Minecraft creator earns $350K in one day

After a 24-hour server outage, the pre-release Minecraft alpha ($10) was purchased by maddened crowds every 3 seconds, earning the creator some $350,000 in one day. (Thanks, smmoulder, via Submitterator!)


  1. Can you please let us know how many maddened crowds purchased Minecraft every 3 seconds?

    They must have been very small maddened crowds if you look at the math:

    $350,000 / $10 / 24h / 60m / 60s X 3s =
    1.2 people in a maddened crowd

    1. Mine
    2. Craft
    3. Wait 24 hours
    4. ????
    5. Profit!

  2. Actually it’s 10 euro a copy not $10. So about $13 each plus whatever your CC charges for currency conversion. Which means he made closer to $450k.

  3. Notch is truly brilliant. We’ll be hearing about him quite a lot in the coming years, though perhaps by something a little more professional. :D

    If only the world generator was a little bit better. Sometimes when I load up a world it’s filled with incredible landscapes and I can go explore for hours. Other times, just boring rolling hills for miles and miles.

    Now if only he could figure out a way to let us mine without spending all our time looking at stone walls…

    1. “Now if only he could figure out a way to let us mine without spending all our time looking at stone walls…”

      That’s easy… replace all the textures with porn.

      Just imagine the excitement of mining for barely legal teens while trying to avoid running into the goatse that’s trying to sneak up and explode on you.

  4. I’m happy for his success, and for what it may presage for the future of independent developers. I suppose this also explains why my multiple emails to their customer support (after two weeks, they have not associated my purchase with my account) have gone unanswered. I hope someday to actually be able to play the game, but I suppose it’s to the benefit of my work productivity that I can’t yet.

  5. Yesterday 7463 purchased the game. At $14 (cost when I purchased) that’s $104,482. Don’t get me wrong he is making a killing, but this story isn’t accurate. On Sep 22 he brought in close if not more than the headline of this story.

    1. Actually this story was submitted a while ago. Also, it doesn’t reference yesterday or a specific date and in fact was alluding to the September post-server outage date you mentioned.

      Frankly, the fact that Notch (Minecraft creator) made over $100k yesterday without any precipitating event is still pretty amazing. Remember, Notch is only now in the process of building a small studio. Minecraft has essentially been a one-man indie band. Given that, I would venture that the current intake is attention-getting whichever day one looks at.

  6. Can’t say I’m very pleased for him. Here’s why: I bought my 11 year old son a premium Minecraft license three weeks ago, but it didn’t work so Gabes started to build in the free, unlicensed version – which doesn’t allow you to save.

    Gabes knew it was risky, but he really loved the environment. Meanwhile I wrote to Notch via the email address he indicated was for payment problems to get the license sorted out. I’ve still not received a reply after four emails and several attempts to get a response on various forums.

    A few days ago Gabes’ computer crashed, losing two and a half weeks’ of creative work. He had a good cry and hasn’t gone back to the game since.

    Maybe he’ll employ someone with all that money to support customers so this story doesn’t get repeated too often…

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