Nokia Lumia nail polish

When Nokia announced its N9/Lumia 800, I was among many delighted by the attractive hardware. With Microsoft's new Windows Phone OS—itself getting surprise raves for its minimalism and focus—it struck me that here was a vision in the sense that technologists and marketers mean it: a contemporary ideal of quality and forward-thinkingness that could translate into a serious commercial advantage. Competitors had already made their plays, after all, and even great success can lock a company in place. Perhaps the next decade in gadgets wasn't going to be divvied up by Apple and Google, after all. Read the rest

Nokia expects €126m loss

Nokia's in dire straits despite launching the well-liked Lumia smartphone, writes Charles Arthur: "the rise first of Apple and more recently of cheap handsets running Google's free Android software has devastated the Finnish firm's profits and sales, cutting its share of the smartphone market from about 40% a few years ago to less than 10% in the first quarter of this year." [The Guardian] Read the rest