Lego geodesic dome

 Dome Dome00 Jon Palmer built this fantastic geodesic demo from Lego and posted a HOWTO on his site. It reminds me of something out of Gerard K. O'Neill's The High Frontier!
Link (Thanks, Paul Hartzog!)


  1. awesome. I was just (like 20 minutes ago) reading about the United States pavilion at Expo 67 and thinking. “Geodesic domes are awesome. I wish i could build one.”

  2. Cool. I think there’s a typo. In the article you say “demo” when I think you meant “dome”.

  3. Hello! Thanks to Paul and David for sharing this. Domes like the one at Expo 67 were a big inspiration for this. That super optimistic-futuristic style is amazing to me.

    The original interior was supposed to look like this sort of super-deformed videogame landscape, like Zelda or a Peter Molyneux game.

    And I do love Silent Running! Here are some great models from the movie by one of my favorite builders:

    Drones and Bruce by Ken Takeuchi

  4. My mom worked for Gerry O’Neil at the Space Studies Institute at Princeton University around 1980. I would visit at work and see the machine shop guys building the mass driver and all sorts of cool space tech. Maxi Anderson, the famous balloonist was there one day, and one of the main guys who created postscript used to hang out at our house and eat “special” brownies and sit up in a tree. No wonder I like BB.

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