Ornate, laser-cut birchwood Victorian dollhouse

Etsy seller VictorianDollhouse makes insanely detailed laser-cut birchwood dollhouses to assemble at home. A little custom paintwork and some judicious modding would yield an epic haunted mansion, too.

Victorian Doll House Birch plywood Laser Cut Kit 2 (via Wonderland)


  1. The important descriptor is that it’s NOT die-cut. I made the mistake of attempting to put together a large die-cut doll house one time. Aside from the fact that the instructions were written by persons developing their own version of English, getting the pieces free of each other was a tremendous pain in the rear. Then there was all the sanding involved in trying to de-splinter these terrible little wooden curses… I’m not saying I’d want to brave the dollhouse gauntlet again, but if I did, laser-cut sounds like the way to go!

  2. Awesome!

    Any one have any idea how this was laser cut, or rather, what was it last cut with? Is there some cheap laser cutter out there that for some reason I have not discovered?

    If someone knows, I’d love for you to share!

  3. Looks nice but at the same time it looks too mechanical because it’s machine made. Doesnt have the same charm as handmade or mostly handmade house miniatures.

    Still this should be a nice (and cheap) start point for amateur makers.

  4. Really cool, but needs to be painted to get rid of the unsightly blackened edges due to the laser cutting process, I rather dislike those..

    1. I rather like the black edges myself, they seem a perfect accent to make the details stand out, but I have strange tastes, I suppose.

  5. Actually the burn marks are saving the day, giving some shading and apparent relief to an otherwise terribly flat piece.

  6. I agree, the slightly colored edges are nice.

    Seriously though, anyone know if this was done on a large flat bed laser cutting machine or a cheaper alternative? Because I would love to know what that cheaper alternative is…..

  7. First off – thank you everyone for the comments! I love that so many people like this Victorian Dollhouse

    I am better known as VictorianDollhouse on Etsy – it is laser cut and does provide an amazing finish! The laser is an Epilog 75 watt laser – they are far from cheap – but there are “cheap” lasers out there. Epilog is based in the US and provides one of the best lasers on the market! We sell 2 different dollhouse kits – but our main product line are Victorian Dollhouse parts for custom and scratch builders. See http://www.woodvictoriandollhouse.com for the full line. Our parts were recently used by Bergdorf Goodman (over 200 of them!) in a window in NYC for the 2009 Holiday displays!

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