Daniel "Robot Uprising" Wilson's debut story: "The Nostalgist"


7 Responses to “Daniel "Robot Uprising" Wilson's debut story: "The Nostalgist"”

  1. MrsBug says:

    Wow, powerful story. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve been on Tor’s list for about a year now after reading about it here. :)

  2. harropmike says:

    Hi. My Italian friends are asking what is today’s definition of “pinocchiopunk” ?
    See article by Cory Doctorow.
    They have Pinocchio and they have Punk, but not together.

  3. TheMostHorrible says:

    Great story!
    Isn’t Daniel H. Wilson the inventor of the Pandalaseâ„¢?

  4. Rotwang says:

    Thanks, that was an excellent read.

  5. JEM says:

    cool illustration. sam webber? it’s nice to credit artists.

  6. annacamille says:

    Agreed, a great read and neat illustration. The story is poignant and touching.

  7. Jaycatt says:

    Very touching story, I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. I’d really love to see a whole novel around the subject, as the story by itself left me with questions. They didn’t need answering, but it would have been fun if they were :)

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