5 Responses to “Spy-junk”

  1. Fred H says:

    Good God, I need a pepper spray ring! I don’t know what for yet, but I need it!

  2. R10T says:

    check this out for Spy Gear:


    - Excerpt From Websit -
    The unique new Mossad Pen is an amazing breakthrough in covert ink technology. Its ink has the capability to quickly transform into a non-visible format. Your confidential written documents can disappear for high-security storage or during clandestine transport. Re-constructing the original material can also be accomplished quickly and easily whenever required.

    Visit http://www.shomer-tec.com/product/mossad-pen-1324.cfm for addition information and a video of the Mossad Pen in action

  3. abq halsey says:

    So…is this BB’s way of saying “First”?

  4. arkizzle says:

    #2 Wow, they’ve really stepped up the importance factor of invisible ink, huh?

    When lemon juice or pee won’t do, the new Mossad Pen is your friend in a tight spot.

  5. Halloween Jack says:

    I used to be endlessly fascinated by this sort of thing when I was a kid–I went through a phase where I tried to split apart every coin I got my hands on to see if it was hollow and contained microfilm. Now, I’m guessing that real spies rely heavily on encryption and steganography software that anyone can download, and I tend to associate “spy equipment” with those creepy X10 ads of several years back that all but came out and said that their explicit purpose was to surreptitiously film attractive female guests. Ah, Cold War nostalgia…

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