• Disgusting or delicious? The Mac and Cheese Martini reviewed

    San Diego Comic Con–The costumes! The celebrities! The stormtroopers!makes your head spin enough as it is. But it took a trip to a nearby steakhouse for it to blow my mind. This is a Mac 'n' Cheese Martini. This is what the renaissance in American comfort food has come to.

    Mac 'n' Cheese has already found its way into many top-notch restaurants, each offering their unique spin on the classic low-end dish. In Los Angeles alone, I've found lobster mac, shittake mac and kobe mac—all have delighted me. But this, this Mac 'n' Cheese Martini, is the ironic singularity where smoked cheddar, bacon bits, elegance and simplicity meet. Tanginess and crunch with a thick cheesy sauce, tippled—manually, by the diner—with a drizzle of vodka.

    Boozy. Huge points for presentation, taste & plating. Next year, I expect penne a la vodka martini on the appetizers.

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