Cut the cord and get free local TV with these HD antennas

So you cut the cord and got rid of cable? Join the steadily growing club. But while you're out picking a streaming service, you might find one big blind spot: Local TV and sports, not to mention first-run programming from the big cable networks. Luckily, there's a throwback way to get it for free: The good old reliable antenna. And we're not talking about rabbit ears. Here are four examples of the new generation of HDTV antennas, ready to grab the wealth of free TV that's still on the airwaves.

Rveal Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna

The Rveal sums up what's great about the new generation of antennas: Easy setup and no monthly fees. Just plug it in and it scans for signals from broadcast antennas up to 50 miles away, bringing in images in 4K resolution. Pick up the Rveal Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna for $19.99, more than 30% off the original cost.

ANTOP Paper Thin 30-Mile AT-105 Indoor HDTV Antenna

This is the budget antenna in ANTOP's line, and it's still impressive enough for most digital TVs. At .02 inches thick, It's nearly invisible even when fully mounted on the wall or by a window, where it picks up HD Over-The-Air signals from 30 miles away. You can get the ANTOP Paper Thin 30-Mile AT-105 Indoor HDTV Antenna for $16.99, more than half off the MSRP of $34.99.

ANTOP AT-402B Outdoor/Indoor Digital TV Antenna

Not only does this model boast Smartpass programming that can pick up channels from up to 70 miles away, but it can also filter unwanted 3G and 4G signals for better, more consistent reception. Read the rest

These truly wireless earbuds raised over $2M on Indiegogo

Even if you feel like AirPods are worth the price tag, you've got to admit there's a certain anxiety that comes with using them. What if I lose them? What if they get wet in the rain? Or drenched in sweat? Or fall into the drink you dropped them into? Shiny tech is great, but when we're talking about wearable tech, it's got to be, well ... wearable.

For people that want that wireless freedom but want to actually use it, there's an alternative: xFyro ARIA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

Let's look at these things from the inside out. The wireless connectivity is up to the best that's currently out there: Bluetooth 5.0, which not only produces a more accurate sound through the 16mm drivers but is up to 2.5 times more reliable. The sound gets even more immersive with a one-two punch of CVC noise isolation and ambient sound protection. It's Google Assistant and Siri-enabled, which means the operation is a breeze. And the longevity is especially remarkable: You'll get 8 hours of listening on a single charge, plus an additional 24 hours of power with a boost from the included charging case. It's quick to juice up too, with 15 minutes of plug-in getting as much as 3 hours of playback time.

But the casing is where the real peace of mind comes in. The xFyro ARIAs are certified waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating. That means in the rain or in the hot tub, you can keep the soundtrack going without fear of losing your investment. Read the rest

This 3D printer for kids can help them invent and build their own toys

With the quick-fix appeal of video games and their own cell phones, it can be tough to keep kids focused on supposedly "educational" toys. And while it may seem counter-intuitive to fight tech with more tech, we're all in when it comes to the Toybox 3D Printer.

We're not sure if anyone had envisioned a 3D printer for kids before the guys at Toybox brought it to Shark Tank on season 10, but the idea was fresh enough to woo a backer in outspoken judge Kevin O'Leary. When you see the printer in action, that endorsement seems like a no-brainer. The Toybox scales down the functionality of a full 3D printer without throttling the possibilities. With the push of a single button, kids can let the machine create a series of readymade toys out of non-toxic, biodegradable filament in a variety of colors - no knives or scissors needed. When they're ready to unleash their inner inventor, they can create their own models with the companion app, which essentially makes this aptly-named printer a bottomless toybox.

With 8 filament colors included, the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle is $314.99, more than 30% off the MSRP. Read the rest

Save almost 50% off this affordable alternative to Photoshop and Lightroom

Whether you're an artist, designer or just organizing a photo album, photo editing software is a must. And software designers know it: Platforms like Photoshop and Lightroom have a ton of helpful features, but you'll pay for them in spades.

Luckily, there's some competition in the photo editing arena. Right now, Skylum's Luminar software is emerging as an incredibly useful alternative to those bigger tools, and the Award-Winning Luminar 3 Software Bundle is a great way to jump in.

First and foremost, you'll get the latest version of Luminar, which boasts all the most popular functionality of leading photo editors in a streamlined package. You can use layers and masks to build and modify a range of image files, while the Library feature lets you easily find and arrange them. For new users, the package includes Richard Harrington's Deep Dive to Luminar 3 - and effective walkthrough on all its features.

The Award-Winning Luminar 3 Software Bundle is now on sale for $49, almost 50% off the list price of $93. Read the rest

10 deals too good to miss out on from TVs to CBD gummies

Who needs a holiday sale? Sometimes there's no better time than the thick of summer to find deals. We should know - we've found ten deep discounts on some must-have items. Whether you're searching for CBD edibles, exercise gear, chargers or other tech, take a look. But don't look long - these prices aren't likely to last.

LG B8 Series 55" OLED 4K HDR TV

Once you've watched on 4K, it's hard to watch anything else. This smart TV is compatible with all the major HDR formats, and with Dolby Atmos® capability, it sounds as good as it looks. It's also pre-loaded with Google Assistant technology that you can use to not just control your TV but other smart home devices. Originally priced at $2299.99, the LG B8 Series 55" OLED 4K HDR TV is now 45% off at $1249.99.

AirDock 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Say goodbye to that mass of charging cables on your counter. This sleek station can charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods wirelessly and simultaneously and looks great doing it. Pick up the AirDock 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station for $34.99, a full 65% off the list price.

Sous Vide Power Precision Cooker

Get your food just right every time with this simple gadget. It controls and circulates the temperature in any kitchen pot to evenly cook a variety of proteins, the same way high-end restaurants have been doing it for years. Grab the Sous Vide Power Precision Cooker for $39.99, an 80% discount off the original price. Read the rest

Become a travel expert with this jetsetter's crash course

Heading abroad? Even if it's just a short trip, there's a lot to prepare for. Travel can be incredibly rewarding, but it can tricky to navigate different cultures and lodging arrangements - and even trickier to do it cheaply.

Before you go shopping for suitcases, here's our pick for a good first investment: The Ultimate Travel Hacker Bundle 2019.

This package of nine online courses covers the essential aspects of travel and can be useful even for those who've been around the globe a time or two. There are crash courses on Spanish and Chinese, plus lessons on how to navigate Airbnb and maximize your airline rewards. Best of all, the entire thing is up for grabs on a "pay what you want" basis. Make an offer, and any amount gets you part of the bundle. Beat the average price, and you take home the whole thing.

Here's a breakdown of what's included:

Become a Digital Nomad - Tips for keeping all your info safe and accessible anywhere you roam. Travel Hacking Mastery: Fly Around the World for Cheap - Find out how you can save on airline tickets by signing up for the right credit cards, all while keeping your score intact and skirting fees. The Abroaders Guide to Points & Miles - Booking the right flights to boost your rewards and reduce ticket prices by up to 90%. Chinese Made Easy: Understand 65% of Chinese In 10 Hours - A language boot camp that lets you speak conversational Mandarin in less than a day. Read the rest

Save over 50% on this Air Fryer from legendary chef Wolfgang Puck

Fried foods are a weakness for many of us. There's nothing quite like that extra crisp crackle on chicken, fries or onion rings. And for years, our arteries have been paying for the privilege.

Lately, the air fryer has been a godsend for those who love the fried stuff but love their body too. If you haven't tried one before, the Wolfgang Puck 7.2-Quart XL Air Fryer is a pretty failsafe bet.

With a 7.2-quart basket capacity, this chosen cooker of celeb chef Wolfgang Puck can accommodate almost anything you care to fry: Chicken, french fries, veggies - even a five-pound pot roast. But instead of submerging it in oil, this gadget circulates hot air evenly over the food, cooking it thoroughly and delivering that addictive fried taste - sans the additional fat or calories. With a 1700 watt capacity, it preheats in a flash and can cook for up to 30 minutes.

Right now, the Wolfgang Puck 7.2-Quart XL Air Fryer is $59.99 - more than 50% off the original list price of $129.95. Read the rest

Guard against cyber threats with this ethical hacking course

Cyber threats get more advanced every year, and "white hat" hackers are in demand. Online security experts are required to keep up on systems and strategies that are constantly updating, and it can be hard for employers to reliably know who is capable.

Enter the Complete Ethical Hacking Certification Course, a comprehensive online master class in cyber-defense.

All 21 hours of this boot camp are taught by Mohamed Atef, an ITC consultant with more than 20 years of experience. His course takes you through the makeup and vulnerabilities of 18 popular security domains and teaches how to counter 270 different attack strategies that malicious hackers can use to penetrate them. Along the way, you'll learn preventative measures like penetration testing and understand the various scanning and enumeration countermeasures that are part of any defense expert's toolbox. From Trojans to viruses to malware, you'll have the tools and know-how to deal with them all - and the certification to prove it.

The Complete Ethical Hacking Certification Course is on sale now for $12.99, a full 93% off the original cost. Read the rest

7 gimbals and smart cams that can take cinematic pics and video

Sick of the same old vacation pics? Here are 7 of our favorite pieces of photo and video gear for shutterbugs on the go. These gimbals and action cameras can take panoramic, cinematic shots anywhere - even underwater.

Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal

This gimbal is rustproof, waterproof and dustproof, which means it's made to go wherever your GoPro can. It mounts on nearly any location (even on a dog!) and its 3-axis rotation allows you to add a variety of cool effects. The Slick Smart GoPro Stabilizer Gimbal is now $269, a full 10% off the list price.

MOZA Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal

This gadget not only stabilizes your smartphone for hard-to-get shots, but it charges via a 5V input port. The companion app also adds a ton of cinematic video settings like Sport Gear and Inception Mode. Pick up the MOZA Mini-MI Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal for $94.99, a 13% discount off the MSRP.

Insta360 ONE 4K Action Camera

Unlock the full potential of your smartphone's video with this add-on that allows you to record and share 4K 360° video on the fly. You can attach it to your phone or control it remotely via Bluetooth. Right now, the Insta360 ONE 4K Action Camera is $239.99, nearly 20% off the original price.

Insta360 Nano S iPhone VR Camera

Another stunning addition to your smartphone, this cam makes for steady video with a stabilizing gyroscope. The FreeCapture feature lets you give your followers a 360-degree view of your surroundings, and it does all this in 4K / 20MP quality. Read the rest

Learn essential digital marketing skills with this $15 course

There is a myriad of ways to market on the web. With a limitless audience out there, its almost always true that whatever you're selling, there's a buyer out there. It's just a matter of reaching them.

Whether that business is your own start-up or an established company, the principles in the Complete Digital Marketing 12-in-1 Course will show you multiple roads to your target market.

This 38-hour online master class incorporates lectures, quizzes, and exercises to show you the best selling techniques on the web. From a foundation in marketing principles, you'll proceed to learn the secrets of SEO and Google AdWords that will bring your brand to the top of the hit list in any search. When those buyers start clicking, you'll be able to build an efficient website to drive sales and email subscriptions. And of course, you'll learn how to engage your audience on major social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

Right now, you can pick up the Complete Digital Marketing 12-in-1 Course for $14.99, more than 90% off the MSRP. Read the rest

An easy way to transfer old VHS and DVD video to digital

There's a lot of hidden treasure on the VHS tapes gathering dust on thrift store shelves, pawn shop bins, or maybe even your own attic. The thing is, those treasures won't last forever. Depending on the storage, VHS media might last as few as 10 years.

If you've got memories that are worth preserving, it might be time to invest in the VHS-to-Digital Video Transfer Device and Software Package. And thanks to the interface, it's easier and faster to save those memories than you might think.

Even if your technological savvy hasn't advanced much since the days of Blockbuster Video, this software's three-step process makes the copying process painless. You can capture video from any composite source along with audio (no sound card required), all through a high-speed USB 2.1 interface. VHS or DVD video can both be converted just as easily with high-speed rendering, ready to view or share on the web or any mobile device.

The VHS-to-Digital Video Transfer Device and Software Package is on sale now for $16.99, 75% off the MSRP. Read the rest

10 cooking gadgets that belong in any kitchen

Have you started using the oven more than your microwave yet? For most of us, it's an important signpost on the road from adolescence to adulthood. But it doesn't mean cooking has to get harder. Believe it or not, "easy" and "tasty" are not mutually exclusive adjectives in the kitchen - as long as you have the right tools. Here are ten pieces of kitchen tech that will elevate your meals no matter who you're making them for.

VitaChef Electric Steamer Skillet Cooking System

When it comes to fire up-and-forget meal prep, nothing beats a slow cooker - unless it's a modular system like the VitaChef, which can slow-cook, steam, bake or saute. It comes with multiple removable plates to handle everything from burgers to lobster, and the PFOA-free Vitanium surface makes it easy to clean. The VitaChef Electric Steamer Skillet Cooking System is now $99.99, a full 66% off the list price.

Damasukasu 3-Piece Japanese Chef Knife Set


The undulating patterns on these precision blades are just a beautiful side effect of the nitrogen-cooling process that's used to make them. Rust-resistant and triple-riveted, this cutlery is built to take on the tough jobs. This Damasukasu 3-Piece Japanese Chef Knife Set is now $49.99, more than 90% off the original MSRP.

20-Piece Non-Stick Cookware With Lids & Bakeware Set

You can usually count on non-stick pans to scratch or otherwise lose coating after a couple of years. Not this set, which sports a PFOA-free Ti-Ceramic layer that combines titanium with ceramic for a perfect mix of durability and slickness. Read the rest

6 gifts that your dog will love more than a belly rub

Does your dog need a bit of pampering? We've got just the things with this roundup of six top treats and accessories. If Fido had thumbs and credit, you know he'd do the same for you.

FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats

CBD is all the rage for stress relief among bipeds, but its benefits can be just as beneficial to dogs. There's no THC in these treats, just full-spectrum CBD along with chamomile, passion flower and other natural ingredients tailored to take your pet to their mellow place. Pick up a bag of FOMO Bones CBD Dog Treats for $32.99, a full 17% off the list price.

Petmaker Foldable Pet Stairs

For older dogs, any elevation change can be a challenge. Help them up into their favorite bed or couch with these carpeted stairs that collapse for easy storage. The Petmaker Foldable Pet Stairs are on sale now for $45, a 74% discount from the MSRP.

Cargo Liner Dog Seat Cover

This non-slip liner fits most SUVs, and it ensures a win-win for your next road trip with man's best friend. More comfort for them, no dog hairs in the back seat for you. Pick up a Cargo Liner Dog Seat Cover for $29 now, more than 40% off the list price of $49.99.

Sunset CBD Pet Shampoo & Conditioner

CBD oil can have anti-inflammatory properties as well as calming ones, which makes it a natural fit for this soothing shampoo. Green tea, lavender, and rosemary keep their coat silky while the THC-free core ingredients soothe their skin. Read the rest

8 pieces of camping gear you'd be lost in the woods without

Just because you're roughing it outdoors doesn't mean you need to make things any rougher. The next time you're out camping, feel free to assert your status as a tool-using biped - and boy, do we have the best tools. Here are eight pieces of essential gear for survival or camping use.

Slide-N-Glo 3-in-1 Lantern

The adjustable handle and sliding cover can quickly turn this light from a lantern to a flashlight or a powerful spotlight in a jiffy. That's great in any emergency, but the additional "flickering flame" setting makes this particularly good for campouts. Pick up the Slide-N-Glo 3-in-1 Lantern for $17.95, more than 25% off the original price.

Stalwart Portable Hammock With Frame Stand & Carrying Bag

No trees? No problem. This portable hammock weighs in at just over 20 pounds and comes with its own sturdy aluminum frame for easy assembly. Right now, the Stalwart Portable Hammock With Frame Stand & Carrying Bag is available for $65, a full 40% off the MSRP.

1TAC Paracord Survival Bracelet

All on its own, a good length of paracord can be a lifesaver in the wild - just ask any Navy Seal. This bracelet not only gives you a 9' length of the stuff but incorporates a compass, whistle, thermometer, and multi-tool too. The 1TAC Paracord Survival Bracelet is on sale now for $16.99, 14% off the original price of $19.95.

Full Face Snorkel and Diving Mask

This portable snorkel's full face design makes it easy to breathe through your nose or mouth while enjoying a 180 degree field of vision. Read the rest

Kickstart your copywriting career with this master class training bundle

In case it wasn't evident from the link that brought you here, digital ads are everywhere. And someone's got to write them. In print or on the web, writing lives by the same first commandment whether it's ad copy, fiction or essay: Don't lose the audience.

Still here? Whew.

Meta digressions aside, copywriting generally has some easy-to-follow rules. And outside of a university degree, the easiest way to learn them is through a comprehensive online course like the Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class Bundle.

This is a complete course package that focuses on writing for the web, and writing to sell. There's an equal focus on the art and science that goes into copywriting, with each lesson covering a different facet:

Copywriting Masterclass: Writing That Sells - An entry-level course that will teach you how to identify and connect with your audience. The Complete Digital Marketing Management Course - A bird's eye view of the business of marketing in general, with valuable tips on SEO and analytics. Facebook Marketing: How to Write the Perfect Post - Taking apart the engine that drives traffic in social media's most powerful social media outlet. Copywriting: How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter - Understanding the unique elements of good copy through easily memorized visuals. Keys to a Great Copywriting Career - How to adjust your voice and content to meet any audience. How To Start Your Own Freelance Copywriting Business - Need a portfolio? Here's how to build one, and how to get it seen. Read the rest

Power up your iPhone, Apple Watch, & AirPods at once with this wireless charger

More and more devices are cutting the cord, and that's good news for your countertop or nightstand. As smartphones and watches adopt wireless charging capability, there's less need for those bulky, constantly fraying cables.

All of this is to say that if you don't already need a hub like the AirBase 3-in-1 Fast Charging Dock, it's only a matter of time.

The unit comes with a 9V wall adapter, and as far as your personal devices are concerned, that might be the only thing that you'll need to plug in for a while. The AirBase accommodates wireless-enabled smartphones, smart watches or earbuds in a compact package that looks great on any desk. Best of all, it can charge up all three at once in a jiffy thanks to a sensor that delivers just the right amount of output: 2W for watches, 3W for earbuds and up to 10W for smartphones.

The AirBase 3-in-1 Fast Charging Dock is now available for $49.99, a full 66% off the original list price of $149.99. Read the rest

This key-sized multi tool is a wrench, screwdriver, smoking pipe and more

It shouldn't surprise anyone to learn that there's a species of nerd for everything. Food, film, ragtime nostalgia, astronomy - you name it. Well, if there are any design nerds out there, we have a gadget for you.

As a matter of fact, we know there are design nerds out there because every year they congregate in a number of northwest cities to judge the Hot New Next design competition. And in Seattle, this miniature bit of gear took top honors in 2018 by packing a stunning amount of features into a tiny metal package: The Geekey Multi-Tool.

It looks like a key, and is roughly the size of one - small enough to fit on your keychain and hide its many uses in plain sight. And while it may not unlock any doors in your home, there's not much else this tool won't open.

We're talking a closed wrench that fits a number of metric and imperial sizes, plus a 1/4" open wrench and a bike spoke wrench for good measure. The head is a screwdriver that can fit Phillips, slotted or square heads, while also incorporating a scoring tool and can opener. In the middle, there's a 1/4" hex pocket bit driver, while the serrated edge serves as a file and a 1-inch ruler. As if that weren't enough, there's also a wire stripper, the requisite bottle opener, and the whole thing is just thick enough to serve as a discreet smoking pipe. And don't sell it short for any of these tasks due to its size: It's made of injection molded stainless steel, heat-treated to H900, which means it can work without blunting. Read the rest

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