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Roger Wood's latest haul of wheeled, steampunk clocks

Roger Wood (previously), the bonkers steampunk assemblage clock sculptor, just sent this to his Klockwerks mailing list: "This is what I created in February." Read the rest

Something New: frank, comedic, romantic memoir of a wedding in comic form

Lucy Knisley is a favorite around these parts, a comics creator whose funny, insightful, acerbic and disarmingly frank memoirs in graphic novel form have won her accolades and admiration from across the field. With her latest book, Something New: Tales from a Makeshift Bride, Knisley invites us into her wedding, her love life, her relationship with her mother, and an adventure that's one part Martha Stewart, one part French farce comedy.

Assemblage under glass

30" tall! By the always-great Roger Wood of Klockwerks, from today's newsletter. Read the rest

Beautiful junkbot rayguns

By Roger Wood/Klockwerks Read the rest

Assemblage sculpture raygun

The latest confection from mad steampunk sculptor and clockmaker Roger Wood is this spiffing assemblage raygun. Want. Read the rest

Assemblage raygun

The latest piece from mad assemblage sculptor Roger Wood is this delightful ray-gun: "Another mental health break from clocks with this Steampunk ray gun and charging stand." Read the rest

Steampunk clockmaker Roger Wood among his creations

Stephen sez, "Masterful gadget-maker Roger Wood poses alongside some of his whimsical clock creations at his Hamilton-based workshop and steampunk emporium, Klockwerks.

When he came out in his goggles and steampunk kit, I told him, 'You look so much like an inventor.'

He answered, 'I AM an inventor.'"

Roger was my neighbour for a decade, and his workshop was always a wonderland. I haven't been to his new place in Hamilton, but if this picture is any indication, it's every bit as wonderful.

Steampunk Thing-Maker Roger Wood and Assorted Klockwerks

(Thanks, Stephen!) Read the rest

Steampunk bicycle from Roger Wood

The latest from Roger Wood of Klockwerks: "I was asked to make a kinetic Steampunk sculpture for a show in New York; here it is." Read the rest

Assemblage steampunk raygun

Mad clockmaker Roger Wood just sent these images of his latest creations around to his mailing list -- a sweet, simple assemblage raygun.

Klockwerks Read the rest

Exploding Roger Wood clocks -- the belljar edition

Oh, Roger Wood, how I love your clocks -- and when you put 'em under glass, well, PHWOAR. Read the rest

Assemblage octopus for sale

Jeremy Mayer, one of my favorite found object sculptors (along with Roger Wood), is selling off his "studio mascot," this giant assemblage octopus.


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Tripod clock from Roger Wood/Klockwerks

Read the rest

Sweet vacuum-cleaner assemblage sculpture clock

Here's an archival thing of beauty from steampunk assemblage clock-sculptor Roger Wood of Klockwerks, who notes: "All I've been creating lately are clock-on-wheels so I'm showing one of my favourites from a few years ago." Read the rest

Clock made from a whirling, strobing hard-drive

This Strobeshnik clock is made from an old hard drive: "The digits are etched in the original platter and they're strobed from behind with leds. The HDD motor is driven by a custom circuit without feedback, hence poor startup performance and awful noise. Rotational feedback is provided by an IR LED/phototransistor pair near the place where the head arm formerly was."

The result is a whirling, grinding, eye-catching, unreadable kinetic sculpture. Now that's a timepiece!

Strobeshnik (final)

(via JWZ!)

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Beautiful wooden clocks to build at home

Clayton Boyer makes incredible wooden clocks and clockworks, and sells the plans to build them -- you'll either need some leet woodworking skills, a CAD rig, a laser-cutter, or a lot of willingness to learn.

Clayton Boyer Clock Designs

(Thanks, Brian!)

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Lamps decorated with writhing heaps of glazed action figures

UK artist Ryan McElhinney paints and lacquers mountains of toy plastic dolls and action figures around lamps in bizarre tableaux that look like scenes out of Bosch paintings.

Ryan McElhinney Toy Lamp

Ryan McElhinney

(via Crib Candy)

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Steampunk menorah

My pal Roger Wood, the mad clock sculptor of Klockwerks.com, really puts the "Ch" back in "Channukah" with this steampunk menorah.

(via Cribcandy)

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