Judge to copyright troll: get lost


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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s all about the coolface.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The claimant, Media C.A.T, is not the rights holder of the works in question. A copyright case can only be brought by by the owner of a copyright or an exclusive licensee. Indeed, the Judge later noted that: “There is no plea that the works qualify for copyright protection at all.”

    If MediaCAT cannot bring about this action, why were they granted Norwich Pharmacal Orders (NPOs) at court which allowed this farce to proceed?

  3. jaduncan says:

    That’s impressively unprofessional work.

  4. george57l says:

    Nelson Muntz says: Ha ha!

  5. SonOfSamSeaborn says:

    Teh win.

    A hell of a lot of the appeal of watching The Practice and Boston Legal was seeing the judges get involved in cases.

  6. monkeyboy says:

    I just idly googled Andrew Crossley and found this quote on a page from the Law Society Gazette – the first image search result on Google:

    “Why become a solicitor? ‘I love music – I was a disc jockey for 25 years – and thought a legal background would be one way to start a career in music.’”


    Oh dear…

  7. bjacques says:

    I guess being the other half of Wham! was the peak of his career.


    Judge: (COVERS HEAD WITH POLKA-DOTTED CLOTH) “It is the sentence of this court that you be taken from this place to the place of debagging and radishing, and debagged and radished and turned out in public until your pride is dead.”

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