• 25 deals you definitely don't want to miss out on this weekend

    If you could make an adult wish-list, you'd probably burn your way through two or three notepads. While everything you need these days may not be within your budget, we have deals on 25 must-have gizmos and gadgets that definitely won't break the bank, giving you an excuse to treat yourself.

    Check out these deals on 25 must-have items! 

    AtomXS 3+ Hour Emergency Keychain Charger – $34.99; originally $49

    Thanks to this charger's 1,300mAh battery capacity, you can give your phone more than three hours of power when there's no outlet in sight. You can fit it right into your pocket or hang it on your keys. 

    HumBird Bone-Conducting Speaker – $26.95; originally $44

    Deemed the world's smallest and most versatile bone conduction speaker, you can create a unique listening experience no matter where you are. And at a price like this, you can easily use two of them to create real surround sound, and they'll last up to three hours per charge.

    Crave Curve Mini 5W Bluetooth Speaker – $34.99; originally $49

    At just three inches tall, this little speaker packs a powerful punch, providing you with 10 hours of continuous play that you can connect to any device via Bluetooth. You can even use it to take calls, hands-free, thanks to its built-in microphone.

    Artisan Citrus Juicer – $81; originally $90

    Enjoy fresh juice, free of pulp and seeds, with this exquisite artisan device that brings a touch of class to any countertop. Featured on MICHELIN Guide, Wedding Wire, Parade, and more, this thing can take your morning beverage, cocktail, and whatever else up a notch.

    Shyn Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with 8 Whitening Brush Heads, Charger, and Travel Case (Midnight Black) – $59.95; originally $170

    An award-winning electric toothbrush, this gizmo has been proven to effectively remove plaque and prevent gingivitis, complete with whitening care brush heads with unique diamond-shaped bristles that buff your teeth to shiny, white perfection. 

    BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer – $24.95; originally $39

    A fantastic alternative to chemical-heavy sprays and medications, this gadget uses heat and vibration technology to safely remove the sting and itch from pesky bug bites, and it's completely safe for everyone in the family to use. 

    VentiFresh Plus: Next Generation Germ & Odor Eliminator – $58.99; originally $84

    388% funded on Indiegogo, this little guy uses the same technology NASA uses to kill stinky odors without ever letting out any chemicals into the air. And thanks to its small, portable design, you can stick it in your gym locker, refrigerator, car, or wherever else odors wreak havoc.

    Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, & AirPods – $101.99; originally $146

    Get rid of unsightly clutter with this clever charging dock that can juice up your smartphone, AirPods case, and Apple Watch in one go. And since it charges your devices wirelessly and boasts a sleek, solid walnut exterior, this thing can make any tabletop look good. 

    The Original 16 Color Moon Lamp™ – $48; originally $55

    Whether it's an at-home movie night or a birthday party, this moon lamp lets you illuminate the room in any of its 16 programmed colors, even allowing you to dim it, all with the touch of a button. It's even safe to use in kids' rooms.

    Stori™ Cannabis Storage System – $164.95; originally $220

    Take pride in your cannabis with a set that you can easily display around your home, just as you would a wine or figurine collection. It features air-tight containers and vials and uses a color-coded system along with an accompanying app to help you stay organized as ever.

    RoboKiller Spam Call & Text Blocker: 2-Year Subscription – $39.99; originally $79

    Unless you want to find out more about your "car's extended warranty," this subscription thwarts spam calls instantly using a predictive call blocking algorithm. It even blocks up to 95% of annoying spam texts.

    BelkaVPN: Lifetime Subscription – $39.99; originally $719

    Thanks to this highly-rated VPN's more than 120 servers around the world, you can get complete online protection for life from just about anywhere, never worrying about speed or bandwidth limits.

    ZENLET 2 Plus Minimalist Wallet – $131.95; originally $164

    Considered "the most elegant aluminum quick access wallet on the market," this gadget can store up to 12 cards, almost entirely flat. And thanks to the fact that it's RFID blocked and splash-proof, you can bet your cards will be safer than ever.

    VDownloader: Lifetime Subscription (Windows) – $29.99; originally $129

    This award-winning software designed just for Windows lets you download content from YouTube, Vimeo, Flicker, Twitch, or any of the 10,000+ video hosting sites in 4K and 8K ultra-high definition. The program also lets you sync footage, schedule downloads, add watermarks, and so much more.

    MiHIGH Heated Sauna Blanket – $424.99; originally $499

    Enjoy the many benefits of body detox without ever leaving your bed thanks to this sauna blanket that uses deep far-infrared heat to cleanse the body and burn anywhere from 300 to 600 calories per session. And its fabrics are completely toxin-free, ensuring a safe, peaceful experience.

    Pure Bamboo Soft White 4-Piece Sheet Set (Queen) – $94.99; originally $136

    Hit the hay in a hotel-worthy bed adorned with 100% bamboo viscose sheets, softer than cotton blends of the highest threads. Completely breathable and free of dangerous toxins, these sheets ensure better sleep, keeping you cool and comfortable. 

    Revolutionary Cognitive Sports Training Software: Softball Player (3-Yr Subscription) – $97.99; originally $315

    Used by MLB organizations, Olympic teams, and more than 130 colleges, this athletic training software helps you perfect your swing like nothing else, all from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or computer. You'll get access to hundreds of specialized HD videos and immediate feedback, just like having a real live coach by your side as you practice. 

    Send Your DNA to the Moon with LifeShip's Moon Kit – $89.99; originally $99

    You can't live forever, but this service collects and stores your DNA in a time capsule, ensuring your story lives on as humanity speeds into the future. You can even watch it launch into space, where it will be sent to the moon on a lunar lander!

    Orboot Earth: Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids – $54.99; originally $59

    This award-winning educational toy takes your child on a journey around the world, learning about different animals, cultures, music, and more, complete with fun quizzes, games, and even a pretend passport.

    Missed Global James Humidifier – $139.99; originally $190

    Take a deep breath and enjoy up to 48 hours of continual misting, covering as much as 500 square feet. From its zeolite water treatment system that ensures pure, clean mist to its built-in light mode for nighttime use, this thing is a must-have during the dry months.

    The EVE – $599.99; originally $699

    Don't have room for a garden at home? Thanks to this modern hydroponic vertical garden system, you can grow your own food, pesticide-free, inside your home, no matter how little space you have.

    Artesia 14-in-1 Grill/Air Fryer Combo – $179.99; originally $219

    Whether you want to air-fry, grill, roast, bake, or even dehydrate, this gadget lets you cook just about anything with its eight cooking functions and air-fryer lid. Easy to operate and clean, you can prepare healthy meals the entire family can enjoy, never needing to use much butter or oil.

    Airflow Video Streaming: Lifetime Subscription – $15.99; originally $19

    Stream full 4K HDR HEVC files to Chromecast, Apple TV, and AirPlay 2 enabled TVs, all at the best possible quality. Even if videos aren't compatible with your device, the system will handle it, no problem, with hardware-accelerated transcoding.

    Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow with Cover – $105.99; originally $134

    Designed to give side-sleepers the best night's sleep possible, this pillow conforms to your head and neck, effectively preventing chronic pain. It even contains a cooling gel to ensure you sleep comfortably throughout the night.

    A.Brolly Tube: World's Lightest Umbrella – $18.99; originally $40

    Weighing only 3 ounces, this umbrella is lighter than your phone — yet it's over 17 times stronger than steel! Capable of protecting you from UV UPF50+, the umbrella can also repel water faster than Teflon and can withstand some seriously harsh winds.

  • Your home is your most valuable asset. Protect it with these 5 critical steps

    There's no more helpless feeling than the moment you realize you've been robbed. The mix of anger, fear, and a sense of violation are enough to turn your stomach. And in addition to stolen items, there's usually clean-up and repair needed since 95 percent of burglaries involve a forced entry.

    As horrible as it feels, it's even worse when you consider that it likely didn't need to happen. Crooks say only about 1 in 10 burglaries are pre-planned. Most are just spur of the moment crimes of opportunity.

    Of course, that also means you can take some simple steps that can quickly and effectively deter a criminal from deciding your house is an easy score. We recommend these five steps for securing your most valuable possession.

    1. Update locks and reinforce doors and windows

    It's simple … Solid doors, well-secured windows, and thick, sturdy locks can often be more than enough to send lazy crooks in the other direction. Do a quick survey around your house, checking for any signs of vulnerability. Take note of all damaged or easily jimmied locks, doors that don't shut securely, unprotected windows — if you see 'em, fix 'em. Upgrade to some staunch deadbolts where you can. And if extra keys are floating around with too many friends, neighbors, exes, and more, it may be time to rekey too.

    2. Don't hide a key under the plant

    We aren't saying don't leave a key somewhere near your door in case of emergency lockouts. We're just saying be smart about it. Sliding a key under the doormat or lodging it about your door frame is practically the same as leaving your door wide open. Crooks are lazy, but they usually aren't stupid (unlike this fellow). Rotate your hiding places in unconventional places or even install a combination lockbox for some added security.

    3. Get to know your neighbors

    You may not be home at all times, but if you're on good terms with your neighbors, you've got a 24/7/365 security force helping watch your place and valuables. Neighbor watches are great, but simply knowing other residents near you, getting friendly, and letting them know you can pay big dividends. And if you keep an eye out for your neighbor's homes and let 'em know about it, they'll likely return the favor.

    4. Get a home security system

    Look, those other measures are definitely critical cautionary steps, but in the event of a thief deciding your place is their target, you need defenses. Strong defenses. A security system like a Vivint Smart Home System can instantly make your house a very formidable opponent to any criminal. 

    Their smart-enabled system is packed with Smart Deter, a web of doorbells, remote cameras, and sensors that intelligently spot potential intruders around your home, scares them away, or contacts Vivint's 24/7 monitoring support staff if they persist. 

    And be sure to post those Vivint Smart Home Security stickers outside your place too. Just seeing and knowing your house is protected is a strong deterrent for opportunistic crooks.

    5. No seriously. Get a home security system with a brain.

    Vivint's home protection array extends well beyond the perimeter of your home as well. The Vivint system is entirely controllable through your web-enabled smartphone or tablet, allowing users to check the cameras, lock doors, activate lights, and more, all from anywhere at any time.

    And while money should never be the biggest consideration in protecting your castle, it doesn't hurt that a Vivint system can result in lower home insurance rates. And since it can also control your home temperature, it can even shrink your energy bills as well. 

  • Make this tortilla press the star of your next Taco Tuesday

    Okay, so you're not the best cook, but we all have our flaws. And at least your creations are edible, right? Sure, that recipe for peanut butter and jelly chicken wasn't the best option to feed a dinner party, but it surely could have been worse than just a mild case of the runs after.

    That said, we probably should instead just try a whole new approach to cooking. How about a fun Mexican-themed night? Try this XL Aluminum Tortilla Press and start the healing process between you and all of your buds who got food poisoning the last time they were fed by you.

    Featuring a Verve Culture flare and colored with FDA-friendly, lead-free paint that prevents rust, here's the rundown on the XL Aluminum Tortilla Press. Long gone are the days of buying store bough tortillas or using smushed bread as an alternative (admit it, you've been that desperate before), because now tortillas are fresh and ready for your next big meal straight from home.

    Because this is an extra-large tortilla maker, you can use it for everything from taco night to burrito bowls and everything in between. Kids only eat cheese quesadillas? No sweat, these are the perfect tortillas for that as well. Need some inspo? This maker also comes with a list of recipes for tortillas and the ways you can use them, in case you want to break out of the mold and do something crazy for dinner (or have just run out of ideas, we get it).

    The XL Aluminum Tortilla Press is made in Mexico from recycled aluminum, so you're not only getting it straight from the experts, but you're also saving the planet while chowing down. Think of it as a delicious authentic reward for doing this planet well. Look at you, saving trees and enjoying fresh tortillas daily. good work!

    Get the XL Aluminum Tortilla Press, which includes a swing tag with history, recipes, and instructions for $54, or 10% off.

  • Get a full rundown on what's causing your pet's tummy troubles with this food tolerance test

    We as humans run the gamut in super weird food allergies, from gluten to seafood (and, consequentially, cicadas apparently), but your precious pet may also be allergic to a host of other foods you're unknowingly feeding them. Everything from proteins to wheat could be causing your critter distress unbeknownst to you, and that's pretty scary. It's not your fault Spot can't give you the rundown on everything that makes his tummy rumbly, but this 5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test sure can.

    If your good boy or girl has terrible allergies and you can't pinpoint why, you're going to want to give this kit a try. Using this food intolerance test, you'll collect a tiny sample of fur to send to 5Strands' high-tech lab using the included postage. In just about 7-10 days after the processing center receives the hair sample, you'll get a good look at what your fluffy friend can and can't withstand, including proteins, grains, vegetables, fruits, fats, seafood, additives, and preservatives (sorry Fido, your fast food leftover days may be over, but it's for your own good.)

    The test uses bio-resonance technology to scope out temporary imbalances in the body that may be causing symptoms like upset stomach, constant scratching, hair loss, hot spots, and paw biting. Utilizing a three-level intolerance response test to figure just what the heck is giving Fluffy the fits, the test creates a comprehensive report of over 250 items to check out if there's something sketchy going on in the food you're providing to your pet. If there's something out of sorts, the kit will suggest a 6-8 week elimination guideline after you get the results. Check out the kit in action here:

    Find out why this kit received 4.3 stars on Amazon for yourself. Get the 5Strands Pet Food Intolerance Test, which includes a hair sample collection kit, return envelope, prepaid postage stamp, and instructions, for just $77.99.

  • Transform your room into a miniature planetarium with this $150 solar system lamp set

    For as long as humans have existed, the cosmos has fascinated us. The endless sea of stars has birthed countless stories that have inspired and enthralled us for ages. After all, how could something so vast and unknown not spark some creativity? Now, it's the inspiration behind what will soon be your new home makeover.

    The Original 8-Planet Color Lamp Set is designed for those who are not only captivated by space and its stories but who also want to be a part of it. It features 3D printed models of all eight planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune (sorry, Pluto.) 

    This set of decorative planets was impeccably designed by experts using the latest high-quality NASA satellite images. The attention to detail will be noticeable and is sure to make them a conversation starter. These room lights are untethered, as all eight are completely wireless and rechargeable with the included USB cable, allowing you to place them free of ugly cords.

    Speaking of which, two hours of charge time will yield up to eight hours of light-time depending on their brightness setting. They're also designed not to heat up and are 100% child safe. Each planet comes with three color tones to set your desired mood with warm white, white, or a natural yellow color. All three tones are soft and won't pitch a harsh glow. They're also all dimmable, so you can use them to really brighten up a room or to emulate a calming night light.

    These amazing lamps are a must-have lifestyle product for lovers of outer space and the design-conscious alike, and they look amazing lit up or not. Right now, you can transform your rooms into miniature planetariums with the Original 8-Planet Color Lamps Set for only $149.99.

  • Save 95% on this presentation software that helps you create stunning visuals

    For any sales-driven team, turning leads into closed deals is the name of the game. To satisfy your clients and drive more business, you've got to be fast, functional, and always improving your proposals. It also helps if you have the right tools to show you what's working and what isn't.

    Sizle Pro Presentation & Proposal Platform is the perfect sales acceleration tool, and it'll be your personal sidekick when it comes to proposal optimization. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is having a long sales cycle. Sizle will not only shorten your sales cycle, but it will analyze which proposals perform the best, and optimize your documents for the future based on viewer analytics. This means your clients are only getting the absolute best work from you, and each new cycle becomes shorter, and more well put together.

    Sizle is designed to maximize productivity for any sales team. In addition to presentation help, you'll be able to upload and import documents quickly and accurately in more than 20 different file formats. It doesn't matter if your files are over 1GB+ or 10,000+ pages in size, Sizle will get you and your clients the documentation you need to close the deal. Best of all, if any of the documents contain sensitive material, you can protect them with a custom password or PIN.

    As stated before, this platform was built for team use. So, a purchase of the platform will give 10 users access to all of this selling tool power. 

    It takes zero setup time to get started, and gives you and your team instant access to unlimited document storage, and unlimited workspaces. All of these great features are why it's received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice.

    You can pick up a lifetime subscription to the Sizle Pro Presentation & Proposal Platform right now for a massive 95% off at only $29.99.

  • Kiss weak WiFi goodbye with this top-rated M3s mesh Wi-Fi system

    What do hangnails, spoiled milk, and overbearing mother-in-laws all have in common? None of them are half as annoying as a failing Wi-Fi signal that cuts your online streaming session short right in the middle of an important scene. Nobody deserves weak Wi-Fi in their own home, whether you're listening to music, streaming content, or simply scrolling through the 'gram.

    If you're tired of uneven connections throughout your home, office, or wherever else you have Wi-Fi set up, the Meshforce M3s Mesh Wi-Fi System is here to ease your anxiety. Using a system of multiple mesh points spread throughout the different rooms in your space, all the different corners in your home can hold a secure, reliable signal at all times. 

    In addition to broadening your connection capabilities, Meshforce supports Gigabit Ethernet ports to maximize internet speeds, enabling you to browse the net, stream, and download content from literally anywhere in your home, no problem. And before you freak out about installing this thing, you don't have to worry. In just a few simple steps, your home coverage will be set in place and ready to use, even if you've never set up anything like this before. 

    In addition to filling every corner of your home with a fail-proof Internet connection, Meshforce can also provide you with parental controls that help you manage your kids' online access by device and period, along with a special guest Wi-Fi you can give friends and family members when they come to hang out. And everything is completely under your control thanks to the accompanying app that lets you manage everything with the tap of a finger. It's no wonder the Meshforce M3s Mesh Wi-Fi System is making a splash online with an impressive Amazon rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

    You can't fix everything in your home, but you definitely don't have time for a dodgy internet connection. Get the Meshforce M3s Mesh Wi-Fi System for the discounted price of just $164.99

  • Get full use out of your DJI Phantom or Mavic drone with this videography training

    Before we had access to drones, aerial videography and photography were really left to the professionals, or at least those who could afford the right equipment. But with superior tools, like the Phantom DJI Drone, taking breathtaking shots is completely possible — as long as you know what you're doing, that is.

    Whether it's content for your YouTube channel or an independent creative project you've been working on, it's easy to feel like something is missing from your videos. But thanks to the seven courses offered in The All-in-One Phantom DJI Drone & Mavic Filmschool Bundle, you can get the skinny on all the tips and tricks professional drone-users rely on to get the perfect shot, even if you're a total newbie to this popular art.

    Each of the bundle's seven courses is led by professional aerial photographer Laurence Seberini, a Phantom enthusiast who's passionate about helping fellow creatives take advantage of all the stellar functions this piece of machinery has to offer. And considering that students have rated Seberini with an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars, you can bet you'll learn a thing or two from his expertise.

    Designed for drone users of different experience levels, each course is easy to follow and full of helpful information you'll continue to use as you create. You'll learn everything from how to take killer shots to how to make the most of the Phantom's great features, including its use of angles and time-lapse function, along with how to manipulate its functions so you're in complete control. There's even an entire course dedicated to editing your footage on Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, seeing you through projects from start to finish. 

    With over 200 lessons, hours upon hours of course material, and downloadable PDFs you can continue to refer to over time, The All-in-One Phantom DJI Drone & Mavic Filmschool Bundle will help you reach new heights in your creative endeavors. And right now, it's deeply discounted to just $36.96, equating to less than $6 bucks a class.

  • Creators of all levels are digging this quality animation software

    If you love drawing and creating characters, today's world is your oyster. That's because animation skills are in high demand in a wide range of industries, including game development, web design, editing, entertainment, and so much more. 

    If working in animation sounds like it could be up your alley but you don't have a portfolio to back it up, Moho, a full-fledged animation program, is here to help you create to the fullest. Thanks to its wide array of functions, you can create 2D movies, cartoons, stop-motion, and cut-out animation, all from the comfort of your own computer. 

    Even if you're fairly new to the animation game, Moho makes things easy. Thanks to the program's coveted "beginner's mode," you can create custom characters from scratch, thanks to the included Character Wizard function. You can also draw images with help from Moho's built-in brushes, import digital photos, and even make characters talk using integrated lip-syncing. The possibilities are truly endless! 

    Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Moho allows professional and aspiring animators to create original content with just a few clicks of a button. Even someone as accomplished as Nora Twomey, director of The Breadwinner and My Father's Dragon, called Moho a "crucial creative tool" used by Cartoon Saloon productions. Twomey also said, "The Breadwinner, GOLDEN GLOBE, and ACADEMY AWARD Nominated animated feature film, heavily relied on Moho to seamlessly sit alongside hand-drawn animation. It's such a versatile tool and it has been the software choice of many of our key artists over the years."

    From its integrated audio recording to its new pin bones feature that lets creators reshape assets in fun new ways, Moho is one of the best animation platforms on the market these days. And at half-off, it's also one of the most affordable. 

    Right now, you can start creating with Moho Animation Software for just $29.99.

  • If you're a content creator, this MOZA Moin Mini Camera will change the game

    Whether you're capturing a memorable trip to the beach or content for your business, a good camera can really take content to the next level. And before you complain that a fancy new camera isn't in your budget these days, there's a must-have model with an even more impressive price tag that definitely deserves your attention. 

    Say hello to the MOZA Moin Mini Camera, a game-changing mini-camera gimbal combo that allows you to not just capture footage but actually get creative with it. That's because it boasts an array of convenient features, helping you capture complex shots, frame faces better, and stay more stable than ever — even if you're fairly new to the video-making game. 

    One of the MOZA Moin Mini Camera's best features is its double-side overturn touch-screen. While it's conveniently compact at just 2.45 inches, it gives you all the control, allowing you to monitor what you're doing, adjust your lens, and so much more. The camera also has 120° FOV, ideal for both selfies or landscape shots, a 3-axis gimbal that makes movements incredibly smooth and stable, expert face tracking, and beyond. 

    The camera also lets you create right from the getgo, before you even get to the editing stage, complete with time-lapse capabilities, slow-motion capture, and a panorama mode. The gadget even features built-in stereo microphones designed to improve pickup performance, intelligent noise reduction, and uncolored sound. 

    Whether you're an experienced filmmaker or are exploring the art of video-taking for the very first time, the MOZA Moin Mini Camera's easy-to-use features and compact design make it a dream for just about anyone to use. And with a name like MOZA, a leading tech company that provides advanced gadgets to professionals and everyday users alike, you can trust that this mini-camera is just the thing to elevate your content creation. 

    Start your creative journey with the MOZA Moin Mini Camera with 3-Axis Gimbal for $299

  • This bundle of arts and crafts classes will help you find your new favorite hobby in a flash

    Learning how to DIY is the perfect way to keep busy when we eventually have to go back to living in social isolation again, but some people just aren't quite sure where to learn how to create. Before you try and take up at-home barbering again, try this one-year Unlimited Plus subscription to Creativebug Fine Art And Craft Classes and find your new favorite hobby without losing your hair (or an ear).

    Get your creative juices flowing! With the absolute latest and greatest in art and craft education, you'll be well on your way to finding an outlet for self-care in just a few short lessons. Here's what you get with Creativebug: With unlimited access to high-quality, on-trend arts and crafts instructional videos, finding your passion in the arts and craft world should be a breeze. Want more tips, tools, and trades? You'll also get on-demand access to the full library of 1,000+ arts and crafts classes in super high-quality HD for everyone from beginners to art teachers and beyond. New classes are released daily, so even if you do happen to plow through the library, you can always count on there being more.

    So, what can you expect to learn in these all-inclusive classes? All classes are taught by experts and include topics related to knitting, crocheting, art, design, paper, sewing, quilting, jewelry, kids art, food, home, holiday, and party themes all from the comfort on your couch. You'll also receive exclusive patterns, templates, and recipes to get you through the classes, as well as to give you that hands-on learning. How's that for a Sunday Funday activity list?

    The cherry on top is that this is all yours unlimited for a full year, so even if you get caught up in Christmas crazy during the winter, the spring can still be your opportunity to bloom into a new hobby, swim into your creative side in the summer, and fall into autumn crafts during the milder months.

    Get the Creativebug Fine Art And Craft Classes: One Year Unlimited Plus Subscription for $35, or 50% off.

  • Get the most peaceful sleep you've ever had with over $50 off this snoring stopper

    Sleep is one of the most important things we can do for our bodies. Whether we're taking a midday nap or tucking in for the night, it's quite literally how we recharge and "clean" our minds from the stresses of the day. However, sometimes we don't get the proper rest we need due to improper breathing that leads to snoring. This VitalSleep 5-Piece Snoring Bundle will guarantee a quieter, more restful sleep with no snoring.

    When we sleep, the muscles in our neck and throat relax, allowing the tongue to fall back. This results in a narrowed upper airway that restricts your breathing and causes snoring. VitalSleep opens your airways to improve breathing and promote smoother airflow. Its patented Accu-Adjust system is adjustable and custom-molded for a personalized fit. It's also made of medical-grade, FDA-cleared, hypoallergenic materials that have undergone strict biocompatibility and toxicology testing, and production guidelines to ensure your safety.

    Here's how the system works: First you mold it to your teeth with the Accu-Adjust system's custom molding tray. Then, you'll adjust the lower tray that will move the jaw forward to open the throat's airways while you sleep. Lastly, just enjoy a snore-less sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed. VitalSleep comes with a 100% fit guarantee.

    It's time to stop suffering through snore-filled nights and get the fix you've been looking for. VitalSleep not only makes nights healthier and more peaceful for you, but for your significant others as well. Along with the anti-snoring mouthpiece, this bundle comes with a mouthpiece cleaner, a contoured sleep mask, earplugs, and a canvas pouch to store everything away during the day.

    Improve your sleep tonight and grab the VitalSleep 5-Piece Snoring Bundle for 39% off, or only $77.99.

  • Get a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited and a 2-screen monitor accessory in this epic bundle

    There are lots of gizmos and gadgets for your computer out there these days, from ergonomic standing desks to fantastic apps that make daily tasks way easier. But when it comes to products that ensure safety and efficiency, you simply can't afford to ignore them. 

    For your convenience, this fantastically priced bundle gives you access to one of the world's best VPNs along with a dual-monitor accessory that will change the way you use your laptop. While the two products have virtually nothing to do with each other, they both can take your time online to the next level, keeping you safe as you surf the net and significantly enhancing your screen time. 

    If you aren't using a virtual private network, otherwise known as a VPN, you're really playing with fire, and not in a fun way. Whether you go online on your office's provided Wi-Fi or you like to log on from your favorite coffee shop, you risk exposing personal data to hackers, unwanted solicitors, and more. But with KeepSolid, an award-winning VPN, you'll have access to more than 500 VPN servers with over 80 locations around the globe, staying protected no matter where you log on.

    And unlike other VPNs out there, KeepSolid never puts a limit on bandwidth or speed, allowing you to surf the net and stream content without any issues. It's no wonder KeepSolid has earned the trust of users around the world, toting a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot, with PCMag calling it their "Top VPN."

    This stellar bundle also includes an incredibly unique computer accessory, known as the Mobile Pixels TRIO, capable of converting your computer monitor or laptop into a tri-screen wonder. Successfully funded on Indiegogo and featured on Buzzfeed, Geeky Gadgets, Wired, and more, the TRIO is skillfully designed to boost productivity by up to 50% by making multi-tasking easier than ever before. And its lightweight design allows you to take it with you anywhere.

    Right now, The VPN Unlimited Lifetime Subscription + Mobile Pixels TRIO Bundle is 25% off, making it just $519 for both incredible products. 

  • Enjoy clean tap water anywhere with this small water purifier and bottle

    Staying hydrated is no joke — in fact, up to 75% of people are chronically dehydrated, according to this Good Morning America report. And while there seems to be bottled water available just about anywhere these days, forking up a dollar or two each time you need some H20 can really add up. 

    Drinking enough water throughout the day is important, but if the idea of drinking tap water to save money isn't really sitting well with you, this GOpure Pod Water Purifier Starter Pack is here to save the day. The GOpure pod is small enough to fit in your pocket, but it can free regular tap water of dangerous contaminants like lead, chromium, arsenic, copper, mercury, chlorine, and more while also getting rid of weird tastes and odors.

    The way the tiny purifying pod works is simple. Its advanced PuriBloc technology neutralizes the invisible impurities in the water, making it safe to drink. In fact, it actually enhances the water, adding back important minerals and raising its pH level to 7.4. And it's safe to use in just about any water bottle — you can even stick it in your go-to coffee maker to ensure the water's as clean and safe as can be.

    In addition to the GOpure pod, this starter pack also includes an accompanying 17-oz water bottle made of high-strength borosilicate glass. Combine that with the pod, and it can filter the equivalent of 2,000 single-use plastic water bottles, making it a great option for those who like to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. And thanks to its award-winning Danish design, it's easy to tote around with you wherever you go, and it looks great on any yoga mat or tabletop. 

    Each GOpure Pod Water Purifier Starter Pack comes with two purifying pods and an accompanying 17-oz water bottle. And maintaining the pod is easy. Simply rinse it under cold water for 10 seconds every couple of weeks. That's it! 

    For a limited time, you can snag the GOpure Pod Water Purifier Starter Pack: GOpure Pods + 17oz Bottle for just $57.99, which is over 20% off its regular price. 

  • Up your coffee game with over 25% off this programmable coffee maker

    Every coffee lover knows that nothing beats a freshly brewed pot of joe. It's the drink millions of Americans have settled on as their pick-me-up of choice for their morning, mid-day, and even at night. No matter when you like to enjoy your brew, you should never have to compromise on coffee quality. You won't have to with this Sboly Stainless Steel 10-Cup Drip Coffee Maker on your countertop.

    The Sboly coffee machine is easy to use and can be programmed to brew at any time of day. The delay brewing timer can be set to any time on the 24-hour clock, so you'll have your beverage ready when you need it. You won't run short on coffee either; this coffee maker has a 50oz water reservoir that can make up to 10 cups at a time, so you can savor a caffeine boost throughout the day or share it with friends and guests.

    This machine also has built-in strength controls that let you choose a regular or bold flavor to match your preference. All you need to do to up your dosage is press the strength button up or down to achieve your desired potency. 

    In addition to its 24-hour programmable brew cycle, the Sboly's heat retention feature lets you keep your coffee warm after brewing for two hours, after which it'll automatically shut off. You can also say goodbye to paper filters! The Sboly coffee maker comes with reusable filtration that'll save you money and reduce your personal waste footprint. 

    The complete package includes everything you need for the perfect brew, including the machine itself, a coffee filter basket, a filter holder, and a glass carafe, all of which are dishwasher safe.

    It's time to upgrade your at-home or in-office coffee with Sboly. You can grab this programmable coffee maker right now for the low price of $36.99 — that's 26% off the original price.

  • Clean up your golf game from home or the office with this PhiGolf simulator

    As the summer fades, it's become painfully clear that we spent less time doing the things we love and more time burning the candle at both ends at the office, having severe anxiety over all things COVID, and just generally wasting time. If you missed out on summer, including a few extra rounds of golf, your game might be a little rusty. Clean it up with PhiGolf, a mobile and home smart golf simulator that comes with a swing stick.

    Okay, let's break down the PhiGolf. Compatible with up-to-date iPhones and Androids, PhiGolf features a state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick that make for an immersive experience, allowing you to play a round of golf at home, the office, or just about anywhere else. How does it work? You're just a few hookups away from giving your arch-nemesis on the back nine the business. Just download the popular WGT Golf app to your smartphone or tablet and play on breathtaking photorealistic simulations of world-famous golf courses sans the hot heat and heavy golf bag. The swing trainer is great for solo work, while multiplayer mode allows you to invite family and friends to participate, too.

    Need a change of scenery? The courses that are simulated range from intermediate to difficult and are well known around the world, including Chambers Bay, Pinehurst No. 2, Valhalla, The Olympic Club, Congressional, Bandon Dunes, and a ton more. Now you can tell your tee buddies you've beaten the best at the next round, even if you've never actually been there (and even without bringing home a trophy).

    The best part? When you make this purchase, you will receive a $20 store credit that you can use in our shop, so you'll have more savings waiting next time you want to work on that back nine (or wherever you think your golf game is the worst, just watch out for virtual sand traps).

    Get the PhiGolf: Mobile And Home Smart Golf Simulator with Swing Stick With A $20 Store Credit for $179.99, down from $249.

  • These beginner watercolor painting courses can turn you into a regular old Claude Monet

    Got a stroke of genius and nowhere to make your mark? Sounds like you could use some help in the art department. You could go back to art school and get in-person lessons, but people are full of germs these days, and it's still a safe bet to just stay home. Try the Watercolor Painting for Beginners Bundle to amp up your painting game as well as learn a brand new self-care tool for when the apocalypse reemerges once again thanks to the not-so-smart.

    In 2021, your artwork has to be more than just stick figures and happy little trees if you want the attention of anyone (or if you want to be the top artist on the fridge, at the very least). The Watercolor Painting for Beginners Bundle can turn you into an amateur backdrop painter to the next big thing in no time. With 7 different courses, 46 hours of content, and 312 different lessons, you can easily become a pro in coloring, painting, watercolors, pastels, scenery painting, painting details, and so much more. The courses are perfect for anyone from a beginner looking to start a new hobby to experts just trying to get a refresher on the basics.

    Once you're familiar with all of the terminology and mediums, you'll get your hands dirty by using practical application, core theory, and character coloring to follow along with the pros while they teach you how to create things like Scotney Castle and A.R. Quinton's Hollyhocks. Pros that will show you the ropes, including award-winning professional watercolor artist Broderick Wong, pastel pencil artist Colin Bradley, and more.

    The best part? All of these courses offer lifetime access, so whether you're ready to brush up on some art now or later, all of the painting will be ready again whenever you are right where you left it.

    Get the Watercolor Painting for Beginners Bundle for $29.99, or less than $5 per course.

  • This Indiegogo-funded charging cable does way more than charge your devices

    Between the pictures from your vacation you need to send to your mother-in-law to the files you need to upload for the meeting tomorrow, your digital tasks are on overload, to say the very least. And with these, comes the need for various apps, cords, chargers, and then some. Quite frankly, it's hard to keep track of it all. 

    Enough's enough — you could use a solution that makes one aspect of your life simpler, and that's where the InCharge Charging Cable comes into play. This everyday life-saver is about as versatile of a gizmo as they come, capable of charging your iPhone or Android phone, connecting devices, and so, so much more.

    The key to the InCharge Charging Cable's multi-faceted usage lies in its many ports and outputs. First and foremost, it's designed to deliver a fast charge thanks to its 100W fast-charging feature. Additionally, the cable also features a proprietary chip, capable of juicing up laptops and tablets as well. It also offers device-to-device power support, allowing your phone or tablet to be used as a power source for something else. 

    As if the cord's charging capabilities weren't impressive enough, the InCharge also aids in data transferring, moving data from one device to another at speeds as fast as 480Mbps. That's just one of the many reasons you'll want to have this thing on hand, whether you're at home, at the office, or out of town. And thanks to its compact design that allows you to hang it on your keys, taking it with you anywhere is incredibly easy — it's even made with materials tough enough to handle a little wear and tear. 

    Successfully funded on Indiegogo, where it was cleverly referred to as the "Swiss army knife of cables," this keyring cable gadget is quickly becoming the best in the world. After all, having six cables in one can save you some serious time, clutter, and money. 

    For a limited time, the InCharge Charging Cable is nearly 25% off, making it just $21.99.

  • Clean up your storage on your Apple device with over $100 off this top-rated app

    We probably all have a dozen apps right now that share and save pictures and videos. Between Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, and a handful of others, there's just so much visual data floating around on our iPhones and iPads. Wouldn't it be nice to clean up some unwanted or repetitive data so our devices move faster?

    Smart Cleaner for iOS is here to solve that problem. It's the best storage cleaning app on the App Store that searches and deletes screenshots, similar pictures, Live Photos, burst photos, and videos all just in a few taps. Additionally, it allows you to create a Secret Album for photos you'd like hidden from prying eyes.

    Not only does it clean up your photo library, but it also assists in streamlining your contacts list. You'll be able to merge similar contacts, back up your entire list, and remove identical ones quickly and effectively. If that wasn't enough, Smart Cleaner even has a battery-saving feature. It will visually show you your battery usage through a handy home screen widget and will give you advice on how to make your iPhone last longer.

    With this lifetime subscription to Smart Cleaner, you can always rely on it when your photos and contacts start piling up again. With just a few taps, you'll be able to free up your storage and get your device working like new. With all these features, Smart Cleaner is sure to impress, just as it has with over 30 million users on the App Store who gave it a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

    Right now, you can snag a lifetime subscription to Smart Cleaner for iOS for 73% off its original price, or only $39.99.

  • Feast your eyes on 14 drones that will change your aerial video game

    Whether you want to capture a bird's eye view of the coast on your seaside vacation or love to see what's going on at the neighbor's barbeque next door, a quality drone can really come in handy. But no matter what your drone needs are, making sure your money goes to a quality model is key, and there are plenty out there that aren't worth your attention. 

    Just for you, here are 14 top-notch drones with features built to impress and price tags to match. 

    Battle Drone Quadcopter – $29.99; originally $89

    From its precise maneuverability to its three dynamic speed modes, this drone is a pleasure to work with. It also features a 6-axis gyroscope that makes it way easier to control, whether it turns, flips, or rolls a complete 360 degrees. It even has a Battle Drone minigame that you can use to compete with your buddies! 

    Mini Helicopter UFO RC Drone – $21.95; originally $50

    If your kids are interested in getting their hands on a drone, spare your grown-up model and let them play around with this one! Designed for those just learning to fly these things, this mini-helicopter drone boasts sensors that make it easier to steer, a protective coating, and even a collision locking system.

    Black GPS 4K Drone 106 Pro with Gimbal & Electronic Image Stabilization – $68.95; originally $255

    Capture high-quality photos and videos thanks to this drone's 4K camera. It also features an altitude hold mode function that always ensures a stable flight, along with gesture control that lets you control everything from the accompanying app on your phone. And no matter how far you fly this thing around, it'll always come back home with help from its one-key automatic return. 

    4k Dual Camera Pro GPS Drone – $69.95; originally $272

    Capture stunningly beautiful aerial shots at a remote distance of up to 1,200 meters. This drone's HD camera boasts an amazing video-following feature and takes incredibly stable shots thanks to its 3-axis gimbal. And with its stellar GGPS system, you'll never lose track of where it flies, no matter where you send it. 

    Black YLR/C S32T HD 4K Single Camera Drone – $99.95; originally $410

    Great for first-time drone users, this single-camera drone has all the essentials: a 4K camera, a remote control for easy navigation, gesture control that makes recording video easy, and more. It can even fly up to 25 minutes at a time on a single charge.

    Bronze Senior GPS 4K Dual Camera Drone 106 with Gimbal and EIS (Black) – $79.95; originally $320

    Thanks to this drone's 5K dual cameras, you can capture high-quality photos and videos from high altitudes, never worrying about unstable capturing. From its one-key automatic return that lets you get it back with the tap of a finger to its gesture control and optical flow, this drone has all the bells and whistles you hope for. 

    Dark Gray Eachine E58 4K HD Camera Flying Drone – $62.95; originally $225

    View footage in real-time on your phone without ever missing a single detail thanks to this drone's accompanying Wi-Fi app. From its stable high altitude shots to its high-resolution video capture, you can capture everything with ease, all while controlling everything via its handy remote control.

    E99 Pro 4K Dual Camera Precision HD Foldable Drone – $74.95; originally $285

    This drone may be mini-sized, but it packs a powerful punch, including clear video and photo capture on its 5K camera, anti-interference technology, and a long-lasting battery. And using the accompanying app, you can follow flight plans with incredible ease, returning it back home just as easily. 

    E99 Pro 4K Precision HD Foldable Drone – $69.95; originally $263

    Capture high-quality images and videos at high altitudes as it hovers in the air with incredible stability. You can also activate and control flight plans with the tap of a finger on your phone. And thanks to its 3.7V 800mAh intelligent battery, you get 20 minutes of flight time per charge.

    Gold & Black 4K Long-Range HD Dual Camera Drone with Wi-Fi & GPS – $298.95; originally $1,550

    When it comes to capturing clear, steady video, this drone is just the gadget for the job, equipped with dual HD cameras, an altitude hold mode, and a headless mode that lets you manipulate positioning before the drone even gets air. It even has Wi-Fi and GPS that allow you to connect to apps and transfer footage with ease.

    Newest Gray E68 Drone 2 with 4K/1080P Wide-Angle Camera & WiFi – $79.95; originally $320

    Thanks to its 4K/1080p wide-angle camera, this drone can capture some seriously stellar footage, and you never have to stress about keeping things stable due to its great altitude mode. In addition to this, the drone boasts a headless mode that lets you fix its positioning before you send it into the sky, and it'll always find its way back to you automatically once you do. 

    KAI ONE Pro 8K HD Drone with Mechanical 3-Axis Gimbal, Dual Camera, 5G, WiFi & GPS – $299.95; originally $1,000

    If you want a wide range of high-quality video and picture capture, this drone's 8K ultra HD camera definitely delivers. It also boasts four channels that let you move in all different directions, a 3-axis gyroscope and a one-click return feature. And its Wi-Fi connection makes transferring footage in real-time simpler than ever.

    KAI ONE Pro Drone 1080p 4k HD Drone – $59.95; originally $212

    With the drone's updated 1080p 4k HD camera, you can capture crystal clear images for some serious breathtaking shots. Combine that with its G-sensor that detects sudden acceleration and deceleration; and thanks to its easy app control, there's no limit to what you can do with this advanced gadget. It even features intuitive controls with a responsive remote. 

    XUEREN KY601S Drone with 4K HD Camera with 5G, WiFi, & Remote Control – $79.95; originally $300

    This high-tech gadget takes drone activity to new heights, with a 4K camera, incredible altitude stability, four channels for optimal direction control, and so much more. And thanks to its 5G/Wi-Fi function, you can connect footage to various apps and transfer them in real-time. And its included remote control makes manipulating everything easy. 

    Prices subject to change.