Horse Yoga, All About Pockets, How God Gives Us Ice Cream, and a slew of other weird books

It's been some time since I visited's wonderful "Weird Book Room," a special curated section within the glorious online marketplace for used books. Sure, some of the books may not be so odd on their own but all together they make for quite a bizarre bibliography. Seen here are just a small sampling of the confounding covers and strange juxtapositions.

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Newton's Principia Mathematica, George Washington's journal: archivist stole $8m worth of rare books from Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library

Gregory Priore -- former archivist for Pittsburgh's Carnegie Library -- has pleaded guilty of stealing $8m worth of rare texts from the collection over a 25 year period, fencing them through John Schulman's Caliban Book Shop (Schulman has also pleaded guilty, and admitted to forgery as well). Read the rest