Thor scares off burglar


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  1. xzzy says:

    I don’t know, tin foil tears pretty easily. It had to have taken some doing to reinforce it so he wouldn’t be completely naked by the time the party was over.


    Alexander is a Norwegian name? I did not know this. Hmmmmm…

  3. Antinous says:

    I, for one, welcome our new tinfoil-wearing, heavily muscled Norse overlord. I welcome him quite warmly.


    Decades ago a friend of mine surprised a peeping Tom, grabbed the nearest weapon, a fencing foil and chased the guy through East Lansing and down a blind alley. The ELPD Were Not Amused.

  5. Beanolini says:

    The previous occupant of my flat was called Thor. I still have his hammer, which he left behind.

    I also once met an Odin; he claimed that he was given that name because his father was at the cinema watching The Vikings at the time he was born.

  6. ZippySpincycle says:

    You’re Thor? I can thcarethely thtand!

  7. Ugly Canuck says:

    Felton: He/she/they burgled the house.
    The house was burglarized.
    Spot the difference? (Action verb vs. descriptive noun forms.)
    The Vikings is a great film. The hawk attacking Kirk Douglas’ face at Tony Curtis’ command is great. And Janet Leigh was hot!

  8. MarlboroTestMonkey7 says:


  9. airship says:

    No way this guy is Norwegian. If he was, he’d know that Norse helmets did NOT have horns on them. That’s a lie invented by German opera. Poser.

    May the REAL God of Thunder rain down lightning on his phony aluminum foil horns!

  10. Peaceflag2007 says:

    “”It took ages to make the cape and breastplate”
    huh? the dude has a “breastplate” of tin foil
    and he threw on a red blanket. how long could
    that take? is he developmentally challenged or does
    he just have narcissistic delusions of grandeur?”

    I think he means relative to what non-geeks would spend on a costume, not the make-your-own-chainmaille variety of partygoer.

    “Villain! I shall have words with thee!”

  11. lysdexia says:

    Thor is best viewed in Twisted Mego Theater

  12. Moriarty says:

    This kind of thing is just going to be interpretted as vindication for legions of LARPing dorks.

  13. mdh says:

    shades of ‘Adventures in Babysitting’?

  14. xerxy says:

    Good thing this guy didn’t dress up as “Death”. The burglar would have pooped his pants and maybe had a heart attack.

  15. LSK says:

    @5: You’re thor? I’m tho thor I can hardly thpeek!

  16. Takuan says:

    I see no mention of pants. No wonder he fled.

  17. Pauliebaby says:

    I once came home to a burglar and I was dressed as Rickey Recardo. Boy, did that crook has some splain’in to do!

  18. Brainspore says:

    Thief: “FOILED AGAIN!”

  19. bnt says:

    Well, New Year’s Day was a Thor’s Day this year.

    PS: “burglarize”? What’s wrong with “burgle”?

  20. RER says:

    Thor has some luscious arms. I think I would have stayed and asked to see his “hammer”.

  21. Felton says:

    @19 BNT and 22 GEMMA:

    “Burglarized” is much more common than “burgled” where I’m from, but, now that I think about it, “burglarized” is like saying “robberized.”

  22. Teresa Nielsen Hayden / Moderator says:

    I dunno, Xerxy. The last time I dressed up as Death (the memento mori/Adventures of Baron Munchausen variety), the kids in my neighborhood thought I was The Penguin.

    Tom, Antinous, you guys nearly made me fall out of my chair.

  23. Teller says:


  24. nanuq says:

    We’ll see how mighty he is when Marvel Comics sues for copyright infringement. There’s nobody scarier than a lawyer.

  25. Gemma says:

    pedant/Nobody is burglarized in Edinburgh. They might, however, be burgled./pedant

  26. stovis says:

    Probably has more to do with the charging, and less to do with the costume.

  27. Tom Hale says:

    Less gay comments please. – Unless you’re a moderator of course. Not that gay comments bother me or anything. Why some of my best friends are gay. At least I assume some of them are gay – since so many people are supposed to be secretly gay. And I know a lot of people, so it reasons that some of them are gay. Of course they’d probably punch me if I were to call them out on it. When I get to work tomorrow I’ll sit down with the guys and let them know that if any of them are gay, they should stop hiding their feelings and come out and be proud of their gayness. As long as they use separate showers and stuff like that. Wait, am I rambling? Sorry

  28. InsertFingerHere says:

    “Y hv brkn nt th snctry f Thr, nd nw s pnshmnt, Thr wll nlly rp y!”

  29. Ugly Canuck says:

    All hail Thor!

  30. pewma says:

    Aww man! When I got burgled I was wearing my aquaman outfit. I just got punched out and the robber stole my computer.

  31. mdh says:

    The burglars guild knows the dangers inherent in robbing the tin-foil hat crowd.

  32. MarkM says:

    “It took ages to make the cape and breastplate”
    huh? the dude has a “breastplate” of tin foil
    and he threw on a red blanket. how long could
    that take? s h dvlpmntlly chllngd r ds
    h jst hv nrcssstc dlsns f grndr?

  33. Anonymous says:

    Or the guy thought he was entering his own flat, so drunk he had to break in having lost his keys. Oops, sorry.

  34. OM says:

    …Boy,I bet that crook was Thorry he’d chosen to rob a Norse God :-P

  35. GNeuner says:

    tinfoil hats for active pagans…

  36. Ryan Waddell says:

    Haha… Ages? Man, looks like he took about 30 seconds to wrap some tinfoil around himself. Pretty ripped for a 38 year old though, methinks if he was some chubby dude with glasses the burglar wouldn’t have been nearly as scared.

  37. noen says:

    No, I’m still not getting anything. Could you try it in a higher register?

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