OpenXC provides car data for cool hacks

We were blown away by the hackers' imaginative uses of OpenXC in their 8-hour projects. We saw a watercolor robot, a music composition system, an animated back window display, a cost-of-driving meter, and other projects that responded to OpenXC's car data.

A cost-of-driving meter for your car

Imagine a taxi-meter style display that shows you the true cost of driving for every trip you take in your car. That's just what David Harris and Steven Kryskalla built at our first hack day event.

Back window car display

The Smart Brake gives drivers behind you information about what you are doing, and says thanks to courteous drivers who let you merge into their lane.

Prototype could help save kids and animals locked in a hot car

TempAssure addresses the problem of children and pets suffering from heat stroke after accidentally being left inside hot cars.

Car composes Kraftwerkian music

Project: Autobahn uses OpenXC data as MIDI data to compose and play Kraftwerkian music that matches the driver's behavior.

Car tells robot artist what to paint

A robot that paints water colors is super. A car that generates dozens of data streams is awesome. When you connect the two the result is super awesome