes with a host of extra features, including online backups, 2-step verification, and unlimited, secure password sharing. It even allows you to combat data theft by deleting information from lost devices.

    NordPass Password Manager: 1-Yr Subscription – $17.99 after coupon; originally $59

    One of the all-time deans of online security, NordPass brings that experience as part of their full package of password protection abilities. At the same time, it also handles simple digital business we all face, like auto-filling details in all your online forms and logins. Their hardcore protection is built around the latest security practices and industry standards, including XChaCha20, zero-knowledge architecture, backups, and two-factor authentication. 

    Cyclonis Password Manager for Unlimited Devices: Lifetime Subscription – $17.40 after coupon; originally $180

    PC World called Cyclonis a password manager that "simplifies and organizes your online life." Secured by an end-to-end military grade AES-256 bit encryption algorithm, they safely store all your personal, payment, and login information in one highly-protected place. Cyclonis will even assess each of your passwords and give you an estimate of its strength. The user-friendly interface also makes updating and changing passwords incredibly simple.

    Enpass Password Manager – $8.99 after coupon; originally $36

    Since you weren't born to remember passwords, Enpass was. On PCMag's List of the best password managers of 2020, Enpass does it all, creating random, strong passwords while storing all your logins, credit card numbers, bank accounts, licenses, files, documents, and other sensitive information. You can even create multiple password vaults to separate your personal, family, and work data. It can sync to the cloud via all the most popular cloud services, and works on all mobile and desktop devices.

    Prices subject to change.

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