Indie comic/cartoon extravaganza in Minneapolis this weekend

I am quite fond of this short cartoon (especially some of the background art) by Minneapolitan (Minneapolite?) Nick Bachman, which I saw last night at the Precious Little Film Fest—a special screening of the Scott Pilgrim movie preceded by short cartoons from local animators.

The film fest is part of the Minneapolis Indie Expo—two days of events centered around great indie comics and Midwestern cartoonists. You should go. Tonight, there's graphic novel signings and kickoff party. Tomorrow, a full day of presentations, how-to workshops, and conversations with artists. Also, I am told there will be homemade donuts. And admission, gloriously, is free.


    1. Agreed!

      Moment o’ Gold: The trailer for “Devil” where the entire audience went from mildly interested to laughing derisively when M. Night Shayamalan’s name came up on the screen.

      Also, I won $5 to spend at Big Brain. Woo!

    1. Oh, we have many names for people who live in Minneapolis….


      I would move back from Suburbian Hell on a moment’s notice if I could. :(

  1. .

    I recognize a few of those sound effects, but the scream when he pulls up his feathers is driving me nuts.

    Where else has that been used?

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