This Kickstarter success makes smartwatches easier

The Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch is a simpler take on an active wearable that raised over $2m dollars on Kickstarter and is currently offered in the Boing Boing Store.

Somewhere in between the single-day battery life and platform-specificity of the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices, there exists the Ticwatch. Instead of trying to shoehorn another app platform into a tiny watch face, this smartwatch opts for a curated collection of functionality to avoid unnecessary bloat. It gets calls and text notifications from your phone, but it relies on internal GPS and movement sensors for the most critical smartwatch duty: activity monitoring. And It still syncs data with either iPhones or Android devices to give you a bigger screen for tracking exercise goals and biometrics.

The Ticwatch has a battery life of up to 2 full days, and offers fast wireless charging. Usually $199.99, you can pick up the Ticwatch 2 Active Smartwatch for 15% off at $169.99. Read the rest

Some curators do artifacts, these ones do geeky memorabilia

Loot Crate is a subscription service that delivers a box of curated pop culture goods to your doorstep. To sample their geeky wares, you can order a single mystery box exclusively from the Boing Boing Store.

Each month Loot Crate sends you 6-7 unique items and apparel, including collectibles, books, and t-shirts. Pulling inspiration from all over the vast landscape of fandom, they pack interesting stuff for geeks of all stripes, from retro gamers to comic book connoisseurs. It’s like having a nerdy pen pal who constantly sends you hand-picked gifts.

Try this Loot Crate mystery bundle to get a taste of all the awesome future stuff you can add to your collection. This package usually costs $50, but you can get a box from our store for just $25. Read the rest

Wait, there's a MINI Twisty Glass Blunt?

Yes, yes there is. The ultraportable Twisty Glass Mini boasts all of the simplicity of its forebear, while fitting just a little bit better in your pocket.

The Mini is perfect for casual smokers, and anyone who doesn’t have the patience or fine motor skill for rolling papers. This piece keeps the convenient design of its older sibling’s characteristic corkscrew in a package that’s smaller than a standard Bic lighter.

Using the Mini is simple—after you fill the glass tube with your choice of herb, just screw in the center section to easily expel ashes with and queue up more with a quick twist. It holds up to a half gram, and offers consistently smooth hits with a smaller cherry, thanks to the tube’s compact shape.

This pipe usually retails for over $50, but you can pick up the Twisty Glass Mini here for 21% off at $39.99. Read the rest

Get a 'crash course' in coding with this programming bundle

Learning to code is a perfect way to grow your technical sophistication, and open up a host of new career options. But since most “learn to code” initiatives focus heavily on web development, it can be tough to find good resources for general-purpose computer science outside of a 4-year degree program. To get a broad overview of programming topics in a variety of widely-used languages, take a look at the Crash Course Coding Bundle, offered in our Boing Boing store.

You’ll get familiar with low-level systems by learning how to write code for internet-of-things devices, as well as high-level language features offered in languages like Python and Java.This bundle includes the following courses:

Fundamentals of Operating SystemsC Programming Part 1 and 2Java 8 Part 1Java 8 Part 2Perl Programming 1 and 2Python Programming EssentialsAdvanced Python ProgrammingIoT Programming

With unlimited access to over 60 hours of instructional content, you can pick up new programming skills at your own pace. Usually $2950, you can get this Crash Course Coding Bundle for 98% off—just $39. Read the rest

Shower dance party!

While many newer smartphones boast decent water resistance, most of us are still stuck with the kind of handsets that need to spend the night in a bowl of rice when they get wet. If you want to enjoy your favorite podcasts in the shower but are holding out for your next phone upgrade, this XXL Shower Speaker is a perfect bathroom accoutrement.

This speaker includes a handy suction cup for sticking it anywhere inside the shower. It puts out 3 watts of crystal-clear audio, with a battery that lasts almost a month. Its face has the expected array of playback and phone-answering controls, and is compatible with any bluetooth 4.0-capable device.

You can get one of these dead-simple XXL shower speakers right now in our store. Read the rest

Evaluate home renovations digitally before you make them with Live Home 3D

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac gives you powerful modeling tools to create floor plans and renderings for interior and exterior design projects.

Whether you’re a contractor planning an extension on a client’s house, or just need to visualize how a new couch will fit in your living room, Live Home 3D helps you clarify your design vision with its intuitive editor. This app simplifies the drafting process to give you accurate architectural layouts quickly, for any size building. It provides a variety of structural angles, to help you account for elevation and window views.

Additionally, it imports furniture models from SketchUp and simulates a variety of lighting, materials, and textures.

Live Home 3D Pro for Mac is currently available in the Boing Boing Store, and includes all minor updates. Read the rest

Save some water, the Guzzle Buddy attaches right to your bottle of wine

It’s not weird to drink milk or orange juice straight from the carton. (Right?) But for some reason, sipping wine right from the bottle is usually met with disapproving glowers. Whether they’re worried about germs, or wanton displays of low-class behavior, you can make those who aren’t attuned to your relative brand of etiquette a bit more comfortable with the Guzzle Buddy.

This wine bottle attachment adds a stemless glass to any bottle, letting you sample your beverage in casual style. Although it won’t prevent against the inevitable backwash, the Guzzle Buddy makes it easy to share your drink so you won't have to waste water washing a whole bunch of glasses.

It fits on most beer, soda, and cider vessels as well, so you don't have to feel left out if wine isn't your thing. Pick up the Guzzle Buddy here for $19.99. Read the rest

Learn how to manage large-scale system infrastructure

If you are an aspiring developer who wants to learn how services are deployed and maintained in production environments, this collection of online courses will help you get a grip on the fundamentals of systems administration. Over the 95 hours of included content, you’ll learn how to manage Windows and Linux servers, explore powerful new software deployment tools like Docker and Vagrant, and discover how applications can scale dynamically with Amazon’s AWS cloud platform.

The following courses are included in this comprehensive bundle:

The Complete Guide to LPIC 1 Linux Administrator ExamProfessional Guide to Windows Server 2016Fundamentals of Unix & Linux System AdministrationLinux Shell Programming for BeginnersBecome An AWS Certified Solutions Architect: AssociateGit and Github EssentialsDocker for Professionals: The Practical GuideVagrant Essentials: Learn DevOps Using Vagrant

These 8 courses will get you up to speed on modern DevOps and Systems Administration practices. You can get the System Administration and Infrastructure Management Bundle here for $41. Read the rest

Trim back the wire clutter on your desk with a charge and sync dock

Keep your desktop clean and free of excess cables with a Charge & Sync dock, available now in the Boing Boing Store. This unassuming design features an s-shaped profile for maximum stability, non-slip feet, and a sturdy mounting point for your phone. With this dock, you can keep an eye on notifications while preventing damage from accidental drops and coffee spills. It comes in both USB-C Android and MFi-Certified iOS variations, ensuring safe charging and syncing for your devices.

This charge & sync dock puts a rest to the phantom vibrations in your pocket, keeps lint out of your earpiece speaker, and conveniently charges your phone. You can get one here in the Boing Boing Store for 42% off retail at $19.99. Read the rest

Get some use out of your car's CD player - with a phone mount

If you drive daily, especially to new destinations, it's wise to have a smartphone car mount. Aside from making map directions considerably easier to follow, they also keeps your phone in a central location so you can keep an eye on notifications without taking your eyes off the road. While most mounts attach to your dashboard via suction cup, the ExoMount CD inserts into your CD player which you probably aren't using all that much these days.

Plugging into the CD drive assures a sturdy mount while the grip is compatible with any kind of smartphone. It can even be rotated 360 degrees, letting you orient your screen however you like.

Until automakers start integrating smartphone mounts directly into the dashboard, this ExoMount CD is one of your best bets. You can get one here in the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Drone race like it is the Boonta Eve Classic

Looking to break into the rapidly growing world of drone racing? Maybe? Just looking for a solid remote-controlled camera quadcopter to shoot aerial footage? Either way, the Aerix Black Talon 2.0's friendly controls and stable flight make it a great option for novice and intermediate flyers.

The Aerix Black Talon drone is able to fly at 15 mph for up to 7 minutes straight. It streams real-time POV flight footage to its companion phone app in 720p HD, and is compatible with Google Cardboard to give you an immersive pilot experience. Operating the Aerix is easy with the included joypad controller; it provides a selection of pre-set maneuvers and an automatic return-to-pilot function.

This drone includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a 4GB SD card for saving footage and still shots. You can get the Aerix Black Talon 2.0 Micro FPV Beginner Racing Drone here in the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Build out WordPress sites faster with this extensive library of themes

If you need to quickly build a website for your personal blog, portfolio, or business, WordPress is a great place to start. Unlike drag-and-drop website builders, a WordPress site can be endlessly customized and configured for your needs. But finding a unique, high-quality theme can be tough, and paying a developer to make one for you is expensive.

Theme Junkie gives you access to over 50 beautiful, responsive site themes that incorporate tons of helpful features. Their theme selection goes way beyond usual preset options by incorporating useful SEO and layout customization features. All of their themes are updated regularly to ensure future compatibility without breaking your site.

In addition to their curated selection of layouts, Theme Junkie also offers an array of helpful plugins for rearranging content and customizing your site’s appearance. You can get a lifetime subscription to Theme Junkie here in the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Keep your electronics charged overseas with this international power adapter

There still isn't one unified AC power standard. Although USB power is definitely making plug convergence much more likely to happen down the line, plenty of older buildings still have whatever outlet made sense at the time they were wired for electricity. Since international travel will definitely require power adapters for the foreseeable future, anyone who frequently bounces between the UK, EU, Australia, and the United States should pick up this BESTEK Portable International Travel Voltage Converter.

This power strip has a selection of adapters for the most common plugs you’ll encounter while travelling, and converts 220 Volt power sources to 110 - 120 VAC. It is designed to fit in a carry-on, while still being tough enough to take a beating from negligent baggage carriers.

To ensure that your phone, laptop, and other devices can get power while abroad, get this Travel Voltage Converter here in our Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Cut the email spam with a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro

You probably get too much email. And it’s not because your spam filter isn’t working. Every digital receipt you get, and each online service you use automatically puts you on any number of mailing lists. Throttle Pro lets you avoid hunting around for those minuscule unsubscribe links by preventing services from ever collecting your contact info in the first place.

With Throttle Pro, you can create unlimited dummy email addresses to give to forms and keep marketing emails away from your primary inbox. You can still browse through all the newsletters, product updates, and social media notifications in their browser extension, and it combines multiple messages into manageable digests. If you get tired of anything you’ve willingly signed up for, you can revoke access instantly with a single click.

Throttle also syncs across all of your devices, so you can manage everything away from your desktop. To take back control of your email, get a lifetime subscription to Throttle Pro from the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Little kids love those fidget spinners, but Nanodots are for the big kids

You know the feeling. The clock strikes 2:30, and all you have to show for your day is a lingering lunch coma, a growing stack of unread emails, and an empty document taunting you with its endlessly blinking cursor. It kind of feels like a panic attack, but it’s way more boring and no one will let you go home. It's okay, Nanodots are here to ease your mind.

This bundle of rare-earth magnets can be assembled into an array of geometric shapes and patterns to indulge your inner structuralist. But whatever you do, don’t eat them! This set includes 216 balls that will hold their magnetism for over 20,000 years.

You can pick up Nanodots and start getting geometrical in the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

Think of the mischief you can create coding for Amazon Alexa

Although it can be tough to talk to Alexa when your Echo is blasting music at full volume, Amazon’s voice-activated cloud assistant works remarkably well. But there’s a lot of uncharted territory in the realm of conversational interfaces, and Alexa is still limited to services that have integrated her abilities. If you have an amazing idea for a voice application, or are curious to learn how Alexa works underneath the friendly voice, this Amazon Alexa Coding Bundle is an excellent resource for beginners.

This bundle includes two courses—a set of beginner lessons to introduce the fundamentals of Alexa’s API, and some advanced projects to test your skills. Each course will teach you to build ten skills for Alexa that include audio streaming functionality, database communication, and 3rd-party services.

These lessons are presented in short, digestible chunks, so you can work through 13 hours of instructional material at your own pace. You can pick up this Amazon Alexa Coding Bundle here in our store. Read the rest

Instaread lets you read books on your phone while your partner shops for boring stuff

Maintaining an avid reading habit is one of the best workouts your brain can get, but actually following through with that degree of literary ambition usually involves lugging around a bag full of paperbacks. To keep up with the newest books without breaking your back (and bypassing your laziness), Instaread gives you access to hundreds of summaries of New York Times’ bestselling titles from your iPhone.

Instead of an ebook store, Instaread offers readers digestible takeaways from over 560 current bestsellers. Their concise summaries help you figure out if you’ll enjoy a book before buying and putting in the full time investment, offering plot overviews and key thematic points from the story. All of their content is available in text and audio, so you can get up to speed on popular titles as easily as listening to your favorite podcast.

Instaread is a perfect way to stay on top of new releases that you might otherwise not have time to read. You can get a lifetime subscription here in the Boing Boing Store. Read the rest

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