• Join the New Hampshire Rebellion

    On Sunday, January 11th, two years to the day after we lost Aaron Swartz, a small group of warmly dressed souls will begin a walk from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, to Concord. When they reach Concord, ten days and 150 miles later, they will be met by three other much larger groups that had begun walks from Keene, Nashua, and Portsmouth during the following week. In Concord, on the 5th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which gave birth, indirectly, to the SuperPAC, the four groups will join a much bigger rally to demand our democracy back.

    This is the New Hampshire Rebellion, a group that aims to rally the citizens of New Hampshire to ask presidential candidates in the 2016 New Hampshire primary the central question for American politics: How are you going to end the system of corruption in Washington.

    This isn't the central question now. Politicians on the Right and Left want nothing more than to avoid the embarrassing question of the way money has corrupted our politics. It is against this agenda of avoidance that these citizens rebel. Because we see, as any sane souls sees, that unless this system of corruption is changed — a system in which the top 100 contributors in 2014 gave almost as much as the bottom 4.75 million contributors, and in which even that 4.5 million is still less than 2% of the American public — no sensible reform on either the Right or the Left will happen. The American government is broken; at its core, this corruption is the cause; and until we find a way to force politicians to address this cause, there will be no way to repair the breach.