Did Hitler plan UFO attacks on London? (No. Not really.)

doomsaucer.jpgLondonist slugs its post on this absolutely nutso piece from the the Daily Mail Hitler Planned UFO Attack On London, Claims Newspaper, while the paper itself goes no further than gonzo speculation: Did the Führer plan to attack London and New York in UFOs? See, it's that little bit of wiggle room that lets the real pros operate. And should anybody be so prickly as to take the paper to task for photoshopping an Iron Cross onto an old illustration of the alleged SchicksalSaucer der Himmel, which they freely admit they did, just because it looked bitchin' -- well. hell, the Mail never said the Nazis actually had the thing. They were just asking the question! (Also, for the record, nobody except me ever actually called the saucer the SchicksalSaucer der Himmel, which, roughly translated, means Doom Saucer of the Skies. But they could have!)


  1. I think they also photoshopped the turret from a Panther tank on the bottom of said schicksalsaucer. Also seems to look bitchin.

  2. SchicksalSaucer der Himmel, which, roughly translated, means Doom Saucer of the Skies.

    Actually it translates rather nonsensically as “Fate-Saucer the Sky” or “Fate-Saucer of the Skies” (and Saucer in German would be Untertasse).

    But it is still pretty amazing that we only found out now, the Nazis tried to attack London in flying saucers. Thanks for uncovering that. Ignorance must be fought!

  3. Hey, I had that model too! My brother and I also had most of the Aurora Classic Movie Monsters between us, and I had the Aurora torture chamber. (Maybe they can use that as inspiration for their next story.)

  4. They edited out the three mysterious hemispheres!

    Without those, the chicken brooder lamp won’t warm any eggs.

    Or: high-voltage charged fuselage cannot employ conductive landing gear. Solution: inflated rubberized canvas hemispheres can support enormous weight while standing off megavolts potential with respect to ground.

  5. Funnily during the last year I have been reading of various things that were supposedly being developed by Nazis, the latest (before this UFO thing) was an Iron Man type of suit for the soldiers…

  6. Per the last fifty years TV and movies, the Nazis were developing everything- hydrogen bombs, bioweapons, genetically-engineered soldiers, time travel, zombies, you name it, they had it.

    Flying saucers? Phfft- piece of cake.

  7. The whole Nazi UFO thing is fun but it was actually made up wholesale, and admittedly so, by Ernst Zündel as a cynical means of sneaking his holocaust denial stuff into UFO/conspiracy circles.

  8. Though this may be a marketing thing, the Nazi UFO connection is about as old as the Nazi/Vril connection and the Nazi/Hollow Earth connection. I get the impression that it probably came out of the (well known) connection between prominent Nazis and the Thule Society (though it’s unclear whether or not they were True Believers — they had an obvious interest in the use of propaganda, and any cult that can convince a large number of people that they live on the inside surface of the earth with the sun in the center has something to teach you about propaganda) and the use of ex-Nazis in the cold war space-race (via Paperclip). I’m not sure if there are any reliable sources indicating flying-saucer wunderwaffen, but it’s a pretty short leap.

    In fact, the idea of Nazi UFOs may predate the end of WWII, given the prevalence of foo fighters (including saucer/cigar types — not just ghost rockets) during the fighting. I remember reading something about… I want to say swedes or finns blaming the foo fighters on the Germans (the US and UK soldiers generally assumed they were Japanese weapons, as implied by the term ‘foo fighter’, though there is evidence that the term predates world war two and simply owes some of its popularity to this assumption).

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