• Video celebrates new Alan Watts ten-inch EP record, Face the Facts


    A few months ago I was contacted by Lily Wen, the producer at Figure & Ground Records in Brooklyn, about producing a vinyl record combining the words of my father, Alan Watts, and the music of Jas Walton. Vinyl seems to be enjoying a renaissance, so I invited her to come out to California to meet Henry-Sandy Jacobs, producer of the earliest Alan Watts LPs, Haiku and Haiku in the Morning, as well as the ever-wild This Is It!

    A self described "vinyl-nerd", Lily jumped at the chance, and we set off down the path to producing Face the Facts, a ten-inch EP record complete with period graphics and interviews with Henry and myself. And of course these days a musical release requires a proper video, so enter Jacob Blumberg to create this delightful short film combining the title track with visual elements from the Fine Art Of Goofing Off and Why Not Now? a retro-media doc on my father's life and works. The result is this powerful little piece that offers a direct and playful way to get to know my father's wit and wisdom courtesy of a new generation of aficionados.

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