Soviet propaganda cartoon DVDs

This two-disc set of Soviet propaganda cartoons (subtitled "American Imperialists and Fascist Barbarians," and "Capitalist Sharks and Communism's Shining Future") looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Just ordered mine!
From the early days of the Russian Revolution to the final days of the Cold War, the Communist party were experts in propaganda art. Using sophisticated animation techniques the Communists won the hearts and minds of the Russian people in their battle against capitalism and their desire to portray Communism as the shining vision for the future. The undermining of capitalist sharks and the evangelical praise of the communist regime were masterpieces of animated art and propaganda. This collection of animated propaganda was recently recovered from Russia's television vaults. For the first time in ninety years the West can now see how the Soviets portrayed them. This unique documentary collection brings together the original animators and propaganda films such as Mister Twister, What Hitler Wants, Fascist Boots on Our Homeland and many others. Included in the box is a 24 page collectors booklet featuring background information on every propoganda film.
Link (Thanks, A.Simmons!)


  1. I buy everything I see. I have so much money and no standards whatsoever. I even have a robo goat on order. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Jove has put out some great stuff, but they have some copyright issues that bother me. Despite the law, as far as I know, saying that anything made in the USSR before 1972 was public domain, they claim to own the rights on a lot of that footage.

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  4. My wife ordered these for her library, thinking I’d find them interesting, and they have turned out to be seriously popular. I thought there were five or six disks — maybe it keeps changing — but it was expensive enough that I couldn’t have bought it for myself.

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