Glitché is the evil twin of all those old-film, toy-lens, Instagram-style apps. Pick a photo, then glitch it all to Hell with broken NTSC emulation, weird 3D pixelation and heightmap extrusion effects, and delicious MPEG-style compression errors. For a $1 upgrade, the free app lets you save animated GIFs, too. [via Joel Johnson, below] Read the rest

Glitch your photos

Georg Fischer's "Image Glitch Experiment" is a fun and easy drag-and-drop Web tool for corrupting your JPGs in fascinating ways. Turn on, tune in, glitch out. Read the rest

Art of 3D print failure Flickr group

A Flickr group called "The Art of 3D Print Failure" chronicles the beautiful monstrosities that emerge from glitches in 3D prints. In addition to providing aesthetic pleasure, it also serves as a compendium of advice for preventing errors in the future.

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Some copiers randomly change the numbers on documents

In Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents, computer scientist David Kriesel shows that the Xerox WorkCentre 7535 randomly changes the numbers in its scans. The copier has firmware that tries to compress images by recognizing the numbers and letters in the documents it scans, and when it misinterprets those numbers, it produces untrustworthy output. The bug also occurs in the Xerox 7556 and possibly other machines, and as Kriesel points out, this could mean that engineering diagrams, invoices, prescriptions, architectural drawings and other documents whose numeric values are potentially a matter of life-and-death (or at least financial stability) are being randomly edited by machines we count on to produce faithful copies. Read the rest

Hand-woven glitch rugs

Artist Faig Ahmed creates amazing handmade rugs that appear to have been melted, stretched, or otherwise distorted. They're a blend of digital glitch-aesthetic and analog, hand-crafted beauty.

Faig Ahmed Carpets

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Glitched out blankets and tapestries

Phillip Stearns is an artist who commissions blankets and tapestries woven in the USA with glitch-art patterns he generates with broken digital cameras. They're for sale! $200+



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Glitched-out armoire

Spocko sez, "This piece of furniture looks like an alien made it after looking at a frozen frame on a VCR."

In his second year working with Fratelli Boffi, Ferruccio Laviani has created yet another fanciful world from the depths of his prolific imagination. A concept that goes beyond individual products, it combines the expertise of a company that specializes in full-feature and tailor-made projects with the creativity of a designer who can strike a balance between the past and the future, blending the harmony and magniloquence of the classical with the charm and allure of the contemporary.

Good Vibrations Storage Unit by Ferruccio Laviani

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Shuttered online game Glitch gets new life in the Creative Commons

The death of massively multiplayer games, reliant on expensive infrastructure to stay alive, is more final than most. But doomed worlds can enjoy an afterlife in the Creative Commons: the developers of Glitch, shuttered only a few weeks ago, have made the game's artwork and other components freely available. A hardcover book collecting the best of it, and a soundtrack album, are also on their way. Read the rest