Make your rockstar dreams a reality for only $15.97 with this Guitar Lessons Training Bundle

TL;DR: The perfect last-minute holiday gift for an aspiring rocker, the 2024 Guitar Lessons Training Bundle is only $15.97 (Reg. $480) until 11:59 PM on 12/25.

It's really never too late to make your dreams come true or learn something you've always wanted to learn. Wanna make sweet music? Always dreamed of performing? Go ahead; put it on your New Year's resolutions list.

All aspiring rockstars better strap in. You're about to embark on a no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point guitar journey that'll take you from zero to hero in no time thanks to the 2024 Guitar Lessons Training Bundle. You'll be starting with the basics, and no, it won't matter if you don't know a G chord from a garden gnome.

Courses in this comprehensive training bundle include Beginner Guitar Lessons Crash Course, Guitar Technique, Fingerstyle for the Curious Guitarist, Ear Training for the Curious Guitarist, and much more to give you everything you need to rock and roll.

By the time you've completed all these courses, you'll be reading tabs like a pro, rocking out with open and barre chords, and naming notes on every fret like they're old friends. Think strumming is just moving your hand up and down? Think again. These courses will have you diving into different strumming patterns to make each song uniquely yours.

Instructor Dan Dresnok has over 30 years of experience as a guitar teacher and specializes in jazz, bluegrass, blues, and rock guitar. Dan has taught tens of thousands of students both online and off and has moderated dozens of group guitar clinics. He knows what he's doing and you'll love his easygoing teaching style.

Plus, if you're looking for the perfect last-minute holiday gift, you've found it! Any aspiring musician in your life will appreciate this thoughtful gift that will help them learn a new skill. It's a priceless one!

So…are you ready to step up and unleash the guitar god within? Let's rock.

Get the 2024 Guitar Lessons Training Bundle for only $15.97 (Reg. $480) and save hundreds of dollars until 11:59 PM on 12/25.

Prices subject to change.