• If you want a better understanding of Blockchain, this training can answer all of your questions

    Terms like revolutionary and groundbreaking get thrown around a lot in the tech arena. Sometimes, they're warranted. Other times…not so much. Then, there are buzzy new paradigm-shifting technologies that, even for all of their press, might actually be underrated in light of their ultimate global impact.

    Those keyed in the know that blockchaining is the driving technology behind cryptocurrencies, one of the biggest financial developments in decades. Yet, for all the ink spilled over blockchaining, its societal footprint may only now be coming into focus. Blockchaining's distributed ledger technology may soon help save the movie industry. It could also be helping the automotive industry actually clean up urban air quality.  

    Students can go beyond Bitcoin and learn all about the wide-ranging impact of this earth-shaking technology in the Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle.

    Across two courses and more than 35 hours of instruction, even those who know nothing about blockchaining or how it works can get familiar with the basics as well as how to apply the technology in the cryptocurrencies markets and beyond.

    With the Blockchain Basics Course, learners are introduced to blockchaining concepts, understanding how blocks of information can be decentralized on computer systems worldwide efficiently and transparently. Even without the security of a bank or government, blockchained data can't be tampered with or cheated. 

    This course explains how to create and mine blocks and add them to a blockchain. There's also a solid overview of digital currency, so learners can understand how to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptos as well as make transactions.

    Then, the Blockchain Certification Training Course moves that knowledge forward, including deep dives into Bitcoins, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and important blockchain platforms, and how to use the latest blockchain tools like Ganache, Truffle, Meta Mask, and Geth to build blockchain applications.

    Backed with this training, students will be able to set up their own private blockchain networks using Hyperledger and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum.

    The Blockchain Certification Advanced Training Bundle is $900 worth of intensive coursework, but right now, it's available for under $15 per course, for only $29.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This Vankyo mini projector displays images up to 200 inches across

    Here's an entirely uncontroversial statement: the convenience of smartphones and tablets is amazing. At no point in human history has so much information, communication, and entertainment been available in such a tiny package. But, that minuscule size is one of the only downsides of a smartphone, a tablet, or even a laptop. If you want to show everyone a video, image, or presentation, then everyone has to crowd around one itty-bitty little screen. 

    Projectors used to take up the better part of a room. Now, mini projectors are not only portable, they're practically the new mobile answer for allowing an entire group to enjoy a movie, live-stream, or video game together without straining to make out the action on a 6-inch smartphone.

    While not the size of a smartphone (yet), the Vankyo Leisure 420 Mini Projector is ready to go at just a foot across and weighing less than 3 lbs., as well as sporting its own carrying case.

    Though it's mini, that doesn't mean the Leisure 420 isn't mighty. For a family viewing night at home, this unit does the trick, backed with advanced LCD technology, and supports full 1080p HD resolution and a 2000:1 contrast ratio optimized for home entertainment. You can beam images anywhere from 40" up to 200" across, offering a truly new meaning to movie night. It also features improved audio with superior bass performance, whether you watch movies or play games.

    As for versatility, the Leisure 420 has ports for days, including USB, HDMI, VGA, and even SD connectors to easily connect to a smartphone, laptop, TV box, PS4, Xbox One, Wii, Nintendo Switch, and more.

    You can pick up this complete on-the-go entertainment system, the Vankyo Leisure 420 Mini Projector, at over 30% off its regular price. Retailing for $139, it's now on sale for just $93.99 while this offer lasts.

    Prices subject to change.

  • ScholarshipOwl streamlines the scholarship process – and scores more money for students

    No one needs to tell you that the cost of higher education is astronomical. A year of tuition and fees at the average American private university will cost over $37,000, while even a public school option for in-state students will likely set you back over $10,000 a year. Heap on housing, food, and utilities, as well as those $1,700 textbooks and a college student is already looking at going deep into debt well before finishing their education.

    ScholarshipOwl doesn't think any student should be hampered by crippling bills just to improve their life. That's why they built their innovative platform to help students avoid that crushing burden, hooking them up with just the right scholarships to lower those costs and keep the focus of college where it should be – on the learning.

    ScholarshipOwl is kind of like a scholarship clearing house, with connections to hundreds, even thousands of scholarship offers. Once a student fills out a ScholarshipOwl application, the service fires up, helping that student match their situation to just the right awards, boosting their odds at scoring that free college money.

    Assessing a student's personality, grades, lifestyle, and more, ScholarshipOwl uses artificial intelligence to match those qualities to scholarship offers – and even dig up a few that a student would never consider on their own.

    Once the matches are set, ScholarshipOwl will then get the application process started, entering student information to get the paperwork underway, right from their site. Since many scholarships require an essay as part of the application process, ScholarshipOwl helps with that as well, offering tools to write, edit, and proofread those essays right on the platform.

    By widening the scope and streamlining the process for scholarship applications, students can reach out and take their shot at more available college money, saving valuable time while restricting the impact of those huge college loans. Meanwhile, over 80% of ScholarshipOwl users say being automatically applied to multiple scholarships is a huge advantage. 

    And best of all, scoring even one of the scholarships that ScholarshipOwl digs out for a student will more than pay for the cost of the service itself. Right now, a lifetime of ScholarshipOwl access, a $1,200 value, is on sale now for 90% off, down to only $119.99.  

    Prices subject to change.

  • Pawp is true pet protection — with an instant $3,000 safety shield from crippling vet bills.

    The excitement of bringing a new pet into your home, particularly an indescribably cute kitten or puppy, is intoxicating. Between welcoming the new family member and enjoying all that youthful energy around your house, it's easy not to think about some of the other immediate considerations surrounding pet ownership.

    But those realities will appear, likely sooner rather than later. And the place you'll often notice it almost immediately is in your wallet.

    According to the APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67 percent of U.S. households own a pet, covering about 85 million homes. When asked about the cost of owning a dog or cat, most thought the total during the first year would be between $500 and $1,000. Almost 1 in 5 thought it would be less than $500.

    However, the average cost of having a pet during their first year is actually over $1,000. And while you can find deals on food and grooming, your pet ownership costs often mount from a place that your pet least wants to visit — the vet.

    81 percent of pet parents spend up to $500 on vet visits in the first year of having a puppy alone. But when an emergency happens, the financial impact can be staggering. Bloodwork can cost up to $200. X-rays…$250. Ultrasound…$600. And if any maladies require hospitalization or surgery, you're likely looking at anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to $3,500 or more…for each.

    Considering 40 percent of Americans can't come up with $400 to handle an emergency, it doesn't take much for a pet's medical situation to become a crushing financial blow.

    You need pet protection

    For pet parents in a bind, there's no more heartbreaking moment than trying to decide if you can literally afford a trip to a vet clinic when your dog or cat may be ailing. In those horrible moments, Pawp can be a truly life-saving pet insurance alternative that's both preventative care as well as financial security if your dog or cat does need treatment.

    Rather than shuttling your pet into a travel carrier and heading to your nearby veterinary clinic, a Pawp membership offers unlimited 24/7/365 access to an online vet via text, call or video chat so they can immediately assess your pet and recommend a course of action. 

    For just $19 a month, Pawp covers up to six pets in your house, regardless of their age, breed, or medical history. While Pawp isn't a substitute for your friendly neighborhood vet, it can certainly cut down on unnecessary — and expensive — clinic visits. Within five minutes, you can be talk to a vet online who can tell you what might be going on with your pet and let you know whether it's no big deal or something that requires in-person care.

    Would $3,000 help?

    And so what happens if you need to take your dog or cat to the vet's office and you're short on cash?

    That can sometimes lead to one of the most excruciating moments a pet owner can ever face: making the choice to put their dog or cat down because they don't have the money to pay for their care. You might be shocked to learn that horrible choice is actually the reason behind up to two-thirds of the cases of pet euthanasia that happen every day.

    Pawp wants to make sure no one ever ends up in that position.

    With a Pawp membership, pet owners are entitled to up to $3,000 in emergency funds to be used at the clinic of their choice one time per year. That money comes with no out-of-pocket expenses and no worries about paying it back. And unlike most traditional pet insurance policies, Pawp covers emergencies that are related to preexisting conditions. 

    When you get the invoice after treatment, you can just ask the receptionist or vet tech to call the Pawp hotline so they can go over the charges. After Pawp's review, they'll provide the payment up to $3,000 before you even leave the clinic.

    It's the ultimate pet parent safety net to make sure an unexpected vet bill doesn't wreck your wallet or cost an animal its life.

    Pawp is peace of mind

    All it takes is a trip to the Pawp website to get your pet protection plan underway for just $19 a month. Once you answer a few questions, you can get your policy activated, with your emergency protections kicking in after fourteen days. It's the ultimate move for a responsible pet owner looking to provide the best possible care for both their dog or cat as well as their own financial health.

    Prices are subject to change.

  • Everyone needs a spurtle in their kitchen – and this pakka wood set is as sharp as they come

    When you sort through all those kitchen utensils that take up drawer after drawer in your oh-so-well-stocked kitchen, there could be an essential item that you've forgotten. You undoubtedly have a spoon. And you've almost certainly got a spatula. But think for a second…does your culinary armory also include a spurtle?

    Look, we're not going to try to lie to you. At first blush, a spurtle looks silly. Ok…it is kinda silly. But once food prep begins and seasoned chefs start wielding this do-it-all kitchen hybrid utensil, it turns out to be shockingly useful for stirring, scraping, spreading, and more. Hey, the Scots have been using spurtles for almost 500 years, so don't let the oddity distract you from their very real functionality.

    If you're going to bring a spurtle into your kitchen, it may as well be one with some artistic flair, so you should definitely check out the sneaky and resourceful, yet stylishly funky Mad Hungry 3-Piece Pakka Wood Spurtle Set.

    Mad Hungry is a line founded by noted author, TV personality, and Martha Stewart associate, Lucinda Scala Quinn. After writing the book Mad Hungry in 2009, Quinn spun out a line of eye-catching, yet super useful kitchen accessories that vibe with almost any cooking adventure.

    This set made of trendy, yet durable and versatile pakka wood includes a 13-inch solid spurtle, a 10.5-inch slotted spurtle, and a more traditional 12-inch spatula. Each is also adorned with an attention-grabbing colorful design pattern that helps each piece look as pretty as it works.

    Combining the flippable surface area of a spatula with the concave support of a spoon, a spurtle is ready to handle all kinds of kitchen duties, from rotating items in a pan, to swirling stews or broths, to making sure your porridge never clumps. 

    Right now, you can get this non-stick Mad Hungry Pakka Wood Spurtle Set cookware in natural wood tones or the flashier red and blue varieties, now for half off the regular price. Retailing at $29, they're on sale now for only $14.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • The SmartMike+ is a wireless stereo mic that makes smartphone audio sound amazing

    While the process of recording everything from a vlog to a musical performance has definitely seen some huge improvements since the advent of the smartphone, that, by no stretch, means that we've worked out all the kinks quite yet.

    Because, while devices like the iPhone have constantly ramped up the video quality, capable of capturing gorgeous, crystal-clear HD video, your phone's audio recording features haven't kept pace and leave a lot to be desired. With the SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic, you can instantly elevate the quality of your audio recordings, eliminating all the hassle of ambient room noise and recording sound that lives up to the quality of your images.

    A 2020 CES Innovation Award winner, the SmartMike+ from SabineTek is the world's first Bluetooth stereo mic, a lavalier style device that attaches a high-sensitivity microphone to your subject and wirelessly feeds that sound to your phone and lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge. 

    When fed through the SmartMike+ app, users get improved sound synced to their video as the multi-level noise-cancellation algorithm blocks surrounding noise and hones in on authentic sound, even if they're recording in a noisy environment. It's particularly helpful if you do any live-streaming, as the full band audio, more than 6 times the frequency of conventional mono microphones, delivers real-time auto-sync and multi-channel mixing, so shooters can synchronize background music and a human voice in real-time.

    For all the improvements this mini, lightweight mic can bring to your video shoots, creators can take up their audio game even further by also grabbing a SabineTek Unidirectional Mic Add-on. Connecting to the SmartMike+ via the 3.5mm jack, the Add-on records an even tighter range of sound, pinpointing all sound from the front while rejecting noise from other directions. From speeches and online courses to YouTube recording or gaming, this addition makes it even easier to focus on the clarity of your subject without all the background clatter getting in the way.

    Right now, you can take an extra $14 off the already discounted price of the SmartMike+ True Wireless Stereo Mic by entering the code MICROPHONE14 during checkout. That drives the final price down to just $125. Meanwhile, you can also use the code MICROPHONE9 to save $9 off the price of the Unidirectional Mic Add-on, cutting the total to $30.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Truebill can help get your off-track finances back on track

    TLDR: From canceling forgotten subscription fees to renegotiating your bills to a complete budgeting planner, Truebill is a full-service financial management app that works.

    If you've ever had to cancel a compromised credit card, you likely noticed various accounts and subscriptions linked to that card — including a few you had undoubtedly forgotten about entirely. You'd never have known you were still being billed $7.95 a month for that streaming service or $14.99 a year for that magazine subscription. And you wouldn't be alone. The average American is shelling out about $200 a month in subscription costs, even though they think they're only paying about $80.

    Getting a handle on all those automated charges is just one of the benefits of hooking up with Truebill, an effective, reliable personal finance manager that presents you with a 360-degree view of your financial status at all times.

    Truebill's system helps users shed light on where every penny is going so they can take firmer control of their finances and improve their overall fiscal health.

    Truebill's status as your personal financial control center starts with all those dodgy subscriptions nickel and diming you. Once your accounts are in Truebill's system, it gets down to business, identifying recurring expenses, notifying users of upcoming bills, and even canceling unwanted subscriptions for you.

    And speaking of those bills, most people don't realize that they could be paying less on monthly expenses like their phone, cable, and credit card bills, and even utility costs. Once you connect those accounts or even snap a picture of one of your bills, they're fair game for Truebill. 

    Its expert negotiators start looking for any hidden deals or promo offers that can be applied to your account, then actually haggle with the company to get you a lower rate. You keep the same services you already enjoy, expect Truebill gets them for you even cheaper. It's all part of Truebill's robust support team, who stand ready to help customers 24/7.

    Finally, Truebill also offers a big picture look at your finances, bringing a load of budgeting features together so users can craft a customized budget plan that works for them and their needs.

    Users can categorize all their spending, track their most frequent expenses, and see it all represented in easy-to-follow visuals that stack your earnings against what you spend. You can also set particular savings goals, which can either help you build toward retirement or more specific short-term goals like a new car or a summer vacation. Truebill can even take that responsibility out of your hands and just move part of your money directly into savings from each paycheck so you're never tempted to spend it instead.

    Right now, you can head over to the website and open up your Truebill account today to see how much your new personal finance manager can save for you.

    Prices are subject to change.

  • Meet Spencer, the smart voice assistant that you build and program yourself

    Want an example of exactly how fast the world of tech moves? Ten years ago, Amazon Alexa and Google Home were unheard of. Now, your child can build one!

    Well, maybe not those particular smart home assistants. But it's fascinating to see how a device like a home assistant, heralded as a technological marvel only a few short years ago, is now so obsessively internalized that you can literally hand a child a box of parts that can be built into an assistant of their very own. And its name is Spencer

    Funded by enthusiastic Kickstarter investors, Spencer is a DIY voice assistant that does a lot of the same stuff that Alexa can — except you (or anyone in the recommended 14-and-over age range) actually construct and program it yourself.

    CircuitMess put this cool little project together: a kit that includes a guidebook and all the necessary components to craft your very own voice assistant. The build itself takes about four hours, and while it does require some basic soldering, the process alone opens up a world of new tech skillsets for both young and old.

    Along the way, your knowledge of microcomputers, electronics, LED grids, and sound processing will be put to the test. Knowing coding disciplines that support artificial intelligence, voice recognition, and speech synthesis also comes in handy. All in all, Spencer is a great project for any builder who wants to learn a host of useful talents.

    Once Spencer is up and running, he does all the cool tricks we've come to expect from a home assistant device. Spencer and his quirky personality can deal out a weather report, read the news, tell a joke, sing a song, set alarms and reminders, or display animations of his LED screen. 

    CircuitMess even imparted a little anxiety in Spencer's digital psyche, so he actually gets a little happy or sad based on how you interact with him. Spencer offers an immense sense of satisfaction once he's completed and accomplishing tasks, especially when you consider that you've just pieced together a little electronic friend from scratch. 

    This Spencer DIY Voice Assistant kit is available right now for only $119.95

    Prices subject to change.

  • Turn any shower into a luxury experience with this jumbo showerhead

    Did you know young people spend more time on average in the shower than older age groups? It's true. In fact, 18-to-24-year-olds routinely log more than 13 minutes under their showerheadduring each shower, as opposed to the much more concise 8 minutes for those 55 and over. Considering the average person takes almost 7 showers a week, that works out to over 75 hours of time in the shower each year for those on the high end. And if you're going to spend 75 hours a year anywhere, it better end up being someplace you actually enjoy.

    Of course, inconsistent pressure, ultra tight sprays, and a host of other showerhead issues can wash some of the luster off the entire experience. Instead, the Clear Showerhead XL brings so many things right to shower time that you may start pushing the upper boundary of those 75 annual hours.

    First off, the Showerhead XL almost isn't even a showerhead at all. It's probably more appropriate to call this your own mountable shower wall, boasting an 18-by-9-inch adjustable acrylic glass face marked with 276 evenly placed holes that offer an extra wide spraying surface. In addition to creating a water spray field to envelop your whole body, each hole is precision drilled with a circular vortex trajectory, creating a shower that's perfectly pressurized to never be too hard or too soft.

    The Showerhead XL can be installed in about a minute and fits all standard shower and plumbing fixtures with the included special ball joint. You can turn the head vertically or horizontally to create the spray pattern you want, and it never requires any special cleaning.

    Rather than the functional, but often uncomfortable drip-drip of a conventional showerhead, the Showerhead XL feels like you're showering at one of those fancy hotels, delivering a full body experience that's a lot cheaper than you'd expect.

    Regularly $149, the Clear Showerhead XL is now more than 16 percent off with this offer, available for only $124.99.

    Prices are subject to change.

  • This ultra-light headlamp has a 210-degree arc of light and 32 hours of battery

    Bright, hands-free light isn't easy to come by. Headlamps unnaturally focus their beams in what seems like a laser pointer, and they typically don't produce enough light. And who wants to strap a big battery pack to their head?

    The Liteband Activ 520 Wide-Beam LED Headlamp lives by a simple motto: see everything, feel nothing. As the most powerful member Liteband's family of outdoor-capable, ultra-resourceful headlamps, it's fully dedicated to that goal.

    You can't go wrong with sheer, raw power, so the Activ 520 brings the thunder. It packs all the wattage of the Activ 400 — its high-powered sibling — but bumps the lumens up by 30 percent. The Activ 520 puts that extra power to good use, sporting the only 210° wide-angle LED headlamp on the market. With all 20 of its internal LEDs fired up, the Activ 520 creates such a wide area of illumination that you don't even have to turn your head to cast light across your field of view.

    Users also have full control over the scope of this headlamp's brilliance, ranging through low, medium, and high settings as well as a pulsing configuration and a blazing red light to truly grab everyone's attention.

    The Activ 520's low profile design and balanced weight of under 5 oz. make it so that you barely even feel like you're wearing it. The lightweight unit is attached to a soft, flexible headband that doesn't bounce or irritate, and it can even easily fits on hardhats or other headgear. It runs off off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can keep your headlamp bathing light for up to 32 straight hours, and the battery pack doesn't feel like you're dragging an anchor either. 

    Backed with an encouraging 4.4 out of 5 star rating from over 300 Amazon reviews, you can take $8 off your Liteband Activ 520 LED Headlamp when you enter the code LITEBAND8 at checkout. That lowers your price from $49.99 down to just $41.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This JBL tower speaker brings professional, theater-quality sound to your home

    It seems like every company is putting out their own speakers these days. From industry heavyweights like Sony and Pioneer to boutique brands you've never even heard of, store shelves are packed with speaker options. But a small handful of elite names rise above the general noise of the speaker wars. The educated audio consumer sees names like Bose Klipsch, and Sennheiser as shorthand for an optimal listening experience above and beyond everything else. 

    Another of those elite names is JBL, one of the primary makers of sound systems for movie theaters and performance venues worldwide. That same adherence to delivering premium audio in public forums comes home in JBL's household Series 5 speaker line, including the standout JBL Studio 590 Dual 8" Floorstanding Loudspeaker.

    Whether it's used as a standalone unit or as part of a larger surround-sound system, plugging in the Studio 590 is like instantly connecting a professional quality soundscape to your existing home theater. 

    A Studio 590 fills rooms of any size, delivering crystal clarity, zero distortion, and pounding, rich, articulate bass. That's thanks to the dual 8-inch ribbed PolyPlas woofer cones as well as JBL's proprietary Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) magnet assembly, which serves up extraordinarily lifelike sound for musical performances, dialogue, and action film pyrotechnics. 

    Simply pop this tower in the corner of your listening or viewing space and let its high-frequency driver and horn kick in, creating a truly professional-level sound that can rival your favorite movie house or amphitheater. 

    Regularly around $1,000 each, these Studio 590s have all been fully inspected, refurbished and certified to deliver the audio goods with as much precision and power as the day they rolled off the assembly line. There's also a minimum 90-day warranty in case anything doesn't meet up to your standards.

    These JBL floorstanding loudspeakers can seriously change your entire audio system, and they're priced at less than half the regular price. With this deal, you can grab a JBL Studio 590 for only $479.99 apiece.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Get started on a UI/UX design career with this training package

    Want to reprint a famous author's writing on your website? You could get sued. Dropped a clip from a TV show or movie into your YouTube video? You could get sued. Have almost any identifiable song playing in the background of your Facebook video? Heck, you probably won't get sued… but that's only because Facebook will automatically take the whole video down within minutes of your posting.

    And If you're an app or software designer, there are even design patterns you can't use because Netflix or Google beat you to it, and they have the patents to prove it. If you design a button that looks and works too much like Amazon's Dash button, or you build a geo-tracking map that operates too much like Lyft's overhead pickup animation, you could soon find yourself fielding a cease and desist letter. 

    There's a lot to consider when building a user interface or defining a user experience, and The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle can help young app designers learn the rules of the creative road. Led by instructor and digital entrepreneur, Juan Galvan, this collection includes nine courses that explore on how to design engaging, efficient apps with an eye toward both practical function and aesthetic form.

    As a primer, the Introduction to the Web Industry course gives newbies the lay of the land, featuring breakdowns on the specific phases of a successful web development project, how to define roles and responsibilities among team members, and some proven winning structures for shepherding a project from idea through to its completion. 

    Students get the flipside of those forged industry templates with The Foundations of Graphic Design. Here, Galvan explains why the look and feel of a web development project really matters, covering what the use of various colors, fonts, icons, and basic graphic design tools contribute to your work through practical, hands-on exercises.

    Meanwhile, a trio of courses then cover how to create effective interfaces that users love, the design flourishes that elevate your app into something truly special, and how to optimize both sides of that equation into a winning final product. 

    From building sales funnels and beginning your UI/UX career to starting your own web design business, this bundle offers a 360-degree view on this in-demand skill set.

    Regularly valued at $1,800, all the courses in The Complete Become a UI/UX Designer Bundle are on sale now at $34.99, less than $4 per course.

    Prices subject to change.

  • These STEM learning kits will prime your kids' creativity and ingenuity

    For a kid, STEM has almost become like eating your vegetables or cleaning your pet's litter box. Your parents might say it's necessary, but that doesn't mean you'll to enjoy it. But like many ideas that take root in a young mind, they aren't always correct. The reality is that STEM and STEM-related activities aren't always about boring study or laborious learning. Sometimes, it's actually proof that the world of science and technology can be incredibly fun and very, very cool.

    Kids can get a taste of that uber-fun side of STEM toys with this STEM Starter Bundle, including a pair of Twin Science technology boxes aimed at engaging both creativity and ingenuity in kids ages 5 to 10.

    For younger kids, the Robotic Art Kit combines every child's innate creative energy with an interest in gadgetry to meld the worlds of design and technology. Created for kids between ages 5 and 8, this box packs in all kinds of projects that challenge a child's artistic growth while having them incorporate basic tech building blocks to achieving their goals.

    Kids can combine a power source, a fan, and a slide dimmer switch with traditional paints, markets, construction paper, and other key creative elements to make art in a whole new way. From creating spin art, to crafting their own confetti cannon, to cleaning it up with a self-made vacuum, this simple project package will engage a child's creativity and encourage them to apply their curiosity in a whole new way.

    Speaking of curiosity, the explorations continue with the well-named Curiosity Kit. This collection, created for children ages 7 to 10, builds off the basics of the Robotic Art Kit with a host of new, more advanced projects to further challenge their expanding minds. 

    With no robotic knowledge needed, no welding or other dangerous operations required, and even a compatibility with building toys like Legos to maximize the building potential, the Curiosity Kit is bound to spark a child's interest. 

    With 15 different DIY experiments inside, kids can build a smart security system to protect a piggy bank from thieves, a proximity sensor to keep toy cars from collisions, a buzzer machine to understand how Morse Code works, and more.

    Regularly priced at $119, you can get both of these STEM Starter kits now at a third off, cutting your price for both to only $79.99

    Prices subject to change.

  • Get VPN Unlimited for yourself and share a 2nd subscription with a friend

    You've probably got at least one person in your life that just absolutely doesn't get technology. Outside of surfing the web or answering their phone, they have little to no idea how all those microscopic creatures hiding inside their computer and other electronic devices make magic happen on the screen.

    Not everybody gets tech like we do, but that ignorance of the web doesn't make them immune to cybercriminals, online snoops, and black hat actors of every stripe and variety. So here's an idea: get yourself a lifetime of some optimal VPN protection, and get that same coverage for a tech-illiterate loved one.

    Right now, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is offering a double-barreled package, featuring a pair of VPN licenses at 85 percent off, just $59.99. You can safeguard yourself and someone who desperately needs it, both at an incredibly low price.

    KeepSolid has long been a VPN industry standard bearer, boasting over 10 million users and including honors from Laptop Review Pro, Software Informer, and the crown jewel, PCMag's Top VPN award.

    With a network of more than 400 servers in over 80 locations across the globe, users can connect to KeepSolid's fully-encrypted conduit to the web from anywhere with absolute anonymity. No one will ever see your actual IP address or use it to help find out any information about you. Cloaked behind KeepSolid's protection, users enjoy no speed or bandwidth limits, even while logged into potential danger zones like public Wi-Fi networks.

    And that heightened sense of protection is deep in the KeepSolid DNA. In addition to a variety of VPN protocols — like IKEv2, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and KeepSolid Wise with its military-grade AES 256-bit encryption — VPN Unlimited users also have access to features like trusted network lists and ping tests. There's even a kill switch option to automatically sever any downloads or other web connections should the VPN drop for any reason.

    With KeepSolid, you can also get around international content restrictions, with the ability to access streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+ and HBO Now no matter where you're located.

    With this offer, you get two lifetime KeepSolid VPN Unlimited subscriptions, a $400 value at just $59.99, or $30 each. These licenses don't stack either, so be sure to find that second subscription a good home.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This faithfully crafted moon lamp is as hypnotic as it is functional

    For all of us space geeks, the past few weeks have been pretty magically. From the landing of NASA's uber-rover Perseverance on the face of Mars to hearing the first sounds from the surface of an alien planet, the Mars mission has reminded many of the beauty of the cosmos and the incredible ingenuity it takes for humankind to reach out into the stars.

    While Perseverance is the latest iteration of that quest, it's only the most recent step in our species' generations-long obsession with space and celestial bodies. For centuries, humans have gazed up at the night sky and marveled at Earth's moon, drinking in all its majesty and wishing to touch and feel its alien-ness. 

    With the Original Moon Lamp, that age-old fascination with the heavens runs headlong into modern technology, allowing you to do what your ancestors dreamed of for millennia: actually owning the moon.

    This 7-inch reproduction is half light source, half stunning recreation of our planet's closest galactic neighbor.

    Meticulously crafted from PVC polymer using high-quality NASA satellite images as inspiration, the Original Moon Lamp is a stunningly detailed piece depiction of the moon, while also serving as the perfect source of room light.

    Powered by an internal LED, this wireless, rechargeable sphere can be set to glow with varying radiances. At a touch, you can switch from the soft 3,000K tone of a yellowish, low-atmosphere moon up to a fuller 6,000K burst of white moonlight gleaming high above. Whether you want a warm reading light or a shining orb that fills the room with wonder, the Moon Lamp brings the goods.

    When it comes time to recharge, just attach the accompanying USB cable to juice up. It also comes with a handsome wood base, making it a surefire conversation starter that can't help but garner attention, whether it's showcased on the mantle or an end table. 

    Regularly priced at $54, you can grab the Original Moon Lamp now and save $5, down to only $48.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Mechanical engineering is just as tough as you think. But with this training, it's not impossible.

    Engineers create. But when you get down into the specifics of creating something like an electrical generator or an internal combustion engine, that requires a level of skill and understanding for mechanics, voltage, and other scientific properties that stretches even beyond the range of most learned pros.

    Mechanical engineering isn't for everybody, but for students and practitioners with the drive to see it through, they're likely to be handsomely rewarded with a nearly six-figure annual income.

    Whether you want to get to work as a mechanical engineer or just find yourself constantly fascinated by how machines actually work, the training in The Complete Mechanical Engineer and Design Certification Bundle can serve as your gateway into this complex field.

    This collection features five courses including over 17 hours of training covering everything from mechanical design and product development to material selection, manufacturing, and more.

    Basic Concepts of Mechanics of Materials for Machine Design is a jumping-on point to this field, including the basics of machine design so you can then fashion standard elements in both structures and machines.

    As one of the fundamental forms of metal, students need to understand sheet metal. So the Sheet Metal Design: Basics of Design Principles and Guidelines course covers it, leading to 4 design projects for creating simple sheet metal brackets using Auto Desk Fusion 360. With this industry leading software package, you'll know how to bring together design, engineering, electronics, and manufacturing elements into a single software package.

    In Manufacturing Process Selection and Design for Manufacturing, students learn how to create something for production, including how to reduce cost and improve manufacturing ease. With Basics of Material Selection for Mechanical Design Engineers, learners go deep into the basics of material properties used in mechanical design so they'll always know their ductility, hardness, toughness, strength, fatigue and more.

    The final course, Mechanical Design and Product Development Process, puts all the pieces together, explaining how a mechanical product moves from idea to item ready for production.

    Each course in The Complete Mechanical Engineer and Design Certification Course is a $199 value, but right now, the entire package is on sale at over 90 percent off the regular price, just $29.99.

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