• This digital voice-activated recorder captures audio notes, interviews, and more

    While smartphones and other devices have reached world-class heights for capturing images and even video at up to stunning 4K quality, they still leave a lot to be desired in the audio department. That's because while companies have engaged in a two-decade arms race to constantly one-up each other for the biggest, best camera available, most are still including a very low-end microphone.

    Instead of reaching to attach external microphones and processors and extra editing abilities, the best way to improve your capture quality is to just get a device made for recording clean, crisp, punchy digital audio. Thankfully, that's now possible with pocket-sized devices like the Dictopro X100 Digital Voice-Activated Recorder, a mini dictaphone unit that can record meetings, lectures, or interviews with a sound quality that puts smartphone audio to shame.

    At less than 4 inches long and weighing under 3 oz., the X100 is as mobile as any smartphone, rocking a high-quality aluminum body that fits in a palm while still feeling strong and sturdy. In another advancement over your smartphone, the unit features a pair of ultra-sensitive microphones, calibrated for crystal clear recordings from up to 33 ft. Just set it up on a table or countertop and users can capture their discussions without interference or a loss of fidelity.

    Plus, the X100 is equipped with its own dynamic noise reduction to help focus the recording on the sound you want to hear and not environmental noise. With voice activation, users don't have to hit a record button to start the capture and with 8GB of internal memory, this workhorse can store up to 700 hours of recordings.

    Recording in either MP3 or WAV format, the X100 also plays back in MP3, APE, or FLAC with a built-in speaker which can also play music as well as recordings or any other MP3 file you want. Audio files are all easily transferable via USB with simple drag-and-drop functionality. And all the unit's controls are accessible through the bright color LCD display.

    Users are big fans of the Dictopro X100, giving this recorder a 4.1 out of 5-star rating in more than 2,000 Amazon customer reviews.

    Right now, the Dictopro X100 Digital Voice-Activated Recorder is available at a few dollars off its retail price, on sale now for just $35.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Orboot Earth takes kids on a brilliant AR tour around the world

    It's no wonder so many adults are fascinated by world travel. From the time we're small children, living in a world that often doesn't extend far beyond our home, family, and neighborhood, the thought of all the amazing places on planet Earth with their fantastic views, incredible wildlife, eye-opening customs, and more is magical. It opens a world of possibility for a child that even a lifetime of globe-hopping often can't fully capture.

    Globes can give kids a geographic view of where all those exotic places really are, but they don't offer a true sense of what those worlds are like or the wonders you can find there. With the Orboot Earth Augmented Reality Interactive Globe for Kids, the orb becomes a very real portal for exploration to all corners of our incredible planet.

    An award-winning educational toy engineered for kids between 4 and 10 years old, the 10-inch globe looks just like that old-school globe you looked at as a kid, albeit without country names and borders. But when used with the interactive Orboot Earth app on any tablet or smartphone, the globe digitally springs to life, inviting kids to scour the world and quench their curiosity, learning all about geography, environmental science, general knowledge, social sciences, and maybe even a little cultural sensitivity too.

    Armed with their included passport and smart device, kids can embark on immersive augmented reality trips around the world, zooming in on more than 400 global highlights with over 1,000 cool facts to intrigue and illuminate.

    Kids scan a region, touch a 3D wonder, and they're introduced to visual storytelling, music, animal facts, voice interactions, world quizzes, globe puzzles, and challenges that bring every inch of the Earth right to their door. From world cultures to delicious cuisines, from monuments and inventions to animals and detailed maps, this is how a kid safely explores their world and starts asking the questions that can launch a lifetime of discovery.

    On sale for $54.99, you can save an extra $5 off the already discounted price of the Orboot Earth Augmented Reality Interactive Globe by entering the codeword ORBOOT during checkout. With the extra discount, the final price of this toy/travel guide falls to only $49.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Take the guesswork out of cooking with 20% off a MeatStick X wireless thermometer

    You've probably manned a grill or two in your day. You've stood over enough burning coals and seared enough animal flesh to have a pretty good idea of whether a slab of meat is properly cooked or needs some more time over the fire. But … do you really?

    E. coli contamination in ground beef makes almost 100,000 Americans sick each year, leading to 3,200 hospitalizations, 31 deaths, and over $405 million in healthcare costs. And Consumer Reports found 97 percent of raw chicken breast purchased in stores "harbored bacteria that could make you sick."

    So, how confident are you feeling about your powers of detection now? Rather than rolling the dice, instruments like The MeatStick X make it incredibly easy to know with 100 percent certainty that a piece of meat is thoroughly cooked and ready to be served.

    The MeatStick X makes the cooking process virtually foolproof, using a dual-sensor system to measure both the ambient and internal temperature of the meat. The ceramic handle sensor can display and withstand up to 572°F, while the internal sensor shows internal meat temperature up to 212ºF, so there's never any guesswork.

    This wireless thermometer syncs easily to the MeatStick app on your phone or tablet, with a built-in Bluetooth signal repeater for monitoring the state of your cooking from up to 260 feet away. 

    The app streamlines the entire cooking process, including an onboard cook list for beef, chicken, turkey, pork, goose, fish, and lamb that walks grillmasters through the proper setup, then lets users monitor the cooking in real-time. The MeatStick X is even equipped with a sophisticated algorithm that calibrates the meat and temperature to calculate exactly how much time it needs to stay on the grill before it's ready to serve.

    The MeatStick is dishwasher, sous-vide, and even deep fryer safe, super easy to clean, and sports a battery performance of at least 24 hours for even the longest, lowest, and slowest of cooks.

    The MeatStick X Wireless Meat Thermometer is on sale for $97.99, but since this is an item most dads would likely flip over, you can take an additional 20% off with Father's Day coupon WELOVEDAD during checkout, dropping the total to just $78.39.

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Save an extra 20% off on five Dad-approved tents this Father's Day

    If you really want to make Dad happy for Father's Day, give him the means to get away from it all. The job, the responsibilities, the family … maybe even you! Dad might even be so touched by the gift that he'll forget his natural inclinations for peace and solitude and let you come along.

    These five tent options are all great for helping Dad reconnect with the great outdoors while staying safe. And right now, you can save an extra 20 percent off the already discounted prices of these five homes away from home. Just use the code WELOVEDAD during checkout to get the added savings.

    For the Dad who travels light

    Dome Camping Tent – $99.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $139

    At nearly 7 feet by 3 feet, this is just enough space for Dad and maybe one more person to stretch out and relax. Made from durable inner and outer PU layers, this dome tent goes up quickly and comes down easily, with fiberglass poles and steel uprights offering extra support. With front and rear entry doors, a pair of mesh windows for smooth ventilation, and a 4-sided mesh shell to keep insects out, it's more versatile than you'd expect from a tent that bundles tight for easy transport and weighs less than 4 lbs.

    For the Dad who hates sleeping on the ground

    Inflatable Sofa Tent – $99.96 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $149

    Why snooze on the hard dirt or the moist, wet sand when you can effortlessly rise above it … literally? This lightweight nylon structure features a nearly six-foot inflatable lounger inside, elevating for maximum relaxation while the overhead canopy keeps Dad safely protected from the sun's rays. If you're worried about popping it, this tent boasts a standard double sewing technique on every suture to ensure the whole structure is absolutely sturdy. It's also simple and lightweight, well suited for a day at the beach or even for some urban camping in the backyard. 

    For the Dad who brings the family along

    EchoSmile 4-6 Person Pop-Up Tent – $151.99 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $228

    Who wants to enjoy the majesty of our world alone? This tent stretches almost 10 feet, with plenty of room to accommodate 4 to 6 people comfortably, so Dad, Mom, the kids, and maybe even a buddy or two can all sleep well.  Made from water-resistant and windproof materials, this tent is ample coverage from the sun, rain, and wind for all outdoor activities with two mesh windows, a pair of large dual zipper doors, and even ceiling vents. And since everybody hates tents that take forever to erect, this one is a pop-up in every sense of the word, springing to full size in literally 10 seconds. Time for a family road trip!

    For the Dad who wants to park and enjoy

    Extended Pop-Up Car Tent – $179.97 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $379

    No need to hike forever into the woods before setting up camp. This extended car tent attaches around the lifted rear window or door of Dad's car for a cozy, portable cabin feel that's like having a comfortable room anywhere the car rolls to a stop. It's constructed from heavy-duty PVC covering for maximum durability and protection from the sun or the elements. Standing about 6 feet high, most loungers can easily stand up straight, while the tent is even wide enough to set up a table and chairs to turn the whole vibe into an office in the wild — in case Dad really needs to be working on this trip. It even has storage pockets to hold a phone or other important items safely. 

    For the Dad with a big ole pickup

    Pickup Truck Bed Tent – $223.96 after code WELOVEDAD; originally $339

    Here's how Dad takes full advantage of a truck bed — by turning the whole thing into a makeshift portable camper. Made from ripstop grade material, this tent is super durable and long-lasting, not to mention sized to fit all types of truck sizes securely. The dome center rises almost 5 feet to offer loads of headroom, while the sewn-in floor means dirt from the truck bed won't get in the tent. A color-coded pole and sleeve system helps get the tent raised in under 10 minutes, and there's also a rainfly from protection from Mother Nature should the skies open up.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This dot grid journal is a brilliant way to give bullet journaling a try

    Sometimes, the world can bring back something that might have been headed for the dustbin of history if fate hadn't intervened. Case in point: journaling. While the art of chronicling your life and activities hadn't disappeared, it was definitely waning before last year.

    Then, COVID hit — and many of those who faced anxiety and new hardships under lockdowns and uncertainty turned to putting down their thoughts in a journal to cope. Now, journals and diaries are back — and the A5 Dot Grid Journal is a prime 21st century way to lay down your innermost thoughts with both style and function in mind.

    Of course, we're all post-modern people, so we don't do anything without a twist. These journals are perfect for bullet journaling, a manner of writing that's part thoughts and feels, part personal organization exercise.

    With that in mind, these journals are no simple notebooks. With a soft, stain-resistant, vegan leather cover, each book actually holds 160 numbered pages where users can keep daily to-do lists, calendars, notes, goal meditations, and everything else to keep track of and power them through their day.

    Unlike those flimsy journals, these pages are extra-thick 160 GSM uncoated paper, which prompts smooth writing without the obnoxious bleeding or ghosting that often happens when writing with ink, making them perfect candidates for fountain pens. Even if you press hard while you write or draw, you won't get all those ugly blotches and markings that ruin the page once you start trying to write on the other side.

    The bindings lay flat for fluid writing, all on the impressively pure white, acid-free paper. The dot grid pages help guide your writing, whether you're planning your day, compiling recipes, doing creative writing, planning a trip, or just absent-mindedly doodling away.

    This classy 2-pack of A5 Dot Grid Journals are usually a $40 value, but by entering the code WRITE10 when you make your purchase, you can save $10 off the price, dropping your total to just $30.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Get these refurbished Apple iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs now at up to 68% off

    From tablets and laptops to desktop computers, you can always feel confident you're getting a quality piece of tech if there's an Apple name on it. Unfortunately, that level of security comes with a price tag as the Cupertino titan invariably creates top-notch products and charges a premium price for that level of performance.

    But there are end-runs around those pricey Apple markups. One of those workarounds is going the refurbished route with fully tested and completely restored previously used iPads, MacBooks, and iMacs at hundreds off their original list prices.

    Right now, you can grab up one of those lovingly refurbished Apple devices at up to 68 percent off their regular totals and land that premium Apple quality and a decidedly un-premium price point.


    Apple iPad Air, 16GB – Silver (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only) – $169.99; originally $499

    Thinner and lighter than the iPad classic model at just under a pound, the iPad Air is an often overlooked member of the iPad family. At least … until you get it in your hands, that is. The 2013 models feature a robust A7, while the 2014 model ($319.99; originally $499) contains A8x chip for smooth functionality even with multiple apps running. They also feature either a 5MP or 8MP camera for impressive images or video. For 2013 models, your choice here comes down to silver and gray/black ($219.99; originally $499).

    Apple iPad Pro, 32GB – Space Gray (Refurbished: Wi-Fi Only) – $279.99; originally $899

    While the original and Air versions of the iPad are no slouches, the iPad Pro is the tablet that most performs like a laptop. Rocking a mighty A9X processor this device was built for heavy-duty mobile multitasking and hosts a collection of impressive features including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, dual mics, a sparkling 12MP camera, stereo speakers, and a burly 10 hours of battery life.


    Apple MacBook Air, Core i5, 1.6GHz, 8GB RAM – Silver (Refurbished) – $479; originally $1,299

    Once again, the MacBook Air leans to the edge of portability and convenience for laptop users, with an ultra-slim profile and weighing less than 3 lbs. However, this MacBook can get the job done behind its Intel i5 processor, 256GB of storage, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O, and a long-lasting battery that can keep at it for up to 7 hours.

    Apple MacBook Pro, Core i5, 2.5GHz, 8GB RAM – Silver (Refurbished) – $449; originally $469

    If you're looking for a laptop for your kid or a reliable road warrior, this battle-tested Pro from 2012 can still bring the thunder. Flashing a unibody aluminum case design milled from a single piece of aluminum with a backlit keyboard and 120GB of hard drive room, this Pro is also running with an Intel HD 4000 graphics card, ensuring a silky smooth reproduction of visuals from HD movies to light gaming.

    Apple MacBook Pro, Core i5, 2.5GHz w/ Touchbar, Space Grey (Refurbished) – $1,099.99; originally $1,799

    Only a few model years removed from store shelves, this Pro model is a killer value, with a 13.3-inch widescreen LED-backlit display and an Intel i5 dual-core chip. The most powerful MacBook model on the market, the Pro can also come with a Touch Bar for quicker access and more customized control over how and when your favorite apps are used. And at $700 off, it's a great saving off the regular price.


    Apple iMac, Core i5, 2.9GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD – Silver (Renewed) – $499.99; originally $1,499

    The iMac is a stellar desktop computing experience, all in a package that doesn't eat up your entire desk space. This Mac can handle anything you throw at it, thanks to its 2.9GHz CPU, 8GB of RAM, and connectivity that includes four USB 3.0 ports, dual Thunderbolt ports, Bluetooth 4.0, and more. And at $1,000 off a new model, this is the most cost-effective way to put a Mac on your desk immediately.

    Apple iMac, Core i3, 3.6 GHz, 64GB Storage – White (Refurbished) – $999.99; originally $1,399

    This iMac from 2019 is practically new, except for that big refurbished discount. Slimmer, lighter, and more efficient than any Mac that came before, this desktop has a sparkling 21.5" gorgeous 4K display to see everything in stunning detail. You can grab one with either 64GB of storage if you only run a few essential apps, or step up to a massive 1TB model with a Core i5 CPU in silver ($1,099.99; originally $1,499) if you plan on using your Mac for multimedia and light editing. For those who need a rig that can power through assignments that would push most computers to their limits, these iMacs won't disappoint.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Save 28% on Angels' Cup and get world-class coffee shipped to your door

    We've all finally acknowledged that coffee isn't just a mug of flavored water you swig in the morning to perk up your day, right? The brewological arts have elevated in recent years. Sure, you can buy a can of coffee crystals or grab a latte at Starbucks, but that's just maintenance. For true lovers of the bean, the right coffee is a quasi-religious experience. It's zen bliss in liquid form.

    Angels' Cup All Stars Coffee recognizes the magic of coffee roasting, curating a taste engineered for the particular palette of each idiosyncratic coffee drinker, then shipping that divine brew right to their door. 

    While this is a subscription service, Angels' Cup isn't really a coffee company. They're more like the coffee concierge a real coffee lover wants. Each year, the braintrust at Angels' Cup samples thousands of coffee blends from over 200 roasters of all sizes, selecting only the premium quality concoctions — the true crème de la crème — that meet their standards.

    Shoppers select the light, medium, or dark roast they crave, the grind they want from whole beans down to finely-ground powder, and the delivery frequency ranging from weekly to monthly.

    Angels' Cup takes it from there, getting these elite-level blends in hand the day a roaster completes their work, then gets it shipped off to you in a matter of hours. Your brilliantly specific coffee love lands right on your doorstep for the freshest brew possible that doesn't involve you growing the beans yourself.

    Angels' Cup features different roasters in every tasting flight, so there's never any complacency. Members get just the sweetness, complexity, acidity, and clearly identifiable flavors they want from a constantly rotating murderer's row of coffee greatness.

    This deal lands you a one-month subscription to Angels' Cup All Stars Coffee for almost 30 percent off its regular price, a $22 value now priced from your sampling at just $15.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Meet Jay-D, the fun electronics project that lets you build your own DJ mix table

    If you're going to learn electronics, you might as well learn it in service to something fun. And if you're going to learn to DJ, you might as well learn something practical along with it. Because let's face it — you probably aren't the one-in-a-million performer who becomes Deadmau5 or Marshmello or somebody else in a giant oversized helmet. 

    Even if you're destined for fame and riches as an EDM god, there's plenty of cool knowledge and smart skills to develop with this Jay-D: Build and Code Your Own DJ Mixtable kit.

    Created by Circuitmess, this project includes all the components and training needed for any wannabe tinkerer to actually build and program their own working DJ mix station. With Jay-D, creators can make and mix music just like a real DJ, manipulating tracks, creating different sounds and sound effects, and governing the beat and tempo as the center of the show. 

    This mix table is stacked with all the same basic functions of a table you'd buy in a store, including two simultaneous playback slots, BPM control, sound equalizers and effects, a class-D amplifier, two 5W speakers, and an on-board display for regulating it all.

    In addition to all the knobs, dials, faders, casings, and other pieces, the kit also comes with an easy-to-follow, yet thorough build guide to walk creators through the entire process. On the hardware side, builders learn how to solder, how to assemble digital sound components, and more. 

    As for software, the Jay-D plugs into a laptop or desktop computer so users can code the Jay-D in CircuitBlocks, it's our custom-made beginner-friendly code editor similar to Scratch. With it, builders can understand what sound waves are and how to produce them with computers, how digital audio systems handle complex tasks like compression, and how to code custom sound effects into the Jay-D.

    Plus, the whole thing comes with 144 individually controllable LEDs on board for designing a customized light show for all your DJ sessions.

    Right now, you can score the full kit to build your own Jay-D DJ Mixtable for just $119.95. You can also step up to a collection that also includes a soldering iron and all the other tools needed to build the Jay-D for only $144.95.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Learn game development with 3 free courses and 30 courses for just $20

    When you say you're ready to learn a new skill, how ready are you really? Sometimes, the urge prompts enough curiosity for an interested student to try a course or two. Or maybe you're the all-in type, ready to dive headlong into everything there is to learn about a subject and drink in as much as possible.

    No matter your approach to engaging with new ideas, if you've been interested in actually building your own video games or at least understanding how the process is done, The Ultimate Learn Game Development Bundle can whet your whistle. 

    This package offers each student either the light overview or the complete immersive experience they're looking for in this ultra-creative, ultra-competitive field. This central bundle brings together 20 different courses, each organized around bringing a different gaming task to life. Each course comes from the vast galaxy of learning options available through the Zenva Academy, notching over 400,000 students in a wide range of e-learning areas.

    This collection offers a solid introductory point for first-timers, including training that isn't just project-based gaming tasks but is actually gets students up to speed in some core programming skills as well. Across more than 28 hours of content, students learn basic Python and JavaScript skills, then apply them using some of the world's most powerful game engines, including Unity, Unreal, and Godot.

    In one course, learners build a basic first-person shooter game. In another, they're building an RPG adventure game. In one training round, students will build their own smart security camera for the Raspberry Pi microcomputer, then create a turn-based game in a multi-player format.

    From building real-world apps to exploring the foundations of 3D game development in Godot, from crafting a top-down, 2D micro-RPG in Unity, then a turn-based, micro-strategy game about building and managing a colony on Mars, this training constantly challenges users to add new skills to their library of talents. 

    And while this 20-course Ultimate Learn Game Development Bundle is available for just $20, almost 80 percent off its regular price, users can also choose exactly how extensively their training will go. There are also pared-down versions of this training incorporating just five courses ($1), seven courses ($5), or 10 courses ($10), as well as an expanded 30-course version on sale for just $30. Or, you can even dabble for free with a simple three-course edition that's available at absolutely no cost.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This razor blade dryer can help your favorite blades last more than a year

    In the grand scheme of the universe, guys don't really have a ton to complain about when it comes to personal grooming and self-maintenance. Sure, there are always a few mostly minor inconveniences here and there, but when considering the insane number of hoops women have to jump through to look and feel their best every day, you got off pretty darn easy. 

    However, the cost of constantly replacing razor blades is definitely an annoyance no guy enjoys. And it usually isn't the dulling of blades or the raging manliness of your stubble that sends all these blades to an early grave. It's the same problem that's killed metal-based machines for decades: moisture. Luckily, The BLEW Razor Blade Dryer was designed to tackle that particular problem — and it works, actually helping a blade that users might regularly toss out after a week or two survive for more than a year.

    Normally, after a blade is rinsed and exposed to moisture for a while, oxidation sets in, causing rust to start forming and usually prompting a quick discard. Therefore, if you can protect your razor from prolonged moisture, you stave off rust, extend the life of your blade, and save yourself a few bucks by keeping sharp effective blades alive longer.

    That's where the BLEW comes in. This countertop unit is almost like a hairdryer for your razor blades that you can activate after each use. Your blade slides into the holder, which uses a small heated fan to dry out your razor and prevent destructive oxidation. During the process, the blade is also hit with a UV light that sanitizes the shaving surface. Together, those steps eliminate the dullness, rusting, and chipping that usually kills blades, allowing the average BLEW-treated razor to deliver close shaves for more than 12 months.

    The BLEW Razor Blade Dryer retails for $59, but along with the current $10 off discount, you can save another 20 percent off right now as part of the ongoing Father's Day Sale. Using code WELOVEDAD will save you an additional 20%, bringing your final total to just $35.99.

    Prices are subject to change. 

  • The Fireflower is an architect-designed fire pit and grill, and it's over $90 off

    A grill and fire pit are the virtual centerpieces of any summer outdoor event. Unfortunately, most end up being pretty haphazard structures, wood stacked on top of sand or dirt, all lit ablaze with the hope nothing gets out of hand. Then there's the super-ashy cleanup…

    David Grisham loved enjoying those nights by the fire, but the cumbersome nature of transporting and using most portable fire pits was a serious drain on the fun. As an architect and designer, Grisham took a swing at the problem himself, coming up with an ingeniously engineered, highly portable solution for easy outside adventuring by the fire, the Fireflower Original Fire Pit and Grill.

    Part of the brilliance of the Fireflower is that it's so ridiculously simple. The pit is made up of three triangular 10 gauge stainless steel metal sheets that are less than 2 feet across. But once the set is assembled into their easy-to-build triptych, users have a durable, high quality, and rustproof bin to start a slightly elevated, contained, and protected blaze. Slide a fourth metal sheet over the top and the whole thing is now a grill for all your camp, beach, backyard, or tailgate cooking.

    The Fireflower comes with a set of Velcro-padded handles and a pair of leather gloves, so your hands always stay protected during assembly or disassembly of those hot metal sheets. In their regular room temperature state, the sheets slide back into a flat stack, making it easy and compact enough to keep them in a trunk or even under a vehicle seat for rapid-fire pit deployment almost anywhere. 

    The elegantly simple design also makes the plates incredibly easy to clean to avoid all that built-up, caked-up, charred crud that gathers on most portable pits and grills.

    Regularly $299, the Fireflower Original Fire Pit and Grill is already $40 off, but when you take an added 20 percent Father's Day Sale discount with the code WELOVEDAD during checkout, it drops down to only $207.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Learn GitOps — and why it's important — with this 11-course training bundle

    Not too long ago, you'd probably never heard of DevOps before. But over the past few years, this culture of automating and integrating software development and IT pros to build, test, and release apps with greater speeds and reliability has quickly become a mainstay in most development pipelines. Fueled by the runaway success of DevOps, it's no wonder that related systems are being adopted everywhere.

    One such new feeder system to increased success is GitOps, which sounds a lot like DevOps, but it's all centered around Git, one of the most popular systems for tracking changes during software development. With the training in The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle, students can check out the tools and steps that are making GitOps so popular and find ways of incorporating that process into their own workflows.

    Over 11 courses packed with 100 hours of in-depth training, students will get the full download on everything Git and GitOps, from the basics of the process down to understanding the individual apps and other components that play such a large role in this type of development cycle.

    Understanding GitOps starts with knowing the pieces that make up that methodology, which is why several courses break down some of the key elements. Learn to Code with Python starts at the programming level with baseline training in that popular coding language, while The Quickest 2021 Guide to Develop Your Web without Code Skills explains getting a website working as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Of course, no overview of GitOps can go far without a thorough understanding of Git itself. That's why no fewer than four courses help explain all the pieces of using Git and GitHub on development projects. Git Essentials for Beginners and Git and GitHub for Beginners: Practical Bootcamp opens the training at a starter level, while courses like Git and GitHub Version Control and Collaboration lay a framework for using Git to make sure catastrophic errors never crush a build or your timeline.

    Then, other courses get into some of the other critical tools for developing a continuous deployment process, including Kubernetes, Git SQL, Heroku, and more.

    The 2021 Ultimate GitOps Certification Bundle features 11 courses worth of impactful training, and you can grab the whole bundle for under $3.25 per course, or only $34.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Win a Mac, an iPad, a MacBook and a ton of Apple products in this free giveaway

    We all live for those moments when we can upgrade our tech. The anticipation from unboxing a new phone, laptop, or tablet gives us an endorphin hit like no other. Of course, most of us don't have the financial resources to trade up all of our tech at the same time. Thankfully, you can reoutfit yourself entirely in Apple products at absolutely zero cost by winning this Apple Mac Bundle Giveaway.

    If you've wanted to check out all of Apple's latest and greatest or just want some cool free stuff, this package from Cupertino should scratch nearly every conceivable tech itch. All you have to do is fill out the free entry form, and if your name is pulled in the randomly drawn sweepstakes, you'll take home an avalanche of Apple products valued at over $5,700.

    The winner will receive a brand-new, strikingly thin, yet joltingly powerful 24-inch iMac, sporting an Apple M1 processor with an 8-core CPU and a gorgeous 4.5K Retina display monitor. They'll also get a top-of-the-line 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as a 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop.

    No Apple hardware is the same without Apple software, so this collection also comes with the full armada of Apple One service subscriptions, a 6-in-1 collection featuring access to Apple TV, Apple Music, iCloud, and more. And to top it all off, we've even thrown in a pair of wireless AirPods Pro to hear it all in stunningly crystal clear clarity.

    While winning isn't everything, it isn't nothing either — so if you're going to jump into this sweepstakes, you might as well do everything you can to come home with a win. 

    Therefore, you can boost your chances with a handful of extra entries simply by donating to an entirely worthy and noble cause, the wonderful Playing for Change Foundation. This non-profit group is truly bringing music to the masses, offering music education programs and opening avenues of self-expression to underserved and at-risk kids in underprivileged nations all around the world.

    With a small donation of just $10 to Playing for Change, your assistance will earn you 100 extra entries into the drawing. And you can continue to goose your odds from there, with higher donations increasing your chances to end up with the big prize. A $25 donation brings 250 entries, $50 earns 1,000, and more for donations of $75 (1,500 entries), $100 (2,500), and $150 (4,500). It's money well spent to begin with — and if it helps you bring home this Apple windfall as well, then so be it!

    Get those donations in now because the entries close and the winner is selected Sept. 18. Good luck!

    Prices subject to change. 

  • These Ergopixel microphones can improve any podcast, stream, or Zoom meeting

    For a majority of online users, video is king. The quality and impact of a strong visual can make all the difference. But once you couple that fantastic video clip with inferior audio, everything falls apart. A Hollywood-caliber film with horrible audio becomes almost unwatchable. Even on a video conferencing call, users can get away with all manner of choppy, fuzzy, blurry, or poorly lit camera quality, but if you can't make out more than every third word they're saying, it's a dealbreaker.

    Audio quality matters a lot — and it really doesn't take much to elevate your videos or live streams significantly over that tinny little mic built into your device or laptop. For example, Ergopixel has been crafting a line of high-quality recording caliber microphones that can offer a huge difference over those inferior substitutes. Just plugging one of these bad boys into your laptop, smartphone, tablet or other recording devices will instantly raise the game for your podcast, gaming stream, karaoke, and more.

    Ergopixel Condenser Microphone with Tripod – $49.95; originally $59

    Ergopixel's introductory mic model packs more than enough horsepower to produce punchy sound for virtually any audio project. From chatting with friends over a video stream to doing professional-grade voice work, this condenser mic creates high-quality recordings with clear vocals, while the noise-canceling abilities focus on noise in front of the mic, dramatically impacting the sound. 

    With a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, this USB-powered mic also comes with a detachable tripod, a shockproof skid stand, and pop filter as well as the ability for multiple adjustable angles and a surprisingly easy setup.

    Ergopixel Studio Microphone with Tripod – $59.95; originally $69

    The Ergopixel Studio Microphone raises the game by offering a truly omnidirectional recording experience. With that component, you can record group situations like a multi-person podcast or a meeting and make sure every voice is clearly captured. 

    It also features a classic microphone look, especially when used with the built-in desktop tripod stand, which also makes adjusting for the best recording angles simple. Coupled with the compact footprint and the all-new aesthetic that fits perfectly on any desktop, this is a mic that actually looks as great on cam as it sounds.

    Ergopixel Uni-Directional Stream Microphone – $129.95; originally $149

    Finally, the Ergopixel Uni-Directional Stream Microphone is the mic of choice if you're serious about high-quality sound. This all-in-one mic solution for gaming, streaming, podcasting, and more keeps the added features of an XLR setup like gain control, instant mute, and live monitoring) while delivering a 40Hz to 20kHz frequency response and 85dB SNR for well-rounded sound with a silky smooth tone for nearly any situation.

    And it'll sound great from any direction too, with the on-board unidirectional polar pattern that opens up the mic for full 360-degree recording when you've got sound coming from every direction and you don't want to miss a thing.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This complete SwitftUI guide will teach you how to build apps for any Apple device

    For the past two years, app developers have slowly been warming to the advantages of SwiftUI. Much like its other offerings, Apple sought to make this app development arena a be-all, end-all solution for creating across the wide range of Apple products.  

    While every new approach has its growing pains, SwiftUI has spent the 20 months since its birth rounding into form — and with the training in The Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle, excited creators have an inside track into everything it takes to create a stellar Apple app and be featured across their entire range of devices and operating systems.

    The collection is a tight three-course package, filled with more than 21 hours of training in everything it takes to conceptualize, create, test, and market an app using all the tools that SwiftUI offers across all its various platforms.

    The training begins with The Complete SwiftUI Developer Course, a top to bottom primer on everything it takes to succeed in building in the SwiftUI framework. In addition to locking in the basics of interface theory and creating great user experiences, this is a practical course as well. Students will get an immersive introduction to SwiftUI by actually creating working apps in this course, including assembling a WhatsApp clone, a Landmark Book app, and a tricky Catch the Kenny game to solidify those newfound skills.

    With the SwiftUI Apps for All Apple Platforms, the training expands from not just creating an app but making all the adjustments needed for that app to run seamlessly across all the various Apple devices. Again, this training takes a hands-on approach, challenging learners to build their own HypedList app for the iPhone, then recreate it for use on the iPad, for the Mac, for the Apple Watch, and finally, for Apple TV.

    Finally, SwiftUI Animations rounds out the training, offering opportunities to introduce animation and motion into projects for every skill level. Students in this course learn how to animate around different axes before moving on to create a cool marching ants effect, then an animated weather graph, a custom wave shape, and finally an interactive project incorporating sound.

    The Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle collection usually retails for $600, but as part of this offer, it's on sale now for a fraction of that price, only $24.99.

  • Save over $175 on this extended pop-up car tent for Father's Day

    The road beckons. By this point in June, especially following the past year, it's practically calling out your name We're all itching to get out of our houses and go somewhere. In many cases, that can even mean just getting in the car and driving. But sometimes, you might not even know where you're driving to, but when you're packing a handy addition like the Extended Pop-Up Car Tent from Invictusedge, the end destination doesn't matter quite so much. It's on sale right now for $249.95, but with this Father's Day deal, you can save an additional 20% off the sale price when you use WELOVEDAD at checkout

    This pop-up tent essentially turns the back of any vehicle with a flip-up rear door into its own cozy, portable extra cabin that you can unfurl and erect virtually anywhere. Made from an aluminum metal frame and heavy-duty PVC covering, this tent expands off the back of the vehicle, standing over 6 feet high. It's also wide enough to set up a table and chairs for lounging or having a meal, for setting up a bed to sleep under the stars, or just as a normal room environment in the middle of nowhere.

    Crafted using a standard double sewing technique that ensures durability and sturdiness, the tent uses mesh windows and doors to maintain full ventilation while also offering a gorgeous view of your surroundings. But since you're also outside, those portals are also covered with mosquito netting that keeps creepy crawlies out of your space.

    Storage pockets inside the tent can hold some of your most important valuables like your wallet or phone. Meanwhile, the space itself is large enough to accommodate two or three adults, or parents and a couple of kids, so you can dive into the middle of a camping excursion at a moment's notice. Meanwhile, the whole structure sets up and folds back down easily, weighing less than 20 lbs. and only occupying a few feet of trunk space when it's packed up into a covering its case.

    Normally, the Invictusedge Extended Pop-Up Car Ten costs $379, but you can purchase it for only $199.96 using Father's Day coupon code: WELOVEDAD.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Python may be the No.1 coding language soon. These courses can help you master it

    There's a case to be made that after 50 years of coding creation and innovation, programmers have finally found consensus on the single coding language that will one day rule them all: Python. From hardcore data scientists to novice first-timers, Python's easy-to-learn and highly adaptable roots have spread into and become the center of virtually all manner of programming. Python is now the no. 2 most used language in TIOBE's monthly index and could challenge current leader C for the top spot "in the next half year."

    Whether it's basic coding or pushing the boundaries on some of the most exciting areas in tech exploration, the training in The Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle can help even newbie coders understand or even build a professional career programming with Python.

    This package is tailored to beginning coders, featuring 12 courses including more than 87 hours of training to go from the basic concepts and commands of using Python up to its central role in buzz areas like data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more.

    The collection starts with a handful of courses aimed at getting a new coder's feet wet. Training like Python Programming, Programming Fundamentals, and Introduction to Programming Using Python can launch that learning right, offering the basics of writing and running Python scripts to more advanced features like file operations, regular expressions, working with binary data, and more. 

    Of course, once students learn those baseline skills, they start to realize how much they still don't know, so those foundations are bolstered with expanded training in other Python disciplines. The Hands-On Python for Networking Professionals gets into using Python to automate tasks in a networked system, while Python for Security explores how IT security pros use Python to find and fix system vulnerabilities anywhere.

    And because Python is an open-source language, courses like Dive Into the Python Standard Library, Use the Standard Library, and Using Community Code examine the vast libraries of independent tools built for use in the Python environment, as well as how to use code written by others to solve problems and speed up your own builds.

    Backed with this training, The Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle can help a coder of any level master this foundational language and expand their professional opportunities. It's all on sale right now for $59.99, or $5 per course.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Jumpstart a graphic design career with this 12-course Adobe CC deep dive

    The Adobe Creative Cloud can do just about anything in the realm of digital creation. With all that artistic power, it's not uncommon for new users to feel overwhelmed by that embarrassment of creative riches. For those looking to handle everything from simple design projects like creating a new logo or making a web page all the way up to those eyeing graphic design as a possible career, Adobe CC is a tool worth knowing well.

    The training in The 2021 Ultimate Adobe Designers Bundle can educate students to mastery, illustrating how to use the abilities of this stacked app collection to do all the basic and even advanced digital art projects using images, vector graphics, web design, and more.

    The bundle features 12 courses including more than 42 hours of instruction in using some of Adobe CC's most prominent graphics apps. The training begins with understanding the basics; a trio of courses — Adobe Photoshop CC: Complete Beginner to Advanced Training, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Masterclass: Beginner to Expert, and InDesign CC Essentials for Beginners: Basics and Tricks — set the stage, using activities to walk novice users through must-have skills in all three of these foundational image editing and digital publishing apps. 

    For those interested in web or app design, the Learn User Experience Design from A-Z: Adobe XD UI/UX Design and App Icon Creation and Basics of UI-UX Design take on those topics head-on, explaining the UI and UX design approaches, how to create a UX/UI usability report to judge that balance and everything it takes to design and build a website from scratch using Adobe XD.

    With the fundamentals in place, a handful of additional courses put that learning into practice, with five specific projects that explore a student's understanding of design principles and the Adobe CC apps themselves. Projects like designing a productivity journal for an iPad, a motivational watch face for an Apple Watch, or personalized merch using Photoshop outline valuable skills that can then be applied to all of your own work. This collection even includes a pair of courses in using one of Adobe CC's key vector graphics competitor apps, Serif's Affinity Designer.

    The 2021 Ultimate Adobe Designers Bundle includes all the graphic design training to get started, and it's on sale now for less than $4 per course at just $44.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Camtasia helps you create stellar videos that don't require a ton of time or money

    You don't need the combined resources of Industrial Light and Magic and a team of hundreds to complete a short digital video for a presentation or social post. And even without that extended cast or a ridiculous budget, you don't have to settle for a one-take iPhone-shot video either.

    There are simple, user-friendly video editing alternatives that produce professional-grade videos that anyone can be proud of, and they don't require a ton of time or money, either. Camtasia 2021 is one of those smart alternatives to over-the-top editing suites that cost hundreds in monthly fees and require weeks of training to use correctly. 

    Most videos don't require loads of special effects or tricky edits, so Camtasia is stocked with all kinds of simple features that make creating everyday videos like computer step-by-steps or down and dirty explainer videos ultra simple.

    With an interface that's extremely easy to jump in and pilot quickly, Camtasia comes with a full range of built-in video templates for getting started immediately. With just a few button presses, you can record your computer screen, add some quick highlighter functions, and record a voiceover that can have your video ready to go in just minutes.

    But even if you're looking for something a little more complicated than a PowerPoint presentation, Camtasia 2021 is up to that challenge as well. Your video project can incorporate high-quality visual effects that can slot in from simple drag-and-drop menus, lay in title cards and annotations, zoom in and pan through certain footage, animate still objects, and cut between scenes like a true film school grad with only a few quick lessons. 

    And speaking of lessons, Camtasia 2021 not only comes with all kinds of first-ever Camtasia additions including 75 new transitions, motion blur, and corner rounding abilities, customizable media clips, and royalty-free music and special effects, but it'll even help you improve your craft too. This bundle features 12 months of Camtasia maintenance, which offers users advanced technical support to help answer questions if users get into a jam, as well as exclusive training courses to help get the most out of this sneaky powerful platform.

    Plus, this deal will automatically update you with a free copy of Camtasia 2022 and all of its new bells and whistles when that launches later this year.

    Camtasia 2021 and a year of maintenance assistance is usually a $299 value, but with this deal, shoppers can save $100 and get it now for only $199.

    Prices subject to change.

  • The Simple One-Hitter and Dugout make quick, on-the-go smoking easier than ever

    It's a new day for herb smoking. Nobody wants to just carry around a dirty, smelly old pipe anymore. Now that quick hit pipes are everywhere, smokers are looking for subtle, compact, yet efficient means of getting their smoke on that also look upscale and respectable.

    The Simple One-Hitter and Dugout tandem are a decidedly modern approach to lighting up while on the go, a tidy package built for both easy portability and for producing a quality smoking experience whenever you want one.

    Together, the One-Hitter and Dugout are about the size of a portable power bank — and it basically looks like one too. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum with a Type II anodized finish, the Dugout is less than half an inch wide, making it easy to slip into a pocket and not feel like you're carrying around a brick all day.

    It's also made to survive everything the real world has to throw at it, built for maximum durability so it won't ever crack or shatter when dropped. Users can pack the Dugout with up to 2 grams of herb for simple mobile use. 

    As for the One-Hitter itself, it's been designed using inert aluminum with a patent-pending airflow technology that dissipates heat for smoother hits. The adjustable slide lets users choose between four different bowl sizes ranging from 0.01 grams up to 0.20 grams so they can also measure the size of their hit.

    Users can scoop the herb right from the Dugout into the One-Hitter, fix the slider setting, light up, and breathe. That pulls the flame into the chamber, igniting the contents for the perfectly-sized draw each smoker wants. Once they're done, users can move the slider toward empty, pushing out any leftover ash and thoroughly prepping the One-Hitter for another round.

    Powerful, rare earth neodymium magnets secure the cap in place while protecting the herbs while traveling. Smokers can also use the included poker to easily unscrew the slider and disassemble the One-Hitter for a full cleaning whenever needed.

    Retailing for $50, the Simple One-Hitter and Dugout Bundle is on sale now at 30 percent off the regular price, down to just $34.95.

    Prices subject to change.