• Save $130 off this portable heated foot massager that you can take with you everywhere Massager

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    Walking around or standing while working all day can be tasking on the feet, but taking care of them can improve blood circulation along with many other health benefits. While investing in some shoe alternatives can be helpful, there's a simple more relaxing way to ease your discomfort without lifting a finger.

    In dire need of a foot massage, but don't want to make the spa trip or cramp your fingers in the process? With a heat function and three massage modes, the Zyllion Shiatsu provides unlimited foot massages in the comfort of your home or can go with you anywhere.

    The Zyllion Shiatsu is a portable foot massager that works with heat to give you a sensation of pressure and deep rolling, breaking down muscle tension. The soft-touch foot chambers with removable, washable covers and sleek control panel are designed to keep your comfort and cleanliness as top priorities. 

    Customization is key when it comes to fulfilling your wants and needs and the Zyllion Shiatsu provides plenty of options. This massager has three well-defined massage modes to choose from and three strength levels to adjust the power of what you're looking for. Additionally, there are heat and air compression functions that can be used separately, together, or not at all. 

    With a high 4.7 out of 5-star rating, this is a product that's proven to not only be useful for winding down after a long day, but it's capable of changing and bettering lives. In fact, it even received a glowing review from a customer suffering from diabetes, who mentioned, "Regular evening use has greatly reduced my uncomfortable nightly tingling sensations felt in the feet by most diabetics,"

    Give your partner's hands a break and your feet the attention they deserve with the Zyllion Shiatsu foot massager, now 52% off its original price and on sale for $120 — your feet will thank you later. 

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Save over $1,000 on this like-new MacBook Air Macbook

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    Whether you're looking for a low-weight computer to take with you while traveling, work on that novel, or if you just want something fun to read while sipping your morning coffee, you'll love this deal.

    There's nothing like working on a MacBook Air to really get your creativity going. The sleek casing, powerful processor, and easy-to-use interface are why people love Apple computers. If you're looking for a deal on the usually pricey MacBooks, why not look at buying refurbished? You'll be getting a great computer at an even better price. Right now, you can grab a like-new MacBook Air for only $368, that's 75% off the normal price!

    Normally $1,499, this MacBook Air has a 13.3" monitor and a 1.4GHz Intel i5 processor, keeping this laptop going even when you're working with some demanding visual content. Packed with 128GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and an integrated graphics processor, this bad boy is sleek, light, and easy to carry at a featherweight 2.96lbs. You'll save more than $1,100 when you buy refurbished for a computer that looks and runs great! If you're grabbing this for teleworking, the 720p webcam will make sure your room looks great. Just please make sure to never Zoom while driving.

    Even years later, the MacBook Air is picking up great reviews like this 4.5 out of 5 stars on TrustedReviews, who said "The basic design of the MacBook Air hasn't changed for several years, but we're yet to see a rival conclusively beat it. It's a timeless piece of design."  With its fantastic design and cool features (that you can check out), the MacBook Air continues to wow customers and critics alike. You'll be able to get your hands on one for only $368!

    Be sure to grab this great piece of technology for 75% off the normal price! With a faster processor and long battery life than the original, it won't run just like new, it'll be better!

    Prices subject to change.

  • For $30, you can have a personal travel-sized washing machine Portable washing machine

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    Nowadays, with everything being smaller and smarter, it only makes sense to have a compact USB-powered washing machine, right? If you're constantly traveling or always on the go this portable washing machine by URG Lighting is a gamechanger, facilitating clean clothes whenever and wherever. Plus, it's just $29.99 right now.

    If you're packing for your next trip, you can now add a portable washing machine to your list. This handy device can easily be folded into your bag or luggage and has a variety of cleaning modes to perfectly accommodate your washing needs. Sounds pretty straightforward, but how does it work? The washing machine features high-frequency ultrasonic cavitation that propels the mix of liquid detergent with water to eliminate dirt and leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean. 

    Suitable for a busy schedule, this machine only requires a bucket or washbasin filled with water to begin, and it even has an automatic timer that'll shut down after 30 minutes. With the anti-tangle technology that properly separates clothes, the quality of your wash won't be compromised due to size. Additionally, this machine includes a gentle cycle mechanism that prevents any tears or blending from happening during the washing process. 

    You may or may not be aware of the environmental costs of doing laundry, with energy and water waste being some of the main factors. The good news is this portable washing machine is an environmentally-friendly alternative that's made of non-toxic materials, and it efficiently saves both energy and water. As a bonus, this machine is pretty quiet, so you won't disturb others and can even take a 30-minute nap until the cycle is up — talk about multi-tasking!

    You can save time, money, and energy all while staying clean, with this convenient portable washing machine, now for just $30

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Illuminate your meetings and chats with 70% off these ring lights Ring light

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    Nothing shines a light, so to speak, on a poor work-from-home setup quite like being the dimmest silhouette in a jam-packed Zoom meeting. More than ever before, being able to properly light yourself on-camera, from home, can boost your career and personal conversations alike.

    The Aduro U-Stream Junior Dual Ring Lights with Universal Clip, currently 70% off for $26.99, are versatile, sleek, and modern. They can illuminate you the right way in a one-on-one meeting with your boss, a new client, or just a FaceTime with your cousin from the East Coast. 

    The Aduro ring lights have three lighting modes (warm, warm yellow, and warm white) and 10 brightness levels. With these, you can make a dark room look well-lit or an overly bright room manageable. Online reviews tell the story of these products' quality, as Aduro has an average 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on nearly 2,500 Amazon reviews:

    "This (item) is amazing for all those Zoom and (Teams) meetings. If you want to look professional on camera, this is the way to go," one five-star reviewer wrote. "The three light settings are perfect for finding the most flattering light for you. I even found it helped reduce the appearance of my dark circles under my eyes!"

    Besides the lighting, the device comes with a secure phone holder and 24" flexible "gooseneck" to find the ideal angle for virtual meetings, webinars, and conferences. Not only will you look your best, but you won't have to worry about the proverbial bad Zoom angle that cuts off your forehead. Just one of the many things we've had to worry about while working from home the past couple of years. 

    Yes, the gooseneck will help you take the best selfies of your life, too. Your career and your Instagram clout both get a boost! Finally, these ring lights are remote control operated (both for on-and-off accessibility and lighting) and are powered by USB with the capacity to connect to laptops or other charging sources.

    Right now, you can purchase the Aduro U-Stream Junior Dual Ring Lights with Universal Clip, on sale now for $26.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Achieve your new year health goals with this customized $20 bundle Fitness

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    Are you entering the new year with nutrition and body goals, but don't know where to start? You're not alone and there's a solution with this bundle of health and weight loss training courses that were made to help define goals and keep you on track with nutrition and fitness. It's on sale now for the amazing price of just $20.

    Setting nutrition and exercise objectives is always the first step, but knowing how to properly execute it and stay the course is always the hardest part. Instead of going to the lengths of ridiculous devices locking your mouth shut to control your eating, these weight loss courses include 242 lessons from fitness professionals that'll guide you on a journey to a healthier mindset. 

    The bundle begins with a beginner's guide on how to build muscle and lose fat that includes three workout plans and 5 hours of detailed content on applying nutrition principles to your everyday routine. You then take a deeper dive into discovering the right food and ingredients to fuel your body and how to unlearn harmful eating habits. Based on scientific research, the next course will provide vital tips on how to psychologically stay motivated and block food cravings. 

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of diets and weight loss trends with misleading information out there, but the point of this next course is to discredit those lies and teach you healthy eating practices for your body type. Additionally, you can ease into a workout plan to build muscle with your own body weight and no gym equipment, with the science-based body workout course. The final course gives you the opportunity to earn a certification in weight loss coaching and become an expert with 10 CPD credits — knowledge you can pass along to others. 

    This is your year to become a new and better you while transforming your lifestyle and mindset with The 2022 New Year New You Health & Weight Loss Training Bundle. As an added bonus, you can now get this complete bundle for just $20

    Prices subject to change.

  • Save thousands on flights for $30 with a one-year subscription to Matt's Flights

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    Typically, becoming an air travel aficionado is comprised of one of two things. One, you shell out a heck of a lot of money to get flights when you want, where you want. Or two, you exhaust yourself by scouring the Internet (and other sources) for the best deals and burn yourself out.

    Option three is the best of both worlds: Matt's Flights is a discount flight-seeking service for both domestic and international travel, and a one-year subscription is only $29.99 right now, or 69% off.

    Matt himself spends each and every day scouting the best flights, and when he finds them (whether it be via airline errors or premier sales offers), he emails them to subscribers as fast as possible. Your emails are tailored to your departing airport, you'll receive individualized flight and planning support, and you can expect a minimum of three superb deals per week, all as part of your subscription.

    Matt's Flights has been featured in major publications, including The New York Times, and has an average 4.9 out of 5 stars out of more than 200 reviews on Facebook. Satisfied customer Stephen Chene chimed in, saying, "Not only did Matt find me a nonstop flight from Detroit to Paris for under $600, he did it on my preferred airline… Matt sent me two search responses both within 24 hours of my asking. I highly recommend this service to anyone and look forward to traveling more with his cheap flights."

    Matt's Flights covers 60 U.S. cities and six Canadian cities and comes with unlimited custom search requests. Even if your airport of choice isn't currently included, Matt's Flights will cater your search to you as long as you email matt@mattsflights.com.

    In one week of your one-year subscription to Matt's Flights, you could easily save hundreds of dollars, all for a $29.99 subscription.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This Indiegogo-funded massage gun is exactly what your sore muscles are screaming for Massager

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    The New Year has come and gone, and your resolution to eat healthier and get in shape is in full effect. But with extra visits to the gym and physical activity comes sore, aching muscles, veering you off the path to your fitness goals. And while visiting a masseuse would be a great solution to this problem, it's hardly in the average gym-goer's budget. 

    When it comes to muscle pain recovery, a good, deep tissue massage gun can do wonders, and this O'Yeet NEX Pro Massage Gun is just the tool for the job. Deemed "the most powerful and portable massage gun," the tool is making quite the impact, earning an impressive $343,878 in funding on Indiegogo. It's even used by professional athletes, helping them get fast, effective muscle relief at the drop of a hat. 

    What makes the O'Yeet NEX Pro so powerful is its ability to provide massage up to 30% deeper than other average massage guns on the market today. In fact, it can apply as much as 40 pounds in pressure, penetrating muscle tissue to improve blood flow, speed up healing times, and increase mobility. And with its heavy-duty torque of 600mN.m, this gun is incredibly reliable in giving you the powerful relief you need. 

    Unlike the kinds of deep tissue massages you'd get at the spa, the O'Yeet NEX Pro is ready to go at any given time, whether you're in the locker room at the gym or sitting on your couch at home. And thanks to its long-lasting 240 minutes of runtime per charge, you never have to worry about the thing running out of juice when you're away from an outlet. Plus, it's incredibly comfortable to hold, making reaching tough spots, like behind the legs or neck, quite easy. 

    The O'Yeet NEX Pro Massage Gun comes with its own carrying case and eight detachable massage heads, perfect for all the different areas of the body, and it's currently 36% off at just $229.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Set up the creative space you've always wanted with this sewing table for $199 Sew station

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    Once the holidays are over, organizing, renovating, and refreshing our home spaces is always a great way to kick off the new year. Why not treat yourself to that little crafting corner you've always wanted with the SewStation 201 Sewing Table by SewingRite?

    If you have DIY projects, paints, glitter, fabric, etc. strewn about the house, then it may be time you commit to carving out your very own creative space. Whether you're gluing or sewing, this handy table is perfect for all of your artsy aspirations—big or small! It even comes with a yard measuring decal with inches and centimeters, so you never have to go searching for your ruler again.

    The sewing platform smoothly raises and lowers into the table adding to its uncomplicated functionality. Height is adjustable for maximum comfort while sitting or standing. Make the SewStation 201 your own special space, be it a work desk or creation station. You'll instantly feel more productive once your area is set up, and will be able to focus better knowing everything is in one place. The usage opportunities for your new table are truly infinite!

    This multi-purpose, black metal table is portable and lightweight, so you can conveniently move it from room to room or take it on the go. The SewStation 201 is perfect for smaller spaces and easily collapses down to 4" for fold-away storage. Simply press the release button, and watch the legs fold in easily. Setting up is also effortless— just pop open and lock! No tools are necessary for setup or breakdown. If you're not the neatest crafter, never fear, the wipeable laminate tabletop is here. Don't cry over spilled paint, cleanup is painless. 

    Get to creating this new year with the SewStation 201 Sewing Table by SewingRite. Normally $199, you can get it for 34% off right now, or just $129.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This multi-functional laser measurer is a toolbox must-have, and it's 20% off Laser

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    What do shopping for furniture, hanging photos on the wall, and doing large-scale art projects all have in common? Aside from making you want to momentarily tear your hair out, these sometimes tricky tasks all require some sort of measuring tool, without which can make things way more complicated than necessary.

    But hey, it's 2022, and with the incredible technology we have at our fingertips today, it seems foolish to rely on a dinky measuring tape to complete important tasks in and outside the house. That's why so many people are updating their toolbox with the MEAZOR, a 6-in-1 multifunctional laser measurer, capable of doing way more than just spout out numbers.

    Whether you're figuring out what furniture can fit in your new living room or are knee-deep in your latest building project, the MEAZOR can be immensely helpful, as it can whip up 2-D floor plans in seconds, give precise measurements with nothing more than a roll, and serve as a laser measurer that gives accurate measurements within a span of 82 feet. And as if all that weren't enough, it can also come in handy as a bubble level, protractor, and more. 

    In addition to its mind-blowing measuring capabilities, the MEAZOR is built to be a reliable, long-lasting tool you'll be able to use for years to come. Not only is it designed to last with 30 days of standby time or 16 hours of running time on a single charge, but the tool also boasts a solid Bluetooth connection and tempered glass touch screen for easy control. 

    While this measuring tool is pretty high-tech, it's quite compact, capable of fitting right into your pocket, ready to be used at a moment's notice. But it also comes with a handy carrying case, complete with an aluminum tripod, a T-6 hex screwdriver, and more. It's no wonder this thing garnered tons of attention online, earning it nearly 300,000 in funding on Indiegogo.

    Save 20% on the MEAZOR 6-in-1 Multifunction Digital Laser Measurer with Expert Accessory Kit, now just $221.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • These two best-selling drones will change your photography game, and they're over half-off Drone

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    Life is full of extraordinary moments, from weddings and graduations to the everyday beauty of fresh snowfall. And while your phone may have some top-notch picture-taking abilities, capturing these snapshots from a new angle can definitely take your photography up a few notches. 

    There's nothing quite like capturing a moment from a bird's eye view, and with the drones offered in this awesome bundle, you can experience the magic firsthand. Sporting two best-selling drones, the Alpha Z PRO 4K and the Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera, this two-pack is a great way to get into drone photography, and at the discounted price of 56% off, it'll save you quite a chunk of change. 

    Even if you're new to the world of drones, these advanced pieces of machinery are actually quite simple to use, whether it's with gesture controls that let you take photos or videos with hand gestures or view footage in real-time thanks to accompanying apps. And thanks to the fact that both drones are equipped with dual 4K front cameras and 720P bottom cameras, there's no limit to what you can capture on these things.

    The Alpha Z PRO Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone comes in a super sleek black color and features a 4K wide-angle camera that can be adjusted up to 90°, along with a bottom camera, ideal for capturing wider pictures. It also boasts excellent stabilization thanks to its altitude hold mode in addition to a one-key automatic return and a 6-axis gyroscope for better control.

    The bundle also gives you access to the Flying Fox Ultra HD Dual Camera Drone, which features a cool, gray exterior, along with a 4K camera that can capture images in 4 times more detail than that of 1080p. It also contains excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, a follow function, and a headless mode that never requires you to adjust the position of the device before setting it off into the sky. 

    Why have one of these best-selling drones when you can have two? The Alpha Z PRO 4K + Flying Fox 4K Wide Angle Dual Camera Drones Bundle is just $174.99 at 56% off.

    Prices are subject to change.

  • Enhance your vision at night with these low-light HD glasses for 40% off Glasses

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    If you wear glasses or contacts, there's a good chance your prescriptions lenses don't do everything you need them to do to protect your eyes, especially at night. You probably still feel the strain that comes with trying to see in low-light conditions and struggle to see things with complete clarity. This can be dangerous, and in long run, can compromise your eye health with more serious problems as you age.

    If these are problems you wish to avoid, then a pair of high-definition night-time glasses may be the answer for you, and the Hawk Eye Anti-Glare Glasses are here to help you see the world in a whole new light, and will do so in style.

    Right off the bat, the design is stylish, handsome, and also features a semi-rimless frame for a classic, timeless look. Their enhanced clarity lenses will boost your vision like a high-definition television enhances picture clarity. This HD-vision assists specifically in low light and fog conditions, so you'll be able to drive, read, or even play sports without compromising your eye health. The lenses also come standard with an anti-glare coating which lets you focus on what's in front of you without suffering from blinding lights causing fatigue.

    As mentioned before, the Hawk Eyes won't replace your normal prescription lenses, but rather enhance the way you already see. They fit securely as an overlay over your normal glasses and are so lightweight you won't even notice you have them on.

    Don't let your eye health or your safety go by the wayside. The Hawk Eye glasses are more than just a luxury, they're a necessity if you've ever felt like your vision isn't the best it could be at night. You can pick up a pair right now for 40 percent off at only $30.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Impress anyone who comes over with a futuristic lamp like this on your desk Lamp

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    Whether it's your bedroom, kitchen, or guest bathroom, getting your hands on the right decor to give off the vibe you want can be tricky, not to mention expensive. But instead of dropping major green on wallpaper, expensive rugs, and pricey nick-nacks, something as simple as lighting can really make an impact. 

    Instead of opting for regular lamps in your home, make things way more interesting with a unique piece like The Heng Balance Lamp. Not only does this provide your space with warm, inviting light, but it brings something special to any room it sits in, sure to get attention from anyone who sees it, making it a simple way to revamp your decor.

    Designed by Zanwen Li, The Heng Balance Lamp is unlike any lamp you've ever had in your home. Within its exterior, modern frame, you'll find two neodymium magnetized pieces that, when drawn together, create a magical glow via LED light. And when you want to turn the light off, you don't have to worry about trying to find a switch — simply separate the hanging interior pieces, and it goes dark. Clean and simple.

    Whether you put it on your nightstand or office desk, The Heng Balance Lamp truly looks more like a work of art than a light source. Great for giving your space a little modern flair, anyone who sees the thing will want to comment on it, making it a fantastic conversation piece. And with a shine of 3,500K of warm white glow, it always provides the perfect balance of light, never shining too bright or appearing awkwardly dim.

    From its super-unique look to its easy-to-use design, it's no wonder the innovative lamp has earned tons of praise online, including 4.2 out of 5 stores on Amazon, and much more. And it even comes in a few different shades of wood, letting you match it perfectly with your home decor. 

    Save 14% on The Original Heng Balance Lamp – Magnetic Switch Led Lamp Beech Wood, making it just $59.99 down from $70 bucks. 

    Prices subject to change.

  • Record flawless video of your favorite activities with this all-digital WiFi camera Camera

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    Going into the physical world after being cooped up inside for so long is already a beautiful thing, even without any bells or whistles attached. But it's pleasant to augment your time doing whatever it is you enjoy, whether it be skiing, surfingskateboardingbiking, or just walking around, by bringing along a camera.

    Of course, for most of the activities listed above, you don't have the spatial real estate to be holding a camera manually the whole time. That's why it's essential to get an attachable action camera that can record video at the highest quality, and that's where this 4K Action Pro Camera will come in handy.

    Electronic Avenue's 4K Action Pro Camera lets you record your life in flawless HD. It is dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and stabilized through a built-in gyroscope. With an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, this little camera has made a big impact on the lives of its users, and that's probably because its features can't be beaten.

    With this camera, you can record in 1080p at 60 FPS straight to a Micro SD card, and there's an option to record at even higher quality (with a small dip in frame rate). You can easily view footage through your phone using a free app. Your stabilized footage is available at a 170-degree wide-angle, and with the included RF remote, you can turn the camera on and off from a distance. The remote is able to be attached to your wrist, for convenience, or can be used as a traditional remote. 

    Once you've got it, what you do with it is up to you—there's an infinite number of possibilities to pursue, and this camera makes it possible to upload all of them to add a permanent aspect to your adventures. You can get the 4K Action Pro UHD WiFi Camera on sale for $50, a 66% markdown from the original price of $150.

    Prices subject to change.

  • This USB-C Pocket Projector will change at-home movie nights forever Projector

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    These last couple of years, staying in on Friday nights has become more and more normal. And why not? At home, you have access to all your favorite gadgets, streaming services, comfy blankets, sweatpants, and whatever else you like to have around to stay extra cozy and entertained. 

    And when it comes to movie nights and TV-watching in general, viewing things on your medium-sized TV screen or laptop simply isn't cutting it, and that's where the game-changing Lenso See USB-C Pocket Projector comes into play. No bigger than a can of soda, this handheld projector packs a powerful punch, capable of providing you with crystal clear pictures and vibrant colors, whether you use it to display content in your living room, bedroom, or even in your backyard against the side of your house. 

    Unlike the projectors you're used to dealing with, the Lenso See is compatible with an incredibly wide range of devices. Not only does it feature a USB-C connection, capable of hooking up to your mouse, keyboard, display port, and more, but it also boasts Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for audio streaming through its built-in speaker in a range of up to 10 meters. And its wireless connectivity is instantaneous, automatically connecting to your favorite streaming hubs, including Disney+, Amazon Prime, and more. 

    While this pocket-sized gadget is clearly advanced, it's incredibly easy to use, equipped with controls you can access with your fingertips and over 3,600 apps to make things more convenient than ever. The projector also has an internal memory of 16GB, perfect for downloading the content you want to watch later.  And with over 120 minutes of battery life on a single charge, you can easily watch your favorite videos, movies, and more without constantly worrying about losing power.

    Bosting 4.2 out of 5 stars online among a slew of happy users, the Lenso See USB-C Pocket Projector is changing the way people view content at home, the office, friends' houses, and beyond. From its easy-to-use controls to wide connectivity compatibility, you'll be hard-pressed to find a projector like this anywhere else. 

    Get the Lenso See USB-C Pocket Projector at 16%, making it just $499.99.

    Prices subject to change.

  • Save your money with the smartest bundle in streaming Streaming

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    The whole world is on the streaming wave now. Watching your favorite show is not a matter of watching one episode at a time anymore, or waiting a week at a time for the next episode to air. But with so many services to choose from, and shows jumping from one to another, it's hard to figure out what service you should subscribe to, especially when there's so much to watch.

    With the advent of bundling, however, you can get multiple streaming platforms at a discounted price, letting you watch all kinds of shows for cheap. And if you're looking for a great bundle, look no further than the Smartest Streaming Bundle ft. Curiosity Stream for $40.

    In this package, you'll get access to Curiosity Stream, SOMM TV, Tastemade, Topic, Nebula, and One Day University. Curiosity Stream, Nebula, and One Day University stimulate your brain with in-depth explorations of some of the most intriguing subjects on and off the planet, while SOMM TV and Tastemade are your homes for wine and food content that will set your mouth watering. And Topic shows off a criminally good collection of foreign thrillers of the crime, noir, and drama genres, curated for your personal enjoyment.  

    In total, there are hundreds of genres, such as nature, technology, adventure, space, and just about anything else you could think to watch. The lowest individual price savings for one of the streaming services in this bundle is 88%—further proof that bundling has been a godsend for consumers. And with platforms like the award-winning Curiosity Stream included, which has over 20 million subscribers worldwide, you'll be getting highly demanded services at an unbeatable price.

    Everything is a bundle, or an 11-in-1, or something of that sort nowadays, making it easier than ever for the everyday buyer to get a good deal. You can get a one-year subscription to the Smartest Streaming Bundle for $40, down 42% from the original price of $69. 

    Prices are subject to change.

  • Never rack your mind for a password again thanks to this password manager, now 62% off Planning software

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    Ever since the global pandemic hit the U.S. like a ton of bricks, everyone adjusted the way they did everything, from shopping to going to work, doing practically anything under the Sun online. But performing all these tasks digitally requires you to remember an obscene number of passwords and info, posing the threat of you potentially exposing personal info online for all the wrong people to see. 

    The same way you'd keep calls and appointments in order with a day planner or a personal assistant, Enpass, a digital password manager, keeps all your important passwords and codes safe and organized, simplifying the way you do whatever it is you do online. And at the discounted rate of just $29.99, over half-off its regular rate, getting lifetime access to this service is a real no-brainer. 

    Unlike other password management systems out there, Enpass never saves any of your data onto its servers, ensuring that everything stays saved on your device. So when it comes time to enter in a password, credit card number, address, or whatever else, Enpass puts it right at your fingertips so you never have to rack your brain for the info again. And to keep things even more secure, Enpass alerts you the moment any website is breached, allowing you to adjust passwords if needed, never leaving you vulnerable to online theft.

    The brilliant minds behind Enpass know how complicated things can get online, which is why they give users access across all their collective devices, automatically syncing with online storage systems like iCloud, Dropbox, WebDAV, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box. It even generates super-safe passwords for you when you can't come up with anything on your own, making sure it's as strong as possible. It's no wonder Enpass has made quite a splash online, earning it thousands of incredibly high ratings, including 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and App Store, 9.1 out of 10 stars on VPN Pro, and more.

    Stay safe and organized online with a lifetime subscription to an Enpass Password Manager Individual Plan, now just $29.99 at 62% off. 

    Prices subject to change. 

  • Look cool while keeping warm with this graphene jacket for 50% off Jacket

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    We're right in the throes of a harsh, cold winter, and it can be a task in-and-of itself finding the right jacket to help you brave the elements. Some jackets are too bulky, while others can be too thin, and most of them come with a price tag that'll have you breaking the bank to afford. So, this winter, ditch the lame brands that don't do anything other than flash a fancy label and say hello to the Gamma.

    The Gamma Graphene Infused Heated Jacket is the answer you need to stay safe from the harsh winter elements and look good doing it. This ultimate all-climate jacket is as functional as it is fashionable and is built to last, no matter what you put it through. Its unbreakable structure is perfect for travel, getting active, or for use as an everyday jacket. The graphene-infused shell also allows for thermoregulation, while making it breathable and antibacterial. It's like it's made from the smartest material on Earth.

    Gamma is equipped with an impressive three carbon fiber heating elements built directly into the jacket. To use them, simply, connect a power bank to precisely control your upper body's temperature when you need that extra boost of warmth. You won't find this feature anywhere else. In addition, it's also wind and water-resistant and comes with a high neck, hood, and rain hem so you'll be properly sealed in.

    This Kickstarter-funded super jacket needs to be your next purchase, so you don't get stuck out in the cold with no protection. The Gamma will be your go-to outerwear for years to come.

    Right now, Boing Boing readers can grab the Gamma Graphene Infused Heated Jacket in a large size for 50% off at only $249.99 and look cool while keeping warm this winter!

    Prices subject to change.

  • This discounted neck massager is the answer to endless hours of sitting in a desk chair Neck Massager

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    From staring down as you scroll through your phone to sitting at your desk through three Zoom meetings in a row, your body takes more of a beating than you'd think. Sure, you can get back and neck aches from working out at the gym, but these endless hours of sitting seem to be doing just as much (if not more) damage to our bodies.

    Before you book another pricey visit to your favorite massage therapist, you may want to give this game-changing MASSNECK PRO a try. Priced significantly lower than a visit to the spa, this neck massager can give your neck some serious feels, from pain relief from stiffness, soreness, and beyond. And since you can whip it out at any time, you can give your neck the attention it needs no matter where you are, whether it's sitting on the couch or at your desk at work.

    Unlike other neck-massaging methods out there, the MASSNECK PRO boasts an incredibly innovative design, built with heating PI sheets that promote blood circulation and healing to your muscles. The band's stainless steel electrodes sit comfortably on your skin, controlled by a micro-computer chip, providing you with 15 intensity levels, ideal for those who want a more personalized massage. 

    While this neck massager is powerful, it takes up very minimal space. In fact, it can actually fold into a compactly-sized piece, allowing you to pop it into your purse or book bag, ready to whip out whenever you could use a little massage action. And thanks to the fact you can use it on a regular basis, you can lessen the chance of a seriously painful strain, keeping things loose and relaxed while you go about your day.

    Created by the brilliant minds behind MassForce, a leading fitness and relaxation accessory vendor, you can bet the top-rated MASSNECK PRO will give your neck the relief it so desperately craves. 

    Get the MASSNECK™ PRO: Advanced Neck Massager at 31% off, making it just $87.95.

    Prices  subject to change.

  • No coding required for this game building bundle at 87% off Gaming

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    If you've ever been interested in designing a video game world but have no programming experience, then you're not alone. You don't need to go back to school or sign up for a coding bootcamp just to have fun building a world of your own. The team at GameGuru has got you covered.

    The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle is designed with the idea that game-making is for everyone. This is a non-technical and purely fun maker that offers those who aren't programmers, designers, or artists the chance to get into the game-making process. Right out of the gate, you'll be able to browse a library of assets and use the easy drag-and-drop functions to build a multi-layered, and multi-level game.

    You'll even be able to design your own male and female characters from a range of included body parts. Of course, you don't need any coding experience to use this bundle, but advanced users will be able to code deeper game logic if you wish to.

    In this bundle are a handful of fun design packs to help shape your game world. This includes the Medical Pack, complete with ready-to-use medical elements, the Construction Site Pack, which allows you to piece together all the classic elements of a traditional construction site, and the Melee Weapons Pack, which contains a host of blunt-force weapons for your character to use. You'll even be able to build fantastical landscapes with add-ons like the Fantasy Pack, The Mega Pack, and the Sci-Fi Mission Pack. These are just a few of the fun DLC's that will help aid you in your game-making journey.

    GameGuru is built using DirectX11 and supports full PBR rendering. This means your games will look on the latest graphics technology available.

    Boing Boing readers can pick up this comprehensive GameGuru Unlimited Bundle for 87% off right now at only $49.99.

    Prices subject to change. 

  • It's time to get in on the air fryer madness with $64 off this air fryer Air fryer

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    Although we've been getting all googly-eyed over air fryers for years now, the air fryer craze reached critical mass over the past couple of years. Maybe it's due in part to people spending more time at home during the pandemic and needing to find easy ways to cook lest they lose their minds. Maybe it's a need to nurture a French fry addiction with less oil.

    Whatever it is, air fryers are extremely in right now and the Aukey Home 3.5QT Alpha Lite Air Fryer is worth your consideration. Currently 36% off, this air fryer lets you air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate food all in a single device that's big enough to cook a meal for a family of four.

    It uses 360º high-speed hot air circulation technology to cook food in all directions while using basically no oil. Just a drizzle of oil goes a long way, as this air fryer sizzles your food 1.5 times faster than conventional tools and results in 85% less fat than traditional deep frying without sacrificing flavor. Okay, it sacrifices a little flavor, but not so much that you'll be saddened by it.

    The compact air fryer is suitable for any space and it's even pretty portable. Whether you're at school, live in a studio apartment, or just don't want to take up too much of your precious kitchen storage space, the Aukey Home meets the call. It even comes with a book of 100 recipes to get you started, and the removable glass basket is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

    Get in on the air frying mania with the Aukey Home 3.5QT Alpha Lite Air Fryer. Regularly $179, you can get it on sale for a limited time for just $114.99, or 36% off.Prices subject to change.