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Designer creates stylized illustrations of real-life Flint heroes

Brazilian artist Butcher Billy was commissioned by STATE bags to create #FlintsFantasticFive, a series of images depicting several key voices in addressing the Flint water crisis. Read the rest

'Stranger Things 2' episodes imagined as vintage paperback book covers

Brazilian artist Butcher Billy describes himself as a "pop culture butcher obsessively looking for the perfect cut." I think he's found just that with his latest artworks.

The nine-piece series imagines each episode of Stranger Things 2, from "MADMAX" to "The Gate," as the cover of an 80s-style paperback book. So cool!

Billy's work has been featured several times here on Boing Boing. If his work is your kind of thing, his Instagram is definitely worth following.

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Classic songs of love and heartache if they were Stephen King novels

Artist Butcher Billy brilliantly reimagined 1970s and 1980s songs about the dark side of love as if they were Stephen King paperback covers from the era. The series is titled Stranger Love Things.

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Post-punk musicians imagined as superheroes

Butcher Billy envisions post-punk music icons as Marvel superheroes! Above, Morissey as Hulk. Below, Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) as Iron Man.

Butcher Billy (via Dangerous Minds, thanks Chris Arkenberg!)

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Supervillains: DC meets the real world

Here's a remix of the DC supervillains crossed with real-world bad guys, courtesy of Brazilian graphic designer/illustrator Butcher Billy.

Legion of supervillains | Chill Hour

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Clockwork Orange babies

Butcher Billy of Curitiba, Brazil posted these "Clockwork Orange Babies" concept illustrations to Behance. It's wildly implausible that such a thing would ever exist, but I'd like to vacation in the parallel universe where they do.

A Clockwork Orange Babies Design Concept

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)

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