• An interview with novelist Helen DeWitt

    In 2002, The Economist writer/editor Emily Bobrow gifted me a copy of Helen DeWitt's The Last Samurai and my life changed forever. It's one of those novels that you can go back to every couple years anew, discovering and rediscovering with each re-read. Not to be confused with the Tom Cruise movie of the same name, DeWitt's story centers on a single mother in London raising her child-prodigy son.

    The genius in her latest novel, Lightning Rods, is DeWitt herself, who cooks up one of the funniest stories I've read in recent memory. It's a highbrow version of the movie Office Space with a Jonathan Ames-esque plot. Read my exclusive, in-depth interview below with DeWitt about the new novel, as well as her writing habits and her tips to would-be novelists. (more…)

  • Sound recordings quiz!

    Our lives are filled with the buzzing and beeping of electronics and other machinery. But just how familiar are we? If your life depended on knowing the difference between the sounds of an ATM or a ticket dispenser, would you make it? How about the difference between a jet engine and a hard drive? Enjoy our sound recordings quiz, produced with our pals at twaggies.com. (more…)

  • Bazinga! Play now to win cool stuff and help fix the world


    Play a quiz, give a dollar or more to the charity of your choice, and maybe win an iPad! All it takes is a moment of an ordinary day, and you can make a wee contribution to efforts to repair the world. Best of all, it's a race: we're in it with Treehugger, Neatorama and others.

    When you're done, e-mail us at Play@QuizPlayDay.org and tell us how much you donated and to what cause. Don't forget to send us your quiz score. By doing so, you'll be automatically entered into a sweepstakes drawing where you could win one of 10 sets of Wii games; and a chance to go on national TV, talk about why you picked the charity, and chat about the whole quiz play day experience. (more…)

  • Boing Boing Video Game Quiz!

    We've collected screenshots from 15 popular—and not-so-popular—video games. Think you can pick the correct title from a list of four? As many of these franchises were offered on multiple platforms, you don't have to name the version—just the title that matches the visual. There will also be a (parenthetical) hint with each possible answer, naming the developer, publisher or platform.

    After you take the quiz, come on back and let us know how well you did! And if you have an idea for a future quiz, tell us your suggestion!

    Enough rat-a-tat… give the quiz a whirl. (more…)