• Signing off.

    Today marks the end of my guest blogging stint here at BoingBoing.

    It's been awesome (for me anyway). Thanks to BB readers for letting me share my projects, interests and ideas with you. And thanks for engaging- the comments often taught me more about a subject than I had to impart in the first place.

  • You and the Pirates

    Canadian literature (or CanLit, as some insist) has gradually become a genre of its own- one of books that are bleak, desperate, meaningful, and above all, dull.
    New DIY publisher The Workhorsery aims to do something about that by releasing You and The Pirates, Jocelyne Allens' super fun debut novel.

  • Comics in the Classroom

    When I was a kid I was often reprimanded and sometimes even kicked out of class for drawing comics in school. Now, research has shown that comics are a great way to turbo-charge literacy in reluctant readers (especially in boys), and comics are suddenly being welcomed into classrooms all over the world.

  • 500 Pound Planet: Chapter Two

    The best part of making 500 Pound Planet was that it turned life into a big scavenger hunt. Our mashup style let us animate using clay, stop motion puppets, photo montage- anything! In this chapter, we actually manipulated a piece of raw chicken.

  • The World of Adam

    Adam Shecter makes whimsical, innocent, clever little blips of cartoons. He's been doing it for a while, and has slowly amassed a Saturday Morning Cartoon broadcast from another planet. Have a look!

  • 500 Pound Planet: Chapter One

    Yesterday I posted the prelude to 500 Pound Planet, the cartoon I spent a few years making with my buddy Josh Dolgin when I was younger. Here's chapter one, where we meet our "heroes", Spencer and Blue, voiced by me and Josh.

  • China's homicidal net-addict bootcamps.

    This week on my podcast, At least one Chinese teen has been killed in a Chinese Internet-addict "rehab" centre- Jennifer Pak in Beijing reports. Also, did a German rap group cause another 9/11? Nope, it was just another hoax.

  • Will a clean fridge get you laid?

    My friend Corey Mintz is so proud of his well-stocked, spotless refrigerator that he sends pictures of its interior to girls he's wooing and has used it in place of a headshot on his online dating profile.

  • Happy 5770!

    Today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Let's hope it's a sweet one! No better way to kick it off then with this sweet classic from Moishe Oysher and the Barry Sisters, Halevai.

  • 9/11 hoax fools all of Germany

    Here's what DPA, Germany's national news reported this past September 11th: a terrorist attack occurred in the city of Bluewater, California. The suicide bombers were German rappers, the "Berlin Boys". A half hour later DPA issued a correction: there had been no bombing. The "Berlin Boys" are not a rap group. The city of Bluewater does not exist.

    It was all an elaborate publicity stunt to promote the satirical German film Short Cut to Hollywood.