Relive the golden age of writing with these leather notebooks and journals

In the digital age, it can seem as though the life of the physical notebook or diary has come and gone. But most serious writers will tell you that there’s a special connection that comes from putting pen to paper, and these Leather Notebooks & Journals will help you bring that magic back.

Relive the golden era of writing down your thoughts and ambitions using good old-fashioned pen and paper with these elegant, handmade notebooks and journals.

With unique designs and hand-stitched embossed leather patches, these notebooks are great gifts for lovers of the written word.

They come in a variety of styles, feature durable hardcover backings, and come loaded with 50 sheets of handmade, tree-free cotton paper that can be used to record anything your creative mind can dream up.

They’re also light and compact enough to take with you without weighing you down.

Embrace your inner storyteller with these Leather Notebooks & Journals, starting at just $35.10. Read the rest

Fine-tune your spelling and grammar with this Chrome extension

Nothing is worse than firing off an important email only to realize later on that it was riddled with typos and plagued with poor sentences. This WhiteSmoke Chrome Extension ensures that you’ll never have to endure such post-send woes ever again, and a 5-year subscription is available for over 90% off its usual price right now.

Whether you’re a professional writer or simply want to tighten up your grammar and spelling, this simple browser extension has your back.

WhiteSmoke uses a series of advanced algorithms in order to scan your writing for a wide variety of errors ranging from grammar and spelling mistakes to punctuation slips and overall sentence structure, and it includes a 50-language translator to boot.

Your subscription even grants you unlimited access to a huge database that you can use to check your work for inadvertent plagiarism.

Take your writing to the next level with a 5-year subscription to the WhiteSmoke Chrome Extension for just $39.99—over 90% off its usual price today. Read the rest

This unique espresso maker belongs in every coffee-lover's kitchen

The morning coffee routine is a wonderful thing—offering ambitious people a chance to rid themselves of sleepiness and fatigue so they can confront the day’s challenges head-on. But if you’re looking to add some style to what’s probably by now a drab and somewhat boring caffeine routine, check out this Alessi Pulcina 3-Cup Espresso Maker, which delivers a perfect brew in a supremely sleek package.

Ideal for lovers of coffee and great architecture, this espresso maker will put some pep in your step and some modern style in your kitchen.

Crafted by the renowned architect Michele De Lucchi, this high-performance coffee maker is designed to stop dispensing your morning brew just before the coffee begins to develop that bitter aftertaste—allowing you to enjoy every sip at your own pace.

Its unique V-shape makes for a perfect addition to the home of any lover of great design, and you’ll be able to make and serve up to three cups at once.

Add some style to your coffee routine every day with this Alessi Pulcina 3-Cup Espresso Maker for just $49.99—over 55% off MSRP today. Read the rest

The DudeRobe puts the traditional boring bathrobe to shame

Whoever said style, comfort, and function couldn’t coexist in the same garment within the same universe clearly hasn’t seen the DudeRobe—an unapologetically unique men’s hooded bathrobe that’s guaranteed to keep you both comfy and cool wherever your awesomeness may lead you.

A modern twist on the boring and underwhelming old bathrobes that tend to adorn so many closets throughout the world, this effortlessly sleek and practical robe has been re-engineered into something that guys today actually want to wear.

The DudeRobe combines a classic hoodie fit and style with a sweatshirt look on the outside and a supremely comfortable robe on the inside—making it perfect for lounging around the home or attending your friend’s pool party in unparalleled style.

It’s made with a 100% cotton exterior and a 100% French Terry interior, and a Never-Lost Belt™ is permanently attached to the waist—meaning you’ll always be able to cinch up on the fly.

Treat yourself to a rare combination of eye-catching style and comfort with the DudeRobe: Luxury Men's Hooded Bathrobe while it’s available for 20% off MSRP at just $76.

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Conquer your 2020 resolutions list with this productivity app

Anyone can make a new year’s resolution list, but it takes a certain type of tenacity and planning to actually check off those boxes so you can live a happier and healthier life in 2020.

This Pagico 9: Task & Data Management Software will help you become more productive and efficient in every area of your life so you have more time to tackle that resolution list, and it’s available for 50% off MSRP today.

This all-in-one task and data management tool will help you simplify all of your tasks and focus on what needs to get done—both at work and at home.

Combining a variety of task timelines, project visualizations, daily planning sessions, and other time-saving productivity tools, this best-selling app makes it easy to organize your life so you can get more done, and it’s easy to keep track of both your personal and professional projects within a single interface.

Pagico 9 also comes with a handy browser extension that allows you to quickly turn entire webpages into simplified tasks that you can add to all of your lists.

Hit those resolutions in 2020 with help from Pagico 9 for just $25—50% off its list price today. Read the rest

This tape is perfect for any job that requires a non-slip or sticky surface in the home

Having slippery floors or vertical surfaces is rarely a good thing in the home, especially if you’re trying to lay a large rug or want to install furniture that can withstand its fair share of rowdy kids and pets.

Monkey Grip: Gel Nano Grip Tape Bundle is your go-to gel pad solution that will solve all of your slippery problems, and right now it’s available for over 20% off its usual price.

This super-strong and reliable 16-foot compound gel tape sticks to almost anything and is easy to apply.

With a width of 1.2" and the ability to be cut to any length, this tape is perfect for any job that requires a non-slip or sticky surface in the home.

The tape sticks perfectly to virtually any non-porous surface and stays there, thanks to a 0.12-inch deep core and a unique Monkey Grip gel formula that can stand the test of time.

The material is also completely non-toxic, and when you’re done with it it can be easily recycled.

Add a roll of Monkey Grip to your tool kit while it’s available for just $25—over 20% off its list price today. Read the rest

Control your dog's shedding and keep them comfortable with this onesie

Anyone who owns a dog knows how difficult it can be to keep them from shedding in the home or getting filthy at the beach. The Shed Defender® Original: The World's First Onesie for Dogs will put an end to both of these woes in a way that’s both safe and comfortable for your canine friend, and you can land one right now for 15% off MSRP.

This vet-approved onesie will control your dog’s shedding, reduce their anxiety, and keep them clean in the great outdoors.

Made from ultra-premium and entirely eco-friendly materials that won’t irritate your dog’s coat, this lightweight onesie allows full mobility for your dog while keeping him or her from shedding excessively around the house.

It’s also great for walks to the beach, woods, or any other environment that can cause your dog to become dirty or weighed down with mud or sand.

Keep your canine comfortable and your house clean with this Shed Defender® Original: The World's First Onesie for Dogs—available for 15% off MSRP at just $33.99. Read the rest is the smarter way to do Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is such a strange holiday. It seems as though we all collectively loath it, yet most of us still end up rushing to the florist and paying through the nose for a bouquet of flowers on February 14th. Perhaps we'd come to enjoy Valentine's Day a bit more if it wasn't so darn hectic to celebrate?

Enter, which takes all the hassle of out getting those flowers you're after, and it can even save you a pretty penny in the process, now that you can get $30 of credit for only $15 today as part of their Valentine's Day Special offer. eliminates the hassle we've all come to associate Valentine's Day with by delivering gorgeous arrangements directly to your loved one's door. Plus, it’s also easy to add speciality balloons or chocolates to your order, in case you're really looking to impress this year.

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to redeem your code at the online store within 30 days of your purchase, and each order comes with a 100% smile guarantee—meaning that if your recipient isn’t completely satisfied with their gift you get a full refund.

Embrace Valentine’s Day this year without all the hassle. The Valentine's Day Special will make your life much easier for just $15. Read the rest

Ace your taxes in 2020 with this CPA-led Quickbooks training

The dreaded tax season is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time to start the process of gathering all of the expenses that will give you the largest deduction possible.

The Quickbooks Pro Desktop Certification Bonus Bundle will help take the headaches out of this miserable processes by teaching you how to use one of the world’s most popular and powerful pieces of accounting software, and right now it’s available for any price you want to pay.

With 8 courses led by a certified CPA, this bundle will walk you through everything from the fundamentals to the more advanced elements of this award-winning numbers platform.

After an introduction to the basics of the interface, you’ll learn how to manage all of your income and expenses by organizing entries based on category, how to practice sound data-entry and reporting methods, how to plan for your financial future, and more.

There’s also a course dedicated to teaching small business owners how to keep track of every expense, through training that walks you through spreadsheet analysis, cost monitoring, and tax preparation.

Do yourself a financial favor in 2020 and land the Quickbooks Pro Desktop Certification Bonus Bundle for any price you want to pay. Read the rest

Save the planet one sip at a time with this reusable straw

You don’t need to be a climate scientist in order to know that the Earth is in serious trouble, but the good news is that you also don’t need to necessarily make any drastic changes to your lifestyle in order to do your part to help.

This nOcean Wearable Reusable Silicone Straw will help you reduce your plastic usage so you can help save the planet a few sips at a time, and it’s currently available for 20% off its usual price.

This reusable, medical-grade straw reduces single-use plastic pollution and doubles as a stylish bracelet to boot.

Available in three unique color combinations, the nOcean straw is made from sanitary silicone and surgical steel—meaning it's made to last even after extended periods of use without degrading.

Its smooth metal tip makes for a uniquely comfortable and satisfying drinking experience, and when you’re not using it you can simply transform the straw into a sleek bracelet in order to ensure that you have your go-to straw wherever you go.

Do your part for the environment while rocking a stylish bracelet that doubles as an eco-friendly straw. The nOcean Wearable Reusable Silicone Straw is available for just $15.99 today. Read the rest

Sleep better in 2020 with this ergonomic cooling pillow that was a Kickstarter hit

When it comes to conquering that resolution list and hitting all of your goals in 2020, nothing is more important than getting a great night’s sleep every night so you can wake up feeling refreshed and extra productive.

The CarbonIce: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection & Cooling Pillow will help you do just that, and right now it’s available for over 20% off its usual price.

This Kickstarter favorite gives you a supremely comfortable pillow that protects against bacteria while using Active-Air technology in order to keep you cool throughout the night.

With an ergonomic design that aligns the spine and relieves pain in your neck and shoulders, this compact pillow is made from a combination of soft memory foam, firm memory foam, CarbonIce and Graphene—which naturally keeps you warm during cold nights and cool during hot nights.

You’ll even be able to compress the pillow and cram it in your bag to ensure you get the best sleep possible when you’re away from your bed.

Treat yourself to better sleep in 2020 with the best-selling CarbonIce: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection & Cooling Pillow for just $99.99—over 20% off MSRP. Read the rest

Boost your project management skills (and your paycheck) with this expert Six Sigma training

It’s no secret that business leaders and project managers require a certain set of skills in order to outpace the competition and increase the overall efficiency of their company or team.

The Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle will take your managerial skills to the next level through training that will help you earn some of the most valuable certifications in the lucrative field of project management, and it’s available for over 95% off MSRP today.

The four courses in this best-selling bundle will help you reduce waste and innovate better products and services in any business environment.

You’ll learn how to embrace the Lean management methodology through training that will teach you how to optimize processes and increase the quality of your output, how to ace the exam for the coveted Lean Six Sigma certification through lessons that focus on complex problem solving, and how to become a Six Sigma Black Belt by learning how to foster better team dynamics.

There’s also training that walks you through Minitab—one of the most relied-upon statistical tools used by the world’s most successful managers.

Take your business to the next level with the Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle for just $49—over 95% off its usual price. Read the rest

Every tech brand should be using a .tech domain

In the early days of the web, everyone wanted a .com domain for their site. As a result, all the good ones got snapped up. But .com no longer has the cachet it once did. In fact, many new businesses and individuals are opting for other top-level domain extensions. One of the most memorable is the .tech extension. It's short, it's memorable, and most importantly, it resonates very well with the field of technology. For example, a website on .tech clearly calls out that the website is about technology There are tons of great names on .tech available now, and you owe it to your company to at least check for your dream brand. Right now, you can save on your next domain for your next big idea with $7.99 for 1 year (down from $49.99), $24.99 for 3 years (down from $149.97) and $39.99 for 5 years (down from $249.95).

Start searching for the perfect domain extension here and get your .tech site online today.

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Enter to win a free streaming device plus 1 year of free service

Most streaming fanatics have access to perhaps one or two go-to platforms that they use to binge-watch their favorite shows every night. But there’s always that elusive streaming platform that we secretly crave but never sign up for—leading to bitter nights filled with missed content.

So why not enter to win not only a 1-year subscription to the streaming service of your choice but also a free streaming device as well?

The Pick Your Streaming Service & Device Giveaway allows you to do just that, and it’s completely free to enter.

After you sign up, you’ll automatically be in the running to win one best-selling streaming device—ranging from an Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Google ChromeCast, and more—along with a 1-year subscription to a popular streaming service of your choice (Hulu, Netflix, Showtime, Disney+, or HBO).

There’s no hidden cost to enter the contest, and you’ll be notified directly once a winner has been selected.

Sign up here today for absolutely free. Read the rest

Smoke discreetly in any environment with the Genius Pipe

Thanks to a series of progressive movements throughout the United States, more and more states are allowing people to smoke in the great outdoors with absolute freedom. Unfortunately, most pipe-makers have been slow to catch up with this new reality, which leads to avid smokers stuffing a cumbersome glass pipe in their pocket every time they leave the home.

The intrepid Genius Pipe offers a supremely stylish and streamlined way to smoke on the go, and it’s available for 35% off its usual price today.

Available in a variety of colors, this extremely compact and portable pipe makes it easier than ever to smoke when you’re on the move.

Simply use the bowl to store your favorite smoking material and light up whenever you want. This pipe features an anti-scratch finish so you won’t need to worry about keeping it in your pocket with your keys, and it’s easy to toss in your bag or fit in your back pocket without drawing attention.

If you’re at least 21, land this travel-friendly pipe today for just $64.95—35% off MSRP. Read the rest

Get a lifetime of website hosting for just $45

It’s no secret that when it comes to building your brand online, nothing beats having a powerful and streamlined website. BoxHosting Website Hosting makes it easy to create an extensive online presence with room for 500 domains, 500 10GB email accounts, and unlimited desk space—and you only have to pay $45 for life.

In addition to a lifetime of premium web hosting, BoxHosting Website Hosting also gives you unlimited access to an easy-to-use website builder that can be used to create new sites from scratch, and there are plenty of tools and templates that will help you customize your website in order to match the specific needs of your business.

This lifetime subscription also ensures super-fast upload and download speeds, along with top-level security features and 24/7 manned data centers that are there to help with any problems you may experience along the way.

Treat your business to a lifetime of premium web hosting with a subscription to BoxHosting Website Hosting for just $45—over 90 percent off its usual price.

Prices are subject to change.

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Add PHP to your web-building toolkit with this 4-course training bundle

There’s never been a better time to work as a web developer—regardless of whether you’re looking to work with a big company or as a solo freelancer. The Essential PHP Coding Bundle will get you up to speed with one of the world’s most popular and powerful web development scripting languages, and it’s currently available for over 90% off its retail price.

Through four courses and over 150 lessons, this bundle will introduce you to both the fundamentals and more advanced elements of PHP—an open-source scripting tool that’s widely used in HTML and a variety of go-to web development platforms.

After an introduction to the basic terminology of the language, you’ll learn how to create dynamic web pages from scratch, find and fix common scripting errors, incorporate third-party platforms into your builds, and more.

There’s also a course that teaches you how to create advanced and easily-maintainable Python applications that can be used on your sites.

Add PHP to your web-building toolkit with the Essential PHP Coding Bundle—available for over 90% off MSRP at just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

You can't beat free! Get $70+ worth of premium Mac apps for free today! Read the rest

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