Thor scares off burglar

A man attempting to burglarize an Edinburgh, Scotland home fled when faced with Thor. The home belongs to Torvald Alexander, 38, who had returned from a New Year's party dressed as the Norse god of thunder and surprised the thief. From The Telegraph:
Thorrrrrr Mr Alexander said: "As soon as he saw me his eyes went wide with terror.

"He looked like he had had a few drinks and decided to do a late night break in, but he hadn't counted on the God of Thunder living here."

He added: "I had just got back from a fancy dress New Year's party and because I have a Norwegian name I decided to go as Thor.

"It took ages making the cape, helmet and breast plate, and I must admit it was a bit chilly walking home, but when I saw that guy I just went mad and charged at him, my cape flying behind me.
Burglar scared off by Thor (via Fortean Times)


  1. Aww man! When I got burgled I was wearing my aquaman outfit. I just got punched out and the robber stole my computer.

  2. “It took ages to make the cape and breastplate”
    huh? the dude has a “breastplate” of tin foil
    and he threw on a red blanket. how long could
    that take? s h dvlpmntlly chllngd r ds
    h jst hv nrcssstc dlsns f grndr?

  3. Or the guy thought he was entering his own flat, so drunk he had to break in having lost his keys. Oops, sorry.

  4. Haha… Ages? Man, looks like he took about 30 seconds to wrap some tinfoil around himself. Pretty ripped for a 38 year old though, methinks if he was some chubby dude with glasses the burglar wouldn’t have been nearly as scared.

  5. I don’t know, tin foil tears pretty easily. It had to have taken some doing to reinforce it so he wouldn’t be completely naked by the time the party was over.

  6. I, for one, welcome our new tinfoil-wearing, heavily muscled Norse overlord. I welcome him quite warmly.

  7. “”It took ages to make the cape and breastplate”
    huh? the dude has a “breastplate” of tin foil
    and he threw on a red blanket. how long could
    that take? is he developmentally challenged or does
    he just have narcissistic delusions of grandeur?”

    I think he means relative to what non-geeks would spend on a costume, not the make-your-own-chainmaille variety of partygoer.

    “Villain! I shall have words with thee!”

  8. Well, New Year’s Day was a Thor’s Day this year.

    PS: “burglarize”? What’s wrong with “burgle”?

  9. We’ll see how mighty he is when Marvel Comics sues for copyright infringement. There’s nobody scarier than a lawyer.

  10. Decades ago a friend of mine surprised a peeping Tom, grabbed the nearest weapon, a fencing foil and chased the guy through East Lansing and down a blind alley. The ELPD Were Not Amused.

  11. No way this guy is Norwegian. If he was, he’d know that Norse helmets did NOT have horns on them. That’s a lie invented by German opera. Poser.

    May the REAL God of Thunder rain down lightning on his phony aluminum foil horns!

  12. @19 BNT and 22 GEMMA:

    “Burglarized” is much more common than “burgled” where I’m from, but, now that I think about it, “burglarized” is like saying “robberized.”

  13. Less gay comments please. – Unless you’re a moderator of course. Not that gay comments bother me or anything. Why some of my best friends are gay. At least I assume some of them are gay – since so many people are supposed to be secretly gay. And I know a lot of people, so it reasons that some of them are gay. Of course they’d probably punch me if I were to call them out on it. When I get to work tomorrow I’ll sit down with the guys and let them know that if any of them are gay, they should stop hiding their feelings and come out and be proud of their gayness. As long as they use separate showers and stuff like that. Wait, am I rambling? Sorry

  14. I once came home to a burglar and I was dressed as Rickey Recardo. Boy, did that crook has some splain’in to do!

  15. The previous occupant of my flat was called Thor. I still have his hammer, which he left behind.

    I also once met an Odin; he claimed that he was given that name because his father was at the cinema watching The Vikings at the time he was born.

  16. Felton: He/she/they burgled the house.
    The house was burglarized.
    Spot the difference? (Action verb vs. descriptive noun forms.)
    The Vikings is a great film. The hawk attacking Kirk Douglas’ face at Tony Curtis’ command is great. And Janet Leigh was hot!

  17. Good thing this guy didn’t dress up as “Death”. The burglar would have pooped his pants and maybe had a heart attack.

  18. I dunno, Xerxy. The last time I dressed up as Death (the memento mori/Adventures of Baron Munchausen variety), the kids in my neighborhood thought I was The Penguin.

    Tom, Antinous, you guys nearly made me fall out of my chair.

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