3D printed bird's nest egg-cup


7 Responses to “3D printed bird's nest egg-cup”

  1. jere7my says:

    So, that’s not a bloodshot eyeball, then?

  2. pambamboo says:

    And……you certainly can’t eat the egg out of it! Just decoration I guess.

  3. druse says:

    Too cute ;-)

    That actually made me go “Ahhhhhhh”, and I’m by myself at the moment.

  4. TimDrew says:

    cute- love it!

    my second thought (beyond “awwww” as well) was that the wee bird must be thinking : “Man, that was a difficult one to push out- my cloaca is killing me!”

  5. tarabrown says:

    I want to try doing something like this on the Makerbot. Might have to make it in two pieces?

  6. feltmountain says:

    Cute indeed, but as a design student I must ask, how on earth does it not fall over in use? Or is it just a decorative item?

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