• Crad Kilodney, 1948-2014

    Since the death of Crad Kilodney on April 14th 2014, I have been following the news articles, speculative blog posts about his life, newfound interest in his cult-status as a Canadian writer and his reputation for being a 'misanthrope'. At the same time, I have been going through eleven years of letters, cards, writings, audio and VHS tapes from him to me.

    I met Crad Kilodney for the first time in 1992, when I was 19 years old. My brother was living in Toronto at the time and Scott had become friends with Crad. My brother was excited to introduce me to this man he described as "walking A-R-T." I visited my brother in Toronto and we hung out with Crad multiple times. After I left, Crad and I began a monthly correspondence of long, hand-written letters and phone calls that would continue for the next eleven years. During this time, we were one another's best friends and closest confidants. If I needed someone to pour my heart out to, I wrote or phoned Crad. He did the same. We each felt we had no true friends in our lives, except for one another.

    Crad's letters could be sweet, vulgar, offensive, sometimes boring (he became obsessed with giving me stock market tips), funny and beautiful to read. As an author, I loved his writing and had him send me copies of "Girl on the Subway" and "Putrid Scum". (more…)