Police bust big dummy in the HOV lane

Mesa, Arizona police busted a man for driving in the HOV lane with a dummy as his passenger.

"Another one Busted! Don't let this be you.... A driver was cited for HOV lane violation along the SR 202 at Alma School, for having a dummy masquerade as a passenger," tweeted the Department of Public Safety.

You'd think people would realize that the fuzz are onto this by now. At least he invested in a real mannequin unlike the below, from a classic gallery of "15 Hilariously Awful Dummies Used by Busted Carpool Lane Cheaters as Fake Passengers":

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Carpooling (and wrestling) with the Red Hot Chili Peppers

The unfamiliar track is "Heemi Lheemey," a quirky tune that Anthony Kiedis and Flea wrote when they were 15-years-old and "smoking large quantities of marijuana" in the Sierra Nevadas.

(The Late Late Show via Rolling Stone)

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