Droog's Do Hit Chair, complete with sledgehammer

 Products Small 27778.18Eefed5 Droog Design's Do Hit Chair is a cube made from .04" steel. It's shipped with a sledgehammer for you to customize it's shape yourself. Created by Marjin van der Poll, it's available from Unica Home for $6718 for one that he pre-hammered. A smash-your-own model is $5924.
Link (via Paper Magazine)

UPDATE: Here is a video of the chair being customized. Link


  1. Where’s the “hit people who’re dumb enough to buy this with a sledgehammer” model?

  2. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting one.

    Wait, $6718? Maybe not. Most of that cost is probably due to the high quality hammer.

  3. $6718? Unreasonably high.

    The linked-to catalog page says $250, which is more reasonable. I wouldn’t pay it ($250 for a DIY chair that’s going to be full of sharp angles and no cushioning?), but I can see how some people would for the “art” value.

  4. Really? I mean, really?!
    Tell you what: send me half that, and I’ll make you the exact same thing, but with diamond-plate aluminum. WAY cooler.

  5. $250 is the shipping charge – consider it the loser tax for this bourgeois, faux-ironic absurdity.

  6. blaisepascal, that’s the shipping charge.

    I’m not convinced that this isn’t just a bet that someone made to see if there is anything that stupid people with too much money won’t buy. I especially love the pic of the guy with the sweat stains on his office shirt, looking like he’s proud of making what seems to be the most uncomfortable chair ever.

  7. if they shipped it with a selection of hammers so you could delicately cold-form it…. maybe do a steel drum detail?

  8. Dear Marshall

    excellent choice of words; “bourgeois, faux-ironic absurdity.” Might I offer “naff”? I seldom get to use it so fittingly.

  9. You’re missing something, folks: the basic price of the cube & hammer isn’t stated (the ‘Price’ column says ‘CALL’) – $6,718 is just the premium for having the designer hammer it for you.

    Elsewhere on the site, one can buy a vase for $6,400 or a watch for $4,800. It’s that sort of webstore….

  10. Awesome! Another stupid thing that probably doesn’t actually exist that was thought up exclusively to see if Boing Boing would actually post it.

  11. Damn the US. I started working out the cost of the chair in scrap but got bogged down converting everything to metric.

    Still, I think the word ‘designed’ in the description is a bit rich.

  12. It’s wonderful. You get over sticker shock after you’ve been looking at “designer” furniture for a while. I’m doing my part to prop up the vintage market.

  13. Can I get a discount if I don’t need the sledgehammer? Living in New York, it would probably be easier to just drop it off of a balcony onto a parking meter…

  14. @#20, Scottfree

    No, no, no! See, it is designed. Designed to make you poor and shown to be an idiot. I’d say it fulfills its design specs perfectly!

  15. So, you pay 6,718 dollars to hit a metal cube with a sledgehammer in order to make a chair?

    God, I love capitalism.

  16. no,no this isn’t “capitalism”, it’s “art”. You get to wear a beret while you do it.

  17. I believe the old formula is that 2% of the population will buy any luxury item, no matter how absurd.

    People WILL buy this, just to show how ridiculously rich they are. Angry as that makes me (think how many people the cost of this “chair” could feed…stand up for Judas!), I must admit that the idea of a bunch of the stupor-rich getting cuts on their asses from something this stupid is pleasant.

    Or tetanus. Dare I hope for tetanus?

  18. Where’s the “hit people who’re dumb enough to buy this with a sledgehammer” model?

    I see that once again we have people confusing high concept art & design with Ikea. I think it’s brilliant and not at all practical and if I had that kind of money then yeah, I’d get one.

    Get over yourselves. There are people who have more money than you’ll ever dream of owning and they can afford things you will never be able to in multiple lifetimes at your current salary. Deal.

  19. I think people confuse art with commodity.

    In Soviet Russia, people pay /you/ to work with sledgehammers.

  20. There are people who have more money than you’ll ever dream of owning and they can afford things you will never be able to in multiple lifetimes at your current salary.

    Yes. Yes, there are.

    And I hope they all get tetanus and die.

  21. My goodness. This looks profoundly uncomfortable. So how much does sheet metal run at Home Depot? I should start selling these myself.

  22. I agree that it’s an art piece. Doesn’t strike me as _good_ art, or at least not more than as a performance piece, but de gustibus.

    Personally I’d prefer to go out and buy myself a small metalshop’s worth of tools and do much more complicated things to the metal. Cheaper, and for me more entertaining — and you get to keep the tools for other projects.

    (Metalwork is on my “learn someday” list. I know it’s not all that much harder than woodwork, but given that I don’t have enough time for woodwork either…)

  23. This seems more like a stress-ball for the rich and ridiculous. Why they say it’s a chair is beyond me; I’ve seen chairs, and this is anything but.

  24. Xopher,
    The designer can donate that money, once he’s relieved the buyers of it, just as well as the buyers could. Buying this sort of thing does not constitute wealth destruction.

  25. “I should start selling these myself.”

    I think you’re missing what is being sold here. It’s the design idea that is really what this is about. And in this world being original trumps mindless copycats every time. It’s a lot like haute couture ie bragging rights among people who don’t need to worry about pragmatic realities. If you want to compete in that sphere then you need to create something truly original, unique, and in line with their current tastes in fashion.

  26. Well said, Xopher.

    Noen, I detect a certain sense of satisfaction on your part to “realize” that there is an elite in the world to which you will never belong, but which fortunately also excludes all the other people you might meet. This seems very similar to the authoritarian need to foist authority on those who don’t want it — I suspect it’s identical, actually.

    What are your feelings regarding police brutality? Inquiring minds want to know.

  27. HHHmmmm. Let’s see, how about for $4500.69 I will send you a baby seal and a Louisville Slugger? You get all the fun with out all the travel and laptop theft?

  28. “The basis on which good repute in any highly organized industrial community ultimately rests is pecuniary strength; and the means of showing pecuniary strength, and so of gaining or retaining a good name, are leisure and a conspicuous consumption of goods”

    Thorstein Veblen quotes (American Economist, 1857-1929)

  29. Oooh, what happens if you strike your foot with the hammer? Can you then sue because of a dangerous product?

  30. ‘And in this world being original trumps mindless copycats every time.’

    Did Bill ‘I-can’t-be-arsed-to-write-my-own-programme-so-buy/
    sell-you-someone-else’s-and-now-I’m-teh-win’ Gates tell you that? In this world creation is not rewarded; marketing is rewarded.

    I think what is being sold here is the illusion of having a real job.

  31. My motto has always been “there’s an ass for every chair”, and this is solid proof.

  32. Belac: True enough. The designer just came up with a new way to suck money out of the stupor-rich; more power to ‘im.

    I suppose it might be considered hurting the designer if all his customers die of lockjaw, except that not even a stupor-rich person is going to be a repeat customer for this crap. And by the time the first buyers start getting tetanus, the fad will be over anyway: “Googie dahling, Do Hit chairs are so terribly passé, didn’t you know? Might as well buy your furniture at a store.

  33. getting tetanus could be made fashionable. Like eating fugu, the closer to the edge before drawing back is a great excuse to charge more. “Oh dahling!, myh heels were positively touching the back of my head, donchewknow?”

  34. honest to goodness, i have never owned a piece of furniture that didn’t come with the flat or come from the side of the road. Probably about the same chance of contracting tetanus, tho.

  35. Takuan, we could try to get Ann Coulter to lead the fashion. Not only might she die, she would shut the fuck up for a while!

  36. Wrong Clostridium species. You can immobilize her jaw fashionably with C. botulinum toxin.

  37. I think you’re missing what is being sold here. It’s the design idea that is really what this is about. And in this world being original trumps mindless copycats every time. It’s a lot like haute couture ie bragging rights among people who don’t need to worry about pragmatic realities. If you want to compete in that sphere then you need to create something truly original, unique, and in line with their current tastes in fashion.

    Hrmm. Unique or original? I suppose so. But come on… if I sell MY “hollow sheet metal cubes with a sledgehammer” at 25% of the price, I can pick up the low-end knock off buyers! Now THAT is how capitalism works! I can set up on a sidewalk in New York City… Hrmm, now how can I squeeze a couple of these things into a coat or cheap briefcase?

  38. I love art and all, and I think artists should be well taken care of. This whole designer furniture thing has gotten out of hand though. Yeah, some dude with a Swedish sounding name may have doodled it up one afternoon while having his toes polished, but he sure as hell didn’t sit around with a tig welder and build all those boxes.
    You could actually make a pretty good chair out of a steel box if you didn’t do what the idiots in the pictures are doing. You could tap out a pretty comfortable shape in stainless I believe. I would’nt pay this knob a single red cent though.

  39. I used to have one of these in my front lawn, but it looked more like a Pinto before I hit it with the sledge.

  40. Michael, interesting hypothesis (wrong but interesting) but I think what you are actually detecting is a bit of trollish behavior on my part. Mea Culpa.

    “this “chair” doesnt seem to be comfortable at all.”

    Again that’s not the point. The point is to spend 6,000 dollars on something that’s nearly useless but which is a signifier of your wealth and refined taste. The purpose of which is to elicit coos of envy among your friends.

    “This whole designer furniture thing has gotten out of hand”

    You’re just jealous. Get your game on, get out there and get paid.

  41. none of you read the article.

    The base price includes the poor person you put inside the box before “shaping it”. See the hinges on the back? Sheesh.

  42. Quoting smashmouth is almost as ridiculous as the “chair” itself. Well done, Noen!

  43. Antinous 51:

    You can immobilize her jaw fashionably with C. botulinum toxin.

    Just hold still for a moment, Miss Coulter…oops.

    Did that go into a vein? Sorry about that! I appear to have accidentally increased the recommended dose by 400% as well. These things happen.

  44. I have seen the expression ‘sheesh’ (occasionally ‘scheesh’) in eleven comments in the last forty eight hours. Is this some kind of viral meme? Or what?

  45. So for a little over 5000 bucks you get a hammer, a cube of steal, and the realization that you have absolutely no common sense.

    Mean while, a person can go to their local Home Depot and buy a sledge hammer for 45 bucks, a pack of 12 sheets on galvanized steel for 70 bucks, and with the knowledge of welding, I could build two of these lovely chairs for 115 bucks, plus shipping and handling. Any takers?

  46. I have always contended that the “designers” of Droog were foisting a hoax on the public.

    I rest my case.

  47. jinkies, takuan, you’re killin’ me here!

    anybody who wants my old volvo to whack can have it for only $1500. and i’ll even throw in a nice, comfy chair from goodwill!

    can’t beat that deal with a sledgehammer.

  48. #63

    This’s an apostrophe. ‘These’ are inverted commas used to denote a direct quotation. If that’s good enough for the Queen, it’s bloody good enough for you ;p

  49. I forgot what a dish he was. They just don’t make moustaches like that anymore. Unless you count Wilford Brimley.

  50. Crabs and crumpets! I just don’t want to be left out if there’s a secret club.

  51. I’m not so much bothered by the idea that people might buy expensive, ass-hurting chairs in order to impress others as I am bummed out by the notion that anybody could be impressed by such a purchase in the first place.

    Part of me thinks that the widespread “what a dumb piece of crap” reaction is part of the art, if not its intent.

  52. Damien Hirst’s art sells for millions and he pretty much admits that it’s a scam. They keep buying it. What exactly does one do with one’s $100,000,000 diamond encrusted skull?

  53. All you “this is stupid!” folks can’t possibly tell me you wouldnt derive SOME pleasure from whacking a metal cube into a chair. I mean that just looks FUN. :P

    Yes, the price is ridiculous (but as someone pointed out early, who knows what the actual price is). But so what?

    I would totally get one if I could afford it, and have fun whacking the hell out of it. Hehehe

  54. yes,I suppose I could. But I would have to get naked, daub myself with ochre and blue mud and use a hammer made from the skull and femur of an enemy slain in single combat.

  55. yes, but you could totally /make/ a steel cube, and I guarantee you can afford it. Or alternatively, get a job in construction where you play with tools all day, then you probably could afford a proper one, only it wont seem as cool.

  56. $6718? My goodness, the dollar really has tanked. What’s that equal now, about forty Euros?

  57. As an (student) industrial designer I can see where the Droog guys are coming from – if you’ve seen their work it is hard to deny that they consistently challenge conceptions of design. I will happily admit that the price seems excessive, but there are all kinds of arguments to justify it, some of which I would buy into more than others. If it was sold as a performance art piece people would probably wonder why it is so cheap.

    Of course, you only have yourself to blame if the chair is uncomfortable….

  58. why is aerogel so expensive? I want an aerogel chair, – or long hammocky thing with lots of holes..

  59. FYI Do is a collaboration between Droog and communications agency KesselsKramer.

  60. I remember in college there was an old typewriter that sat in the corner of the college radio station. It was annoying, it was in constant movement, from the air studio, to the recording booth, to another room, needless to say, it was annoying. “Someone” had the idea to take a sludge hammer to it. That “someone” said that it was exhilarating. So I can see that someone could have a good time destroying things, and this is even better because this creating something kind of useful, rather than having the GHJFDTB keys and the space bar flying by “someone’s” face. To sell it for 5,914 dollars only shows what people will spend their money on.

    I say rather than spend roughly 6000 bucks on a cube of steel that you will beat the shit out of so that you can sit uncomfortably, give that 6000 bucks to the charity of your choice, or wisely invest it in the stock market and, 10 years from now give 12,000 to the charity of your choice.

    btw my new sphere of steel sells for 500 bucks, it isn’t easy to form a sphere out of steel.

  61. This is modernism: all form, no content. I bet this is hip (partly because “A Clockwork Orange” rocks), but is it comfortable? Well, you have to be a droog to figure that one out..

  62. Were it not the the artiness of the product, this could be the manliest chair ever created. Real marketing angle squandered for art…

  63. Good modernism = formalist process to achieve explicit goals

    Bad modernism = explicit goals to achieve formalist process

  64. This is a must-have for sufferers of terminal affluenza.

    Unusable furniture as performance art. What a concept.

  65. I happen to know for a fact that Marijn made this as an academy project, Droog later took in their collection just because they liked it, more as an idea than to actually sell, with which they create a platform for presentation for young designers. Design galleries and labels do this very often, in the Netherlands anyhow. The stuff that actually sells is the small gift type things.
    And to all you people who are complaining about how they could make it for less, or about modernism and it‘s lack of something or other, moral implications and the responsibility of the artist; first show me an idea or project you made in school, which is still talked and discussed about after 9(yes, nine as in made in 1999) years, because that is what you are looking at.
    Furthermore I also suggest you look at the fine collection of cars and bicycles he made (himself)
    And the recent “jetstream” table.

    Some reactions:

    “I see that once again we have people confusing high concept art & design with Ikea.”

    Yes unfortunately there seem to be a lot of those people these days.

    “think how many people the cost of this chair could feed”

    In my humble opinion this is easily the most retarded comment.
    I bet you’re not typing this from behind your old 486dx with 14inch monitor, and if indeed you are, you are probably craving for the all new mac book pro, and I-phone, (this is just speculation on my part) which you know is being built by mostly under aged under schooled people who don’t get fed or for that matter paid properly.
    I’ll just repeat myself again and say this an ACADEMY project, made by the (then) student himself, it is not meant to sell it’s just the shape of an idea.
    But if you want it the price is approximately 3000euro, and in the unlikely event that he will sell it he will probably make it HIMSELF again, or have it made by a local small business, or fellow designer, and pay a fair wage. With the money he’ll make new concept or design.

    Just my 2 euro cents.

  66. You must be new to BoingBoing comments. Some people are highly allergic to the creativity or success of others.

  67. And there I thought Boingboing was all about creativity, and making strange wonderful things, silly me.
    Not new to BB but relatively new to the comments.

  68. People actually defend this mentality? Confusing.

    Good ol’ Tony Montana

    “Is this it? Is that what it’s all about,Manny? Eating,Then what? drinking, snorting, f***ing?
    You’re fifty and you got a bag for a belly and tits with hair on ’em and your liver’s got spots and you’re looking like these rich fuckin’ mummies in here? Is that what it’s all about?”

    Or maybe its about who has more of (or the most) pointless expensive stuff? Get a rush from the ability to waste such a quantity of money without repercussions? Bah, at least they all die the same in the end.

  69. I thought Boingboing was all about creativity

    The plate of cookies draws both the children and the flies.

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