• EuroMaidan: a Facebook revolution in the streets of Kiev

    Editor's note: Daniel Kovzhun is a Ukrainian Boing Boing reader who has been present through the turmoil in Kiev over the ruling party's plan to sign a Customs Union agreement with Russia. In this piece, Daniel provides a first-hand account of the terminally corrupt political scene that put over a million people into the streets of Kiev, the brutal police violence that ensued, and the ineffective, fragmented opposition coalition that is meant to be at the head of the uprising.

    Daniel has called for musicians and other performers to come to Kiev and perform in the square at the protests. He reports that diplomats and protesters from all over Europe have converged on #EuroMaidan to fight the ruling regime. He promises more pieces to come. In the meantime, he suggests these documentaries on the action in Maidan.

    Our thanks to Daniel for writing this in between the fighting and the protests

    My name is Daniel. I was born in Kiev. I am 37, remarried, with two kids, aged 6 and almost 3. I lived abroad for almost eight years, but came back. My family, my parents and brother, they all live here. I'm a partner in IT firm.

    Kiev is a nice place to live. Not easy, but OK. An easy, laid-back murky water in a democratic part of the ex-USSR.

    Now I am a rebel. Work, family, books, computer games – everything has been relegated to the backfround background. My wife supports me. Sometimes I am ready to start crying, reading a post on Facebook, and sometimes I shake with rage. I am either out there, on barricades, or I am in Facebook. It is the only news outlet I can trust. Sometimes it is nervous, sometimes depressive, or paranoid, sometimes full of romanticism, optimism, beautiful and tender stuff. Today it is angry. (more…)