Korean pharmacist's funny lip-sync supercut video goes viral

A guy who works by day as a pharmacist in Korea makes these funny video compilations of himself singing Asian pop hits. His supercut is going super viral in Korea and Japan. Read the rest

Wim Wenders: Looking back on the road ahead

“If at a certain point you were into arthouse movies when you’re young, Wim Wenders was your best friend,” my friend Bilge Ebiri tells me the other day, and I can put it no better way. The German filmmaker secured a legendary reputation early on for the successive one-two hit of his widely regarded masterpieces Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire. Even now, having just celebrated his 70th birthday, he was recently Oscar-nominated for his documentaries Pina and Salt of the Earth, and continues to take photographs & write essays about art and film, with a new volume yet to be translated into English. Read the rest

How Adam Curtis' film "Bitter Lake" will change everything you believe about news

The acclaimed British documentary filmmaker has released his latest film in unusual, forward-thinking circumstances.