Watch hypnotic egg-breaking machines for ten minutes

These three different egg-breaking and separating machines have slightly different tasks, but they are all equally hypnotic. Read the rest

Eggbot design: Pi Egg for Pi Day

Tomorrow, 3/14, is Pi Day in the USA (it will not be Pi Day in the rest of the world until the Martian Emperor subjugates us all to his sinister 14-month calendar). In celebration, Thingiverse user Thor4231 posted this great Eggbot design, ready to be automatically sharpied onto your favorite ovum by means of the wonderful Eggbot printer.

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Carved-away goose-egg

Instructables user Bbstudio has been doing some extraordinary egg carving for the Eggbot Easter challenge. This carved-away goose egg is probably the most physically impressive, though there's a lot more aesthetically pleasing (if less improbable) designs in his portfolio.


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