• The Graffiti of War

    From war, art. This is the basic premise of The Graffiti of War, a project from two combat veterans that features the unconventional military art that soldiers, seamen, marines, and airmen (and women) create during deployments. From tanks spray painted with "I love u baby" to memorials for the dead to enemy jets covered in graffiti, every art work tells a story – it's the alternative, unauthorized history of war from those who fought it. The idea was hatched by Army combat medic Jaeson "Doc" Parson, when he was deployed to Ramadi, Iraq, where he met Jason Deckman, an Army combat engineer. The men plan to turn the images they are collecting into a book and donate the proceeds to organizations that help returning veterans. I spoke with Staff Sergeant Deckman, 37, a 16-year Army veteran whose deployments include Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, and Iraq. In 2007, Deckman transitioned to the Army Reserves. He lives in Killeen, Texas.