Canadian musician-turned-MP challenges minister on new copyright law


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think they understand perfectly well what they’re doing. Who contributes money to the political parties of Minister James Moore and Industry Minister Tony Clement? And who’s interests will they serve? It’s all pretty clear to me.

  2. boingaddict says:

    reposted on my fb and twitter for maximum exposure hehe

  3. dfornika says:

    Right fucking on Charlie.

    In my opinion, breaking or circumventing a digital lock (TPM) should never be criminalized. If someone breaks a digital lock to commit copyright infringement, then their only crime is copyright infringement. We have laws on the books to deal with copyright infringement, and I agree that they should be enforced.

    I especially like the work that the Software Freedom Law Center does that depends on these laws to enforce GPL compliance.

    But I’m willing to compromise to the position that Charlie is suggesting, where TPM circumvention is only criminalized when directly tied to copyright infringement. I still disagree with criminalizing the production or distribution of TPM-circumvention devices or software.

    P.S. I’d happily wear the label ‘radical’ with pride, but don’t consider myself an ‘extremist.’

  4. igzabier says:

    received today (on a DRM locked PDF)from Canada’s Colette Downie,Marketplace Framework Policy Branch Strategic Policy Sector;
    “Dear Sir/Madam
    As one of the many[royal subjects] to have [been subjected to]the nationalist “consultation process”[ing]…the govt[wants]to “modernize” the Copyright Act.
    This adresses many of your expressed provides exceptions and statutory damages for infringements and sets out liability…for search engines”

    shall we call it the ‘going Downie Bill’?

  5. Daedalus says:

    Well would ya lookit that.

    A politician doing his job.

    Someone buy that dude a beer.

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