Limited edition Bicycle Karnival Midnight deck of playing cards

This purple and black deck of cards is absolutely lovely.

I like to tell myself that decks with lovely and unexpected art work distract people from mistakes as I'm performing sleight of hand. Mostly, I just like fancy decks of cards.

Limited Edition Karnival Midnight Purple Deck Playing Cards by Bicycle via Amazon

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$14 Humidity control for at-home cannabis storage

When I'm storing weed, either in small or large (for me) amounts, I use Boveda 62% humidity control packs. Read the rest

Superb Owl 2018

This owl was a gift from an absolutely lovely woman. I declare it Superb Owl 2018. Read the rest

Tweet-bot shares Prince Vultan's greatest hits

I woke up this morning thinking the world needed a Prince Vultan tweet-bot.

You know he'll say it sooner or later...

Jack Burton is still talking to whomever is listening, and Sherman T. Botter contiues to share Potterisms. Read the rest

DIY cat scratching post, fun but spendy

I made my own cat scratching post out of sisal cord and a poster tube. It cost more than just buying one.

50' of 3/8" sisal rope ($0.25/foot) winds almost perfectly around a 30" by 2" diameter poster tube ($3.33.) My daughter and I had a wonderful time wrapping the tube up, securing the ends with binder clips, and then using a strip of old bedsheet to hang the scratcher from a doorknob! Rubbing a little catnip on it encourages our Maine Coon to scratch away!

Total cost invested was around $15.00.

Even if reusing the tube, binder clips, and sheet I can easily find an equivalent scratcher for less. Even using cheaper cord only changes things by a few cents.

I'll put the two side-by-side and we can see the wear over time and judge which is more popular. Perhaps my cat will appreciate the love and effort that went into making him a toy.


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Testing USB battery pack capacity with a USB multi-meter

I tested the capacity of two USB battery packs using two different USB multi-meters. The results did not surprise me.

I recently acquired two $10-each USB multi-meters, the Powerjive and a DROK . The Powerjive is "easier" to use. The DROK handles more complex advanced charging protocols like Qualcomm 2.0 quick charging, and is less intuitive. The DROK read-out is brighter and the red/blue LEDs are easier to read, but there are several different screens to click thru to pretty much get the same results as the PowerJive's one dim screen.

I have two USB battery packs that I love. My 10k pack is 3 years old and has shown some loss of capacity on my "Hey, this isn't lasting as long as it used to" meter. I had estimated the battery lost 30% of its capacity. The 15k unit is new as of last month and should be capable of its marketed capacity.

I drained each battery pack by playing endless streamed video on my Fire HD 10 tablet, and my iPhone 7+. On the 10k unit this involved the blue lights going dead. The 15k brick will flash a single blue LED to indicate "charge me" without draining the battery. You may also use the USB multi-meters to measure how quickly a device burns through the pack. The Amazon tablet is pretty damn efficient, and I got hours and hours of video out of the 15k unit.

I charged each battery from "empty" until the mAh counters on the respective USB meter stopped ticking up. Read the rest

'Florida Man' pleads guilty to child porn charges, then goes full 'Florida Man'

Baffling. Boggling. Florida.

This story has everything from a hitman named 'the Rabbi' to a child pornographer asking his mom to arrange a murder.

Via People:

A Florida man who had pleaded guilty to child pornography now faces additional charges in a suspected murder-for-hire plot to kill the presiding judge in his case, PEOPLE confirms.

To arrange the hit, Robert Anthony O’Hare allegedly used codes while talking to his mother on recorded jailhouse phone calls in Lake County, Florida, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

On Jan. 7, O’Hare allegedly gave his mom a message that said “Kill Briggs.” Investigators believe this was a reference to Judge Don F. Briggs.

Authorities claim that O’Hare asked his mother to write the message down and give it to a friend called “the rabbi.” In the call, O’Hare allegedly told his mother that the rabbi would know what to do.

“As far as the weird scale goes, it’s off the charts, totally,” Lt. John Herrell with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office told local TV station WKMG.

On a subsequent call, O’Hare’s mother allegedly said that she had spoken to the rabbi. “He knows what you want, but he can’t do it.” she said, the court records claim. “He’s just a ‘rabbi.’ ”

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Sous vide blackened salmon fillets

Surprise! Making perfect blackened salmon is easy. Read the rest

The Santa Cruz Shredder is a much better weed grinder

The Santa Cruz Shredder actually does leave me with fluffier and more evenly burning weed.

Over time the very act of grinding weed wears out my herb grinders. Add to that the fact that I use them in the process of smoking dope and you'll understand why I tend to go through one or two a year. As I was recently replacing my Sativa grinder, which gets the most use, the weed wizard at my local shop introduced me to the Santa Cruz Shredder.

The squared off teeth and bottom affixed central post in the Santa Cruz Shredder leave your processed marijuana product fluffier and less 'ground down' -- this may be the shape of the teeth, or the slightly larger pass-thru holes for shredded stuff. Regardless, I find that bowls draw with more ease and the weed seems to burn more evenly in my Twisty Glass Blunt.

This isn't a run out and get one right now kind of improvement, but I'll be buying this style grinder going forward. If you need a new one, give it a try!

Santa Cruz Shredder 4 Piece Medium New (Black) via Amazon Read the rest

Cleveland Indians retire racist logo

Discomfort after years of continued complaints, and lawsuits, from native tribes people has driven the Cleveland Indians to retire their "logo."


Chief Wahoo, the longtime logo of the Indians, will be gone after the 2018 season.

The Indians will disassociate themselves with the logo and will no longer wear it on their uniforms or caps following the 2018 season. The logo has been a flashpoint for the team for several years, drawing criticism and lawsuits from Native American groups who consider it racist.

The New York Times was the first to report the story.

Chief Wahoo, in one rendition or another, has been worn on Indians uniforms since 1947. Then-owner Bill Veeck made it part of the team's uniform. Walter Goldbach, a 17-year-old draftsman, designed the first logo. Goldbach, 88, died in December.

The Indians name will remain unchanged. The charter member of the American League has been called the Indians since 1915. The Block C and script Indians will be the team's main logos after 2018.

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For some reason, in 2016, Hanson sang their one song again

Evidently when we lose our hair we become unloveable. Read the rest

Five pounds of Haribo gummy bears

Getting ready for Valentines day? Just like candy? This five pound bag of Haribo Gummy Bears is pretty darn AWESOME.

The pace at which my daughter and I can finish this giant bag of gummies is impressive... or maybe gummy bears just never, ever go stale.

I like the pineapple ones.

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Sailor Jentle Yama-dori is my teal ink of choice

I wanted a teal ink. Sailor Jentle Yama-dori is my new teal ink.

I had some limited edition Mont Blanc teal ink that I liked, it ran out. I decided to try this Sailor Jentle ink. I like it better! The Sailor Jentle ink is a dark blue-green with a very nice sheen to it. The ink looks much better after 2-3 minutes of drying.

Image from Jetpens.

On Doane Paper with my father's old medium nibbed Duofold the Yama-dori is just beautiful.The sheen after this ink dries is beautiful and includes greens and purples. Dad's Parker flows like the god damn Nile and the Sailor ink only gently feathers around the heaviest deposits. I am going to try this in my Levenger L-Tech, which has become my standard blue ink pen. The Levenger doesn't flow nearly as well as a Duofold, but the Sailor Jentle is water-based and seems pretty slick. I have been using Noodler's Luxury Blue but far prefer the muted tone of teal.

The Sailor Jentle ink bottle is a trip. Follow the instructions on the side or be frustrated. Don't ask me how I know!

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Slicing and dicing with an 8" santoku knife

I was told that chopping vegetables and fruits would be easier with a Santoku knife. For $25 I gave it a shot. Read the rest

#VanLife is not what Instagram makes it out to be

A reader sent us a link to an awesome VW microbus poster, so I bought it for my mechanic. In response to this nice gesture all the coolant dumped out of my engine. Read the rest

Comply Foam memory foam tips make every set of IEMs sound better

I have not found a set of IEMs that can not be improved with Comply Foam tips.

While I've been trying a bunch of bluetooth amps out, the biggest single improvement I got with my aged set of Westone 3's was simply by changing from some rubber tips to these Comply Foam ones.

Comply Foam fit my ears better and more comfortably than any other earbud tips. The Tx model also blocks wax from blocking up the sound channel. I'm a fan!

Make sure to get the right model for your headphones and size for your ears!

Comply Isolation Plus Noise Cancelling Memory Foam Earphone Tips Tx-100 (Medium, 3 Pairs) via Amazon Read the rest

Ben Jaffe's 'Dominator'

Enjoy this fantastic, titular, trippy video from one half of HONEYHONEY, Bejamin Jaffe's new solo album Dominator.

Baeble blog had this to say:

At this point, it's no secret that we are absolutely obsessed with anything HONEYHONEY-related. It all started back in 2012 when we filmed a concert with the duo in Austin, TX. Then just last month, we welcomed one half of HONEYHONEY, Suzanne Santo, to our studio for a powerful session filled with lots of laughter. Naturally, now it's time to let the other half of the duo, Benjamin Jaffe, shine.

It's safe to say we were pretty excited to receive "Dominator," the video for the lead single off of Jaffe's upcoming solo debut Oh, Wild Ocean of Love (out March 30th on Diamond Family Records). In the minimalistic visual, we see Jaffe sing against a white backdrop as graphics of drum kits flash, synchronized with the glitchy beat. Jaffe's vocal is smooth as butter and serves up spine-tingling harmonies reminiscent of Father John Misty. This gorgeous arrangement just goes to show that, while we will forever love HONEYHONEY, Jaffe stepping into the spotlight and showing off his musical chops might just be a really great move.

Jaffe sent Baeble this quirky statement on the video: "We made this video with a little budget and a big dream of me eating the shrunken heads of politicians. Without (co-director) Sage Atwood, it never would have happened. See, without friends, dreams are just silly little stories to wile away the time.

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